Spread the Word The International Day
for Dreamers was
created to unite the
world in
achievement and
aspiration by
setting aside a day to
inspire, encourage the
dreamer, visionary
and innovator that
lives inside all of us.
We believe that when
people are moving
forward with their
dreams, not only are
they happier, but they
are more innovative.
Innovation is essential
to creating a better
world and we are on a
journey to unleash a
wave of innovation
around the world.
Our mission is to
support individuals,
organizations and
communities in
closing the
Actualization Gap—
the divide that exists
between their
aspirations and their
ability to achieve
them. We invite you to use
DreamDay to BE the
change you want to
see in this world.
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Held within each dream is hope for the future and held within each dreamer is a
wealth of potential. DreamDay2013, seeks to unlock the potential held within
individual and collective dreams and by doing so transform the world.
What is DreamDay 2013?
DreamDay is an international celebration of setting dreams in motion. Every year,
many countries around the world honor the ability to labor with labor holidays. On
Saturday, August 24th, the weekend before Labor Day in America, individuals,
businesses communities and organizations all over the world will celebrate the
ability to turn thoughts into action by honoring a simple truth: before one labors, one
must dream.
***ANYONE can participate in DreamDay from ANYWHERE in the world.***
What will actually happen on that day?
DreamDay2013 is a day of activation. On or before August 24th, participants will
download a digital toolkit, as well as have access to FREE tools and resources that
will support them in setting their dreams in motion. Participants are invited to
engage in activities of their choosing, as well as create their own unique contribution
(DreamWork) for themselves, their family, friends, colleagues and community.
Here are a a few examples of what people created last year: GreenDreamers
Roundtable (Manhattan), DreamBathing at the beach (St. Lucia), DreamYoga
(Australia), DreamRoulette at Governor’s Picnic (Canada), Dream Dating (Atlanta),
TeenDreamers (Nigeria), [email protected] (Brooklyn), DreamPoetry (Chicago).
Have a picnic/BBQ, host a Dream gathering, stage a flashmob, create a community
workshop, dance party or a social soiree… Head over to here for more ideas…
We invite you to participate in these Key DreamDay Activities:
Dream Declarations: Take time out of the day to focus on a dream, a goal, a desire and
think of three actions you could take to make this dream real.
Dream Dialogues: All it takes is one conversation to change your life. Sign up to engage in
a 20 minute conversation as either a giver or receiver. Giver helps someone explore a long
held dream while the receiver explores one for themselves. Have the conversation in
person or over skype/google+. Register and have a conversation that creates +change.
DreamDay Celebrations: Gather anyone from your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers,
and colleagues to celebrate what is possible in your life, business, community. Meet other
people who can help you transform your dreams into reality.
This sounds great, but what’s the REAL PURPOSE behind DreamDay?
Dreamers are the backbone of change and innova4on and it’s 4me they be honored. DreamDay is an open invitation for the world to innovate and try something new that
moves all of us in the direction of our dreams. On that day, Individuals, businesses
communities and organizations all over the world will declare their dreams and
commit to one action that creates change in a life, a family, an organization (private/
public sector) and/or a community—for the better. All of these actions in concert
contribute to the creation of a better world, filled with brand new possibilities. Check
to see if there is a celebration going on near you. If not, create it!
The world needs dreamers. The world needs doers. but above all the world needs dreamers that do.
~Sarah Ban Breathnach

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