poison dart frog


poison dart frog
The truth about…
poison dart frogs
G Garc
There are more than 250 species of
poison dart frogs living in the forests of
South and Central America.
Did you know…
native Indians use the
toxin from certain
frogs’ on their darts
when hunting?
The frogs produce the distasteful
secretions to try and deter
predators from eating them.
Some toxins are more powerful
than others.
Did you know…
Living in the forests,
the golden poison
these frogs spend
dart frog is the most
more time on the
toxic land animal in
ground and in the
the world?
trees than they do
in the water, so they
have wide, flattened
toes to help them grip
instead of webbed feet.
Poison dart frogs hunt various
small invertebrates to feed on,
including flies, ants, beetles,
Did you know…
spiders, mites, caterpillars
after their tadpoles
and maggots. They are
hatch in the leaflitter,
diurnal which means
one of the parents will
they feed during the day
carry them to water
and sleep at night.
on their back?
In the wild, many of the frog species
are disappearing because their
forest home is being destroyed.

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