Time lor UMS, UiTM Sabah 10 have lacullV 01 law


Time lor UMS, UiTM Sabah 10 have lacullV 01 law
Saturday March 26, 2016
Time lor UMS, UiTM Sabah
10 have lacullV 01 law
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RANAU: It is high time for the Universiti
Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and Universiti
Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Sabah to
introduce a Faculty of Law in their campus
to cater to the demand from students.
Minister of Resource and Information
Technology Development, Datuk Siringan
Gubat said the government must consider
the opportunity for the benefit of local
students who wish to enrol in law studies
but are unable to do it abroad.
" As a matter offact, we are thankful that
the A Level course is finally available in
Sabah through the Aseana International
College in Kota Kinabalu. This .is a
commendable development because it
especially benefits our local students.
"As we also know, UiTM in the
peninsula offers legal studies but not in
Sabah. . So considering the current
development as well as the need for the .
growth of education in Sabah, we think it is
only right for the government to take a step
towards this," he said.
Siringan who is also the Paginatan
Assemblyman was . speaking when
officiating the Annual General Meeting for
the Parents and Teachers Association
(PTA) in SMK Matupang Ranau on
Meanwhile, he commended the strong
commitment by all members of the
school' s PTA which was recently received
,=..........:"' .. .,..
Siringan being greeted at SMK Matupang in Ranau.
awarded for managing to get a 95 per cent
attendance of its members in all of its
"This is what we want to see taking
place in every school. Strong commitment
from both parents and teachers in the PTA
'is crucial in making sure excellence in both
studies as well as in the co-curricular
activities of our students.
"We hope that every parent and teacher
in the school will continue to give their
dedication and maintain a fine example
because this will also be a morale booster to
our students.
"On that note, I wish to express my
deepest hope that one day in the near future,
SMK Matupang will be able to produce
doctors, lawyers, professors, scientists,
corporate figures and other professionals, "
he said.
Also present at the event were SMK
Matupang Principal, Jamirin Sahamin, the
school's PTA Chairman, Dualis Porodtong,
Siringan's Political Secretary, James
People' s
Development Officer, Georgina George.