Entry Form - CWDGA, Columbus Women`s District Golf Association


Entry Form - CWDGA, Columbus Women`s District Golf Association
The Franklin County
High Lands Golf Club
July 13-17, 2015
Entry Form
Tournament Qualifications. This tournament is open to any woman golfer with an established
eighteen-hole USGA handicap index and who is a permanent resident of Franklin County, Ohio, or is a
member of a CWDGA member course. Residence in Franklin County or membership in a Franklin
County Club, which is incidental to enrollment in a college or university, does not fulfill these
requirements. Handicap indexes must be active and verifiable from a USGA-sanctioned handicap
program. As a part of the handicap verification process, participants must post at least five (5) scores
from the current playing season; posting must be complete before June 28. Applicants who are
unable to meet these tournament pre-requisites will be rejected.
Golf carts are not included in the entry fee. Cost for a golf cart will be $20. Players who decide to
walk instead of taking a cart will be charged a one-time bag fee of $20; this $20 fee gives the player
the right to walk the course for the week. High Lands will accept cash, club charge back or credit
cards. No caddies are available through High Lands; arrange to bring a caddy, if desired. No tank tops
or short skirts/shorts. Soft spikes are required.
Entry Fee. The entry fee is $100 ($90, if paid by May 15, 2015). All entries must be received by
June 26, 2015; no refunds after July 3, 2015. Make your check made payable to: Franklin County
Women’s Golf Tournament. Print this Entry Form and mail it along with your check to:
Deb DeSanto
887 S. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43206
[email protected]
Home Club:
Phone Number:
GHIN Number:
Email Address:
USGA Index:
Cart [$20/per person]
Carry Own Bag [$20 Bag Fee Applies]
Bring Own Caddie
Do you intend to attempt to Qualify on Monday?
Do you plan to attend the dinner on Tuesday?