Bulletin - Westside Christian Church



Bulletin - Westside Christian Church
My Decision:
Today I put my trust in Jesus for the first time!
I am interested in being baptized.
I am going to make Westside my home church.
I Would Like:
more information about Westside.
to know more about the Bible.
to know more about Christianity.
to learn about ministry/service opportunities.
to know about membership at Westside.
to talk to a Pastor.
Today’s message . . .
inspired me to take action by…
raised a question regarding…
challenged my way of thinking by…
has given me a new insight about…
helped me with…
Events & Activities:
I am interested in participating in this event.
Prayer Requests/Praise.
Other Comments:
This is confidential!
No Pastoral response needed.
I am praying this week to invite:
____________________________ to a service.
A pod cast of this sermon and others are available for free download on our website
We are glad you chose to visit us today! Please fill out the attached
Connection Card and turn it in at the end of the service today.
Worship Service
Nursery & Children’s Classes
Middle School Class
(916) 781-WORD
Sundays @ 10am
Sundays @ 10am
Sundays @ 10am
We are very glad you joined us today at Westside Christian Church. Our hope &
prayer is that you & your family are blessed through your time with us this morning!
Sometime around 64-65AD, the church plant at Ephesus
was struggling. There were false teachers leading people
astray with legalism; relationships were a mess at every
level of life; the wealthy disregarded generosity, holding tight their possessions; idolatry was still a big
draw with the goddess Diana/Artemis—sin was everywhere threatening to ruin the church. Into this
caldron of disarray, the Apostle Paul sends this letter to his young disciple Timothy. Paul had left
Timothy in Ephesus to repair the damage, restore the focus and direct the church as to how those in
Ephesus should respond and conduct themselves if they were going to be a healthy and worshipping
church. Thus, 1 Timothy contains wisdom that leaders and every church, in every generation and in
every location, can benefit from. So as we learn about the church of Ephesus from so long ago, we
can also hear and learn what Jesus has to say to us at Westside Church for today as we, like the
Ephesians, face “The Challenge Of Being The Church.”
~Pastor Frank
Today’s date _______________
This year, in an effort to reach out to our community more, we are partnering with Woodbridge Elementary School to help them put on their community Harvest Festival, Friday, Oct. 25 from 5-8pm.
Details TBA, but if you want to participate, write “Harvest Festival” on your Connection Card. Donations of individually wrapped, store bought candy will be appreciated. HELP US REACH OUT!
Phone (Home)
YOU ARE INVITED...to a group for adults 50+! Retired? Still working? Want to be retired? Don’t
believe in retirement! Join us October 12, 2013 from 10am–12pm at the Hunters Home (2012 Trailee
Ct, Roseville) as we meet to encourage one another in the race to finish well. Light snacks provided,
some healthy. Please write “Finishing Well” on your Connection Card for more info. SIGN UP NOW!
State Zip
E-mail address
I have previously provided the above contact
We had so many families express interest in Child Dedications this past month that we have scheduled another one for Sunday, October 20, 2013 during the morning service. Westside Christian
Church values your family and wants to partner with you in helping you raise your children in the Lord.
Please call Pastor Nathan Cherry at (916) 781-WORD or write “Dedication” on your Connection Card
for more information or to get involved. SIGN UP TODAY!
How did you hear about Westside Church?
Someone from Westside
I am at Westside for the:
1st time
2nd time
Join us this Summer as we reach out to the thousands of people who attend Denios Roseville Auction.
Westside will sponsor a booth Saturday, October 12, from which we will be giving away Bibles in
English & Spanish. Please write “Denios” on your Connection Card for more information or to sign up.
Attention Westside Family, It’s Church Directory time once again and this year My Church Family
Album is coming to WCC to take professional portraits & provide a physical as well as online all church
directory. Portraits will be taken Oct. 21-23 so please sign up at the Welcome Table for your family’s
free sitting. Also, please fill out your Connection Card with your most up-to-date contact information.
Age group:
23-29 30’s 40’s
3rd time
50’s 60’s 70’s
Marital Status:
Children’s Information:
(Name / Birth date)
________________________ / ____________
________________________ / ____________
________________________ / ____________
________________________ / ____________

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