Hello! I am Britni Graves, your new Lieutenant Gov


Hello! I am Britni Graves, your new Lieutenant Gov
 Introduction of New Lt.
Hello! I am Britni Graves,
your new Lieutenant Governor for the year 2015-16. I
am a rising junior at Franklin County High School in
Frankfort, KY and I participate in my school band by
being both a member of the
drumline as well as playing
a bassoon. I am in the
French club and the Key
Club (obviously)! I have
two brothers who are 21
and 27. I’m a pet lover and
I have a dog, Avery, and a
guinea pig, Waffles. This
year I hope that we get to
know each other! I am really looking forward to the
exciting things that this
year holds for Key Club!
This newsletter is my way
of keeping in contact with
you! I would love to include information about
what your individual clubs
are up to so please send me
pictures and make sure
your Secretaries are keeping up with the Monthly
Reports! These reports inform me of your club’s activity and are very important!
 International Convention
 Follow Up With Me!
ICON Registration Deadline 5/1
ELIMINATE Week 5/4—5/8
ICON 6/23—6/28
ELIMINATE Week is coming up quickly and I want
to share with you some tips
to help you and your club
succeed in making the
week happen! This will include some planning tips
as well as some ideas about
Make sure that you get all
of these events approved
by your adviser (s) and
your school administration
1. Make sure your club is
educated about the
they don’t know, they
won’t get motivated to
make a difference!
2. Have a plan! Your club
should plan out everyday of the week to ensure success! Don’t wait
until the last minute to
put things together!
3. Spread the word about
it! If people aren’t
aware they won’t know
to participate and this
could make or break a
good project.
1. Coin War: Set up coin
jars in each of your school’s
classrooms. Have homerooms or 1st period classes
compete to see which class
can raise the most money
through change. Offer an
incentive for the winner
and make sure that the
classes know what the
money is going towards.
2. Hat Day: Hang up fliers
around your school to advertise. On the day of, set
up a table at the front of
your school and have students pay $1.
Are yo u ready for our International Convention this
year? I know I am! If you
had fun at DCON and
you’re ready for more fun,
this year International Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on
June 23rd - 28th for the Kiwanis 100th anniversary!
This convention will be
hosting not only the Key
Club, but the Kiwanis Club
and the Circle K Club. It
will be HUGE, but also a
lot of fun!
Indianapolis has lots to
offer! There are tons of museums such as The Children’s Museum, there is
also a mall within walking
distance of the Indianapolis
Marriott Downtown hotel,
a zoo, and much more.
Registration Due
Final Payment 6/1
The big events taking place
will be a Hellogoodbye
concert, a baseball game, a
large pancake breakfast on
the Circle, and a Kiwanis
Birthday Bash.
It will be a lot of fun and
hopefully you will be able
to make it! If you have any
questions, let me know!
Check the Key Club
website for more
Your Key Club adviser
should have received an
email as well as a letter
from me! However I still
do not have every school’s
contact information! Please
send me your new officer
information and your advisers information so I can
keep in contact with you!
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