Newsletter Week 7 Term 4 2015


Newsletter Week 7 Term 4 2015
25 November, 2015
Week 7 Term 4
Diary Dates
Orientation for 2016 starters
Book Orders –last day
School Council meets
Music Concert
Celebration Night
Assembly: Room 2.4 hosts
Reports and 2016 Class
Yr 7 leaving Ceremony
School Picnic
last Day of T4. 1pm dismissal
Vac Care begins
Vac Care reopens
Office staff return
Australia Day
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Mr Fox
Room 13.8
Ethnic Schools
We know that there are many different languages
spoken in our school community. Our diversity is
something that we value and are proud of.
About 1 in 3 of our students speak a language other
than English at home, and there are about 25
different languages spoken! This year we were able
to offer Hindi as a mother tongue maintenance
programme for 45 of our Hindi and Urdu speakers.
Next year we are able to continue this programme.
There are 3 Ethnic Schools that use our classrooms
after hours to teach Bangla, Arabic and Portuguese.
19 Owen Street
T: 8293 1227
F: 8297 1582
E: [email protected]
Principal: Tom O’Callaghan
The following students attend after school hours
classes to help maintain their mother tongue.
These students must be congratulated for their work
in maintaining their language and culture and
learning. They will be presented with certificates at
our last assembly marking their achievements.
Language School
Alice Zhao
Li You Sun
Overseas Chinese
Association of SA
Hilary Zhi
Allan Jin
Jonathon Chiu
Chinese Welfare
Jennifer Chiu
Services of SA Inc.
Zoe Guo
Greek Orthodox
Julia Bastiras
Community of SA
Georgia Vratis
Alec Bastiras
Eleni Kastrappi
Greek Orthodox
Community of the
Nativity of Christ
Port Adelaide and
Environs Inc
Islamic Information
Centre of SA-Arabic
Elaf Farrage
Firas Farrage
Rodsi Suha
Mahmoud Idris
Do Won Kim
Do Hyun Kim
Mannat Kanda
Rodsi Suha
Naisha Subha
James Pope
Orlando Pope
Oliver Pienaar
Utkarsha GC
The Pure
Presbyterian Church
of Adelaide
Sihk Society of SA
SA Bangladeshi
Community Assoc
Adelaide Sri Lanka
Buddhist Vihara Inc.
School for the
German Language
Adelaide Nepalese
Society Australia Inc
Principal’s Awards
Room 1 (Reception)
Kerry Baldwin
Tennyson G by completing all work to
the best of his ability
Riley T for being a caring friend
Room 6 (Reception)
Stephanie Kakoschke
Harrison Mc for being a good listener
and following instructions without
reminder and for taking care of our
class environment
Abaid-Ullah I for your learning by
concentrating and staying on task to
improve your skills
Room 2 (Reception & Year 1)
Georgina Ninos
Mahni M for respecting our school
values and for always following
Dyllon D for being resilient and
bouncing back when something feels
hard or worrying
Room 13.7 (Year 1)
Kerry Briggs
Zoe Mc for thoughtful contributions to
class discussions
Blake C for good thinking and
communicating in Maths
Room 13.2 (Year 2)
Margie Barylak &Lynn Johnson
Naisha S for showing resilience by
being a continual problem silver in
learning activities
Chloe S by showing respect to the
reader, by trying hard to always
remember to use full stops and
capitals in her writing
Room 2.5 (Year 4)
Tracey Niekel
Dylan L for always working to the best
of his ability in all learning areas
Amelia S for applying herself
enthusiastically during ‘Water Safety
Education’ lessons
Room 2.3 (Year 5)
Merryn Jones
Eliza TB for settling in well to her new
class and school
Devang S for always putting a lot of
detail and effort into his written work
Room 2.7 (Years 5&6)
Jonathan Gardner
Sarah Mc for putting in a consistent
effort in all subjects
Devansh G for overcoming obstacles
to complete his mask
Room 2.1 (Years 6&7)
Rose McCarty Jones
Daniel D for being a good friend to all
of his class mates and treating
everyone with respect
Franco B
For taking feedback on board and
making necessary changes to his work
Room 2.2 (Years 6&7
Lauren Ireland
Gypsy CF for taking responsibility for
your learning, organisation and self
Tilly N for continually striving to do her
best across all curriculum areas and
giving up her own time to complete
Bradley L for using his initiative and
always showing respect towards hi
Room 13.1 (Year 3)
Brenton Woolford
Akii D for honest commitment to her
classroom learning and excellent
improvement in all areas
Jake M for honest commitment to
improvement in his learning
Talking to children about the
events in Paris and around the
Recent events in the media are difficult for adults, let
alone our children, to understand. Children may well be
asking questions about what they hear and see in the news
and what they hear from their friends at school. Our job is
to be as honest as we can while allaying their fears.
Here are some ideas of how we can help our children feel
safe at this time:
Try and be as honest as you can but make sure your
answers are age appropriate, try not to ignore the
questions and don’t be afraid to say that you don’t
understand it and let them know that it isn’t a simple
With older children it is OK to say ‘I don’t know let’s
see what we can find out together ‘. By trying to answer
their questions together, they are less likely to try and
find out from a less reliable source, or without you
there to talk them through any worries that the
information creates.
Avoid too much news on the TV etc. We live in a 24/7
media world that provides the information over and
over so the children can become confused as to when
and where it happened and how often it occured.
Focus on the positives; talk about the random acts of
kindness, the people who are there helping and the
Children need to know that you are there for them and
are willing to talk and keep them safe.
Celebration Night Fundraising
We are selling raffle tickets through the Finance Office on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Thursdays and at Celebration Night from 5.30pm –
6.30pm. The winners will be drawn at 7pm on the night. Tickets cost
$1 each and for every 5 you get one free. A list of prizes is included in
this Newsletter with some prizes on display in the Front Office.
A huge thankyou to all the families who donated prizes towards our
raffle/paddle pop stick game. We managed to get 13 raffle prizes and
almost 200 paddle pop stick prizes through donations alone.
A huge thankyou to the following businesses who supported our
fundraising. Please support our sponsors: The Adelaide Crows,
Anaconda Mile End, Barossa Fine Foods Hilton, Bounce, The Good
Guys Mile End, Gorge Wildlife Park, Marion Outdoor Pool, Target,
West End Brewery and Wohlers Richmond.
We are also holding a cake stall on Celebration Night. Items will be
for sale between 5.30pm -6.30pm. If you would like to donate items
for the cake stall, please make sure that you let Alison know ASAP so
we know how much to expect on the night. We request that the
ingredients used in the items be listed and we’d prefer no nuts as we
are a nut aware school. Donations can be left at the Front Office on
Thursday morning – 3 December.
We are also looking for volunteers to help run both the paddle pop
stick stall and cake stall for the hour. Please leave your name with
Alison at the Finance Office if you can spare the time.
Premiers Be Active Challenge.
On Wednesday 18 November I had the privilege of attending the Premiers Be Active
awards ‘Top 50 Best performing Schools’ presentation at Priceline Stadium for the second
year in a row. Bradley and Priyasha accepted the award on behalf of the school from the
Premier. Once again we were ranked as one of the top 50 schools in the state for the
number of students completing the challenge. A total of 95 % of students.
This year we had a total of 53 students who achieved a GOLD medal which means that
they have now completed the challenge for 3 years.
As a result the school has won $ 1000.00 dollars which will be used to purchase sporting
equipment for next year.
Congratulations to all the students who completed the challenge.
The Instrumental Music Service invites 2016 Year 5 and 6 students
who would like to learn a musical instrument to attend an:
Brighton Secondary School
Wednesday Dec 2 (Week 8),
9.00 – 10.00am
Wednesday Feb 10 (Week 2),
9.00 – 10.00am
Parents and prospective students are welcome. The instruments that will be offered in
2016 are:
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba Electric Bass and Percussion.
For more information or to register your interest please email Sue Asser (Hub
Coordinator) at [email protected] or text to mobile- 0400 570
089. Please include name, Year level, school and contact details.
Beachfront hub continuing students
Continuing students will start in week 2,
Band for everyone, 8 – 9am.
White Ribbon Day.
25th November.
Around the world people are recognising White
Ribbon Day in an effort to highlight the issue of
family violence and try to bring about a change.
As part of that campaign we are selling white
ribbons in the front office for $2 and we will be
spending some time on Wednesday in classrooms
discussing relationships that are built on equality
and respect. This may well raise some questions
with children around family violence and we need
to be ready to talk to them and as the campaign
suggests ‘Break the Silence’
Music Concert
An opportunity for all instrumental
music students to perform
Wednesday 2 December
6:30pm in the Music Room
Students who intend performing,
please let the Front Office know
the name of your item by Friday
27 November.
School Picnic
Thursday 10 December
Consent forms and payment to
Finance office by Tuesday 8
Barbecue Orders to Finance Office
by Tuesday 8 December CASH
ONLY please
Saturday November 21 was a memorable day
in Adelaide. On the one hand the city was
taken over by the wonderful sights and sounds
of the Christmas Pageant. 340.000 people
lined the streets as the pageant wound its way
through the city on an absolutely beautiful day.
The pageant brings people together to share in
the joy, happiness, love and excitement of
Christmas. As with everything that brings love
and happiness into our lives, Christmas asks us
to share this love and happiness with others
and hence the tradition of gift-giving at
Christmas. Here at Plympton Primary School
we are collecting items of food for the
Salvation Army to distribute at Christmas to
those in need as a gift of hope for the future. It
is a wonderful thing to see someone with a
huge smile on their face giving a gift to another
person who lights up in a smile in response.
And that is the greatest gift of the exchange the smile!! A smile is always a gift that we give
each other. A smile reflects peace and brings
peace and it is in the sharing of smiles that the
magic comes.
But, while Adelaideans were smiling, an event
was taking place on the other side of the world
in the French capital Paris that was wiping
away the smiles of the French people. A group
of people without smiles on their faces took
guns and shot at people having fun at concerts,
sports matches and restaurants and cafes.
Because the aim of these people is to scare
and terrify other people they are referred to as
terrorists. These people took away smiles and
away with the smiles goes the peace. It is going
to be a very difficult Christmas for many
people and the smiles will need help to come
back. Christmas will be celebrated again this
year in the French capital and it will work its
magic in helping to bring back the smiles.
As I write I am thinking of the terrorists who
are also people who have husbands and wives
and partners and family and friends and
children. I do not know these people
personally but I wish I could share the smile of
Christmas with them so that we could all learn
to smile at each other. The other people I am
thinking of are those people in the armies of
the world who are working out ways to protect
smiles and to bring smiles. The smile of
Christmas will also help them to do the difficult
job that they have to do.
There are some people who are new to
Christmas in our country. I hope that you will
be able to share in the smiles of Christmas too.
(And – if for some reason you can’t – please
talk to someone.)
Please enjoy the celebrations of the end of the
school year over the next couple of weeks.
Til next time – Karen (CPS)
Karen Tromans works in our school as a
Pastoral CareWorker, and her role is supported
through the Federal Government Schools’
Chaplaincy Program.
Tickets cost $1 each & for every 5 you
get 1 free
1st Prize – Coles Group and Myer $100 Voucher – donated by a
PPS family
2nd and 3rd Prize – Crows Signed Football – donated by the
Adelaide Crows
4th Prize – Adelaide Strikers Signed Cricket Bat – donated by
West End Brewery
5th Prize – Black and Decker Mouse Sander/Polisher – ($85
Value) – donated by The Good Guys Mile End
6th Prize – Toy Basket – donated by PPS families
7th Prize – Ladies Basket – donated by PPS families
8th Prize – Food/Wine Basket – donated by Barossa Fine Foods and
PPS families
9th Prize – Anaconda $25 Voucher – donated by Anaconda Mile
10th and 11th Prize – Target $20 Voucher – donated by Target
12th Prize – Serving Paddle – donated by Wohlers Richmond
13th Prize – Target $10 Voucher – donated by Target Edwardstown
Tickets can be purchased through the Finance Office on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Celebration Night from 5.30pm –
There will be also be a Popstick Game, where for $2.00 you pick a
popstick and every player wins a prize
Our new Principal
The appointment of Principal for our school has been announced. Sallyann Geddes has written the following
letter for the community.
Dear Plympton Primary School community
I look forward to the opportunity to be the next
Principal of Plympton Primary School. I have had the
pleasure of meeting Tom recently and know that I am
very lucky to join your community and to step into
leadership upon Tom’s retirement.
I acknowledge the Plympton PS has achieved very
high standards of learning for students and teaching
staff are highly regarded by the community. There is
a strong and vibrant history for the school which I will
value and moving forward we will continue to
strengthen as a highly engaged, culturally diverse and
fun place to learn and share together.
I have been Principal at Blakeview PS and Carlton R-9
School. At both school’s I have expanded Governing
Council and their advisory committees to inform
school vision and directions. A particular focus has
been to promote community connection with student
improvement in literacy and numeracy, developing
whole school agreements with staff, introducing
Natural Maths and Quick Smart Maths, and
expansion of language and cultural programs. I notice
similar work has been developed at Plympton PS and
I look forward to continuing this commitment.
Additional roles have been in head office as Manager
Literacy Achievement and Literacy Coach to co-lead
development of the DECS Literacy Strategy and
respond to diagnostic review recommendations,
along with Program Manager Attendance & Students
at Risk for policy advice related to attendance,
retention and crime prevention. In other schools, I
have been Coordinator of Aboriginal Education,
Assistant Principal Special Programs, and Primary
School Counsellor. During my time in head office, I
made a decision to return to schools where I could
apply this work with students, staff and families.
I have a commitment to ongoing study after my
teaching degree to attain my Masters in Education in
2011 and Graduate Diploma of Social Science in 1999.
I have also been awarded the Dare to Lead –
Excellence in Leadership and SA State Equity Educator
On a personal level, I have engaged in extensive
independent travel in countries where English is the
second language. This has included volunteer work in
schools and teachers college in Vietnam and Solomon
Islands, extended living in Middle Eastern countries
and travel throughout countries such as India, Nepal
and Sri Lanka. These experiences have developed a
love for rich and varied cultures and religions to
enrich my understanding of our diversity. I also have
a great love for anything on or under the water as
sailor and diver.
My commitment to Plympton PS families, staff and
students will be respectful and connected leadership
valuing the school’s history, strengthening our
identity as a culturally diverse and harmonious school
for the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours. We
will respond to new challenges and embrace exciting
opportunities as we lead together to connect our
children to great futures.
I look forward to meeting you in the near future and I
wish you a safe and happy holiday with family and
Sallyann Geddes
Community Notices
SA Water VACSWIM is a program to
waterproof the confidence in young South
Australians, in and around the water. It is a
South Australian Government supported
initiative to provide children aged 5 to 13
years with opportunities to develop a range
of skills and positive experiences in the
areas of water safety, confidence and
competence in the water, personal survival
activities and basic aquatic emergency
We are collecting nonperishable foods to
donate to The
Salvation Army appeal
this Christmas. If you
can donate packet,
tinned or boxed food
can you please drop it
in the collection box in
your child’s classroom.
Thank you.
Give the Gift of Reading
encourages people to
donate a new book to
children in the community
and to help share the love
of reading at Christmas
time. Donated books are
collected at participating
public libraries which are
then distributed to children
in need in the community.
This year Marion Library
Service will be participating
in this program and along
with the other councils we
are hoping to collect 5000
books for children in need.
We will be accepting
donations of new children's
books from the 8th of
November until the 14th of
December. Donations can
be placed under the
Christmas trees at any of
our branches.
“South Australian sporting and recreation bodies have come
together to provide a coordinated program of Come ’n Try
sessions for 5 to 16 year olds. Children can try a series of
different sports in and around the centre of Adelaide in the
first week of the summer school holidays from Monday 14th
to Friday 18th December 2015.
This is a great initiative to get kids to try a new sport and to
keep active in the school holidays. You can try a large range
of sports; AFL, BMX, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Hip Hop Dance,
Judo, Korfball, Life games, Netball, Rowing, Soccer,
Taekwondo, Tennis, and Touch Football.
If you would like more information you can visit ”
These skills are delivered at over 130 pools,
beaches and lakes throughout South
Australia by one of three primary program
providers – Royal Life Saving Society, Surf
Life Saving and YMCA – who engage
qualified instructors to teach the children of
South Australia.
The majority of programs take place from
Monday 4 to Tuesday 12 January 2016;
they run for 45 minutes a day for 7 days.
Why not join the YMCA
Camping team on a fun filled
school holiday camp these
summer holidays!
This summer YMCA Camping
has plenty of camps on offer
with a huge variety of
awesome activities to keep
your children busy throughout
the summer holidays.
Police & Community
The cold hard facts
Participate in the forum
SAPOL and other community based
services will present on issues relating to
illicit drug use in the community.
A teen surf camp, a Kangaroo
Island Adventure, Caving at
Naracoorte and a New Years
Party are just some of the
amazing camps we have
planned for this summer!
• hear about illicit drugs and how the
use of drugs is impacting on the local
community and how you can help
reduce its impact.
• find out what services and supports
are available for those affected – from
• learn about the dangers associated
with the drug and how easily addiction
When Thursday, 3 December 2015
Where Marion Cultural Centre Theatre,
287 Diagonal Road,
Oaklands Park.
Time 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
(doors open at 6.30 pm)
Limited spaces available.
To register your interest contact:
Sturt Crime Prevention Section 8207 4779
Mc - Amanda Blair
With guest speakers from South Australia
Police, Drug and Alcohol Services South
Australia, The Clinical Services
Coordinator From The Queen Elizabeth
Hospital and SA Ambulance Service.
YMCA Holiday Camps are very
popular and places are
limited. Book now to secure
your place in the sun, and join
us for Fun, Friendship and
All the details and booking
form can be found on the
Contact YMCA Camping on
[email protected] for
more details.