BSC История на марките



BSC История на марките
Giuseppe Borsalino - nicknamed
“U SIUR PIPEN” (Master Joe) in the local
dialect – was born in Alessandria in Italy
in 1834. After starting as an errand boy
then an apprentice in his home town, he
finds a job at the Berteil hat factory in
Rue du Temple, Paris, where he works for
around seven years before becoming a
qualified Master Hatter.
A year after returning to Italy, Giuseppe
opens his first workshop in a courtyard
in Via Schiavina in Alessandria together
with his brother, Lazzaro.
It was the beginning of a story that was
to achieve great success and immense
satisfaction, becoming the stuff of legend:
the story of a family inseparably tied to
the business, destined to impress forever
its own style and passion for hats on all
future generations.
The success of its exports is strengthened
in 1947 when agreements are signed
with USA, Venezuela, Colombia,
Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland,
Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
and Turkey, bringing production up to
800,000 hats a year in the mid-1950s.
The film “Borsalino” starring Alain Delon
and Jean Paul Belmondo is so successful
at the box-office that, three years later, a
sequel called “Borsalino & Co.” is filmed.
A Borsalino hat is always the constant
companion of stars such as Humphrey
Bogart, Gary Cooper, Antony Quinn
and Alain Delon, as well as Robert De
Niro, Al Pacino, Robert Redford and
even Warren Beatty, Federico Fellini,
Paul Newman, Alberto Sordi and Vittorio
In 2007 Borsalino celebrates 150 years
of hisstory.
Today, Borsalino owns sixteen singlebrand sales points in Italy and one in
Paris; moreover, the brand is also sold
in the most elegant boutiques and in
the most prestigious department stores
across the world: Berdgorf & Goodman,
Barney’s, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Neiman
Marcus, Harrod’s, Selfridges, Galeries
Lafayette, Printemps, Bon Marché, Isetan,
and Imaru to name but a few.
The rich and famous as well as
celebrities such as
Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio,
Kate Moss, Denzel Washington, Justin
Timberlake, Nicole Kidman, Naomi
Campbell, and John Malkovich are
immortalized wearing the unique style of
the living legend of the most prestigious
brand of hats in the world.
It was far back in 1910 when the family,
of which Gimmi is the third generation,
took its first steps in footwear, making
bespoke shoes entirely by hand.
Today those craft skills are still as
important as ever and are interwoven
with creative expertise inspired by world
Many years of research and exploratory
journeys, of experiments and triumphs.
And a good number of collections before
making the ultimate breakthrough.
Now, 100 years later and with millions of
pairs of shoes under its belt, the company
has more than 100 Baldinini stores
around the world in the most exciting
fashion business locations.
Its production unit employs over 250
highly skilled workers.
Baldinini brand creations attract attention
and are instantly recognised, they are the
choice of a huge following of devotees
and of the leading world fashion markets.
Celebreties have been always fans of
Baldinini for 103 years of history.
To mention several of them: Diana,
Princess of Wales, Diego Maradona,
Vladimir Putin, president of Russia and
Claudia Schiffer.
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Ferré Milano is the brand’s diffusion line,
as in an ever wider selection of ultra
versatile clothes that capture the essence
and elegance of the Gianfranco Ferré
style in a duality between classic spirit
and modern personal flair.
As Gianfranco Ferré creates apparel and
accessories with a natural propensity for
timeless sophistication and excellence in
quality, innovation and exclusivity, Ferré
Milano - the ready-to-wear line - reflects
the same creative vision and design
direction, without ever becoming a mere
This label plays a key role in driving
the brand’s commercial growth, at
once preserving and decoding the
Gianfranco Ferrè message through
collections that meet the different needs of
a heterogeneous clientele with a mostly
smooth and quiet sense of taste. Ferré
Milano also offer comfortable fits.
A new identity of style, for people
who love the brand’s unmistakable
values – elegance, exclusiveness and
quality – yet at the same time very much
appreciate more extensive and accessible
interpretations of the product.
Integrating a retail network of select stores
and specialty shops on an international
scale are monobrand boutiques that
reflect the utter sense of ease of the
Gianfanco Ferré shopping experience.
Borbonese is a historic Italian brand with
a strong heritage.
It was founded in Turin in 1910 as a
fashion house producing handbags,
jewellery and accessories and soon
became a leading Italian luxury brand
expressing both class and elegance.
Borbonese one of the most famous brands
in the Italian fashion industry.
Borbonese has always combined the
finest materials and most sophisticated
manufacturing techniques with expert
craftsmanship, aimed at emphasising
The focus on research, never an end in
itself, upon which production and stylistic
activities are based, has led to new ways
of presenting the historical OP texture.
The bird’s eye has always had a
Born in the Seventies, the OP texture
remains the emblem of the brand together bi-unique relationship with the brand
with other features such as rivets, the
and now comes in new and innovative
screw and the stirrup, which combined
versions, materials and colours
accessories and linen, to create a real
with the historical iconic bags linked
total living concept.
to its beginnings – the Luna, Sexy and
Sexy Estensibile models – have made
A distinguishing feature of the Borbonese
collection is the bird’s eye print, or OP, a
symbol and trademark of the brand.
The core business of Borbonese still
remains bags and scarves, which are
synonymous with quality and high stylistic
standards, but over time the range of
accessories has been joined by other
lines: clothing and furs primarily, but
also licenses for the home, household
accessories and linen, to create a real
total living concept.
The collection GAMBLER is the emblem of
Lovers of gambling, philosophers
and followers of pleasure, travelers
and adventurers, are just some of the
main inspirations for FXM to create his
collections. The fanciful print Gambling,
A strong appeal to GAMBLING able to suits in a contrast and harmonic way with
represent the man and the woman with the classic colors of this collection.
extreme passions. Luxury, exhibitionism,
competition, but also elegance and This unique combination makes every
freedom becomes a real expression to wear accessory DIVO DIVA perfect for any
occasion and look
The careful choice of materials,
the attention given to each stage of the
production process and the meticulous
attention paid to details produces high
quality standards that make each creation
It‘s a personal project of the international
designer François Xavier-Mariani,
an expert of fashion accessories and
leather goods that, in 2003 after long
term collaborations with leader fashion
companies, launches its brand
The story of the Ducati dream began in
Bologna in 1926.
The world’s most attractive motorcycles
are the result of a deep commitment to
racing competitions; they are the purest
expression of refined skill, unmistakable
design and above all, a great passion for
Ducati is proud to represent Italian
industry - the essence of Italian style
shows through the design of each bike.
Sinuous, seductive and flexible lines with
a permanent, timeless quality that sets an
unsurpassable standard.
Mascalzone Latino sailing team was
founded in 1993 by Vincenzo Onorato.
His background, his passion and his love
for the ocean led him toward several
successful rewards turning
Mascalzone Latino into one of the
worldwide sailing team.
Mascalzone Latino already participated
in two editions of the America’s Cup and
won three times in a row the FARR40
class world championship.
For over 15 years the ML Team has been
engaged into 6 regatta categories
(America’s Cup, FARR40, M30, RC44,
Melges 32, Smeralda 888).
It became a big challenge to be on the
lead of every regatta categories.
The items of this sea collection come from
a world made of energy, salty air and
great sport performances.
Mascalzone Latino suggests fashion
accessories in which design and
functionality meet resistance and
champion technical knowledge.
The team and the yacht races soul
permeates the whole collection.
Sparco S.p.A is an Italian auto part
and accessory company headquartered
in Settimo Torinese, Turin, Italy that
specializes in producing items such
as seats, steering wheels, harnesses,
racewear and helmets.
In 1977 Sparco started production of
specialist clothing and accessories for
team safety in motor racing.
Since winning their first Formula 1 title
with Nelson Piquet in 1983 Sparco has
continuously developed and improved
its product and stands today behind
Champion teams such as McLaren in
Formula 1 and Subaru in the WRC.
The Sparco Racing Range provides
safety and comfort for both drivers and
crew with a wide range of FIA and other
motorsport body
via Giuseppe Verdi, 13 - 47921
Rimini (RN) - Italy
Ph. 0541 811511 - Fax 0541 811501
e-mail: [email protected]
Foro Buonaparte, 48 - 20121
Milano (MI) - Italy

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