2015 Submission Form - Black Maria Film Festival


2015 Submission Form - Black Maria Film Festival
Thomas A. Edison Media Arts Consortium
Black Maria Film Festival
Celebrating our 34th Annual Festival Tour and “fueling the independent spirit since 1981”
c/o New Jersey City University Media Arts Department, Fries Hall
2039 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07305 - Telephone (201) 200-2043
Call for Entries* 41st Annual New Jersey Young Filmmakers’ Festival Deadline – Wednesday May 6th, 2015 – ENTRY FEE $15** CHOOSE CATEGORY: ☐Elementary, middle school, or junior high school ☐High School ☐Undergraduate, graduate, or independent Film Title/Running time: Director/Producer: Faculty Representative and/or name of school: Synopsis: Email Address: Mailing Address: Phone Contact: The undersigned states that she or he is authorized to sign as the maker or agent of the film being submitted, and has read and understands the provided Call for Entries Information. Your signature means that you agree to abide by the guidelines as stated and that your work is available for the Summer 2015 exhibition season. Signature and date: Signature of Parent or Guardian if filmmaker is under 18: *Please feel free to attach additional sheets as necessary **Entry Fee: Please include your check or money order in the amount of $15 payable to Thomas A. Edison Media Arts Consortium 

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