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This program
As of April 2014
東海大学 札幌キャンパス 短期留学生日本語プログラム概要
General Information about our Japanese Language Program
ようこそ 東海大学札幌キャンパス 日本語クラスへ
WELCOME to Tokai University’s Sapporo Campus Japanese Language Program
At Tokai you can quickly learn useful everyday expressions to enjoy your time in Japan. Our classes are
small and relaxed, giving students plenty of opportunities to interact with teachers, classmates, and
Japanese students.
(1) コース Courses
We have two Japanese courses.
Basic Japanese course
:春学期 Spring Semester only
3rd week of April to the last week of June (11 weeks)
This is an introductory “survival” course for students who have little or no knowledge of Japanese.
Intermediate Japanese course:秋学期 Autumn Semester only
1st week of September to the 3rd week of December
(15 weeks)
This course is for students who have already completed a basic Japanese course.
(2) 参加申込 Applications
Applicants are required to submit the following documents to the Office of the Chancellor of Tokai
University Sapporo Campus. Applications must be sent by registered mail through the
representative office of your home university. Direct applications from students will not be
A complete application form with a recent photograph (4x3cm) attached.
An official certificate of student enrollment and college transcripts in English.
A photocopy of your passport.
Four* recent photographs (4x3cm) with your name written on the back.
(*includes the picture attached to the application form)
Application Deadline:
Spring Semester: Second Week of December
Autumn Semester: First Week of May
Mailing Address:
Planning & Coordination Department
Office of the Chancellor
Tokai University Sapporo Campus
5-1-1-1 Minamisawa, Minami-ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido 005-8601
Notification of Admission:
For successful applicants, Tokai University Sapporo Campus will mail a letter of admission, a
Certificate of Eligibility for visa application, and other documents to the representative office
of your home university.
(3)授業風景 Photos of some of our classes
文法 Grammar
会話 Conversation (World Café style)
漢字 Kanji
評価 Assessment
試験 Exam(60%)+ 受講態度 Positive Participation(20%) + 出席 Attendance(10%)
+ 提出物 Assignments (10%)=100%
【成績評価 Grades】
S= 100-90%, A= 89-80%, B= 79-70%, C= 69-60%, Fail= below 59%
(4) 研修旅行 Field Trip – To learn about Sapporo, Hokkaido’s culture and nature –
(5) 日本文化 茶道 Japanese Tea Ceremony
(6)住居 Living Arrangements
Students live in a dormitory in Tokai University’s International Exchange Hall connected to the
main university buildings. Two Japanese students serve as Dorm Advisors and live with
international students to support their life in Japan. Many international students have praised this
opportunity to practice Japanese outside the classroom and learn more about Japanese culture.
Residence and Facilities:
Residence: Accommodates 20 people
Single Room (17.7 ㎡) 12 Rooms
Twin Room (31.1-39.5 ㎡) 4 Rooms
Facilities: Single Room- study desk, chairs, desk lamp, bed, shower, toilet,
closet, refrigerator
Twin Room- study desk, chairs, desk lamp, bed, shower, toilet, closet,
refrigerator, kitchen, dining table
Common Facilities: <Living & Dining room> refrigerator, rice cooker, oven, kitchenware,
tableware, dining table & chairs, television,
PC, printer
<Laundry room>
Washer and dryer
Residence Fees: Single Room 27,000 yen/month
Twin Room 21,600 yen/ month
Large Twin Room 27,000 yen/month (for single use)
(7)プログラム要項 Course Descriptions
教室活動 他
Class Activities
● To learn to use appropriate expressions
and proper Japanese grammar.
● Practice using appropriate expressions and
Japanese grammar.
● Making sentences using new grammar.
● To learn to use appropriate expressions
and vocabulary for various situations.
● To acquire skills for getting required
information in Japanese.
● Practice conversation form
● Role-play
● Practice expressing your intentions
● To acquire skills for understanding and
through various tasks
continuing conversations smoothly.
● Students will learn to read and write
Kanji with accuracy.
● Explanation of what Kanji are comprised of
(i.e. origin, structures, radicals, etc.)
● Students will learn to use Kanji and
vocabulary in context.
● How to use Kanji dictionaries including
electronic dictionaries
(8)アクティビティ Activities
● To experience the traditional culture of
Japan such as the Tea Ceremony, and
Culture and
wearing Kimono.
● To appreciate Sapporo and Hokkaido’s
nature and history.
● To interact with Japanese students
outside the classroom.
Photo Rally
● Japanese Tea Ceremony
● Movie Monday, Tutor Tuesday,
Winning Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday,
Fitness Friday
impressions in photo presentations.
● To organize intercultural events and
forges friendships.
● 2 Field Trips (day-long tour by bus)
● Mentor Teams will be formed early in the
semester and bilingual presentations will
be delivered near the end of the program.
● Welcome Party, Cultural Events,
Farewell Party