Needlepoint Now Newsletter June 2015



Needlepoint Now Newsletter June 2015
Needlepoint Now News
Between the Threads
Ta Da!
June 2015
Ah, Summertime
I love summer and being outside working in my
garden or riding my bicycle with my husband
and friends. But even better, it also seems like
there is a stitching opportunity most weekends.
And there are few things that I enjoy more than
taking needlepoint classes.
Two weeks ago I was in Chicago at Designer’s
Desk taking a canvas embellishment class
with talented Jill Rigoli of Danji Designs and
a sweet floral piece from Cassie Prescott and
Nandra Hotchkiss of Sundance Designs that
will be featured in the September/October
issue of Needlepoint Now.
This is Susan Rafter from
Washington with her finishedChurch Ladies from the
May/June 2013 cover
The Royal Winner!
Pamela Price from Perkasie, PA,
is our lucky winner of the
beautiful jeweled needle case
by Accoutrement Designs!
Your Majesty!!
This past weekend Janet Casey was
teaching a pilot class for her piece
“Mum’s the Word” at the Needlepoint
Now studio. “Mum’s the Word” is a
small purse that Janet designed for
the ANG Seminar in Myrtle Beach,
North Carolina, that takes place
in September. It was a fun class
that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you
signed up for this or any of Janet’s
classes at the ANG Seminar, I
can guarantee you will not be
disappointed. Janet is an amazing
teacher and designer.
Tomorrow I drive to Washington
State to take my first class
with Toni Gerdes and I’m really
looking forward to it. Toni will be
teaching “The Wright Kimono”
to the Olympic Chapter of ANG.
Toni’s design has received rave
reviews from my friends who have
been lucky enough to take the
class. Toni will be teaching us how
to successfully stitch circle shapes on
needlepoint canvas, something all of us
have struggled with.
I think there are always a plethora of
classes in the summer months because
the weather makes it much easier
to travel. Also school is out and it’s
easier to take time off. Regardless of
the reason, I take as many classes as
I can so I can stay up on the current
trends and learn a new thing or two
while I’m at it. Yes, even an experienced
stitcher like me still has a lot to learn.
Needlepoint is always changing
and evolving with new stitches and
materials. Taking classes is the best way
to keep up on what is new.
Are you looking for a class to
take this summer? Check out the
American Needlepoint Guild at
<> or the
Embroiderer’s Guild of America,
<>. If travel isn’t an
option, contact your local needlepoint
shop. They often have classes and are
an invaluable resource for needlepoint
Happy summer!
in the July/August Issue
Coming up...
Finding Agnes
by Annie Lane, conjures up sounds
of the shore and the feel of sand
between your toes as you and your
buddy beach comb for treasure!
Just look who Amos found for
you! The stitch guide by Vicky
De Angelis will ensure you have
a great time digging into this
summer scene.
Phoenix Panel
Diane Grant did a fabulous
job of designing this stunning
geometric counted piece for
all our readers. Fall in love with
the soft colors, fun stitches and
interesting finishing technique for
which Diane is known.
Fish Cleaners Canvas
by Julie Pischke has bold, bright
stitches that will keep you smiling
as you work. The primitive style and
vivid colors are pure Gullah culture
from the sea islands off the coast of
South Carolina. With a brilliant stitch
guide by Natasha Higgins we travel
down to the docks in the sea air.
Peacock Square
We love this preening peacock geometric by
Stickideen Von Der Wiehenburg. This piece is
actually one of her earlier designs and threads
have changed or become unavailable in the U.S.
You can order a kit from the author or follow our
alternate thread list for an American twist.
Uncle Sam
by Sew Much Fun brings us a bit of the 4th of July
with all the fabulous fun, sparkle and glitz dressed
up like a turkey. Stitch yourself a party in red,
white and blue!
Ad Reminder!
Reservations for ad space in our Sept/Oct issue
are due July 1st with ad materials for custom design
due July 8th. Camera-ready ads can be sent in as late
as August 3rd. —Thank you!
Sutherland Stitch Color Study
Kandace Thomas is known for her one-stitch
designs and color studies. This charted piece would
make a wonderful pillow or box as it uses color to
draw your eye in and out of the pattern, creating
movement and depth.
The Twelve Tribes of Israel, Part 4
We continue our series by Rishfeld Designs with the
next two tribes of Judah and Issachar symbolized
as a lion and celestial bodies, respectively. Join
us on our journey through the 12 tribes with our
wonderful stitch guide by Donna Brandeis LaGanga.
White Holiday Gift
All the threads are white and gold for a fabulous
sparkling ornament filled with movement. Susan
Portra brings us another great design of pattern and
texture to add a bit of the holidays to our homes.
Barbara Russell and Her Dogs
June Russell-Chamberlin takes us inside the studio
for a chat so you can find out why Barbara finally
chose to put her wonderful dog portraits on the
national market—much to our joy. Barbara has a
real talent for capturing the attitude of a breed
with style, humor and adoration. Look into her
world and see if your best friend is peeking out of
a canvas at you.
Who doesn’t need
a new friend?
Subscribers, enter to win one of
these Annie Lane Little Amigo Needle
Minders! These powerful magnets are
“Way Too Fun” and cute-cute-cute!
Just email or call us with your subscriber I.D.
number—it’s as easy as that. The number is located
above your name on the mailing
label of the magazine.
The drawing takes place on
August 10, 2015.
email: [email protected]
Phone: (541) 935-0238
PO Box 428, Elmira, OR 97437 • [email protected] •
PH 541.935.0238 • FX 541.935.0267

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