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Rivas, Nicaragua
Ometepe Island, often promoted as one of the world wonders, is
really unique. Ometepe means ‘two hills’ in the Náhuatl
language, referring to the two impressive volcanoes that have
formed the island. The fact that one is dormant and the other still
active creates a surprisingly variated flora & fauna on just a few
square kilometers.
On the one hand, there is the still active Concepción volcano,
with its 1610 meters
rs the highest of the two has a dry tropical
climate and the soil therefore does not support a lot of
vegetation, which makes climbing it an especially dry and warm
On the other hand, there is the Maderas volcano (1394 meters), covered with hum
id tropical rainforest and therefore tough as
well. During this climb you will certainly hear and probably see howler monkeys. Also, the white
throated magpie jay is a very
common bird to spot.
Besides the volcanoes Ometepe also offers some great beaches, which are not crowded at all. Here you can enjoy the fresh
water of Lake Nicaragua. But Ometepe is not all about nature: it also is one of the main finding places of pre-Columbian
remnants, most significantly the so-called
called petroglyphs, which are old india
n rock carvings of mostly animals. You can find them
scattered all over the island.
The island is quite easy to reach from Granada as well as from Costa Rica and you will take a scenic boat trip of about 45
minutes before reaching Moyogalpa, the main town on the island.
Enjoy Ometepe!
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Macua Tours, S. A.
Carr. Panamericana 112km, Texaco 150m Norte
Contiguo al Casino Atlantic City
Rivas, Nicaragua
Full Island Tour
Natural marvels and Pre-columbian
columbian relics
You will get to know the island, guided by a local expert guide. The island highlights will be
visited, such as:
Finca Magdalena
This community farm is the starting point for climbing the Madras volcano and is situated
right at the foot of this volcano. In the area around the finca several rock carvings
(petroglyphs) can be found. Your guide will show you around and tell about the island
Ojo de Agua + beach
This water source is situated not to far from the lakeside, with the terrific beach of Santo
Domingo with views towards both volcanoes. If you take your swim wear, you can take a
quick dive!
This little town has an interesting Pre-Columbian
Columbian museum with some well
indigenous statues and ceramics.
Duration: 4 hours
- Start: 08:00 | 14:00
- End: 12:00 | 18:00
up at hotel, Transportation, Entrace
fees, Bilingual guide.
San Ramón - Hike to the waterfall
Halfway up the Maderas volcano for a fresh shower!
Ometepe is all about hiking in the impressive nature. People who find the challenge of one of
the two volcanoes a little bit too much, but are still in good condition, should really do the hike to
the San Ramón waterfall (height waterfall: 50 meters).
You will start at the forested foot of the southern slope of the Maderas volcano and hike for
about 2 hours to reach the waterfall, where you can cool off a little from the effort in a small
bathing area and feeling the force of the water falling down on you.
he hike is not very tough, but temperatures and humidity can be high and toughen the climb.
Even in dry season the waterfall offers an impressive sight.
Be sure to bring water, swimming gear (underneath your regular clothes) and at least one big
bottle of water. And good shoes of course, preferably hiking shoes.
Duration: 4 hours
- Start: 08:00
- End: 12:00
up at hotel, Transportation,
Bilingual guide.
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Macua Tours, S. A.
Carr. Panamericana 112km, Texaco 150m Norte
Contiguo al Casino Atlantic City
Rivas, Nicaragua
Hike up the dormant Maderas
Fysical challenge in wet tropical cloud forest
After breakfast you will head for the Finca Magdalena, the starting point of this hiking day.
This traditional community farm is situated at the eastern slope of the Maderas volcano.
During an agricultural tour you will also encounter several pre
pre-Columbian remnants, the
authentic indian rock-carvings.
Then you will start the climb of the Maderas, with its exorbitant flora & fauna. The climb
starts off quite steep, but the trail is in good condition. The climb is har
hard and a good
condition is required, but the reward is also there: white
white-faced and howler monkeys are
clearly present in the dense forest and abundant flora & fauna will keep you motivated. If
weather conditions are rainy, the climb will be even more challe
After a tough clim you will reach the top and the mystic crater lake, where you can descend
into as well, using some ropes. We recommend to bring about 3 liters of water and good
hiking shoes.
Duration: 11 hours
- Start: 07:00
- End: 18
Transportation, Entrance fees,
Bilingual guide.
Hike up the active Concepción
Fysical challenge in dry tropical cloud forest
Early in the morning you will head for the foot of this impressive active volcano. From
Urbaite, you will start climbing, passing coffee and banana plantations. Stunning nature and
great views can be expected on the way up, but be prepared for a tough day of climbing.
After passing the treeline, the sun can be overwhelming, but the views get even bet
better. It will
be necessary to climb over rocks for the last bit to the top, because the trail is rather rough
And, if you are lucky, the sky is clear at the top and views are superb. Seeing sulfur smoke
getting up from the crater is a simply magnificent
cent and satisfactory thrill.
Bring along at least 3 liters of water and some good hiking shoes. If the challenge is a bot
too much, it is also possible to do the climb half
half-way, still an unforgettable experience.
Duration: 13 hours
- Start: 06:00
- End: 19
Transportation, Complementary drink,
Bilingual guide, Entrace fees.
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