EnviroDome UG (Ghana) A Brief History of the EnviroDome


EnviroDome UG (Ghana) A Brief History of the EnviroDome
EnviroDome UG (Ghana)
A Brief History of the EnviroDome
Greenhouse Systems Permanent
Exhibition in Kade
Part 2
First Growing Cycle
January 2014
Tomatoes and Other Plants in Nursery
Seeds were selected for 24 varieties of tomatoes, 5
varieties of okra and 4 varieties of pepper for
preparation in the EnviroDome nursery prior to
transplanting into the various growing units.
Nursery activities gave very encouraging results and the
transplanting was carried out.
For research purposes it was decided to transplant the
seedlings into the soil although the use of troughs and
substrates was another option.
The plants had grown successfully, mainly ahead of
schedule and there was no insect or pest infestation.
Transplanting of Tomato Plants in Progress
Transplanting Complete
At the beginning of March, 9 days after transplanting the
tomato plants were flourishing.
16 days later the plants had commenced flowering.
Out of Season Okra
Late March
24 days later the plants had grown significantly
and flowering was well advanced.
4 Weeks after Transplanting
First Tomatoes Showing
First Harvest of Okra
“Ladies’ Fingers” Variety
33 Days After Planting Seeds
Three weeks Later
Okra Flourishing and Continuing to
and Fruit
Tomatoes ripening and ready for harvesting
Green Peppers