Certificado BRC Espuña Olot



Certificado BRC Espuña Olot
This is to certify that:
Esteban Espuña, S.A.
Multiproduct site: C/ Mestre Turina, 39-41.
41. 17800 Olot (Girona). Spain
Cured ham site: Avda. Sant Jordi s/n. 17800 Olot (Girona). Spain
BRC Site Code: 1728370
Certificate Number: 8415
has been audited by SAI Global and found to meet the requirements of
Global Standard for
or Food Safety (Issue 6: July 2011)
Achieved Grade: A
Product Categories:
08 – Cooked meat/fish products / Productos de carne/pescado cocinados
09 – Raw cured or fermented meat and fish
sh / Carne y pescado crudos curados o fermentados
10 – Ready meals and sandwiches; ready to eat desserts / Bocadillos y platos listos para comer: postres listos para comer
The salting, dry curing, portioning and packing in vacuum or in cardboard boxes
of hams at the Dry cured ham site. The preparation, curing and fermentation (or not)
of meat sausages, snacks "cañitas" and pork/ turkey pieces; the cooking of hams, turkey breast, cold meats (pork, turkey), frankfurters,
pasteurization of ham and
ed meats (pork) in tins. All individually packed or industrial size. The slicing of dry cured meat sausages/ meat portions, dry cured ham, cooked meats; vacuum
packed or modified atmosphere packing. The preparation, cooking and chilling of ready to heat meat
meat based snacks with other ingredients vacuum packed. High
pressure process of some finished or intermediate vacuum packed product. All at the Multiproduct site.
La salazón, curado, cortado de jamón, envasado al vacío o en caja cartón en la planta de Jamón
La preparación , curado, fermentación (o no), de embutidos, tapas "cañitas" y embuchados de cerdo y pavo; cocción de jamones, pechuga de pavo, fiambres
(porcino y pavo), salchichas tipo Frankfurt, pasteurización de jamones y fiambres en lata (porcino).
(porcino). Todo envasado individualmente o formato industrial.
Loncheado de embutidos, embuchados, jamones curados, productos cárnicos cocidos envasados al vacío o en atmósfera protectora.
La preparación, cocción, refrigeración de tapas cárnicas con otros ingredientes listos para calentar envasados al vacío.
Proceso de alta presión para algunos de los productos finales o intermedios envasados al vacío. Todo en la planta de Multiproducto.
Scope exclusions: None / Ninguna
Audit Programme: Announced / Anunciada
Auditor Number: 123088
Date of Audit: 27,28,29,30 January 2014
Re-audit Due Date, From: 09 Jan 2015 To: 06 Feb 2015
Certificate Issue Date: 10 March 2014
Certificate Expiry Date: 21 March 2015
Samer Chaouk
Head of Policy, Risk and Certification
Paul Butcher
Global Head – Assurance Services
Registered by:
SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd (ACN 108 716 669) 286 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia with SAI
Global Assurance Services Ltd. Partis House, Ground Floor, Davy Avenue,
Avenue Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, MK5 8HJ, United
Kingdom (“SAI Global”) and subject to the SAI Global Terms and Conditions. While all due care and skill was
exercised in carrying out this assessment, SAI Global accepts responsibility only for proven negligence. This certificate
remains the property of SAI Global and must be returned to SAI Glo
Global upon its request.
If you would like to feedback comments on the BRC Global
Standard or the audit process directly to BRC, please contact [email protected]

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