Bill Dwyer Event 10 27 Ginopolis Letter


Bill Dwyer Event 10 27 Ginopolis Letter
Dear Friend,
In 2010, thanks to your support, I was elected County Commissioner in a close race against a “tax and
spend” incumbent, despite the State Democratic Party spending huge amounts of money to try to protect
their candidate.
But what the Democrats could not achieve at the ballot box in 2010, they are trying to achieve in 2012
through the use of what is called “gerrymandering.” They specifically redrew County Commissioner lines,
separating communities that were once together, in order to create districts they perceive as being more likely
to vote Democrat. I was one of their two main targets.
I have been working hard to stay in touch with the issues that specifically affect our community; and keeping
Oakland County fiscally sound in an era when most local governments are in sad financial shape. The
response from the people who live here has been most encouraging.
I am a Member of the Budget Committee, and Oakland County is the only county in Michigan whose budget
is balanced through the year 2015.
However, in order to get that message out, I need your help. There are those who would put at risk all we
have achieved in order to spend taxpayersʼ money on their pet projects and causes; and taking over this
County Commission seat is their top priority.
On Thursday, October 27, at Ginopolis Restaurant in Farmington Hills, we will be having a kickoff fundraiser.
I have appreciated your support in the past, and hope that my work on the County Commission has merited
your support in the future.
Hope to see you there,
Bill Dwyer
Bill Dwyer
Oakland County Executive
L. Brooks Patterson
State Representative Hugh Crawford
Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard
John and Pete Ginopolis
Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard Jr.
Oakland County Commission Chairman
Mike Gingell
County Commissioner Kathy Crawfod
Paul Welday
Make checks payable to: Committee to Elect Bill Dwyer
PO Box 255, Farmington, MI 48332
No Corporate Checks
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bill Dwyer, PO Box 255, Farmington, MI 48332