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New Hampshire Jobs for America`s Graduates New - NH-JAG
Working in your community...
NH-JAG Middle School Programs:
Laconia Memorial Middle School
NH-JAG High School Programs:
Berlin High School
Kennett High School
Laconia High School
Manchester Memorial High School
Manchester West High School
Merrimack Valley High School
Raymond High School
Winnacunnet High School
Woodsville High School
Supporting youth in school, work and life.
NH-JAG Out-of-School Programs:
NH-Jobs for America's Graduates
175 Ammon Dr, Ste 212
Manchester, NH 03103
[email protected]
Phone (603) 647-2300
Fax (603) 668-1627
Hearing Impaired Only Relay NH-711
NH-Jobs for America's Graduates
175 Ammon Dr, Ste 212
Manchester, NH 03103
Manchester Community College
New Hampshire
Jobs for America's
NH-JAG is sponsored by the NH Dept of Resources and
Economic Development, Office of Workforce Opportunity,
a proud member of the American Job Center Network
and an equal opportunity employer/program.
New Hampshire
Jobs for America's Graduates
New Hampshire Jobs for America's Graduates (NH-JAG)
Empowering Youth . . .
In-School Programs
NH-JAG In-School Program serves middle and high
school students from 7th through 12th grades.
7th to 11th grade programs focus on
citizenship, improving academic performance
and maintaining a connection to school, home
and community.
12th grade programs focus on developing
additional skills through post-secondary
opportunities, job attainment, job survival
and basic workplace competencies.
Supporting youth in school, work and life.
Positive Outcomes
Other Youth Programs
The NH-JAG Out of School Youth Program focuses on providing employment and training programs for youth ages 18 - 21. Youth are provided
with an opportunity to learn valuable work skills
through participation in post secondary certificate
programs and/or college credits . Job placement
occurs while the student is in training.
Community Service projects, job shadowing and
leadership activities build confidence and provide
invaluable workplace skills.
Job Specialists play an integral role and a Career
Association is developed whereby elected
officers engage all students in leadership
development, social and civic activities.
It is simply impossible to measure all of the
positive outcomes that come about when a young adult
discovers their unique talents and gains the confidence
and self-assuredness to succeed in school, pursue a
personally rewarding career, and become a vital
contributor to society. What can be measured and what
is truly impressive is the performance outcome as
meticulously tracked and consistently achieved:
• 98% Return to School Rate where students,
7th - 11th grade, are monitored to assure they
return to school
• 97% Graduation Rate where participants
earn a high school diploma or GED
• 87% Placement Rate where graduates
are engaged in full-time employment, fulltime
military, or combine a postsecondary
education with employment
"In spite of being born with a drug
addiction and living in an abusive
home situation, NH-JAG showed
me how to believe in myself. Today,
I have a great job and am productively
living on my own."
"Before getting involved with
NH-JAG, I was basically lazy
and apathetic. Today, I'm well on
my way to getting my Bachelor's
Degree in a field of study that
I love!"
“NH-JAG taught me how
to gain perspective and not get
frustrated. As a result, my selfconfidence and attitude improved
and my life has changed for the
You can make a difference...
Your business can help...
Your voice can be heard...
Individual Giving Opportunities
Business Leadership Opportunities
Youth Advocate Opportunities
Individual Contribution
In Recognition of Someone Special
Monthly Giving
Event Sponsor
Stock Transfers
Estate Planning
Provide Jobs for NH-JAG students
Sponsor Events
Make a Presentation
Donate Services
Employee Volunteerism
Philanthropic Support
• Become a Youth Mentor
• Contact Your Legislators
• Support a NH-JAG Program Initiative
Please call us at (603) 647-2300 to learn more,
or visit our web site at

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