OPEN SALE BILL - Terry Evans Auctions



OPEN SALE BILL - Terry Evans Auctions
Directions: From St. Joseph MO at the Intersection of Interstate 29 & US 36 Hwy. Exit 46 Take 36 Hwy East 5.6 mi.
to Rt. Z (by the John Deere Dealership). Proceed North on
Z 7 miles to auction site or from Cameron, MO Interstate
35 & 36 Hwy. go West 25 miles to RT. Z (by Horizon Equipment). Proceed North on Z 7 miles to auction site.
SEPT. 3, 2016
19571 ST. RT. Z, COSBY, MO 64436
Auctioneers note: Harold was well respected throughout the John Deere collector community we hope you come
join us and his family for this special auction!
Restored & Collector
John Deere Tractors
Restored Tractors
1937 B #46146,
1939 G #7277,
1941 B on Rear Steel # 110792
1938 G Rear Steel Un-styled # 2267
1951 A #666978
1944 BR #333354
1925 Spoker D #33237
1949 G w/3pt #33863
Collector Tractors
1959 530 gas #304322 (all Original)
Harold’s parade tractor very nice
1946 BR Lindeman Crawler w/6ft. blade
1954 70 Gas Front Weights #7014131
1940 G Un-styled #9356
1945 A #556212
1959 730 Gas #7317812
1945 H #49805
1936 B #22987
1937 A #465250
1942 AR Un-styled #262015
1941 G Un-styled #10151
1948 D #174626
1931 GP #225471
1940 A Styled #493389
A for parts
Fire Tractors
1947 M #18251
1948 A w/#5stock chopper #612097
1950 AR Styled #275153
1951 G Styled #50169
These tractors had been fully restored
but burned in a fire. Even so there is still
oil in the crank cases and the engines
are not seized.
802 Flare box on steel(very nice), Hand
Crank JD Engine for a Model L, JD 1893
Planter (fully restored), JD 999 Planter/
fertilizer box(fully restored), JD Go Devil on
steel, JD pull type one
bottom plow 614 on
steel, #5-7ft. sickle bar
mower, JD 114W wire
tie square baler, 3- JD
Front end cultivator,
JD Dump rake, JD 45
Front loader/silage
bucket, Walking lister,
JD 612 2 bottom plow
on steel, JD pull type
3 bottom plow on rubber, JD pull type
2-16 plow on rubber, JD pull type 4-14
plow, JD 22A 3pt sub-soiler, JD 555A
plow, JD pull type sub-soiler on steel,
JD 3pt 5 bottom 14” plow, JD manure
spreader, JD 555H 4 bottom plow, JD
230 centerfold disc, JD 24T square
baler, 4 row cultivator, JD Category 2
Quick Hitch, JD 400 Rotary Hoe, Grain
Wagon/hoist on JD running gear (very
nice), JD 350 7ft. sickle bar mower-3pt,
JD 66 silage blower, JD 4 section
harrow, JD 207 Brush Cutter, 2-11ft.
Sweep Augers, 4T Bulk Bin, JD 38 Sickle
Bar Mower, Wind Powered Generator, JD
640 Side Delivery Rake, JD 12ft. wagon/
hoist & sides,
planter(Precision Classic), 3-JD 1937
Model G Tractors, JD 1915 Model R
Waterloo Boy, JD 1931 GP Tractor, 5-JD
1953 Model D Tractors, JD Official Show
Toy 2 cyl. Club Expo XIV, JD 2 cyl. Expo
XII, 1926 Seagrave-Firetruck Bank-JD
Co., JD Collector Edition 4wheel drive
Tractor (1/16 scale), JD 9600 Combine,
JD The Barge Wagon (Precision
Classics), JD 8020 Tractor (Precision
Classics), JD Collector Center Edition
Model 630 High Crop w/Medallions),
Millennium Froelich Gasoline Tractor, JD
Precision Classic Model 720/80 blade
and 45 loader, JD Precision Classic Model 70 Standard Tractor, JD 4WD Tractor,
Hallmark Lionel Train Display Set. Each
set comes on a wooden base with track
Wheels, Rims & Tires
attached Locomotives & side cars have
Pair of 13-6 38 on rims, 6.75-15 imple- Certificates of Authenticity & boxes (in
ment wheels, steel wheels, 15.5 steel
excellent condition) Many other misc. JD
wheels 29”, steel wheels/center cut out, collectables. Parts
rear wheel weights, 11.2-36 tires, nice
There is a wide variety of good usable
selection of rear tires many on new rims, parts to include blocks, heads, radiators,
many different sizes,
several good quality hoods, grills, gas
tanks, steering rods, brake assemblies,
Toys (New in box)
Foxfire Farm Model A, Special Anniversa- steering wheels, metal seats, wagon
tongues, fenders, battery box, instrury Edition Model D, Official Show Toy 2
cyl. Club Expo XIII, 2 cyl. Club ExpoIII 620 ment panels, headlights, air cleaners,
seat frames, and many more items that
Orchard, 2 cyl. Great Northern Tractor
you are looking for in restoring your
Exposition BW-40, 65th Anniversary
1929 GP Wide Tread, 2- JD 1935 Model tractors
BR Tractor, JD Transporter/Stock car
Collectable Metal Signs
(limited edition), JD Model BWH 40 UnThere is a wide variety of collectable
styled Tractor, JD Waterloo Boy(Precision metal signs such as: John Deere Quality
Classic), JD Model B(Precision Classic),
Farm Equipment Sign: Kellogg Korn Klub
JD Model Hi-Crop, JD 494-A 4 row
Sign; Seed Signs. Refer to Web Site to
see variety of selection of signs! DeLaval
signs in Pictures do not sell
Antiques & Collectables
JD #10 corn sheller, 2 wooden side corn
sheller # 4216-C DeLaval 518 Cream
Separator , JD implement lids, numerous
JD wrenches, Pump Jack-Beban Jr.
ACME Machine Co., Many JD Manuals,
2 man saw, buzz saw blade, hay knives,
wooden barrels, old gas cans, and
Tools & Misc. Yard Items
Craftsman DR style power trimmer,
Hotsy power washer (needs pump), Air
Compressor, 2T cherry picker, grinder,
pipe cutter, post vice, Craftsman 4.5hp
vacuum/chipper, Lescha Electric
Chipper, 2-Craftsman 16” chainsaws,
backpack sprayer, Craftsman ¾” socket
set, many hand tools, wrenches, nuts,
bolts, and many misc. items,
1965 Ford V8 Grain Truck 10’ bed/hoist,
2003 Ford Focus SVT 6 speed/66000
mi. (this car has been wrecked motor &
tranny good)
KNAACK 2472 Jobmaster chest
816-271-3794 • 816-378-2010
Auctioneers: Terry Evans, Dale Buhman 816-244-9249 • Bruce Whitsell 816-667-5462 • Jeff Pittman 816-262 8753
Terms & Conditions: Cash or check with proper ID. Nothing removed until settled for. All items settled for on auction day. Not responsible for accidents or theft. Announcements made day sale of take
precedence over printed material. Lunch on grounds