Why Cloud needs EcoSystem (EM)


Why Cloud needs EcoSystem (EM)
Unrealistic Expectations
*Silver Bullets
Blind Faith
Too many Recipes
*One more wafer Mr Creosote
Confidence that you can suddenly
orchestrate your complex
“Payments System” at the push
of a button.
A belief that most of the
tasks done previously by IT team (e.g.
Integration, Security, Resilience etc.) are now
magically simplified or obsolete.
Trusting that your IT lifecycle will move much
faster if the DEVOPS super stars can
orchestrate as much as possible through
lots of coding/scripting.
Tip! Infrastructure Orchestration is easy,
however “real” Orchestration needs solid
Environment Transparency and
Operational Insight.
Tip! Cloud does not absolve operational,
responsibilities. You still need effective
IT Environment Management and IT
Tip! Ensure automated solutions are
practical and easy to maintain. Environment
Tooling & Ops Standardisation can prove to
be more robust & cost effective.
Vendor said it was Easy
*Tip of The Iceberg
We only pay for what we use
*Over Proliferation
Many IT Executives are instantly attracted
to the simplicity of cloud and orchestration.
Or at least the simplicity sold by the cloud or
tool vendor.
The ease of creating infrastructure comes
with a hidden financial risk, that is
Infrastructure and License Proliferation will
happen quickly.
Tip! Don’t believe the hype.
To get the benefits you desire you
still need to build and manage 90% of
what's underneath.
Without environment management,
governance, usage analytics and
decommissioning this models it will quickly get
out of hand.
Why 95% of Private
Cloud implementations
are failing. And why you
need to consider a mature IT
Environment Management

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