Samosa Papri Chaat Gulab Jamun



Samosa Papri Chaat Gulab Jamun
Help yourself to some South Asian food…
With origins in Uttar Pradesh, samosas are a popular appetizer or
snack, and are usually vegetarian, made with spiced potatoes,
onions, peas, and lentils. They are accompanied by mint ‘green’
chutney and tamarind chutney.
Papri Chaat
A north Indian fast food. Chaat is a Hindi word that literally means
lick, and is used to describe a range of snacks and ‘street food’
dishes; papri refers to the crisp fried dough wafers. The papris are
served with boiled potatoes, chick peas, yogurt, and tamarind
chutney, and topped with chaat masala.
Gulab Jamun
A milk-solids based dessert popular throughout South Asia. Milksolids are kneaded into a dough and deep fried. They are then
soaked in a light sugar syrup flavored with green cardamom and
South Indian Food…
A fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black
lentils. Common as a breakfast dish, or street food, it can be
stuffed with vegetables and sauces, and is typically served with
vegetarian side dishes, including sambar (vegetable stew), wet
chutney, dry chutney, and Indian pickles.
Dosas are gluten free!
Check out the Dosa Factory in Central Square !
Indian Breads…
North vs. South
Most flatbreads in Northern Indian are made with milled flour, while breads in the South are
made with rice and lentils.
And others…
4-4:15 pm
4:15-4:30 pm
4:30 – 4:45 pm
4:45-5 pm
5-5:15 pm
5:15-5:30 pm
Travel Tips
Language, Nicolas Roth
Travel Logistics and Support
Q and A
Reflective Exercise
Clothing Tips
• Clothing should be:
– Lightweight
– Loose-fitting
– Worth ruining
Consider buying local clothing items
Bring good walking shoes & sandals
Cotton undergarments are critical
For females:
– Travel with a light scarf or dupatta
– Bring a one-piece bathing suit
Dress to Impress
Kurtas, dupattas, pashminas…
Food & Drink
• Drink sterilized water
– Check bottle caps
– Water purifiers OK
• Take caution when eating street food
• Always wash hands before eating
• Be prepared to eat with your right
– Do not use left hand for eating
• Hosts will offer more than you can eat
– Take what you think you can finish
• Tipping a small amount in restaurants
is standard – round up!
Hygiene Tips
• Baby wipes come in handy
– May be used as toilet paper, hand or body
cleanser, & for wiping down surfaces
• Carry hand sanitizer
– For traveling & when soap is unavailable
• General washroom etiquette
– Most toilets are squat style
– Have toilet paper on hand
– Do not throw anything in toilet
• Availability of feminine products
Gender Concerns
• In some areas, gender relations
may be restricted
– Restaurants may have family sections
– Transport may have women-only cars
– Hotels may have women-only floors
• Students of both genders should
avoid traveling alone
• Respect local dress & customs
• Avoid taking public transport alone after dark
• Be prepared for unwanted
– Staring & comments
– Crowded spaces
• Heat and AC
• Be vigilant with mosquito repellant,
windows & doors
– Malaria & dengue fever are risks
– Repellant can be purchased in-country
• Exercise care around stray animals
• Travelers’ illness
– Bring or purchase oral rehydration salts
– Pack prescribed antibiotics
• Purchase from reliable vendors
– If something looks sketchy, don’t eat
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Travel Requirements
– Check US State Department
website for security updates
– Update Harvard Travel Registry
for independent trips
– Refer to Harvard Travel Assist for
medical and safety emergencies
and non-emergency help and
• +1-617-998-0000 >
Travel Tools
When You Return
• You are required to
– A reflective report of 2-3
pages detailing your
– A multimedia reflection
(photo or video) of your
– A questionnaire about
your experience and
– Share tips for next year’s
grant recipients
Reflective Exercise
“No man steps in the same river
twice, for it's not the same river and
he's not the same man.” Heraclitus

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