September 4, 2015



September 4, 2015
Remembering Hurricane Katrina - page 5
Foundation Contributes $10,000 for Police
Body Cameras Program in Chester - page 13
Friday, September 4, 2015 Marching against drugs - page 3
African-American Male Fathers and Sons at School District to
Prepare for Million Fathers March on First Day of School
Camden, NJ
The first day of public school was Tuesday, September
1, 2015 and it also constituted a day entitled the Million
Fathers March. On this day male figures were asked to
escort children to school or meet at 5625 Master Street
for the official walk to Bluford School at 58th and Master
Pictured (left to right): Nazir Alston, founder of NKA
Creations; Jarrell Williams, Case Manager with PHMC;
Robert Alston, Producer of "Incomplete Cell" film Documentary; Maurice Henderson, House of Umoja and
Akhenaton Mikell, Member of 60th Street Business Association.
Annual Puerto Rican Mass procession to
Catheral Basicilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Sheriff Jewell Williams
joined several Latino officers including Captain
Michael Bastone and
Deputy Sheriff Dolores
Ramos as they participated in a procession to
the Cathedral Basicilica
of Saints Perter and Paul
where the Annual Puerto
Rican Mass was recently
Pictured with the image
of Pope John Paul behind him, Sheriff Jewell
Williams (l) joins Captain
Michael Bastone (r),
Deputy Sheriff Dolores
Ramos (behind sheriff)
and Deputy Sheriff Officer Joshua Perez (behind Bastone) as they
walk in procession to the
Annual Puerto Rican
Mass at the Cathedral
Basilica of Saints Peter
and Paul.
Down the Ridge, Over the Bridge Camden Page 12
Weekly Prime Time TV Guide inside
SCOOP USA back issues -
Marching against drugs with Commish Charles Ramsey
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
2 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
thera martin milling
As far as I’m concerned
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey once
again demonstrated to all
whom cared to look, that he
really does care about regular
everyday people. If he could
not find it robbery or a burden to participate in a march
against violence with the men
and women of One Day At A
Time, some of them the very
former criminals who were arrested by Philly
cops, now found themselves walking shoulder to
shoulder with top law enforcement officials.
One Day At A Time Drug and Alcohol Recovery, HIV/AIDS, (ODAAT) program president Mel
Wells got a vision to host an “ODAAT Recovery
Weekend ” in Philadelphia five years ago. This
year the annual event took place August 27th and
28th and was filled with positive activities that
spoke to stopping the violence on our streets, and recovering our families. This event was about drug and alcohol
recovery, gambling addiction recovery, overeating recovery, domestic violence recovering and more. The last two
days equally were about bringing community leaders and
activists together, from all parts of Philadelphia, to
demonstrate unity in the fight against drugs on our streets
and violence in our city. Starting at 5pm, ODAAT, Stop
Dated Friday, Distributed every
Thursday throughout Philadelphia,
and parts of New Jersey.
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Marchers gathered outside in front of the Game Stop at 22nd and Lehigh where Police Officer Robert Wilson was murdered March 5, 2015. From they, ODAAT
marchers marched to the Georgie Woods Dell East Entertainment Center on Ridge
Avenue. Pictured here in the middle in white shirt and cap and shades is police
commissioner Charles Ramsey. To his right is Bilal Quayum, Father’s Day Rally
Photo by Thera
Committee, along with other Stop The Violence Marchers.
and Surrender, Everything Must Change, the Father’s
Day Rally Committee, members of the Nation of Islam,
and several other groups participated in what was dubbed
as a “Peace March”, down Lehigh Avenue from 20th
Street to the Dell East Entertainment Center at Ridge and
W. Lehigh Avenue.
The march itself consisted of approximately 200 people and in the lead was Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. Walking by his side was Captain
Glenn of the 22nd Police District, the District that lost
Officer Robert Wilson, III to two brothers who chose to
shoot and kill in an armed robbery gone bad back on
March 5, 2015. In fact, just prior to the march kicking off
this evening, marchers gathered in a circle outside in
front of the Game Stop store where Officer Wilson was
murdered, at 22nd and W. Lehigh Avenue, to offer a
prayer and a few brief remarks from State Representative
Leslie Acosta, 197th District, from Police Commissioner
Charles Ramsey, from Sharif Street, Esq., chairman of
the board of directors for ODAAT and of course, remarks
from Mel Wells, and from Bilal Quaum, President and
Founder of the Father’s Day Rally Committee.
Once the Peace March concluded, participants were all
treated to free seats inside the Georgie Woods Dell East
Entertainment Center to see the “Recovery Idol” Concert, with former drug and alcohol performers taking to
the stage.
Unfortunately, the ODAAT Recovery Weekend Bas-
ketball game scheduled for Saturday, August 29th, was
postponed until next Saturday, September 5th, at the
Drexel University Armory in West Philadelphia. For
more details about the basketball game call ODAAT at
The organizations who believe in the One Day At A
Time mission and our stop the drugs, stop the violence
movement include: The Urban Affairs Coalition, (UAC),
our fiduciary manager, the city of Philadelphia Police
Department, the city of Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office, the
city of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health
and Intellectual Disability Services, (DBHIDS), Sobriety
Through Outpatient, Pro-Act, AIDS Activities Coordinating Office, Global Citizen, Benny The Bum’s Crabhouse,
Ready, Willing and Able, Express Urself Urban Crisis
Response Center, High Melody Records and MACK.
Our Mission: One Day At A Time, (ODAAT), is dedicated to serving low-income and homeless men and
women and their families in the Philadelphia area who
are afflicted by addiction and HIV/AIDS. Our focus is on
providing peer support and promoting healthy, positive
We accomplish our mission through a holistic array of
services, including addiction recovery counseling and mentoring, linkage to health and social services, transitional
housing and community outreach. For more details about all
the programs and activities of One Day At A Time, contact
the ODAAT Corporate office at 215-226-7860.
The City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral
Health and Intellectual disAbility Services and First Person Arts have teamed up for a second time this year to
creatively promote wellness through art in a community
that has been hit hard by negative representation in recent
media. Men and boys from Philadelphia’s African American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander communities are
invited to submit stories about their own experiences of
affliction, resilience, and ultimate triumph as a vehicle to
create social change.
These stories will help the City of Philadelphia inform
ideas and strategies for promoting wellness within this
community, and will be considered for ‘BEyond Expectations: Engaging Males of Color,’ the second event in a
three-part series, taking place on November 14, 2015
during the 14th Annual First Person Arts Festival, presented by PNC Arts Alive. (Nov. 4-15, 2015). Submissions are being accepted now through September 18,
Those selected will receive a stipend, and the opportunity to share their narratives alongside every day storytellers and national, high profile artists at ‘BEyond
Expectations: Engaging Males of Color.’ Past artists in-
clude celebrities Tariq 'Black Thought' Trotter of The
Roots; Raheem Brock, Philadelphia-born Super Bowl
champion and retired defensive end for the Indianapolis
Colts; and noted DJ Rich Medina. Everyday storytellers
included the moving narratives of a United States veteran
facing post-traumatic stress disorder, and a transgender
individual experiencing the Black male perspective for
the first time as an adult. For videos from the July BEyond Expectations event, visit
Stories can be submitted for consideration orally by
calling FPA’s story hotline at 601-568-2435. Written
pieces can be submitted to [email protected] with
the subject line ‘Engaging Males of Color.’
Envisioned by DBHIDS Commissioner Dr. Arthur C.
Evans in 2014, ‘Engaging Males of Color’ was designed
to help DBHIDS better serve Philadelphia’s diverse communities by sharing effective coping strategies for selfcare, strengthening support networks, and improving
upon the ways systems address the needs of males of
color. Working with organizations across the city to produce events such as ‘BEyond Expectations,’ Dr. Evans is
Engaging Men of Color initiative
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See “Men of Color” page 8
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Volume 55 - Number 34
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marian wright edelman
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
Wise lessons in Servant-Leadership
from Harvard president
When I was growing up my parents
constantly tried to be
and to expose us to good role models.
Daddy would pile us children into our old
Dodge and drive us to hear and meet great
Black achievers whenever they came near
our small hometown of Bennettsville,
South Carolina. I remember he drove us children
about 100 miles to hear Dr. Mordecai Johnson,
the first Black president of Howard University,
when he came to speak in Columbia, S.C.’s auditorium. Today Howard University’s president Dr. Wayne
Frederick is carrying on the tradition of inspiring college
leadership set by Dr. Johnson, by our beloved Morehouse
College president Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, who mentored
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many civil rights activists
in my generation, and by Dr. Howard Thurman and other
great visionaries who graced Howard’s campus and
school of religion and set a high example of excellence,
integrity, commitment to service, love, and hopefulness
for a new generation.
Howard’s new president reflects these crucial values.
Dr. Frederick grew up in Trinidad and Tobago dreaming
of being a doctor so he could find a cure for sickle cell
anemia, the disease that kept him hospitalized for three to
four months every year. His grandmother and mother always affirmed that he could do anything he wanted, and
he recently told a group of college students, educators,
and juvenile justice personnel preparing to conduct Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® programs that
they must do the same for the children in their care. “[My
mother] gave me one of the things that has a currency
like no other, which is hope . . . I would encourage you
[to] give that in abundance, to always encourage the
The Best Holiday
jim scott
It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. No, not the
wallet-emptying, mall fighting, fat men in red suits season. This special day is my
absolute favorite. The date
changes every year and varies
based on a number of factors
such as geography, but always
comes in Philadelphia as a
follow up to the long Labor Day weekend. That’s
right, I’m talking about the “First Day of School” holiday.
Some of you may ask, since when is the first day of
school a holiday? My answer is simple, all holidays are
in the mind of the beholder. Remember, we pick and
choose which days are special to us. Usually, we select
the days we choose to honor based on religious beliefs or
culture. So for me, I choose to religiously and culturally
honor the day that our children are welcomed back to the
institutions that will help to put them on a trajectory to
the future.
It has been said that education is the civil rights battle
of the twenty-first century. A twenty-first century education means that in addition to the three R’s (reading, writing, arithmetic) of the last century, students must be
computer literate and have a healthy serving of STEM or
science, technology, engineering and math in their educational diet before graduation. As school districts across
the country are being suffocated from a lack of resources,
our children are being strangled out of their ability to
compete in an increasingly competitive society.
In the nineteenth century, our forefathers were denied
the right to own land in an agrarian or farming society,
where land ownership was the primary form of wealth
and a necessity for feeding ones family. In the twentieth
century, our parents and grandparents were denied access
to manufacturing jobs, equal pay and human dignity.
Now, fifteen years into the twenty-first century, very little
has changed. The ability to feed oneself and to acquire
any type of wealth now requires a quality education beyond high school, making k-12 education either, the great
divider or the great equalizer of our position in society.
Any child leaving school with a diploma who is under
prepared in twenty-first century educational fundamentals, will be faced with a steep uphill climb to succeed at
the trade school or university level of education. Those
lacking post high school education will be employment
challenged - for life. That is why education is the civil
rights issue of this era.
Maybe it’s a tremendous coincidence that wherever the
money is being generated in this country, there’s always a
fortress wall topped by snipers, surrounded by an alligator-filled moat built to deter the participation of melaninskinned people. This is why, like previous civil rights
challenges faced by our ancestors, we must lace up our
marching shoes and take to the streets to claim what is
ours by birthright. Our grandparents fertilized this land
with their literal blood, sweat and tears. It then becomes
unthinkable for us to forego that which they have earned.
Withholding opportunities to learn (and most frightening
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 -3
Dr. Wayne Frederick: Lessons in Servant
young minds that you are trying to influence that the next
thing that they attempt to do is the next thing they will be
successful at. Do not allow them to believe that they are
not good enough, because they are.”
He added: “We often tell ourselves that there are things
that we cannot do because of limitations others put on
[us]—and I’m here to tell you today that I am living
proof that if you pour love and hope, determination, and
-to understand) is the oldest of oppression strategies and
the best way to keep an individual or group subservient.
Thus the slave laws against teaching blacks to read.
Today, the motives remain the same, while the tactics
have shifted to under-funding and feigned lack of resources. Why feigned? Because funding rapidly becomes
available for what is truly desired; prisons, wars, foreign
aid and visits by religious dignitaries.
So this is why I choose to celebrate the day when our
children march back to school. The schools they attend
and what they will receive in those buildings depends on
us. We should know by now that what we receive is what
we fight for - has it ever been any different? In Philadelphia, on the first day of school which is Tuesday, September 8th for the eighth year in a row locally, thousands
of black fathers will walk their children to school as part
of the “Million Father March.” Founded by the Black
Star Project in Chicago and organized by the House of
Umoja in Philadelphia, this movement is designed to encourage fathers to play an active role in their children’s
education. Unlike its namesake the inspirational Million
Man March, the march of the fathers is not about bringing the men to a central location for bonding and
speeches. By having the fathers bring their young ones to
school, it shows the teachers and principles that they
have the support of the men in their students lives, in addition to the mothers who have traditionally taken the
see “Holiday” page 8
dedication into anything you do, you will succeed. But
more importantly, if you do it into a child, who has limitless boundaries, they will rock the world.”
Dr. Frederick enrolled at Howard at age 16—“I was
5’6”, 88 pounds when I entered Howard, and I remember
how excited I was and how much I thought about that
day that I would be able to call myself Dr. Wayne Frederick.” By age 22 he achieved his dream with a dual
B.S./M.D. degree. He became a cancer surgeon and
eventually earned an M.B.A before becoming Howard’s
president last July at age 43. But Dr. Frederick also told
his audience of young teachers he quickly realized his
degrees were not fulfilling all by themselves. “I tell my
Howard grads that your degree will not come alive until
you go out and change the world. You must think of what
will you frame your degree with? Will you frame it with
fame and fortune . . . or with the willingness to go and
serve others, to make the community around you better? .
. . I will assure you that if you believe in what it is you’re
doing, and you do it with a passion, and you keep the
right motivations in front of you, which is that of servantleaders, to serve others, you will be successful.”
He shared a personal proof. “My sickle cell reminds
me every day. I have stood in an operating room for 22
hours in a painful crisis while operating on another patient, not experiencing that pain completely until my operation was finished. And I was amazed at how ill I was
after doing that operation. But the fact was that while I
was focused on serving someone else, on trying to heal
and cure someone else, I did not experience that pain.
And that is what you will experience in your own way.”
Dr. Frederick also noted servant-leadership is often a
quiet power. “We live in a society that focuses on the big
things . . . [but] the things that you will do outside of the
spotlight of the cameras and the notoriety are the things
that will make a difference. The one child that you will
talk to who will walk away and think that he or she wants
to be like you. The one kid that you will inspire because
you’ve given them the ability to fight for themselves, to
educate themselves, who will then grow up and become a
productive member of society and then go back and give
back is what matters . . . Everything you do around children influences them—everything. There are structured
opportunities to teach, but just as Howard students spend
only 20 percent of their time in the classroom and 80 percent out of it, every moment is a teaching moment, and
you have an opportunity to influence a young mind with
every single thing you do—how you dress, how you
speak to each other, how you speak to kids, how you
allow them to speak to each other.”
As a new school year begins Dr. Frederick’s words are
a powerful reminder for teachers and all those who work
with children in various ways about how much their caring and sensitive leadership in even the smallest things
matters. Let’s celebrate and encourage all of our children
through the currencies of hope, service, and excellence
always remembering that children will live up or down to
our expectations and example.
Marian Wright Edelman is President of the Children's
Defense Fund whose Leave No Child Behind® mission is to
ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start,
a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage
to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. For more information go to
SCOOP’s Black history corner
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
4 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
by Adelaide Abdur-Rahman
VIRGO - August 23 - September 22
The Perfectionist
Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Always wants the last word. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes
noise and chaos. Eager. Hardworking.
Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard
to please. Harsh. Practical and very
fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic.
The Sapphire is the stone for the month of September
An ancient Persian legend states that the earth rests on a
large sapphire and the blue of the sky comes from the gem’s
reflection. Medieval priests and monks wore sapphire believing they would prevent evil impulses and thoughts. It
was once thought that, if a poisonous snake were put into a
container with a sapphire the rays from the gem would kill
it. Sapphire was believed to turn evil sorcery and negative
spells back against the sender and provide advance warning
of hidden dangers. Ancient writers claimed the Ten Commandments were written on sapphire, making this gem most
sacred. Sapphire has long symbolized truth sincerity and
faithfulness. If its luster dulled when worn by a spouse, it
was believed that person had been unfaithful.
September 4th
You are quick, volatile and tempestuous and carry a
point only by force of will. You have a keen brilliant
mind, but lack patience and perseverance and when
facing failure you give up to disgust. You are either
greatly liked or intensely dislike, a loyal friend but a
bitter enemy.
1848 Lewis Latimer, inventor and engineer who supervised installation of electric lights in New York, NY,
Philadelphia, PA, Montreal Canada and London, England is born in Chelsea, MA.
1873 Bob Armstrong, professional heavyweight
boxer is born in Rogersville, TN.
1904 Martin David Jenkins, president of Morgan
State College in Baltimore, Maryland is born in Terre
Haute, IN.
1908 Richard (Nathaniel) Wright, author (Black Boy)
is born on the Rucker Plantation in Roxie, MS.
1918 Gerald Stanley Wilson, jazz trumpeter and big
band bandleader is born in Shelby, MS.
1935 Charles Alfronso Hines, Army Major General
and university administrator is born in Washington,
1942 Merald ‘Bubba’ Knight, singer with Gladys
Knight and the Pips is born in Atlanta, GA.
1949 Ronald LaPread, bassist and trumpeter with the
group The Commodores is born in Alabama.
1950 Frank White, Jr., Major League Baseball player
and coach is born in Greenville, MS.
1950 Sandra Bolden Cunningham, member of the
New Jersey State Senate is born in Jersey City, NJ.
1953 Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, actor (Welcome Back
Kotter) is born in New York, NY.
1960 Lonnie Plaxico, jazz bassist is born in Chicago,
1960 Damon (Kyle) Wayans, comedian, actor (My
Wife and Kids), writer and director is born in New
York, NY.
1967 Madame Edna Gallmon Cooke, gospel singer
dies in Philadelphia, PA.
1970 (Marcus J. Spencer) Mr. Marcus, pornographic
actor is born in Pomona, CA.
1974 Nona Marvisa Gaye, model, actor (The Matrix
Reloaded) and daughter of Marvin Gaye is born in
Washington, DC.
1977 (Kia Michelle Stevens) Kharma, professional
wrestler is born in Carson, CA.
1978 Serria Tawan, model and Playmate of the
month November 2002 is born in Chicago, IL.
1981 Beyonce Knowles, singer and actor (Dream
Girls) is born in Houston, TX.
1982 (Henry Randall) Hank Baskett, III, National
Football League player is born in Clovis, NM.
1984 (Joan Carol Pulliam) Jaibi, singer (You Got
Me/What Good Am I) dies in New York, NY.
2000 David Brown, bass guitar player for Santana
2002 Jerome Cousins Biffle, 1952 Summer Olympics
Gold medal winner in long jump dies in Denver, CO.
2005 Lloyd Avery, III, actor (Boyz n the Hood) dies
in Crescent City, CA.
2012 Leila Danette, actor (The Great White Hope)
September 5th
Cultivate your self-confidence and don’t give way to
moods so easily. You are impetuous, vivacious, sometimes unsteady in your judgment and generally very
interesting. You like society excitement and pleasures,
but you are capable of seriousness if necessary. You
are winsome and loving.
Claudette Calvin
1869 Harriet’ Wilson’s novel Our Nig, becomes the
first book published in the United States by an African
American woman.
1883 L.C. Bailey is awarded patent 285,545 for a combine truss and bandage.
1889 E.H. West is awarded patent 632,385 for a
weather shield.
1889 (Elwood) Bingo DeMoss, Negro League Baseball
player is born in Topeka, KS.
1906 (Albert) Sunnyland Slim (Luandrew), blues pianist is born in Quitman County, MS.
1899 J. Ross is award patent 632,539 for the bailing
1907 (Albert Luandrew) Sunnyland Slim, blues pianist
is born in Vance, MS.
1916 Frank Garvin Yerby, author (The Foxes of Harrow) is born in Augusta, GA.
1936 Alcee Lamar Hastings, US Representative from
Florida is born in Altamonte Springs, FL.
1937 (Lawrence) Larry Neal, author and poet (Black
Boogaloo: Notes on Black Liberation) is born in Atlanta,
1939 Claudette Colvin, first person to resist bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama is born in Montgomery, AL.
1947 (George Allen) Buddy Miles, drummer and composer (Them Changes) is born in Omaha, NE.
1951 Allyson Kay Duncan, first female African American judge in the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit is born in Durham, NC.
1963 (Gary Lee Graham) Shaka Sankofa, death-row
inmate who was sentenced to death at the age of 18 is
born in Huntsville, TX.
1963 Terry (Lynn) Ellis, singer with En Vogue is born
in Houston, TX.
1964 Kevin Maurice Saunderson, electronic music producer is born in Brooklyn, NY.
1964 (Kenneth Darnel) Ken Norman, National Basketball Association player is born in Chicago, IL.
1969 Josh White folk singer and actor (John Henry)
dies in Manhasset, NY.
1971 (Edward Lansing) Ed Gordon, Jr. 1932 Summer
Olympics gold medalist in long jump dies in Detroit, MI.
1977 Nazr Tahiru Mohammed, National Basketball Association player is born in Chicago, IL.
1978 Leonard Barnett Davis, National Football League
player is born in Wortham, TX.
1981 Christopher Drew Carter, National Football
League player is born on Solon, OH.
1986 Davida Brittany Williams, actor (Lizzie
McGuire) is born in Los Angeles, CA.
1988 Lawrence Brown, jazz trombonist dies in Los
Angeles, CA.
1989 (Katerina Alexandre Hartford) Kat Graham,
model, singer and actor (The Vampire Diaries) is born in
Geneva, Switzerland.
1998 (Joseph Coleman Smith) Sonny Knight, singer,
songwriter (Confidential) and author (The Day the Music
Died) dies in Maui, HI.
September 6th
You are very conservative, planning carefully and
working slowly and faithfully because you enjoy seeing
a job well done. In spite of your strong will, you are
sometimes led by others. Domestic gracious and sympathetic, your love is strong and true and your home life
1781 Lambert Latham, African American Revolutionary War soldier dies at fort Griswold, Groton, CT.
1877 Charles Buddy Bolden, cornet player and bandleader is born in New Orleans, LA.
1880 Joel Augustus Rogers, newspaper columnist and
author (From Superman
to Man) is born in Negril, Jamaica.
1886 Margaret Flagg
Holmes co-founder of
Alpha Kappa Alpha is
born in Durham, NC.
1903 Cornelius
Robinson Coffee, first
African American to establish and aeronautical
school in the US is born
in Newport, AR.
1905 Bertha ‘Chippie’
Hill, blues singer (Trouble In Mind) is born in
Charleston, SC.
1917 Charley Burley,
professional welterweight and middleweight boxer is born
in Bessemer, PA.
1919 Lee Andrews
Archer, Tuskegee Airman is born in Yonkers,
1925 (Mathis James) Jimmy Reed, blues musician
and songwriter (Bright Lights, Big City) is born in
Dunleith, MS.
1929 Charles Calvin Rogers, recipient of the Medal
of Honor for service in the Vietnam War is born in
Claremont, VA.
1935 Harold Russell Scott, Jr., first African American artistic director of American regional theatre
(Cincinnati, Ohio) is born in Morristown, NJ.
1941 (Daniel K) Danny Davis, US Representative
for Illinois is born in Parkdale, AR.
1942 (Walter Gordon) Jamaa Fanaka, filmmaker
(Penitentiary) is born in Jackson, MS.
1947 Linda McClure, actor (Smokey and the Bandit)
is born in Santa Monica, CA.
1948 (Charles Smith) Claydes Smith guitarist and
co-founder of the group Kool & The Gang is born in
Maplewood, NJ.
1960 Lynn Hutchings, member of the Wyoming
House of Representatives is born in Cheyenne, WY.
1965 (Shawn Moltke) M. C. Shan, rap artist is born
in Queensbridge, Queens NY.
1966 Kendrick Brett Meek, US Representative for
Florida is born in Miami, FL.
1967 Rodney Davis, US Marine who was awarded
the Medal of Honor dies in Vietnam.
1969 Ce Ce Peniston, singer (Finally) is born in
Dayton, OH.
1969 (Natalie Renee McIntyre) Macy Gray singer (I
Try) is born in Canton, OH.
1969 Trina McGee-Davis, actor (Boy Meets World)
is born in The Bronx, NY.
1970 Daniele Gaither, actor, (MADtv) is born in St.
Paul, MN.
1972 Anika Noni Rose, actor (Caroline or Change)
is born in Bloomfield, CT.
1972 (Idrissa Akuna) Idris Elba, actor (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries) is born in Hackney, London
1973 Merika Coleman, member of the Alabama
House of Representatives is born at RAF Lakenheath,
Suffolk England.
1975 Derrek Leon Lee, Major League Baseball
player is born in Sacramento, CA.
1975 Fred Brown Lane, Jr., National Football
League player is born in Franklin, TN.
1976 (Victor Santiago, Jr.) Noreaga, rap artist is
born in Queens, NY.
1976 Naomie Melaine Harris, actor (Skyfall) is born
in London, England.
1978 (Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand) Foxy Brown
rap artist is born in New York, NY.
1979 (Pedro Herrera, III) Chingo Bling, rap artist
(They Can’t Deport Us All) is born in Houston, TX.
1985 (Eurreal Wilford) Little Brother Montgomery,
jazz, boogie-woogie and blues pianist (Shreveport
Farewell) dies in Champaign, IL.
1988 (Roland Daniels) Leroy Brown, profession
wrestler dies.
1988 Roland Daniels, professional wrestler dies in
1991 Ashli Amari Adams, actor (The Parent Hood)
is born in Port Hueneme, CA.
1996 (Andrew Sturgeon) Doc Young, sports journalist and one of the first African American publicists dies
in Los Angeles, CA.
2005 (Mary) Eugenia Charles, first and only female
prime minister of Dominica dies at Fort-de-France,
2005 Mark Matthews, Buffalo Soldier dies in Washington, DC.
2007 Allan Rohan Crite, artist dies in Boston, MA.
Know your History and Culture If you do not know where you come from,
you cannot an will not know where you can go
Remembering Hurricane Katrina
junious r. stanton
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 -5
Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
progress, he lied and said he had no idea the storm posed
such a dire threat. Members of his cabinet went shopping and spoke nonchalantly about the storm while thousands suffered during and immediately following the
storm. This attitude and inaction set the tone and tenor
for much of what happened or failed to happen in the
wake of the hurricane. President Bu$h was later forced to
apologize as the world looked on in shock at the way the
US government treated its citizens.
The government's response on all levels was so feeble
and even hostile Kanye West an entertainer said during a
nationally televised awards program. "George Bush don't
care about Black people." Many took West to task for
saying it but the record shows the state and federal governments' inaction gave credence to what West said.
"The last National Hurricane Center Hurricane Katrina
forecast on Friday, August 26, as the storm intensified in
the Gulf of Mexico, gave Federal, State, local, and private sector officials, in hindsight, approximately fifty-six
hours advance notice that the hurricane would make
landfall near the City of New Orleans. Preparations took
on a greater urgency on Friday, August 26, due to Hurricane Katrina’s continuing intensification and west-southwest track from Florida into the Gulf of Mexico.
Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and Mississippi
Governor Haley Barbour declared states of emergency
for their respective States.37 Gulf Coast States and localities expanded their EOC staffing and operations schedules in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina.38 The
Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi State EOCs soon
were activated to their highest levels. 39 State agencies
began putting their response plans into action."
The Federal Response To Hurricane Katrina Lessons
Learned February 2006 ;
Eighty percent of the city was under water, municipal
government was crippled, its social services were totally
overwhelmed and most agencies and offices including
the police were not functioning. Mayor Nagin showed
his frustration and helplessness in the national media. On
the ground things did not go well. Professional mercenaries were hired by residents and the US government alike
to "secure" the city. The media created a disinformation
campaign the made it easy to demonize the residents
trapped in the city and create a climate of martial law and
racial vigilantes. " But there's an even harsher truth, one
some New Orleans residents learned in the very first days
but which is only beginning to become clear to the rest of
us: What took place in this devastated American city was
no less than a war, in which victims whose only crimes
were poverty and blackness were treated as enemies of
the state. It started immediately after the storm and flood
hit, when civilian aid was scarce—but private security
forces already had boots on the ground. Some, like
Blackwater (which has since redubbed itself Xe), were
under federal contract, while a host of others answered to
wealthy residents and businessmen who had departed
well before Katrina and needed help protecting their
property from the suffering masses left behind. According Jeremy Scahill's reporting in The Nation, Blackwater
set up an HQ in downtown New Orleans. Armed as they
would be in Iraq, with automatic rifles, guns strapped to
legs, and pockets overflowing with ammo, Blackwater
contractors drove around in SUVs and unmarked cars
Urban Education Center arrives
in Downtown Philly
See “Katrina” page 10
maurice henderson
"Katrina was the most destructive storm to strike the
United States and the costliest
storm in U.S. history, causing
$108 billion in damage, according to the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA). It ranks sixth overall in strength of
recorded Atlantic hurricanes. It was also a very
large storm; at its peak, maximum winds stretched
25 to 30 nautical miles (46 to 55 kilometers) and
its extremely wide swath of hurricane force winds
extended at least 75 nautical miles (138 km) to the
east from the center."
Hurricane Katrina: Facts Damage and Aftermath Kim
Ann Zimmerman
August 29, 2015 marked the tenth anniversary of the
devastation of Hurricane Katrina to the city of New Orleans and the whole Gulf Coast region. Hurricane Katrina
caused thousands of deaths, destruction in the hundreds
of billions of dollars and disrupted life in a way that
forced the nation to look at its priorities, its long history
of racism and defined the ineptitude and callousness of
the government.
Katrina started out as a tropical storm but once it
moved over the warm waters it picked up energy and intensity eventually developing into a category five storm.
The storm was monitored by the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, the various weather services and the military. So for the Bu$h administration, the
state officials and local municipalities to say they had
no idea the storm was going to reach such ferocity is
disingenuous at least and even criminal at best. Once the
storm went inland over Florida it was categorized as a
mild category one hurricane but as it traveled West into
the Gulf of Mexico it gained more and more intensity
and developed into a category five storm.
The government's response to Katrina was pathetic. The
levy system in New Orleans was destined to withstand a
category three storm at most, Katrina when it hit New
Orleans was a category five storm. The storm surge was
over twenty feet high with winds of 115-130 miles per
hour! New Orleans and the whole Gulf Coast were totally caught off guard for a storm of such a magnitude.
But what the nation initially saw was New Orleans being
battered by the storm's rains and high winds. In the ensuing days the raw reality of the racial, the socio-economic
and political dynamics of the city were exposed for the
world to see.
The corporate mind control apparatus originally
showed the storm and flooding. Later they focused on the
people who did not nor could not get out they showed
mostly poor black and desperate people clamoring for
help trying to survive the best they could in horrific conditions. Within days, the media focused on unfounded
reports of massive looting in New Orleans, mostly by
blacks, but when they showed whites breaking in and
looting they were depicted as trying to survive not as
criminals. The media reports of rampant looting were exaggerated and contributed to a siege mentality that
opened the door for police and government abuse.
Despite its image as a cosmopolitan, progressive city,
racism is deeply rooted in the city of New Orleans. At
the time of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was populated by a large segment of poor blacks whose prospects
for employment were bleak; who in many cases were living off of government largess and welfare. The media did
not look favorably on these people after the initial shock
of the storm. The media depicted them as refugees and
questioned their intelligence for remaining in the city
during a catastrophe when the fact of the matter is, government on all levels failed the whole region! "Hurricane
Katrina, its 115-130 mph winds, and the accompanying
storm surge it created as high as 27 feet along a stretch of
the Northern Gulf Coast from Mobile, Alabama, to New
Orleans, impacted nearly 93,000 square miles of our Nation—roughly an area the size of Great Britain. The disaster was not isolated to one town or city, or even one
State. Individual local and State plans, as well as relatively new plans created by the Federal government since
the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, failed to adequately account for widespread or simultaneous catastrophes. We were confronted by the pictures of destroyed
towns and cities, each with their own needs. Smaller
cities like Waveland, Mississippi, were completely devastated by Hurricane Katrina and required smaller scale
yet immediate search and rescue efforts as well as large
volumes of life saving and sustaining commodities. New
Orleans, the largest affected city—which dominated
much of what Americans saw on their televisions—suffered first from the initial impact of Katrina and then
from the subsequent flood caused by breaches in its 350
mile levee system. Over an estimated eighteen-hour period, approximately 80 percent of the city flooded with
six to twenty feet of water, necessitating one of the
largest search and rescue operations in our Nation’s history."
The Federal Response To Hurricane Katrina Lessons
Learned February 2006
President Bu$h dilly-dallied even though he was forewarned and kept abreast of the storm's development and
Tucked in the revitalized area of
Center City is a
new educational facility
entitled Somerset Academy. Symbolic of a "village" for
the well being of children and families this center will
serve an urban and multicultural student population from
throughout the City of Philadelphia. The early childhood
component will enroll children from two to five years old
and the out school time program will cater to ages six to
Housed in the former location of two former charter
schools, the Academy operates from 7:00am - 6:00pm at
the address of 1209 Vine Street. The goal of the school is
to foster family preservation and to provide exceptional
opportunities that promote the social, emotional and educational success of children and youth from all backgrounds. Represented with a global world intention, the
Academy seeks to embrace young people from all races
and economic spheres while building on the enrichment
of people of color as the best and brightest. Going beyond the classification of being single focus, the school
staff and student body is intergenerational, multicultural
and highly skilled. Their curriculum embraces afrocentric and european cultures while utilizing solid educational practices from the past and core competency
standards of the present.
Displaying passion about the education of the whole
child this institution is less about an individual or one
person and more about leveraging the expertise of the entire team to achieve academic success. The administration and teaching staff is highlighted with a strong
representation of black men who are well prepared to educate and model as positive mentors. Kicking off during
the month of September 2015, Somerset Academy motto
is "Play, Learn and Grow Together". What really sets this
organization apart from others is their philosophy about
educating children and serving families, which inspires
them to be responsive to the the distinct and specific
needs of each and every child, parent, caregiver or
Located on the corner of 12th and Vine Street allows
Somerset Academy to be a great or prime location for
those who work, live or go to school downtown. It is
also a convenient locale for adults commuting or driving
to other parts of the City and those who travel by public
transportation. Just give them a call at 267-639-9664 or
check out to see if they can fit
your needs.
Stay in the Loop
Johnathan McReynolds Life Music Stage 2
6 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
sherri y. johnson
Gospel artist Jonathan
McReynolds has earned the
praises of music legends
such as Stevie Wonder and
Kirk Franklin for his fresh
take on the genre, and now
he's preparing for the release
of his second album Life
Music: Stage Two.
The album will feature a
collaboration with Grammyaward winning singer Indie
Arie, a singer who McReynolds said received similar praise to him when she first arrived on the
music scene. While out promoting his new music,
McReynolds stopped by CP Voice to discuss his
upcoming album, and what it's like to be a budding
gospel artist in an America that is growing more hostile
toward Christianity.
"It's a little daunting sometimes. America is becoming
more and more hostile toward Christianity in particular,
Islam as well. Religion in general. But I've actually been
pretty accepted in a lot of cultures that are outside of
church. I think it's because I don't talk as if I don't know
what they go through. I don't speak as if I've been in
church all my life and I've never left," said McReynolds
to CP Voice last week.
The Chicago-born crooner believes that by being transparent in his music, people from all different religious
and cultural backgrounds can identify better with him.
He also explained why gospel music will always be relevant. "In gospel, we talk about the best subject matter
and that's God. I think we're seeing that our generation
still loves that as long as you present it in a way that is
relevant, relatable and creative. I think we owe that to
God," added McReynolds.
The singer's theme of bearing his truth on a song is reflected in the title of his albums which both have the
name Life Music. "When I came out with the first album
I called it Life Music because I wrote it out of my life,
not out of any church experience. I wrote it on experiencing Jesus, or the opposite, temptation in life. This album
is going to be a second compilation of that. I call it Stage
2. This is the second stage of my career. I think that I've
actually, praise be to God, I've accomplished enough to
get to a different stage. I'm really excited about it," said
The singer said the new album will feature a lot of different sounds and styles in comparison to his debut.
Some of them include musical influences he had while he
was growing up. I had a very eclectic childhood when it
comes to music. I grew up in the Pentecostal church. I
listened to Stevie Wonder, Hillsong, Jim Croce and Bob
Dylan. We listened to everything," he said. "I think my
music is kind of a mash-up of all those different ideas
and approaches to music."
McReynolds believes it's also his transparency that's
led to the praise of his music by legends such as Stevie
Wonder, Kirk Franklin and CeCe Winans, however, he
doesn't let any of that get to his head. He tries to stay focused on what's really important when it comes to
"My music is really just about encouraging myself and
others to exemplify Christ in their everyday life. It's more
effective than standing on a pulpit on Sunday morning,"
said McReynolds.
FRIDAY • SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 Evening
7 PM
8 PM
With its out-of-the-box
approach to combining
the arts with education, the
Mann in partnership with
NEWorks Productions will
host a Town Hall on Sept.
12 encouraging youth in
the Philadelphia region
and around the country to
share meaningful conversation and commentary
about pressing social justice issues. The event is
the culmination of the
Mann’s Liberty: Unplugged! 2015 festival,
which was curated by
NEWorks Productions’
Nolan Williams, Jr., to celebrate the messages and
movements of three iconic
men – Frederick Douglass,
Martin Luther King, Jr.,
and Nelson Mandela – and
to do it in a way that facilitates real dialogue about
difficult contemporary issues.
If You Go: Liberty: Unplugged! Town Hall Date:
10 PM
The Insider Elementary: The Best
Way Out ab (CC)
Wheel of
Shark Tank f
a (CC)
Extra f
America’s Got Talent: Semi-Final 1 First 12 of 24
remaining acts perform. af (CC)
BBC World Washington Friday Arts
American Masters: Althea af (CC)
The Big
Bang (CC)
Bones: The Doctor in the
Den ab (CC)
Name Gm
Name Gm
Saturday, Sept. 12 Time:
1 – 4 p.m. Place: Moore
College of Art & Design
Tickets: Free. Register at
The Liberty: Unplugged! Town Hall will
include three parts:
Liberty: Unplugged!
Twitter Town Hall
The Liberty: Unplugged! Twitter Town
Hall will connect student
scholars, via the social
platform as well as live
streaming technology, in
Philadelphia, Ferguson,
Mo., Charleston, S.C.,
Baltimore, Md., and Buffalo, N.Y.
Moderated by actor and
activist Hill Harper, the
event is a forum for high
school and college-aged
scholars to freely engage
in critical peer dialogue
about three themes that, as
in the days of Douglass,
See “Unplugged” page 15
It’s Supernatural!
Bless the
Touch (CC) Lord
Family Feud Family Feud Masters of
11 PM
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Ho’amoano b
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Molly (CC)
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(:02) B.A.P.S. ac (1997, Comedy) Halle Berry, Martin Landau. A (:34) House Party aac (1990, Comedy) Christopher Reid, Robin
woman poses as rich man’s heir. rsx (CC)
Harris. Two teens throw a wild house party. not (CC)
Bering Sea Gold: The
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Gravity Falls Best
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Teen Beach Movie (2013, Family)
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Two friends wake up in a movie.
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(:15) College Football Washington Huskies at Boise
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Bring It!: The Big Apple
Atlanta Plastic: New Face,
Bring It!: Fan Chat: Satur- Bring It!: “Who You Callin’ Atlanta Plastic: Surgery
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The Virgin
Kay and Jay foil devious alien plot.
Man’s Chest aaa (2006)
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ber Crunch ab
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Criminal Minds: Blood-
Liberty Unplugged
A&E line ab (CC)
9 PM
Jonathan McReynolds' album Life Music: Stage 2 will
be available this month. For more info log onto Special thank you to
the Christian Post for the article.
If you would like to get in touch with us, please find us
on Facebook: Supreme Gospel Ent. and Sherri Y. Johnson | Twitter/Instagram: @supremegospel. Until the next
column, remain encouraged!
CD Spotlight
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
Top CDs & DVDs
1. Action Bronson ............. “Mr. Wonderful” ............ (AG)
2. Drake .... “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” ...
(Cash Money)
3. Kendrick Lamar ... “To Pimp A Butterfly” ... (Interscope)
4. Jill Scott ........ “Golden Moments” ........ (Hidden Beach)
5. Big Sean ............... “Darksky Paradise” ........ (DefJam)
6. Meek Mill ... “Dreams Worth That Money”.... (Atlantic)
7. Ne-Yo ................. “Non-Fiction” .................... (Capitol)
8. Rae Sremmurd .............. “Sremmlife” ......... (Interscope)
9. J. Cole ...... “2014 Forest Hill Drive” ......... (Columbia)
10. Lyfe Jenning .................. “Tree of Lyfe” ............ (Eone)
11. Jazmine Sullivan ............ “Reality Show” .......... (Eone)
12. Mary J. Blige .... “The London Sessions” ...... (Capitol)
13. Johnny Gill ............ “Game Changer” ............. (ISkillz)
14. B.B. King .............. “Blues Anthology” ............. (MCA)
15. Trey Songz ......... “Trigga Reloaded” ............. (Capitol)
16. Tyrese .......................... “Black Rose” ................ (MCA)
17. Buddy Guy ........... “Born to Play Guitar” ........ (MCA)
18. Kem ........ “Promise to Love: Album IV” .......... (BGM)
19. Pharrell Williams ............ “Girl” ................. (Columbia)
20. Leon Bridges ...... “Coming Home” ........... (Columbia)
Top Gospel CDS & DVDS
1. Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago ....... “Any Given
Sunday” ... (Capitol)
2. Fred Hammond ................. “I Will Trust” ........... (RCA)
3. Dorinda Clark-Cole .............. “Living It” ............ (Eone)
4. Jason Nelson .............. “Jesus Revealed” ............. (RCA)
5. Kirk Whalum ............... “The Gospel According to Jazz
Chapter IV” ... (Mack Ave.)
6. Tamela Mann ............... “Best Days” .......... (Tillymann)
7. J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise .... “I See Victory” ... (Eone)
8. Erica Campbell ................ “Help” ............... (My Block)
9. J. Moss ............ “Grown Folks Gospel” ........... (PaJam)
10. 3 Winans Brothers ........... “Foreign Land” ......... (Eone)
11. Tye Tribbett ....... “Greater Than” ......... (Motown Gospel)
12. Tasha Cobbs .................... “Grace” ................. (Motown)
13. Shirley Caesar .................... “Good God” ........... (Light)
14. Tamika Patton ......... More Than Faithful ............... (TP)
15. Wes Morgan ........................ “Livin” ................ (Bowtie)
16. DeWayne Woods ........... “Life Lessons” ......... (Bowtie)
17. The Williams Bros. ...... “Phila” “I’m Free” ...... (TWB)
18. Vashown Mitchell ....... “Unstoppable” .......... (Capitol)
19. Israel Carree ...................... “Reset” .................. (Door 6)
20. Andre Crouch .................. “Journey” ................ (RPM)
21. Smokie Norful ............ “Forever Yours” ........ (Capitol)
22. Jessica Reedy ............. “Transparent” .............. (Purity)
2152 Ridge Avenue
and Record
Stay in the Loop
with SCOOP
History was made: Sarkodie and the Hip
Life Showcase at The Apollo Theatre
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 -7
of photographers, one of whom is wearing a green buttoned down shirt and black knee-cut jeans, snaps pictures
before Sarkodie walks into the backstage entrance. It’s
mostly laughter, chatter, and phone checking from here
on out. There’s an all around cherry energy in the air;
bonds are being formed and rekindled. The Compozers, a
rising Ghanaian band based in the UK, make their entrance, and more pictures get taken. Showtime is approaching.
Copyright James G. Spady 2015
Wayblackmemories of Harlem. Poet Laureate David
Henderson situates the Harlem of today within the
Harlem of yesterday: “There was a dance called the
‘Bop’/ And there was also a dance we used to do in the
streets with our walk/ Talk of diddy-bops. Talk of bopping/ The charismatic colors/ Sway of head and vertebrae…”
Harlem is shining. The heat from the sun is penetrating its hard concrete streets. It’s a Saturday afternoon in
August, and a bunch of vendors are out hustling and
bustling. Bootleg CD’s are being sold, and customers are
haggling for deals on appealing ornaments. In the words
of Baraka: “We are on the streets. We all somewhere in
the world we are made by. See all sides. Strive for righteous-righteousness. It may be the poetry of the perfect
description so that the blood boils, boils through our
words they describe…”
Spectrum. Galaxies. Monsters beneath and above the
existential black holes on 125th Street. We are en-route
to the Apollo to cover Sarkodie in concert, along with the
full battery of West African Hip Hop and Hip Life artists
he brought to share the stage with him. It is expected to
be one of the most highly anticipated and aesthetically
powerful shows in the Apollo's long history of entertainment. The theatre stands tall like the Khufu Pyramid in
Egypt, and Fela's Musical Shrine in Nigeria.
Enter Harlem World
As we come up out of the subway we are facing a
postmodern silver metallic statue of Harlem's Congressman Adam Clayton Powell. Harlem is all around us.
Black bodies in motion, anticipating the arrival of Hip
Hop avatars and Hip Life Rockstones built like the Rock
of Gibraltar. It’s the marvelous possibilities of music in
21st century empowerment zones.
Just a week prior, a documentary on the history of Hip
Life aired on CNN, featuring the “Godfather” of the
movement, Reggie Rockstone. The genre is a mixture of
Hip Hop and Highlife, the celebrated and soulful indigenous music that originated in Ghana. Hip Life functions
side-by-side with Afrobeats, which is often used as a
general umbrella term for all the modern Afro sounds
protruding the borders of West Africa, but also characterizes the eclectic, many a time Hip Hop infused, fastpaced, amalgamation of rhythms championed by 21st
century Nigerian and Ghanaian musicians.
In 2015, trailblazing at the Mecca of Black Music, is a
new generation with a fully lit torch poised for an extended transatlantic artistic and enterprising experience.
The arrival of West Africa in the States for this monumental event furthers the manifestation of U.S Hip Hop
and Afromusic standing together, and it continues to
make way for culturally rich and economically empowering occasions. The Afrocipha sits as a medium for this
showcasing and documentation, and a platform for its
growth and expansion. U.S. Hip Hop, Afrobeats, and Hip
Life will be playing a principal role in the future of cities
like Philadelphia, Lagos, Accra, Harlem, Brooklyn, San
Francisco, Atlanta and Miami. These cities -- among
other possibilities -- offer opportunities in travel, information technology, expansion of the leisure time industry, and combined business explorations.
…..Moving closer to the Apollo, the blue umbrella
rises high above the 125th Street subway stop a few
blocks from the cold, cold medina. Is this not a clear,
clear sign that Ralph Ellison's Ras The Exhorter was not
very far away? But where are Billie Holiday and Nina Simone on this bright August afternoon? Who whispered
quietly, "Black Lives Matter" on a street filled with vendors and vectors? Melancholy, music and mimetic forces
fill the air. Two stands down someone is selling the "WE
WANT JUSTICE" DVD from Muhammad's 1959 Speech
at the Uline Arena in DC. Like Larry Neal be saying,
"that's weird." We are equidistant from The Studio Museum of Harlem's Gift Shoppe and Hotel Theresa, where
Fidel Castro and Malcolm X reasoned more than fifty
years ago. Standing in this spacious alley before Showtime one is reminded of "Sarkology." Perhaps, Langer
failed to understand the Ethnopragmatics of The Akan
Palace Language of Ghana. When one considers the
philosophical dimensions of Highlife, Hiplife, Hip Hop
and Afrobeats it becomes evident how Sark and his confrères turn chaos into "You Go Kill Me," just as his
African American brother turns tuna into lobster.
We’re moving on to the next street with the swiftness
of Jonathon. It’s a whole nother world. Ain’t nuthin but a
G thang, baby. It’s crazy. We’re only a block away. Is it
any wonder that the noted Italian artist to the left is giving color to this urban animal on the Truck? Can you believe we are standing right in the same space the
downtown boys half a century ago tried to kill Jazz
Trumpeter Lee Morgan, before his own concert at the
Apollo? Yeah, but this is before he had the popular
record, the “Sidewinder.”
Each kilometer back here on 126th street is sacred. All
the great musicians played here and out back was always
where the action was. It’s different in 2015. Sarkodie
knows. Simon knows. As does the brother who came
from Ohio a few days earlier. Peace. Salaam. Peace.
Walking ahead of us is a Moorish Scientist who has on a
red fez, red tee, and matching blue jeans and blue backpack. But he is not a blood, a crip, nor a backpack rapper.
His presence at Sarkodie’s show would assure a certain
level of peace and honor to the West African musician, as
well as a peaceful stay in Harlem. And why was there a
prayer group, gathered around like warriors in back of
the Apollo? To protect Sarkodie as well? Must have
known that DJ Mensah was on the wheels of steel all the
way from Accra, Ghana. The tremendous impact of having one of the most prominent African musicians walking
the streets of Harlem signals a major change in the dynamic relationship between Afro Americans and their
African brothers.
Stylin’ on 126th street
There is a whole ecosystem full of dynamism and animation at the backstage area. On site, there are family
members, including fans and performers that are reuniting after 15 years. This is in the midst of cars passing
down 126th street on a typical busy Harlem Saturday afternoon. One car blasts off ‘R.I.C.O,’ the newly controversial but undeniably remarkable Meek Mill track
featuring Drake. It’s harmoniously noisy. Views. Not
from the 6 today, but from the historical Harlem World.
The sun sets at 8:02pm and the anticipation begins to
rise exponentially. Positioned at the backstage of
the Apollo Theatre are the
artist management, venue,
and promotional teams
scrambling to oil the knobs
of the production wheel.
The energy is focused on
the crowd of performers
and their affiliates, many
of whom are also located
behind backstage. The
crowd is antsy and excited;
they ‘wanna know’ if
tonight will live up to the
hype, as they prepare to
change from their stylish
casual-wear into the
night’s performance gear.
One guy is wearing a black
hat, and a white dashiki
with pine green, purple,
and yellow geometric designs. Another has on a
multi-colored, orange,
green and black hat, with a
‘Long Live A$AP’ black
Sarkodie is also outside
with his crew, leaning
against a car in a navy blue
sleeveless shirt, white
kicks and black sweats. 45
minutes earlier he was just
arriving with his manager
and supporters. His introduction to the scene
‘charged up’ the ambience,
as eyes from all directions
turned onto him. A couple
Stay in
the Loop
Dreamchasing At The Apollo
Ghede's prophecy is being fulfilled on this memorable
Saturday, as are the dreams of ol’ African people around
the world. They are the original Dreamchasers, and they
know that dreams are worth more than money… The
seats in the theatre are your typical red, cotton-like, black
plated seats. Attendees are gently guided to their assignments, as if each person here, no matter his or her status
is an honored guest. It’s about 9:45pm, the auditorium is
one-quarter of the way full, but it looks like there’s still
some time before everything gets going. The patrons get
situated, speaking with those who are sitting close, or
walking to the back of the theatre where the bar is located for a drink.
Even though the space is still moderately empty, there
is a permanently intimate vibe to the Apollo theatre.
There are three tiers, all of which are relatively close to
the stage. Whoever built this place made way for an environment that would encourage a sense of connection,
among the workers, audience members and performers.
By the end of the night, those in attendance would not be
Curtains Open
A rap artist named Rison opens the show. He was
dressed in all black – black jacket, black shirt, black
jeans, black loafers. The stands are maybe one-third of
the way full now, but the venue is just warming up. Rison
plays two cuts before esteemed Ghanaian actor, John
Dumelo, takes the stage to begin hosting the show.
Dumelo has won and been nominated for a number of
Ghanaian Awards and African Movie Academy Awards.
After tonight however, it’ll be no surprise if stand up
comedy is added to that list.
See “Apollo’ Next week
BUDD annual retirees picnic Holiday
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
8 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
The Budd Company Retirees at their recent Annual Retirees Picnic at Fort Washington State Park in Flourtown, Pennsylvania.
Men of color
Continued from page 2
hearing directly from the audiences who will benefit
from the improved systems his department aims to implement.
“If you are a male of color in Philadelphia, and you
need to be heard, the City is listening,” said Dr. Evans.
“Through ongoing initiatives like EMOC, DBHIDS is
keeping the door open on conversations surrounding
mental health and wellness in these communities.”
“Real life stories bare out the truth from myth and
mystery,” says First Person Arts Executive Director
Jamie J. Brunson. “These are the stories we all need to
hear now.”
First Person Arts is Philadelphia’s premiere storytelling
organization and the producers of the weekly First Person
Arts Podcast and annual First Person Arts Festival. FPA
believes that everyone has a story to tell, and that sharing
our stories connects us with each other and the world.
From such artistic luminaries as novelist Toni Morrison,
activist Angela Davis, and celebrity chef Marcus
Samuelsson, to everyday people at twice-monthly StorySlams, FPA presents a diverse array of storytellers in
order to transform the drama of real life into memoir and
documentary art.
The City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral
Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS)
provides its services via a network of mental health and
intellectual disability provider agencies. The department
also partners with the Philadelphia School District, child
welfare systems, and judicial systems to promote recovery, resilience & self-determination for people in recovery.
Charter School
926 W. Sedgley Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19132
215-843-1700 (fax) 215-843-3530
The Rebirth of Academic and Cultural Excellence
> Enroll your child in a safe learning environment that teaches positive
peer interaction
> Khepera Charter School has relocated into a state of the art new
building in North Philadelphia
> We have made AYP every year since our existence since 2004
> We outperform a number of neighboring schools and similar charter
schools across the city.
> We offer transportation for eligible students
1st through 5th graders are eligible for bus services. No cost
Middle School students will receive a free bus transpass
Kindergarten children can receive bus services at a low rate
> Khepera offers African dance, sports, Before Care and After Care
Services to Parents.
> We have a strong support staff that will help guarantee your child’s
social and behavioral success.
> Our alumni attend the best high schools in the city and are
enrolled in colleges around the country.
Our school is one of the few schools in the city that has a
We teach young people how to deal with the
challenges of coming of age in today’s society.
We celebrate their growing into adolescents.
Continued from page 3
lead in school activities. The MFM asks mothers to coax
the fathers (i.e, uncles, brothers, grand-fathers) if needed,
to take the time to participate and allow this activity to
become part of what we do annually as black people in
support of our children.
For those in Philadelphia whose children are grown
such as myself, we are meeting on Tuesday September
8th at 7AM with Mayor Nutter, Congressman Chaka
Fattah, State Sen. Vincent Hughes, Councilman Curtis
Jones, Superintendent Hite and others at the House of
Umoja, 56th and Master Street for a short march to
Guion Bluford elementary school to greet the students
and staff on their first day. If you have not seen the smiling faces of children anxious to meet their new teachers
and classmates, bursting with energy and ready to learn,
then I encourage you to do so. Then you too may start
feeling like I do, and begin to celebrate the first day of
school as your favorite holiday.
For more information on the Million Father March
contact the House of Umoja /David Fattah at (215) 4735893
Stay in the Loop
Somerset Academy, Inc.
Pre-School 2 yrs. - 5 years old
1209 Vine St. - 3rd floor
Phila., PA
Our center is open from
7:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
We accept CCIS for Subsidy
for Low-Income Families
and Private Pay
Pennsylvania Convention Center's WorkReady interns celebrate
a successful summer internship with their mentors
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
The Pennsylvania Convention Center responded to the
call from Mayor Michael Nutter and the Philadelphia
Youth Network for local employers to participate in the
"10,000 Summer Jobs Challenge" to employ young people this summer.
Young women and men from local Philadelphia high
schools joined the Convention Center's team in various
departments and made a worthwhile impact.
"The Pennsylvania Convention Center is one of the
key economic drivers in Philadelphia. Our goal of attracting major conventions, shows, and meetings to the city is
key in providing meaningful work for young people,"
said John J. McNichol, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority. "We answered the
Summer Jobs Challenge by offering work opportunities
to youth in Philadelphia. We fostered meaningful experiences for the students in preparing them in their career
path, imparting important job skills, and creating the opportunity to earn a paycheck."
The WorkReady campaign is a citywide initiative dedicated to improving the economic outcomes of the region's youth by attracting, aligning, and investing
resources in coordinated, youth-workforce-development
programs. Interns from the program spent six weeks at
the Convention Center. The students worked 20 hours a
week and also received job preparedness training.
Imani Walker, a WorkReady intern and student from
the Philadelphia School District, said she had a better understanding of technology after her experience at the
"I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked
Broad & Fitzwater Streets
7 to 11 pm
info 215-893-9912
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 -9
with the Pennsylvania Convention Center," Walker said.
"I worked in the technology department and learned
about computer and telecommunication systems. My
team treated me like family and I had amazing mentors. I
will always cherish this experience."
SMG, the West Conshohocken-based company that operates the Pennsylvania Convention Center, is committed
to serving the Greater Philadelphia community. Their
team's dedication was evident by their participation as
proactive mentors in the WorkReady program.
"Our interns were smart, hardworking, and courteous,"
said Lorenz Hassenstein, general manager of the Center
for SMG. "We were happy to support the students and
give them their 'first break'." Hassenstein said the students worked with supervisors and team members in engineering, utilities, show services, IT, and events services
with the goal of making an indelible and impactful positive experience for the students.
To learn more about how the Pennsylvania Convention
Center gives more and gives back to the Greater
Philadelphia community, please visit our website at
Starting this September
4, 2015, the New Africa
Center and Islamic Museum, 4243 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA,
19104, will initiate a new
Fall/Winter schedule of activities:
*Friday Fish Fry & Chat
Nights –On the 1st & 3rd
Fridays, 6PM-10PM, of
each month the public is
invited to enjoy an “old
school-style” Fish Fry and
Chat Night at the New
Africa Center. There will
be renowned speakers presenting topics on civic,
health, business, political
and religious issues, as
dor’s mall, and feeding for
the hungry. For September they will be held on
Saturday, September 5th
and September 19th.
* The Bantaba Open
Mic Showcase hosted by B
& G Productions – 2nd &
4th Thursdays, 6pm to
10pm, at the Center/Museum. Seeking performers
of creative material rooted
in clean, progressive
thought. Such performers
of clean, conscious rap,
spoken word artists,
singers and instrumentalists are encouraged to participate. This is an
opportunity for perform-
The Fall Schedule of Activities at
ICPIC’s New Africa Center
well as various vendors
and health-conscious food
from the “Georgia Fish
Fry and Pies” eatery. Admission to chat/presentations are free.
*1st and 3rd Saturdays
are Lancaster Avenue
Community Day and Free
Feedings in the New Freedom Square, 4238-42 Lancaster Avenue, directly
across from the New
Africa Center. There will
be family focused activities of fun and games for
the children, moon
bounce, chess competition,
informational material
handouts, a pop-up ven-
ers- professionals and nonprofessionals- to showcase
their talent and to possibly
secure a performance spot
at the 2016 Islamic Heritage Festival entertainment roster on the Penn’s
Landing stage. There will
an opportunity to purchase
books, performers’ cd’s,
and food. There is a museum admission fee of
$5.00 for adults, and $3.50
for children and seniors.
For more information,
call: 267-338-7247, The
New Africa Center 215222-0520, or email [email protected]
Fran Aulston repast celebration
EVERY MONDAY 5 to 9 pm
LaRose Jazz Club
5531Germantown Ave. Phila
Group and Guest
Room available for shows, banquets,
wedding parties, promotions etc.
contact Banquet Mgn.
Free Parking in the rear of Club
entrance on Armat Street
Many family and friends gathered at the Belmont Mansion to exchange fond memories of
the late Fran Aulston, founder/CEO, Paul Robeson House/Museum. Over 200 guests
showed their love and respect for her untiring work. Pictured left to right): Bea Joyner,
Naomi Nelson, Belmont Exec Dir, Dr. Samuel Quartey, Phyllis Sims and Barbara Johnson.
Seated, Audrey Johnson Thornton, founder of American Womens Heritage Society and Matriarch of Belmont Mansion with hubby Bernie Thornton.
10 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
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with no license plates."
The Secret History of Hurricane Katrina James Ridgeway
Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco set a confrontational rather than a conciliatory tone towards the residents of New Orleans when she called out the National
Guard, "These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well
trained, experienced, battle tested, and under my orders
to restore order in the streets. They have M-16s and they
are locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot
and skill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will."
When the National Guard finally arrived the troops approached their mission as one of a military occupation
% ' % #%
' ( &
The Historical Landmark of North Philly
("' " #"
# ) *
"" %
#! %& '
#*"& $
rather than one of search, rescue, evacuation and aid.
They viewed and treated the people and situation as a
hostile environment. It wasn't until General Russell Honoree an African-American and native of Louisiana took
command of the troops that the mission became an effective humanitarian effort.
In its aftermath many are saying the ruling elites used
Hurricane Katrina as convenient tool for ethnic cleansing
to rid the city and area of thousands of poor AfricanAmericans. Census figures confirm these assertions. "In
the 2000 census New Orleans population constituted of
67.3% black and 28.1 % white. However, in the four
months following Hurricane Katrina; 'The New Orleans
metro area’s population was 37% black between January
and August 2005 and fell to 22% between September and
December 2005. The percentage of white residents grew
from 60% to 73%. Households earning between $10,000
and $14,999 annually dropped from 8.3% to 6.5%; while
those with a yearly income of between $75,000 and
$99,999 rose from 10.5% to 11.4%', according to statistics released by the Census Bureau in June 2006. The disaster of Hurricane Katrina is used effectively to
artificially change the demography of New Orleans. The
Population of New Orleans metropolitan area has become substantially whiter, older and less poor — not because people suddenly got richer, but because the poor
2200 N. 15th Street
(15th & Susquehanna Ave.)
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
are being shut off the city — and it shrank to less than
half its size, according to the Census Bureau. 'New Orleans is not going to be as black as it was for a long time,
if ever again', said Alphonso Jackson, and is moving fast
in that direction. It is suggested that only the whites and
affluent are encouraged to make New Orleans their home
at the expense of African-Americans and their cultural
heritage." Ethnic Cleansing In New Orleans Ghali Hassan
As we look back ten years after Hurricane Katrina let
us not forget there are racists and psychopaths in high
places who have the power to actualize their goals and
objectives to place profits over people who do not have
the best interests of African-Americans at heart in New
Orleans or anywhere else.
The Doctors of Hair Treatments & Styles
Hair Cut Specials for Students
Natural Ponytail
Blended N Weave
Wax Curl
Long Caps
Halp Caps
Relaxer, Cut,
Wash N’ Curl
Weave Caps
Invisible Part
Sewing Weave
Sexy Wed. Sewing
SATURDAY • SEPTEMBER 5, 2015 Evening
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
Stay in
the Loop
11 PM
News Saturday
The Insider Hawaii Five-0: Ua helele’i 48 Hours In-depth investi- 48 Hours In-depth investi- News 11pm Blue Bloods
ka hoku ab
gative reports. (CC)
gative reports. (CC)
FYI Philly
College Football Texas Longhorns at Notre Dame Fighting Irish from Notre Dame Stadium News at
(:07) College Football Wisconsin Badgers vs Alabama Crimson Tide from AT&T Stadium in News (CC)
Arlington, Texas z{|
The Lawrence Welk
Show: Occupations
Close Encounters of the Third Kind aaac (1977, Science
Fiction) A man tries to make contact with aliens. pqv
Two and
Half Men
The Big
Bang (CC)
The Big
Bang (CC)
The Big
Bang (CC)
Two and
Half Men
Two and
Half Men
Friday Arts
Action News at 10 on
TMZ af (CC)
Bullseye: Bullseye Buggy Home Free: Long Journey FOX 29 News at 10
Jump af (CC)
Holmes af
Precious Memories
In Touch with Dr.
Charles Stanley (CC)
Hour of Power with
Bobby Schuller (CC)
Me, Myself & Irene aaa (2000, Comedy) Jim
Carrey. Schizophrenic trooper escorts a suspect.
Criminal Minds: The Inspi- Criminal Minds: The Inspired ab (CC)
ration b
a (CC)
Sat. Night
Brain Maker with David
Perlmutter, MD
Hope (CC)
Cheaters ab
High School GrandUSA!
Billy Graham Crusades Courageous aaa
(2011) Alex Kendrick.
Eyewitness King of
Criminal Minds: Broken Criminal Minds: Carbon
Copy ab (CC)
ab (CC)
Family Guy Family Guy
The Listener: The Foggy
Notion ab
The First 48: Pointless; Set The First 48: Fast Friends; The First 48: Bad Love The First 48: Last Run;
Thin Line ab
Mean Mugging (CC)
Up b
a (CC)
ab (CC)
(6:05) New Jack City aac (1991, Ac- (:40) What’s Love Got to Do with It? aaa (1993, Drama) Angela Bassett. Singer Tina
tion) Wesley Snipes, Ice-T. not
Turner struggles to escape from her jealous and abusive husband. not (CC)
Fast N’ Loud: Pikes Peak Fast N’ Loud: C10 Race MythBusters: Star Wars - Fast N’ Loud: Mustang
MythBusters: Star Wars Myths Strike (CC)
or Bust ab
Truck; Pike’s (CC)
Myths Strike (CC)
Mania ab (CC)
Mighty Med Mighty Med Austin &
Austin &
K.C. Under- K.C. Under- Teen Beach 2 (2015, Drama) Ross Lynch.
Time-traveling surfers & bikers appear. pqw (CC)
Ally (CC)
Ally (CC)
College Football Arizona State Sun Devils vs Texas A&M Aggies from NRG
Stadium in Houston z{|
(6:00) Fatal Flip (2015,
Eyewitness (2015, Thriller) Bridgit Brannaugh, Ivan (:02) Stolen from the Suburbs (2015, Drama) HuThriller) pqw (CC)
Sergei. pqw (CC)
man traffickers take teen daughter. pqw
SpongeBob Sanjay and Henry Danger: Henry & Nicky,
100 Things Full House Full House Friends af Friends af
the Bad Girl
The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big
America’s Next WeatherSeinfeld af Seinfeld af The Big
The Big
Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) man: Image Is (CC)
My Giant Life: Shortest
My Giant Life: Big UpMy Giant Life: Being Tall is My Giant Life: We All
My Giant Life: Being Tall is
Expensive (CC)
Have Our Uniquenes
One in the House
dates af (CC)
Expensive (CC)
NCIS: Hiatus, Part 2 ab NCIS: Shalom ab (CC)
NCIS: Dead and Unbur- NCIS: Sandblast ab (CC) NCIS: Smoked af (CC)
ied af (CC)
Person of Interest: Baby Person of Interest: Iden- Person of Interest: Flesh Person of Interest:
Person of Interest: Many
Blue b
and Blood ab
Matsya Nyaya ab
Happy Returns
a (CC)
tity Crisis ab
The First 48: Road Haz-
A&E ard; Cold ab
Don’t Worry,
Be Happy
Stay in the Loop
Recap: A weekend full of good events
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
inside you are glad to have people like Buck Wild and
Kevin Hart, Jewell Williams, Curtis Thomas, Mr.
Mackey, ODAAT and all of the people that take the time
to be concerned about all of the unnecessary violence in
the streets. At least with these people making a small effort things are not as bad. It’s scary to think about how
things would be if the folks working in the trenches got
tired and felt like it’s not worth it any more because no
one cares.
I want to thank all of the men that take the stand of
wanting to do the right thing. You should be honored in
the best way for being the men that you are. Again I just
want to thank you for wanting to give back. From your
Mayor of Girard Ave Toby Rich with love, honor and
much respect. Peace.
Toby Rich
This week’s rap from
the Mayor of Girard Avenue, Toby Rich is a recap
of the past weekend full of
good events. At the Dell
there was a fashion show
with comedy that was put
together by Mr. Buck Wild
and ODAAT. It was a good
way to give some very pretty woman a chance to
show just how good they can look and another
way of letting folks see all of the talent that is here right
in our own community. Speaking of talent, I later found
out that Mr. Kevin Hart gave a show at the Lincoln financial Field that he sold out by himself and I must say that
is saying something. It looks like we have some folks to
be proud of in the art of comedy right here in Philly. That
is why I was glad to get the picture of Kevin Hart and
Buck Wild that Buck sent to me. It shows that these
brothers don’t want to forget where they come from.
When you think about it we must understand that folks
do move on but when they do take the time to give back
we want to make an all out effort to support them when
we can because
support goes two
It was extra
special that support was extended to the
recovery community. Drug
abuse is a problem that has hit
everyone -- not
just in Philadelphia but also all
over the country.
I don’t even
want to start on
the importance
of the recovery
programs that
we are lucky to
have here in
Philly because
not everyone has
them. Many
Buckwild and Kevin Hart
folks come to
Philadelphia from different cities to get well because they
don’t have any recovery programs in the cities where
they live. It’s just something for the folks that complain
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 - 11
The Rib Crib
6333 Germantown Avenue ~ Phila.
Grilled BBQ wings, Corn on the cobCombo Platters
Open Thur., Fri. Sat. 11a.m. to 11 p.m.
Scene from the Men’s Leadership Breakfast
about the programs being here to think about. However
let me get back to the topic.
I also want to talk about Mr. Mackey’s Men’s Leadership Breakfast. The many men folk that came out were
well fed and awards were presented to hard working men
in the community for some of the special things that they
do for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.
At times it seems like doing the right thing has no
merit any more -- like the person doing good things is not
only corny but they are in the way of the folks that just
gotta do wrong. However I have a message for all of the
rude folks that feel some kind of way about the so-called
goody guy. If you get shot or stabbed, do you really want
us to believe that you don’t want any help? Should folks
just leave you alone to die or as you might say, whatever?
I am willing to bet that any one of you would thank God
for the help of a good woman or man. You may talk that
stuff around the boys but when you are alone at night just
thinking to yourself, you and the whole world knows that
you would really be glad to get as much help as you can.
You can always talk that tough Tony talk, but you know
Col. Charles Young Post 682
159 E. Sharpnack St.
Phila. 215-844-9894
$2 TUESDAY - 7 p.m. to 12 midnite /
$1 off WEDNESDAY - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
THURSDAY HAPPY HOUR - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
SATURDAY HAPPY HOUR - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
CHEF’S KITCHEN Open Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Sat.
7 p.m. to midnite, Sunday 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Grubbin’ & Groovin’ SATURDAY
8 p.m. to MIDNITE - MUSIC
the Month 8 a.m. to 12 noon
AUXILIARY’S BREAKFAST Last Sunday of the Month 8 am - noon
820 Sharon Ave. - Sharon Hill, PA
OPEN 10 a.m. - 2 a.m. 7 DAYS A WEEK
10 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
1401 Hook Road
A great place
to mingle
old friends
and meet
new people!!
Sharon Hill, PA 610-461-2462
For Bookings contact Post at 215-844-9894
SUNDAY • SEPTEMBER 6, 2015 Evening
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
60 Minutes af (CC)
Big Brother ab (CC)
America’s Funniest
Home Videos af
Bachelor in Paradise ab (CC)
10 PM
The Lawrence Welk
Show: Hawaii (CC)
Two and
Half Men
The Big
Bang (CC)
Castle: Hollander’s
Woods af (CC)
Hava Nagila: The Movie Masterpiece: Sherlock: The Empty
Hearse ab (CC)
a (2012) pqw
Bob’s Bur- Bob’s Bur- The Simp- Brooklyn
Nine (CC)
Jesse, Manager
11 PM
Madam Secretary: Spar- CSI: Cyber: Selfie 2.0 ab News
tan Figures b
(:20) NASCAR Sprint Cup: Bojangles’ Southern 500 from Darlington Raceway in Darlington, S.C. z{|
Monopoly Millionaires’
Club (CC)
Action News at 10 on
(:35) Sports
News (CC) Sports
NBC 10 News at 11pm
Austin City Limits: J.
Roddy Walston (CC)
Hope (CC)
Friends b
Family Guy Last Man ab FOX 29
(:36) FOX 29 TMZ af (CC)
News at 10 Sports
Way (CC)
The Blessed Joel Osteen Kerry
Shook (CC) Copeland
How Met
How Met
Dollar (CC)
Stand by Me aaac (1986, Drama) Wil Wheaton.
Four boys set out on a hike together. not
Left Behind: The Movie aa (2001, Action) People
vanish, leaving questions behind. rsx
Eyewitness King of
(6:00) Rocky IV aac (1985) Rocky V aa (1990, Drama) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire.
Sylvester Stallone.
Rocky’s protégé dumps him. pqv
Mike &
Molly (CC)
Mike &
Molly (CC)
Rocky IV aac (1985, Drama) Boxer
fights a vicious Russian champion.
(6:00) Happy Valley (2014, We Are Marshall aaa (2006, Drama) Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox. Behind Bars: Rookie
Year: The Riot (CC)
A coach brings hope to a tragic team. pqv (CC)
What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Sunday Best: The Live
(:25) Good Deeds aa (2012, Comedy) Tyler Perry, Thandie
Final af (CC)
aaa (1993, Drama) Angela Bassett. Newton. Business man’s boring life is changed. rsx (CC)
Naked and Afraid: XL
Naked and Afraid: XL
Naked and Afraid XL:
Naked and Afraid: XL:
Naked and Afraid XL:
Confessions ab
Confessions ab
40 Days Filth ab
Dirty Dozen ab
40 Days Filth ab
Jessie (CC) Jessie (CC) Descendants (2015, Action) Dove Cameron.
Girl Meets I Didn’t Do It BUNK’D
Liv and
Children of iconic villains get chance. pqw (CC)
Baseball Tonight: Sunday MLB Baseball Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals from Busch Stadium SportsCenter
Night Countdown
Stolen Daughter (2015, Drama) Detective searches A Teacher’s Obsession (2015, Drama) Teacher’s (:02) Stolen Daughter
for missing daughter. pqw (CC)
tutoring may prove deadly. pqw (CC)
(2015, Drama) pqw
Alvin: Tree SpongeBob The Thundermans: A
Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends af Friends b
Hero Is Born
(5:00) Catch Me If You Can Now You See Me aaa (2013, Thriller) Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Now You See Me aaa (2013,
Ruffalo. Illusionists take on bank heists. rsx (CC)
aaac (2002) (CC)
My 600-lb Life: Melissa’s Story 650-lb woman
World’s Fattest Man: EatWorld’s Fattest Man: Eat- World’s Fattest Man: A
fights to regain health. af (CC)
ing to Death (CC)
ing to Death (CC)
Love Story ab
Elementary: Details b
Elementary: Snow An- Elementary: Dead Man’s
Elementary: Possibility
Elementary: Déjà Vu All
gels ab (CC)
Two ab (CC)
Over Again ab
Switch b
A&E Documentary)
If you are experienced you can
earn money on your own time.
Send resume and references to
SCOOP USA, P.O. Box 14013,
Phila., PA 19122; email [email protected] - Subject:
Resume; or fax 215-236-2945.
Addressing hunger in Camden
12 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
ful for the accolades, he is inspired by the people he
serves every week, "a lot of people look forward to every
Wednesday". Pinky, having experienced life in the streets
of Camden, grew tired of the negativity, and wanted to
reach out to help people going through their own challenges.
He believes that positive change starts with respect and
showing love. This is evident as you witness his personable demeanor while greeting and talking to the people
waiting in line to be served.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Everybody can
be great because everybody can serve... You only need a
heart full of grace." It is people like Pinky LeCato that
shows us that one person can make a positive impact in
the community. If you would to help Pinky feed the less
fortunate in Camden, you can "in box" him on Facebook
at "Pinky LeCato" or email [email protected]
Willingboro was on hand with fellow Divas, "We are
here every other Wednesday. We bring food and whatever
we can". The Divas started helping just two months ago
with a donation of water cases. Hawk added, "We bring
our kids too, they need to see how important it is to help
others". Pinky's volunteer work has been recognized by
Camden's Underground Music Awards and New Beginning Ministries Baptist Church. Although Pinky is grate-
Feeding the homeless in Camden
MONDAY • SEPTEMBER 7, 2015 Evening
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
Scorpion: Cliffhanger ab NCIS: Los Angeles:
Kolcheck, A. ab
11 PM
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Bang (CC)
Wheel of
Shark Tank All-female golf Bachelor in Paradise ab Bachelor in Paradise:
After Paradise (CC)
caddy company.
News (CC) Jimmy
Extra af
American Ninja Warrior: Vegas Finals af (CC)
NBC 10
News (CC)
Show (CC)
BBC World Antiques Roadshow:
Myrtle Beach (CC)
The Civil War: The Cause - 1861 The beginning
stages of the Civil War. (CC)
Smiley (CC)
The Big
Bang (CC)
Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit: Honor
Action News at 10 on
Friends ab
FOX 29 News at 10
Dish Nation
Dish Nation TMZ (CC)
CBS Fall
Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit ab
So You Think You Can Dance: Finale Part 1:
Top 4 Perform ab (CC)
Rev. Rodri- Potter
Bless the
Touch (CC) Lord
End of the Connection Jesse
Family Feud Family Feud Penn & Teller: Fool Us:
Phone-y Business
Line? (CC)
Criminal Minds: The Road Criminal Minds: 200 ab
Home ab
Criminal Minds: Mr. &
Mrs. Anderson (CC)
Running Wild with Bear
Grylls: Drew Brees
Scorpion ab
One Night with the King aac (2006, Drama)
Peter O’Toole. Young girl faces difficult decision.
King of
Criminal Minds: Gabby
ab (CC)
Mike &
Molly (CC)
King of
Criminal Minds: Persuasion ab (CC)
The First 48: Dying Decla- The First 48: Killer Con- The First 48: Killer Con- The First 48: Killer Con- The First 48: Killer Confessions: Cranked
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fessions: Coma;
fessions ab
Good Deeds aa (2012, Daddy’s Little Girls aa (2007, Drama) Gabrielle Union, Idris Elba. A poor but determined Tough Love
Comedy) Tyler Perry.
father fights to gain custody of his three girls. rsx (CC)
Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up: Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up: Fast N’ Loud: Cutlass
Rusted Development:
Fast N’ Loud: Cutlass
‘71 Scat Pack
‘71 Scat Pack
Lowrider, Part I (CC)
The Almond Lord
Lowrider, Part I (CC)
I Didn’t Do It Jessie (CC)
K.C. Undercover: RunCollege Road Trip ac (2008, Com- K.C. Under- K.C. Under- BUNK’D
away Robot ag
edy) Dad follows daughter to college. cover
College Football Count- College Football Ohio State Buckeyes at Virginia Tech Hokies from Lane
Stadium z{|
Made of Honor aac
The Proposal aaa (2009, Comedy) Sandra Bull- (:02) The Proposal aaa (2009, Comedy) Sandra
ock. A boss marries to avoid deportation. rsx
Bullock. A boss marries to avoid deportation.
(2008) Patrick Dempsey.
Sanjay and Harvey
SpongeBob Pig Goat
Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends af Friends af
Beaks (CC) (CC)
Family Guy Family Guy American American Family Guy Family Guy Conan Elijah Wood; Chris
Hardwick. ab
The Man with the 200lb My Giant Head af
My Son’s Face Won’t
Body Bizarre: My
Body Bizarre: World’s
Tumor af (CC)
Stop Growing
Baby’s Got an Extra
Tallest Couple
WWE Monday Night Raw z{|
(:05) Skyfall aaac (2012,
NCIS: The Truth Is Out
Action) Daniel Craig.
There af (CC)
Person of Interest: Bury Person of Interest: The
Person of Interest: Criti- Person of Interest: ‘Til
Person of Interest:
the Lede ab
High Road ab
cal ab (CC)
Death ab (CC)
C.O.D. ab (CC)
A&E ration; One af
Above Feeding the homeless in Camden, pictured below, Pinky Le Cato (on
Camden Number 1
in crime…again?
At the end of the day,
the storied City of Camden could solve the vast
majority of their problems with good jobs for
the adults (or good job
training) and great recreation for the city’s youth.
That really is the bottom
line. Poverty, ignorance,
crime and self-hatred
(the four horsemen of the urban apocalypse)
are most often the result of idle and financially
impotent adults living with idle and misguided
The north facing of the Camden City Hall eloquently describes Camden’s most pressing problem.
It says. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
That’s a quote from the Book of Proverbs in the
Bible. It was as true 3000 years ago when it was written, as it is today.
The people of Camden want to work. That is
proven on every call for employment, when hundreds, if not thousands show up for an “opportunity.”
And Camden is quite a unique city in the world, geographically. It is 90 miles south of New York – the
world financial capital; 150 miles north of Washington, DC – the world political capital; 1 mile east of
Philadelphia – the founding city of America, and 55
miles west of Atlantic City – the nation’s playground
for well over a hundred years. Are we to believe in a
prime location such as this (it doesn’t get any better
in the world) that past and current leadership can’t
create, stimulate, and develop jobs? That should be
the standard for election: has he or she created jobs
for the adults and robust recreation programs for the
youth? If the answer is yes, they stay – Democrat,
Republican or Independent. If the answer is no they
go – regardless of party affiliation.
So Camden is number one in crime? Are we to extrapolate somehow the people are just naturally bad?
Of course not! So what are we to make of this ridiculous designation? Where there is no vision – and vision is provided by leadership – the poor people can
do little other than perish. Oh yeah! They also have
the option of getting new leadership.
amir m. khan
namibia el burke
According to data researched by, 1 in ever
6 people in America face
hunger. More than 1 in 5
children is at risk of hunger.
Among African-Americans
and Latinos, it’s 1 in 3. The
hunger issue impacts many
in the Delaware Valley, and
especially Camden. For almost three years Camden's
own, Pinky LeCato has dedicated his time and resources to serve the less fortunate.
It all started back in November 2012, when
Pinky linked up with fellow members of Philadelphia's BigTyme Bossez Truck and Auto Club to feed the
homeless in Love Park. The club members provided
meals to an average of 175 people each week. One day
Pinky posted pictures of the club's outreach efforts on
Facebook and received more than 400 "likes". As a result
of the overwhelming positive feedback he received on
Facebook, Pinky was moved to start feeding the hungry
in Camden. With the support of BigTyme Bossez
founder, Tarif Savage, and fellow members, Pinky began
providing meals to those in need in his hometown. Every
Wednesday evening at 7:30pm in the heart of downtown
Camden, on the corner of Broadway and Federal streets,
Pinky and a host of friends set up a hearty buffet of home
cooked meals for a very appreciative crowd of people.
Since starting his outreach in Camden, Pinky has provided food for over 3,000 people through community donations and his own personal contributions. Ms. Hawk,
Vice President of Diamond Heist Diva Social Club from
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
Marlton Records & Electronics
286 Marlton Avenue
Camden, N.J. 08105
Rap &
Reggae Music
Gifts and Novelties
Philadelphia 215-232-5974
Camden, NJ 1-856-313-0155
The Gureghian Charitable Foundation Contributes $10,000 toward
Inaugural Police Body Cameras Program for the City of Chester
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
Vahan Gureghian, CEO of CSMI, the firm which manages the Chester Community Charter School (CCCS),
here, met recently with State Representative Thaddeus
Kirkland, whose district includes the city of Chester, to
present a $10,000 contribution, on behalf of The
Gureghian Charitable Foundation, to the City fund created to enable the purchase of Chester's first police body
Gureghian said he plans to reach out to other Chester
and Delaware County business leaders over the coming
year to explore additional such contributions to the City,
with a focus on improving public safety, economic development and job creation in the community. He also mentioned that the initial focus on body cams grew out of
conversations he has shared with Rep. Kirkland, over the
past year, specifically focused on public safety issues.
In accepting the contribution, Kirkland said, “On behalf of the State of Pennsylvania, the City of Chester, the
police department and the citizens of this community,
we’d like to thank The Gureghian Charitable Foundation
for its generous support and donation towards the purchase of body cameras for our police department. This
will provide safety to both our citizens and law enforcement.”
Prior to the presentation, Rep. Kirkland, along with
Judge Spencer Seaton, chairman, CCCS Board of
Trustees, and Dr. David Clark, CCCS, CEO, toured the
grounds of the school’s East Campus. Commenting on
the impact of the endowment on the school community,
Dr. Clark said, “[Our] students come to school with issues that stem from what [they see] in our community. If
students feel safe, if parents feel safe and if the police department feels safe, then we’ll all thrive. I’m happy about
what this represents and the direction we’re moving in, to
working collaboratively with the Foundation, the police,
the school and the homes.”
Mr. and Mrs. Gureghian have been long-time supporters of law enforcement, and have contributed to the Fraternal Order of Police, as well. He said, “This $10,000 is
a down payment for us, and we hope that this is the start
of a campaign to raise more money, to do other good
things in the town, including adding additional lighting
and other safe and secure projects.”
Our focus is education, but it doesn’t stop there,”
Gureghian continued, “We must broaden our reach to en-
th Street Bar
302 W. 5th St. Chester, PA
NOW OPEN Rob & Dar’s Family
Home Cooking at 5th Street
Hours of Operation
Friday and Saturday
4:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Sunday - 4:00 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Food for the Soul!
Horsey Post 300
1101 W. 7th Street Chester, 610-872-2751
Members must have membership card with them all
the time to drink. Everyone must be 30 years old
B & E’s Tavern
3rd & Highland
610 497-5257
Join us for
1 p.m. until
3 to 9 p.m.
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 - 13
Recently, Vahan Gureghian, CEO, CSMI (second from right) presented a donation for
$10,000 to State Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland (second from left), District 159,for the purchase of
police body cameras for the City of Chester’s Police Department. Also pictured here (left to
right): Dr. David Clark (far left), CCCS, CEO; and Hon. Spencer Seaton (far right), chairman, CCCS Board of Trustees.
sure we’re building a great community with thriving residents, strong public safety and economic development.”
Police body cameras are used to film law enforcement
during patrol, while answering the call of duty, or in interactions with community members or suspects. It is a
tool to assist in criminal investigations, and to provide in-
sight to law enforcement officials.
The donations from The Gureghian Foundation will
jump start the push for additional funding for this program. Representative Kirkland recently introduced legislation for police body cameras, in the Pennsylvania
House of Representatives.
Trip to the Columbus
Flea Market
Shop the day away with
the Chester Senior Center
at the Columbus Flea Market!
Join us on Saturday,
September 12, 2015 for a
shopping trip to the
Columbus Flea
Market in Columbus,
NJ. Shop indoor and outdoor vendors for some
great bargains on jewelry,
clothing, shoes, house
wares, books, antiques,
cosmetics, Amish Market,
Columbus Antiques Mall
and much more! You
never know what you will
find! The trip includes
roundtrip motor coach
22, at 11:00 AM, at 721
Hayes Street, Chester, PA.
The class will include step
by step instruction on decorative card making and
using various stamping
techniques and will be instructed by Janis Thomas.
All supplies and equipment
will be provided. Class cost
is $5 per session. For further information, or to sign
up call (610) 497-3550.
“An Afternoon with
Mahalia & Friends”!
Enjoy a beautiful summer outing enjoying live
gospel music!!
Join us on Friday, September 18, 2015 for a fabulous show at Deliverance
Chester Senior Center: Upcoming events
transportation. The bus
departs at 7:00 am from
Chester Senior Center,721 Hayes Street,
Chester, PA 19013, and the
cost is $35 per person for
members and $45 for nonmembers. For further information, or to sign up
call (610) 497-3550.
Card Making &
Stamping Class
Create your own beautiful greeting cards, gift bags,
gift tags, invitations, and
more all in one session!!
Senior Community Services’ Chester Senior Center
will hold a Card Making
and Stamping class on
Tuesdays, September 8 &
TUESDAY • SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 Evening
7 PM
8 PM
10 PM
The Insider NCIS: Neverland ab (CC) Zoo: Eats, Shoots and Leaves; Wild Things A
hospital is overrun by animals. ab (CC)
Wheel of
Shark Tank af (CC)
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America’s Got Talent: Semi-Final 2 af (CC)
BBC World In Their Own Words:
Muhammad Ali (CC)
The Big
Bang (CC)
Dish Nation TMZ (CC)
Marvel’s Agents of
S.H.I.E.L.D. af
Law & Order: Criminal In- Law & Order: Criminal
tent ab (CC)
Intent: Sex Club
Are You Smarter Than a Brooklyn
5th Grader? (CC)
Nine (CC)
Late Show
Extreme Weight Loss:
Hannah af (CC)
News (CC) Jimmy
Hollywood Game Night:
Cedric Gives (CC)
NBC 10
News (CC)
Action News at 10 on
Last Man ab FOX 29 News at 10
Show (CC)
Friends: The
Dish Nation
Praise the Lord Interviews and musical performances. (CC)
Family Feud Family Feud The Flash: Rogue Time
ab (CC)
iZombie: Blaine’s World News
ab (CC)
Criminal Minds: Won’t
Get Fooled Again
Criminal Minds: Broken
Mirror f
a (CC)
Criminal Minds: Plain
Sight af (CC)
11 PM
The Civil War: A Very Bloody Affair - 1862 The nature of the war Tavis
Smiley (CC)
changes. (CC)
Supernatu- Potter
Trinity Fam- Joyce
Destined to Elevation
ral (CC)
Touch (CC) ily (CC)
Meyer (CC) Reign
King of
Mike &
Molly (CC)
King of
Criminal Minds: L.D.S.K. The Listener: Missing ab
ab (CC)
Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC) Wars (CC)
(6:00) Set It Off aa (1996, Action) Jada Pinkett
The BET Life of...: Chris Husbands Punk’d ab Husbands Punk’d ab
Smith, Queen Latifah. Four women turn to crime.
Yukon Men: The Longest Edge of Alaska: StarvaEdge of Alaska: Defend
Edge of Alaska: Dying
Edge of Alaska: Wolves at
Day f
the Frontier ab
Days of Winter (CC)
the Door ab
a (CC)
tion Country ab
Jessie: Ka- Best
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost
Best Friends Whenever: Liv and
I Didn’t Do It Jessie (CC)
rate Kid
Friends (CC) Dreams aa (2002)
A Time to Say (CC)
2015 U.S. Open Tennis: Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals from USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis
Center z{|
(5:00) We Are Marshall
(:02) Gone aac (2012, Thriller) Amanda Seyfried.
Sister abducted by sister’s kidnapper. rsx
aaa (2006) pqv
Henry Dan- Henry Dan- iCarly
iCarly: iDo Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends af Friends af
Seinfeld af The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big
Conan ab (CC)
The Bris
Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC)
Cake Boss: Momma’s
The Cake Boss: LIVE: All in the Famiglia af (CC)
Little People, Big World: The Cake Boss: LIVE: All
Birthday Surprise
Hamills Head to
in the Famiglia
Elementary: Solve for X Elementary: We Are
Elementary: Poison Pen Elementary: An Unnatural Elementary: The Marchioab (CC)
Everyone ab (CC)
ab (CC)
Arrangement (CC)
ness ab (CC)
A&E Wars (CC)
9 PM
Church in Philadelphia
about the lives and music
of gospel greats Mahalia
James Cleveland, Sam
Cooke and more!!! The
trip also includes dinner at
Ichiban Buffet, roundtrip
motor coach transportation
and bus driver tip. The
bus departs at 10:00am
from Chester Senior Center,721 Hayes Street,
Chester, PA 19013, and the
cost is $50 per Person with
a $25 non-refundable deposit to reserve seating.
For further information, or
to sign up call (610) 4973550.
We are workers together with God
14 - SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015
rev. dr. wm. rocky brown, 3rd
As Christians we need to
learn that we are not working
for ourselves, but for God.
Some folk will say that they
are working for a living, but
few people can truthfully
say, “I am working with God
and for God.” You know,
humanity fails when we are
not linked with God. Someone has said that if you want
to make a success of life you
should link yourself to some great cause and give
your best to it. Surely we are on the road to the
highest happiness and success when we link our
lives with God and give our best.
It may be great to work for General Motors or
the Oil Companies, but how much more blessed
it is to work with God. How wonderful to have
Jesus as our senior partner!
In recent years humanity has learned to work
with God in a material way. The forces of electricity have been here all the time, for God put them here,
but it was left up to mankind to harness this great power.
God puts rich soil upon the earth, but he leaves it to us to
cultivate this soil. He put coal in the bosom of the earth,
but He leaves it up to us to find it and dig it out.
Now only do we work with God in material things but
we also work with God in spiritual things. Christ’s sacrifice for sin on the cross, purchased a complete redemption, but God uses us to tell the story of Jesus and His
love. Now, God does many things in which we can have
no part. He paints the clouds and gives the golden hues
to the sunset. He keeps the stars in their orbit. He sends
the sunshine and the rain. He tints the rose and the lily
and gives to the flowers their sweetness.
We can have no part in doing these things. But God
does other things, just as great in which we can have a
part. We can put the tints of beauty in human souls. We
can transform lives thru His power. In His service we
can lift men from darkness unto light and from sin unto
Grace of God. Yes, we can have a part in the biggest
work in the world. It is a solemn thought to remember
that you and I can work with God the one who made the
world and who holds it in the hollow of His hands.
It’s the greatest work in the entire world. It’s the
biggest and most powerful corporation in the world. The
Father, Son and Holy Ghost head the company. It was
here yesterday, it’s here today, and it will be here forever!
But, the greatest joy about being Laborers together with
God is the fact that with God in it and directing it, we are
never alone and we can never fail. God bless and enjoy
your Labor Day Vacation!!
This is Rev Dr Wm Rocky Brown, 3rd letting you
know that GOD and I Love you and we approve this
message because we want to motivate your mind, body
& soul. So be happy and enjoy the blessings of The
LORD today my friend! Please subscribe to my web site
to receive daily messages at:
This material is copy written and legally protected.
Chester News, Sapphire Technology Group acquires
Chester historic City Hall and Police Station
Local Technology Company Sapphire Technology
Group Inc. announced that
they have acquired the
Historic Chester City Hall
building and Police Station.
Headquartered in King
of Prussia PA, Sapphire
Technology Group Inc. is
a copier technology company providing integrated
copier and print systems
that comprise one of the
most innovative and “best
in class” solutions portfolios in the document management industry.
The 14,700 SF structure
will be home to the Sapphire Executive Center,
providing class A office
spaces including: flexible
work spaces, offices, virtual offices, business
lounges meeting rooms,
and more all to be available for lease. This represents a strategic
investment with an optimistic outlook and confident belief in the
renaissance of the business
climate in Chester.
Recently Sapphire Technology Group has been
awarded the Costars-01
Pennsylvania State contact. Over 7,800 local public procurement units
across Pennsylvania are
currently members of the
Department of General
Services COSTARS program, which stands for
Cooperative Sourcing to
Achieve Reductions in
Spending. COSTARS
members save time and
money by purchasing supplies directly from companies awarded the contract,
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
Reach One, Teach One
Stay in the Loop with
10 PM
Wheel of
Shark Tank Hyper-gravity Modern
exercise clothes.
Extra af
America’s Got Talent:
Semi-Final Results 2
BBC World Nature: Wolverine: ChasNews
ing af (CC)
The Civil War: Simply Murder - 1863 Two of the Union’s most devastating
defeats Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. af (CC)
The Big
Bang (CC)
The Walking Dead: The
Grove ab (CC)
Dish Nation TMZ (CC)
The Walking Dead:
Alone ab (CC)
Extant: Double Vision ab Extant: The Greater
Good ab (CC)
11 PM
The Insider Big Brother ab (CC)
black-ish af Nashville: Is The Better
Part Over af
Carmichael Carmichael Last Comic Standing:
The Finale ab
MasterChef: Think Inside Home Free: Dream
the Box ab
Holmes b
a (CC)
Late Show
News (CC) Jimmy
NBC 10
News (CC)
Show (CC)
Action News at 10 on
FOX 29 News at 10
Dish Nation
Praise the Lord Interviews and musical performances. (CC)
Billy Graham Crusades Trinity Fam- Turning
Point (CC)
ily (CC)
Destined to Living By
Family Feud Family Feud America’s Next Top
Model b
a (CC)
A Wicked Offer: Immacu- News
late Deception (CC)
Ghost Whisperer: Home- Ghost Whisperer: Hope
coming af
and Mercy af
Ghost Whisperer: On the Ghost Whisperer:
Voices af (CC)
Wings of a Dove
Duck Dy-
procurement of its State of
the art multifunctional
copier systems as well as
printer and document management solutions.
Sapphire Technology
Group is a certified minority contractor with the experience and resources that
will benefit your organization’s current as well as future goals and objectives.
For more information,
please visit Sapphire Technology Group online at or
contact us at 610-4009804
King of
Mike &
Molly (CC)
King of
Ghost Whisperer: Ghost
Bride f
a (CC)
Duck DyDuck DyDuck DyDuck DyDuck DyLachey’s
Wahlburger Wahlburger
nasty (CC) nasty (CC) nasty (CC) nasty (CC) nasty (CC) Bar (CC)
Bar (CC)
Punk’d ab The BET Life of...: Chris
The BET Life of...: Chris National Security aac (2003, Comedy) Martin Lawrence,
Steve Zahn. Security guards discover smugglers. rsx (CC)
Airplane Repo: Diving for Airplane Repo af (CC)
Airplane Repo: Hired
Air Pressure ab
Fast N’ Loud: Super Sonic
Repos af
Camero, I (CC)
Guns af (CC)
Jessie (CC) Best
K.C. Undercover: RunBest
K.C. Under- Liv and
I Didn’t Do It BUNK’D
Friends (CC) away Robot ag
Friends (CC) (CC)
MLB Baseball New York Mets at Washington Nationals from Nationals Park MLB Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers at Los
Angeles Angels of Anaheim z{|
Little Women: LA: Love
Little Women: LA: Work- Little Women: LA: Friend- Little Women: LA ab
Little Women: LA b
and War ab
ing Girls b
ships on the Rocks
Henry Dan- Henry Dan- iCarly
iCarly: iGet Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends af Friends af
The Big
The Big
The Big
The Big
Conan Cast of “The
Seinfeld f
Seinfeld af The Big
The Big
Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Bang (CC) Games of Thrones.” (CC)
My Big Fat My Big Fat My Big Fat Fabulous Life: My Big Fat My Big Fat Suddenly Royal af
My Big Fat My Big Fat
Whitney Weighs
NCIS: Berlin ab (CC)
NCIS: Revenge f
a (CC) NCIS: Double Blind ab NCIS: Damned If You Do NCIS: Los Angeles: Iden(CC)
ab (CC)
tity ab (CC)
Person of Interest:
Person of Interest: Pris- Person of Interest: Dead Elementary: On the Line Elementary: Tremors ab
2"PI"R b
a (CC)
oner’s Dilemma (CC)
Reckoning ab
ab (CC)
A&E nasty (CC)
while non-members are required to bid for proposals
from multiple vendors and
evaluate submissions.
Sapphire Technology
Group is one of a group of
select Copier vendors recently awarded this State
contract. This is prime
example of Sapphire Technology group’s commitment to become a leader in
the delivery of integrated
Copier solutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
Delaware. Sapphire Technology Group is now positioned to streamline the
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
& Bar
700 W. 2nd Street, Chester, PA
Corner of Rt. 291 & Kerlin Street
610-876-5448 - Bar
610-876-5457 - Kitchen
If you want to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY
CALL 610-876-3292
Yuengling Lite - 12oz Bottles - $1.50
A Big Birthday Party
Wednesday Sept. 30
10am till 6pm
A Big Birthday Party
Saturday, Oct. 24
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Our Staff Serving: Bebe, Chubb, Durrell, Jack,
Katrice, Karen, Rose, Michele, Monte, Nakia,
Steve, Sue, Sheedah, Yolonda
House DJ: DOUBLE “D”
Kitchen Staff Monte & Juice
Manager: Blinky
Proprietors: Bob & Ann Ginn
501 E. 7th St.
Chester, PA
Friday, September 4 -- 6 p.m. until
Sunday, September 6 - 3 p.m. until
Live Entertainment featuring
301 E. 12th Street
Chester, PA
Open 7 am Mon.- Sat. / Sunday 11am
5:30 - 11:30 pm
Come Party with Starmaid Miss Ann
Every Monday
and Thursday
5 to 7 p.m.
Labor Day isn’t your only reward for hard work
Social security
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
patrick l. robinson, sr.
On Labor
Day, many
enjoy a long
weekend to
the hard work
they do the rest
of the year, as
well as those
who support
working people. With barbecues and
ballgames, beach trips and fireworks,
this annual holiday often marks the unofficial end of summer. Established in
1882, Labor Day has become a timeless
American tradition that many look forward to all summer. Labor Day also reminds us
that all our hard work is paying off in more
ways than one — including paying into a retirement fund that makes you eligible to collect monthly
benefits after you reach retirement age. If you work 10
years, and receive four credits each year for a total of 40
credits, you’ll enjoy the security of Social Security retirement benefits. Remember, those years don’t have to be
consecutive. You can check your Social Security Statement and make sure you have enough credits by opening
a my Social Security account at
Classifed Ads
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Training and Certifications Running Bulldozers, Backhoes, and
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CDL-A 1yr exp.
SCOOP U.S.A. - Friday, September 4, 2015 -15
Credits are the building blocks we use to find out if
you have the minimum amount of covered work to qualify for each type of Social Security benefit. If you stop
working before you have enough credits to qualify for
benefits, your credits will stay on your record. If you return to work later on, those credits will be added so that
you can qualify. We pay benefits to anyone who has
enough credits. When a worker files for retirement benefits, the worker's spouse may be eligible for a benefit
based on the worker's earnings. Another requirement is
that the spouse must be at least age 62 or have a qualifying child in her or his care. By a qualifying child, we
mean a child who is under age 16, or who is eligible to
receive Social Security disability benefits.
The spousal benefit can be as much as half of the
worker's full retirement benefit, depending on the
spouse's age at retirement. If the spouse begins receiving
benefits before "normal” (or “full”) retirement age, the
spouse will receive a reduced benefit. However, if a
spouse is caring for a qualifying child, we don’t reduce
the spousal benefit. If a spouse is eligible for a retirement
benefit based on his or her own earnings, and if that benefit is higher than the spousal benefit, then we pay the retirement benefit based on the worker’s own record.
Otherwise, we pay the spousal benefit. In other words,
we pay the higher of the two benefit amounts. The best
Continued from page 6
King, and Mandela, still
threaten the cause of liberty nationally and globally: modern-day slavery
(human trafficking, unfair
wages), voting rights (including voter registration
laws and voter suppression), and human rights.
The main stage for the
discussion will be in
Philadelphia with Harper
and presentations by six
student scholars from
Temple University, the
University of Pennsylvania, Cheyney University
and West Chester University. A live web stream of
the forum will engage
satellite gatherings of student scholars in
Charleston, Ferguson, Baltimore and Buffalo, each
moderated by scholars and
leaders in their respective
communities. Dr. Stefan
Bradley, historian and
community activist, will
host students scholars on
the campus of St. Louis
University; Dr. Mari Crab-
tree, historian, will host
student scholars on the
campus of the College of
Charleston; Dr. Lisa Weah,
pastor and community
leader, will moderate a
gathering of student scholars at the Morning Star
Baptist Church—one of
Baltimore’s premiere
megachurches; and “Jazzy
T” Williams, local radio
and television personality,
will convene student
scholars at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.
Poetry Slam
Hosted by Harper, the finalists of the Liberty: Unplugged! citywide poetry
contest will compete live
in a poetry slam, adjudicated by a blue-ribbon
panel of Philadelphia community and business leaders. This contest, launched
on July 5, 2015, the anniversary of Frederick
Douglass’ landmark
speech, “What to the
Negro is the Fourth of
THURSDAY • SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 Evening
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
Mom: Fun
Girl Stuff
way to see what those benefits might be is to visit Social
Security’s Retirement Estimator at The Retirement Estimator is an easy way to get an instant, personalized estimate of future retirement benefits. The Estimator uses
your actual earnings history to compute a benefit estimate. In the past, applying for benefits could be laborious, requiring you to drive to a Social Security office,
wait, and fill out paperwork. Now, you can visit to find out everything you
need to know about applying online for retirement benefits. And, when you’re ready, you can securely file the
application online in as little as 15 minutes. In most
cases, after you submit your online application electronically, that’s it. There are no additional forms to sign or
paperwork to complete. In rare cases, we’ll need additional information, and a representative will contact you.
Labor Day might mean something a little different once
you’re retired, but that’s a pretty fair trade off when
you’re no longer laboring. Spend a few moments considering what your hard work has earned in the form of Social Security protection for you, your family, and
working people everywhere. Learn more about Social
Security at
Social Security 80 Years-celebrating the Past and
Building the Future
July?”, is presented in
partnership with the Philly
Youth Poetry Movement.
More than 20 area young
people submitted their
original work to the contest, and five will perform
their works at the Town
Hall in September. Winners will be awarded cash
prizes and their performances featured on the
Mann’s digital platforms.
United We Band
Finally, the Town Hall
will culminate with a musical showcase featuring
emerging young Philadelphia artists performing
songs of civil rights and
social justice. These artists
will span multiple musical
genres, presenting both
original songs and cover
tunes of staples from the
Civil Rights Movement.
The concert is presented in
partnership with Artists
United, S Factor Entertainment and PhilAsh Entertainment Group.
“The Mann’s tradition of
combining arts and education in the community is
core to our mission,” said
Catherine M. Cahill, presi9:30
10 PM
dent and CEO of the
Mann. “We couldn’t be
more proud of this critical
programming. By encouraging young people to explore the lessons of
history, they can inform
their voices for the future.”
“Our aim with this project is to make the history
of Douglass, King and
Mandela intimately accessible to young people—
unplugging, if you will,
the formalized context of
textbooks and classrooms—to empower them
to reinterpret this history
in a way that is relevant to
them, given the events of
our times,” said Williams,
who is CEO of NEWorks
Productions and artistic director of Liberty: Unplugged!
Liberty: Unplugged! has
been made possible
through the generous support of the Louis N. Cassett Foundation, Syde
Hurdus Foundation, Independence Blue Cross,
Lomax Family Foundation
and Merck.
11 PM
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Under the Dome: The En- News
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The Insider The Big
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NFL Kickoff 2015 z{|
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The Civil War: Valley of the Shadow of Death - 1864 Lincoln’s
chance for re-election dims. (CC)
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The Mentalist: Red Bulls Action News at 10 on
Frank Jr.
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NBC 10
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Praise the Lord Interviews and musical performances. (CC)
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Creating lingerie for Heidi’s line.
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Mother’s Day Surprise!
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Elementary: Dead Clade Person of Interest: One
Percent ab
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Walking b
Friday, September 4, 2015
Janet Elaine
In the early morning
twilight of August 31,
2015 our golden ancestry
has been awarded with
another "Fallen Angel
Leaf". Janet Elaine
Reddy-White, who was
the last girl born of Lula
Reddy's five female and
five male children combination.
As a child, Janet was
nick named (Piggy) for
her cute puffy smile. She
was well known and
loved by all, as she grew
up an original member of
the infamous large Reddy
family in the Francisville
neighborhood. Janet and
her first niece who was
only six months younger
than her, were raised as if
they were sisters.
Janet became affectionately referred to as "Aunt
Janet" because of her
early multiple nieces and
nephews. She later became an early great aunt
at the tender age of 17.
Aunt Janet had been a
loving wife and an extremely committed
mother who devoted her
entire life to supporting
and being there for her
own five children, two of
whom demanded her
daily full time special attention and she never
waivered from her responsibility.
In her later years, she
moved to the Sharswood
and Brewerytown sections of the city where she
became active with her
neighbors and was elected
as Vice President of the
PHA Senior Tenants
Rights Program in the
Collegeview Apartments.
She coordinated and distributed many food boxes
for the seniors food supply program until her
health issues. Her presence will be sadly missed
by all.
Final services for
"Aunt Janet" will be held
Saturday September 5,
2015 at the Open Door
True Life Mission Church
on the corner of 52nd Parrish St. Viewing will be
7:00 am - 11:00 am and
her services will start at
11:00 AM.
The American Heart Association will host its first Power of
Laughter luncheon on Saturday, September 12 at First District
Plaza (3801 Market St). Presented by Silent No More, this program is geared toward the cardiac and stroke concerns of the
African American and Latino communities who are disproportionately affected. Held from 11a-2p, actress and comedienne
Kim Coles (“In Living Color,” “Living Single”) will tickle your
funny bone while you focus on the heart. This years’ keynote:
Shavon Arline-Bradley, motivational speaker. This event promises to be interactive, informative and funny. Tickets: $25. Visit for tickets and info or call 215.575.5253.
The Scene of the Unitarian Universalist Church, 6900 Stenton
Ave will present a workshop on how to Trace Your African Amer-
Celebrating our 55th Anniversary
ican Family History by Fannie Moore Murray, Genealogist on
Saturday, September 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The workshop will focus on documents and resources shown
on overhead projector. The last half hour will be questions and
answers. They will examine and eliminate all myths on African
American research. Handouts of information and resources will
be distributed. A donation of $8.00 includes all activities.
For information call 215-247-2561, press option 7 or 215-247-2786.
Join the 1900 N. 23rd Street Block Association for it's thrifty
"Sidewalk Sale" on Saturday, September 12, from 8am - 5pm.
Come ready to shop for clothing, housewares, furnishings, books,
food and lots of fun!!! Tablespace registration fee is $10, you
must supply your own table. Contact: Secretary, Elvira Savage
An Evening of Appreciation
State Representative
Vanessa Lowery-Brown
You Are Invited to An
Evening of Appreciation
Honoring State Representative Vanessa Lowery
Brown for her Contributions to the Community on
Friday, September 11,
from 6 to 9 p.m. at 1461 N.
52nd Street, Philadelphia,
PA 19131. VIP Reception
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Performances by Amazing
Local West Philly Talent.
Donation: Love offering, corporate checks are
acceptable. Please make
checks to Defense for
Vanessa Brown 41 University Drive, Suite 401
Newtown, PA 18940
Hosted by the
Friends of Vanessa Brown
Aug. 26
Aug. 27
Aug. 28
Aug. 29
Aug. 30
Aug. 31
Sept. 1
059 782
711 852
813 508
421 575
311 506
275 319
731 975
554 849
783 626
385 456
019 726
202 633
053 319
559 286
526 375
454 850
455 031
567 666
750 628
222 338
Every Friday
Down Memory Lane
329 942 120 648 953 266 714
Saturday, September 12, Celebrate Recovery with
the 2015 Family Day Celebration at the Girard Medical
Center at 801 W. Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA. The guest
speaker will be Valerie Fiore, a local, long-term treatment
advocate, will speak and you can hear how substance
abuse touched her family’s life. Lunch will be provided
and there will be activities for the children.
Cigna Healthspring Days featuring Comprehensive
Exams, Health Screenings and Free Giveaways at Excel
Medical Centers, Tuesday, September 15 at 5751 N.
Broad Street and Wednesday, September 16 at 1216 N.
Broad Street. For information contact Nicole J. (Cigna
HealthSpring Nurse Case Manager) at 267-606-8168.
by Judy Renay
Venus goes direct in Leo Sunday 3:29am E.S.T
Mars/Uranus Trine
ARIES - March 21- April 19
The accent is on preparation for the future; changes
you're experiencing benefit from long range planning, travel,
higher education or reaching out to new audiences. Family
members are supportive. Best numbers 5 and 2.
TAURUS - April 20 - May 20
Profound dreams provide answers and insights to
help you dynamically reach a major goal. Clever winds will
be on the tip of your tongue when needed. Public speaking
is favored. Best numbers 00 and 7.
GEMINI - May 21 - June 21
A partnership requires love and patience, and
you may wonder exactly where you stand. Your mate may
resent your career obligations but prospects for joint financial advances are good. Best numbers 3 and 1.
CANCER - June 22 - July 22
You'll gain through gifts, investments and other
people's money partners are likely to be more dynamic, activec even ready for arguments but your gentle understanding disarms differences. Best numbers 22 and 9.
LEO - July 23 - August 22
Accents on creativity, love and romance; time to
express talents. A surprise chance to travel fulfills fond
hopes. Keep a careful eye on partnership finances, correct
errors. Best numbers 7 and 6.
VIRGO - August 23 - September 22
Business and personal negotations are accented;
use your money know how for all that its worth. Don't
allow doubt to cancel you faith in the future. You have what
it takes! Best numbers 12 and 3.
LIBRA - September 23 - October 22
Family means more responsibility but also greater
rewards. Relatives and neighbors keep the scene
buzzing with activity. Don't neglect a career oppotunity that
involves more training; you will have the time. Best numbers 7 and 77.
SCORPIO - October 23 - November 21
Steer clear of wishful thinking where distant
places and fascinating foreigners are involved. A legal case
succeeds now through careful planning and background
checks. Career thrives by putting extra energy into work.
Best numbers 1 and 0.
SAGITTARIUS - November 22 - Dececember 21
You'll gain ambitions when you speak up for
what you believe with firm tact. Financially your intuition is
powerful; let it guide you. In romance, you get a second
chance to make a meaningful commitment. Best numbers
95 and 2.
Above: Local promoter Brother Kicusett pictured with other communications people some
years ago in forming Club Community of Black and White Brothers and Sisters from North,
West, East, and South. Below: Band Leader Herb Johnson (center) surrounded by Twist dance
contest winners (l to r): Lewis Dix, Lenora Shaw, Roger Williams and Florence Hodges.
CAPRICORN -December 22 - January 19
Obligations at work are lightened; you'll
bave more time for parties and romantic dates. On the career front, original ideas are lucrative. Your professional
cycle's at a high point. Best numbers 3 and 8.
AQUARIUS - January 20 - February 18
Private feeling and desires won't be easily
shared. Whether it involves a secret love, creative project, or reflective thinking, you need to withdraw
from pals for a while. Best numbers 6 and 4.
PISCES - February 19 - March 20
You find inventive new methods of career advancement. Keep unique ideas under your hat if you want
acceptance. Friends, lovers and powerful groups play vital
roles in gaining your goals. Best numbers 2 and 6.
For reproductions of Memory Lane photos call SCOOP USA at 215-232-5974
yehudie [email protected] YA H O O . C O M