What are Butter production lines and butter packing machines


What are Butter production lines and butter packing machines
What are Butter production lines and butter packing machines?
For the purpose of butter production, the butter production lines serve to be useful. It creates finest quality
product having best moisture distribution and spread ability and that too with great care. The butter production
lines are totally compatible with packing machines of EMF and ARM series.
Several benefits are there offered by these lines such as:
Along with butter production, the butter production linescan also be used for making several different
spreads. No need of emulsifiers or stabilizers is there for product having low fat content.
Varied types of dosing units could be used for equipping butter production linesfor culture, moisture,
dry ingredients, oil and salt slurry.
The butter produced is ready for the wrapping purpose. A butter pump could also be used to first used to
fed it to desired capacity butter silos and then to the butter packing machine.
The shell life of spreads and butter by these is long.
Butter silos:
In between the packing machine and churn, the butter silos are used as a buffer. It is the capacity of the packing
equipment and churn on which depends its volume size. For ensuring connected pumps proper feeding, a highly
operative pressure tunnel is used to equip the butter silos. Gentle treatment in ensured for the butter with the
augers of large diameter that run at slow speed.
Butter packing machine:
This is the machine designed for aiding the purpose of wrapping and filling the butter, margarine and others into
the parchment paper or aluminum foil. Wide range of dosing is covered by the butter packing machine
modifications from 8 to 1000g.
The major features of the machine:
Wrapping and filling of machine arm for the purpose of packing products of paste type into portions of
consumer size
Products that can be packed: spreads, butter, fresh cheese, edible fats, margarine, curd, minced meat and
other products of paste type
Output of machine is 20-80 packages per min
Just the brick height adjustment allow to have portions of varied sizes from single machine
Packages shape: portions in semi-round form and bricks in rectangular shape
Parchment paper or aluminum foil is used as the packaging material
The package folding type is length side or bottom folding
Accurate dosing, ease of operation, integrated solutions etc. are some of the many benefits of butter packing
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