JIMFF2015 Regulations


JIMFF2015 Regulations
Entry Deadline: 15th April 2015
1. Objective
The Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) aims to be both a celebration of film and
exhilarating music shared and enjoyed by all of whole generations. And the Festival presents a series of
programs that combine film and music including: a section specifically for music, a program which introduces
the various currents of contemporary music & cinema, a number of live concerts staged outdoors on the
shores of Cheongpung Lake.
2. Festival Date and Place
The 11th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will be held from the 13 to 18 August 2015 in
Jecheon City of Chungcheongbuk-do Province, Republic of Korea.
3. Film Program
3.1. Section 2015
Cine Symphony
A series of narrative films and musical films that focus on music; This
program addresses various musical ways throughout acclaimed new music
themed dramatic films all around the world
Music in Sight
Documentary films that focus on any genre of music and musicians’ life
Theme and Variations
Various films under a specific theme
Korean Music Film Now
The Korean latest music films in the various genres including narrative,
documentaries and animated films
Family Fest
Films that focus on family with the music
Cinema Concert
The film screening that is accompanied by a musical soundtrack played by a
musician in sync at the stage
3.2. Competition Section
World Music Film Today
The official competition at JIMFF for the feature-length film (More than
Music themed films (drama, documentary, animation and experimental
The International Jury is obliged to award the following prizes at ‘World Music Film Today’
- Grand Prize
: KRW 10,000,000 (appx. 8,800 USD)
- Special Jury Prize : KRW
5,000,000 (appx. 4,400 USD)
4. Entry Conditions
Entry Deadline
15 April 2015
Year of Production
All submissions for JIMFF2015 must have been completed after 1 January
Premiere Required
It is obligatory that films have never been previously shown at any other film
festivals in Korea.
JIMFF requires at least a Korean premiere for every selected film.
Type of Films
JIMFF accepts films of any genres as drama, documentary, animation and
experimental films that have been made under diverse musical themes.
English-subtitled DVD or any accessible web link(e.g. vimeo, dropbox, etc.) of
the same version as the screening film.
1) DVD copy (Post parcel via Courier to JIMFF office)
2) Digital File (email or post it in digital recording device)
3) Any accessible web link (e.g. vimeo, dropbox, etc.).
(All non-English speaking films must have English subtitle)
Entry Form & Publicity
Download the official JIMFF entry form at the website. (www.jimff.org)
Send a completely and duly filled-in entry form with own signature and Publicity
materials to JIMFF (via fax or email)
4F, Great Bldg. 29, Seongji 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-897, Korea
[email protected]
Screening Film Format
1) DCP (JPEG 2000)
3) Blu-ray
4) Digital Beta, Beta SP, DV(including 6mm DV)
: The whole format must be NTSC
※ 35mm prints are also available.
5. Selected Films
5.1 Films that will be officially screened at Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will be selected by
the Festival’s Selection Committee.
5.2 Selected films cannot be withdrawn from the program after being confirmed to screen at JIMFF2015.
5.3 The Festival will request following materials for each selected film. The materials must be submitted to
the JIMFF’s Seoul Office. The submitted materials will be used for the Festival official catalogue and for
other promotional purposes only for the festival.
5.4 All selected films will have 2 screenings during the Festival and with a possibility of an additional
screening for the press and the local distributors until the end of the Festival.
5.5 Selected films will be screened in their original version. If the dialogue of film is not English, the film
must be subtitled in English. The Festival will provide Korean subtitle only for all films using an
electronic subtitling projection system. It is the way that is not engraved on a screening film and tape.
5.6 The Festival is entitled to use the submitted Beta tape for promotional purposes. In case excerpts are
not available, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film within three minutes, under its strict
supervision. The excerpts will be used only for promotional purposes for the Festival.
5.7 Submitted materials will not be returned unless there is a specific request from participants.
6. Preserving Materials after Festival
6.1 JIMFF can preserve DVD materials at the festival’s archive after the festival under the mutual
agreement between participants and JIMFF. These materials will be used only for research and
educational purposes, not for commercial use.
6.2 JIMFF will be responsible for the damages arose by its carelessness in supervising materials.
6.3 The DVD materials can be screened again at the JIMFF archive only for non-commercial purposes.
7. Shipment of Screening Films
7.1 The screening print of selected films must arrive at the JIMFF Office by 10 July 2015.
7.2 Right after the shipment, the screening film provider must fax and mail a copy of the Airway Bill to the
Festival, indicating the method and date of shipment and flight number for the airfreight. Also a copy of
the invoice must be faxed and mailed indicating the sender’s name, title and length of the film/ tape,
number of reels, film format and black-and-white or color. The original copy of the invoice must be
attached in the screening film package.
7.3 The Festival will be responsible for the round-way shipping cost only in the case where the shipment
has been made through the official courier service designated by the Festival. If the participant wishes
to use the other courier services, the shipping cost will be decided under the approval of the Festival
Executive Committee.
7.4 In case the screening film is shipped to or from other festivals, the Festival will follow the existing
custom of cost sharing.
7.5 The screening film will be returned to the address indicated on the entry form within 2 weeks after the
closing of the Festival. In case the print should be returned to a different address, the screening film
provider must inform the Festival of the desired return address and date by no later than 17 July 2015.
8. Insurance
For any damage or loss incurred while they are within and between the Festival official boundaries, the
Festival’s liability is limited to reimbursement for the production costs of a new print following the
standard rates. If the damaged or lost print is subtitled, the Festival will also assume liability for the
subtitling costs.
9. General Regulation
The above regulations take effect with the submission of a completed entry form signed by the producer,
agent or domestic distributor of the film. The Festival Executive Committee reserves the right to decide
matters not mentioned in the above regulations.