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The St. Joseph School Commission is Looking for New Members
The overall purpose of the School Commission is to advise and support the pastor and principal in the
operation of the parish school. In the spirit of collaboration, the selected commission members
recognize the role and authority of the pastor and the principal as his delegate. The pastor and principal
respect the authentic witness and expertise offered by the commission members. All parties work
collaboratively to build consensus.
The commission is consultative and is not a decision making body. Members cannot act apart from the
pastor and the principal and cannot address issues or make decisions binding on the parish school
without approval of the principal and pastor. The pastor and principal will not make significant decisions
in functional areas listed below until and unless the school commission has been consulted. When the
commission meets as pastor, principal, and commission members, and agrees on a policy matter, the
decision is effective and binding on all.
Commission responsibilities include:
• Facilities and Infrastructure
• School and Parish Relationships
• School Finance
• Development and Marketing
• Alumni Relations
• Long Range Planning
Applicants should meet the following criteria:
• Be available to attend monthly meetings and periodic in-service programs;
• Be an active members of the parish (21 or older) and/or parents/guardians of students of St. Joseph
School (Note: A non-Catholic parent is eligible to serve.);
• Maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality;
• Be a credible witness of the Catholic faith (or to one’s own religion) to the school community and
• Be willing to support commission decisions even if they do not completely agree; and
• Support the Archdiocesan/parish/school philosophy and mission working as a group member in a
spirit of cooperation and consensus.
A commission member’s term is 3 years, beginning in June.
Candidates will participate in a discernment process, which includes Peg Johnston and the current St.
Joseph School Commission.
Interested parents should complete the attached form and return it to the school office.
If you have questions, please contact Greg Mahoney at [email protected]
St. Joseph School
School Commission Application 2016
School Commission Applicant:
Thank you for your interest in joining the School Commission. Commission terms are for 3 years.
Members joining this year will begin their term in June 2016 and end in June 2019. If you would like
additional information on the function of the School Commission please contact Greg Mahoney at
[email protected]
Please help us understand your background and the qualifications you would bring to the Commission
by completing the questions below. Please type your answers under each question. When you finish,
please return it to the school office. You can print and drop off your application at the front desk
at either campus or email it as an attachment to [email protected]
Greg Mahoney
SJS School Commission Chair
St. Joseph School
School Commission Application 2016
Parish you are registered at:
Names/Grades of children at the school (if any):
Educational and Professional Background:
Previous/Current Volunteer Activities at St. Joseph School/Parish, Mary, Queen of Peace Parish, or Our
Lady of Sorrows Parish (list Parish, dates, and volunteer activity):
Why do you want to serve on the St. Joseph School Commission?
What percent of each month do you travel for work?
St. Joseph School
School Commission Application 2016
Which committee do you feel you could best support? Check as many as you like and provide some
details on your experience /desire to contribute. The various committees are listed below:
Finance - Provide assistance to the principal in managing the financial resources of the school and
conduct long-range financial planning to secure the long-term financial future of the school.
Development/marketing – Assist the principal with marketing, fundraising and alumni relations to
increase the enrollment of the school. Establish an SJS Alumni Home Page and Newsletter to
communicate graduate’s accomplishments.
Discernment/School and Parish Relations – Promote, evaluate, and strengthen inter-parish
collaborations for SJS. Involve SJS students in the parish life of contributing parishes and encourage
enrollment of children from contributing parishes. Increase parent/adult volunteers.
Planning – Assist the principal in long-range strategic planning. Coordinate the SJS 5-Year
Development Plan and monitor progress. Coordinate and publish the State of the School Report.
Ensure SJS infrastructure and facilities support a learning and teaching environment.
Please select a committee(s) and submit background on your choice(s):

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