these came back kiyo FNL



these came back kiyo FNL
K i y o , a girl w i t h sloe eyes, long, dark b r o w n hair, beautiful
smile and confident manner, is Eurasian. Her father was
Japanese, a dentist i n Boston; her mother was American
born, of Scots-English extraction. K i y o is short for K i y o k o ,
which means "pure running water." She is an esoteric astrologer. Esoteric is defined as "hidden, taught only to a select
number, not intended for the general body of disciples," as
opposed to exoteric, that which is outside and exposed to
the public, which is how most astrologists read charts.
K i y o showed up o n the arm of Jess Stearn, author of The
Search for the Girl with the Green Eyes and other books o n
the supernormal. Jess was doing a new book dealing w i t h
some phases of astrology and was getting research material
f r o m K i y o . They rounded out the group of eight at our table
in a restaurant i n Sherman Oaks, California. The occasion
was the monthly "Sun Sign" dinner get-together of noted
astrologers, students, and those knowledgeable i n parapsychology and the occult. The wife of a top Los Angeles official
was present, i n company w i t h her friend, a well-known
woman psychologist.
D u r i n g the cocktail hour before dinner I managed to learn
the f o l l o w i n g information f r o m K i y o : She was b o r n in this
country. A t an early age she went to Japan and was educated
i n a school conducted by Canadian teachers. H e r psychic
abilities developed at an early age. Recollections of former
lives have been constant w i t h her for years. She has done
astral projection (out-of-body travel) frequently. After becoming an astrologist she found she could pick up o n the
person being read for, and thereby go deeper into the natal
chart, so she entered the field of esoteric astrology.
W h e n I t o l d K i y o the subject of this book, she handed
me her card and asked me to call her when I had a chance
because she might possibly have something that w o u l d interest
me. When I called upon the lovely lady, this is what she
t o l d me:
" I started having very special dreams at a very young age.
I was aware when I had t h e m — a t ages six, seven, and eight
— t h a t they were not just the ordinary type of dreams. They
were different f r o m the dreams you can logically relate to
daily events. Because I had so many reincarnative dreams as
a child, I didn't think it was anything that special. M y recollections have stayed w i t h me, losing no detail, year after year.
" I had another very impressive dream experience. I n that
dream I found myself w a l k i n g alone i n what appeared to be
the desert. The sky was s e m i d a r k — n o t so dark you couldn't
see anything, though. I could see m y destination as I walked
to it. I t was the very majestic stone w a l l and gate of an
ancient walled city. I t was impressed upon me that the color
of that w a l l was definitely a reddish-brown. I remember
m a k i n g particular note of that. There were a number of
people streaming i n and out of the gate. I t was extremely
busy and large, and seemed to be a merchant city. Everybody was o n foot, carrying goods piled high o n their shoulders, bundles o n their heads.
" I was me doing the l o o k i n g and the w a l k i n g , b u t I was
dressed i n baggy clothes, d a r k i n color. I was carrying a
bundle and I could feel its weight. I don't k n o w what was i n
it, but I k n o w I took good care of it because I had the
feeling someone might steal i t i f I d i d n ' t h o l d onto i t . I was
a merchant, definitely.
"As I walked through the gate and into the city, I spoke
to people or they spoke to me—as you do i n a small t o w n .
I was about eighteen when this dream happened. I n the
dream I was a man of about f o r t y . "
K i y o also took me into another experience she had d u r i n g
the same time p e r i o d :
" A boy and I were running, and I knew for a fact that he
was m y brother, and I knew we were i n the Orient. I had
quite a number of Oriental dreams about my past lives over
there. I felt this one was i n I n d i a . W e were street u r c h i n s —
not the grandiose princesses, holy men, and kings so many
people conjure up for themselves as their former lives. I
was an u r c h i n g i r l , pure and simple. I was d i r t y and was
looking desperately for food. W e b o t h were, m y brother and
I . I was about eleven or twelve, and we were so d i r t y it was
hard to tell the difference between us. I was older than my
brother. W e must have done something w r o n g , because I
remember we were running for our lives and there were
people chasing us, screaming at us. We were r u n n i n g on a
double street—a m a i n street that was higher up w i t h another
street lower d o w n o n the same parallel. W e were b o t h very
scared and were crying. This must have been an actual experience, because it left such a deep, painful impression.
" A s we were being chased, we r a n d o w n off the street
and along a river bank. There was shrubbery growing alongside i t . A l t h o u g h I didn't go right up to the edge of the water,
I was aware of its existence and I knew my way around
completely. I was totally f a m i l i a r w i t h the surroundings. I
knew we didn't live right there by the river. We were some
distance f r o m our o w n home and I wondered i f we w o u l d
ever get back t o i t .
" W e ran and h i d i n some shrubbery, but it was too late.
The people chasing us hauled us out of our hiding place and
began beating us while they took us back t o w a r d the street.
I felt the beating so v i v i d l y that i t awakened me and I was
crying my eyes out. T h e recollection of that former life
incident has never left me.
"There was another reincarnative dream. W h e n I t o l d my
parents about the dreams, they just smiled. I n this one I lived
i n a desert area, i n what can only be called a skin house—a
tentlike dwelling made of animal skins. I have the feeling I
was a male i n that life. This time I was also an urchin. I n this
recollection I was reliving the experience of watching a huge
structure being built. This huge, r o u n d , gigantic piece of
architecture was going up, and we kids w o u l d sit on the w a l l
and o n the sand and watch the men b u i l d i t , day after day,
year after year. As time went o n , i n the dream, I w o u l d go
back and see the progress of the b u i l d i n g (and I was growing
physically all this t i m e ) . I could see the change f r o m being
a child to being a young adult, then middle-aged. This all
happened i n one dream, and i t seemed to span many, many
" I watched the w o r k m e n finally w o r k on the demi-relief
that was placed around the structure. The demi-relief was of
hunters w i t h animals that looked like antelope. The antelope
were harnessed to what appeared to be a carriage or chariot.
"Later, i n the last part of the dream when I went back to
see what they had done to the demi-relief, the antelope were
all painted. The whole demi-relief was i n brilliant blue, and
I thought that was rather peculiar. I found out later that the
Egyptians were the only people who were able to concoct that
deep, vibrant, cerulean blue, and to this day some of it has
remained o n various Egyptian artifacts. I t was extremely
lasting, and noted for its intensity and brilliance.
" A n o t h e r thing that amazed me was that, despite the sandy
terrain and the brilliant sun, which normally w o u l d be extremely hot, I never got the feeling that the heat was that
extreme. W e hear today that E g y p t is very hot and dry, but
it wasn't like that i n the days I am t a l k i n g about.
" I n another dream of that period, and about the same area,
I was w a l k i n g alone over beautiful meadowland where the
grass was quite high. I t wasn't like cropped grass only a few
inches high, or even pastureland that has been grazed by
animals. The grass was almost waist- and, at times, eye-level
" I walked up a h i l l and came to a very beautiful lake.
Reflected i n i t was a fantastic snow-white structure. This apparently was nothing new to me because I accepted it w i t h o u t
question or amazement and proceeded to walk toward i t . The
building was so gigantic that when you got up to i t you
couldn't see either end of i t . I t looked like an enormous
palace. There were literally hundreds of steps leading up to
the top of i t , and I had to sit d o w n before reaching the top.
The weather was temperate and there was a cool breeze.
"The structure I was c l i m b i n g was one of the Pyramids,
and it was faced or covered w i t h white marble. A t one time
the Pyramids were faced w i t h white marble, but they were
pillaged over the ages until all that remains is what we see
today. I ' d never been told that, but this was my recollection
when I returned to that former life. W h e n the Pyramids were
built, that one anyway, the whole country, the w e a t h e r —
everything was different f r o m the way i t has been for thousands of years.
" I have also had one recollection that has to do w i t h another planet. This wasn't a dream but a light trance. I ' d been
practicing meditation, and I fell into a light trance. I wasn't
frightened. I remember being just a wee b i t lonely o n that
other planet. I was intrigued by the pure beauty and the
adventure of i t , and that emotion overwhelmed any anxiety
I had. I found myself w a l k i n g along a very wide river bed.
The gravel or sand I was w a l k i n g on was just like fine beach
sand, but this was not a beach. I w o u l d say the river bed was
about a mile wide; it was not a little river. There was a
gentle slope on the bank I was nearest to, and I noticed the
stones were larger, as though they had been pushed out of
the way by the action of water rushing down the middle of
the bed. The air was extremely clean and clear.
" A l o n g the way I saw what appeared to be a group of
buildings set about a mile apart. They looked f r o m a distance
as if they were made of mother-of-pearl, done i n freeform
sculpture. I remember marveling at a particularly tall structure, at its size and great beauty and the way the mother-ofpearl texture glistened. The buildings didn't seem strange to
m e — I knew what they were. There were what appeared to
be r o u n d holes punctured through the outside of the structure.
" I walked f r o m the river bed up the bank, went over to
one of them, and just stood there l o o k i n g at it close up. Those
structures were actually gigantic clams! They were set o n end,
the base embedded i n the ground and the other end projecting up at least fifty to sixty feet into the air. I f those clams
were sitting o n end, it w o u l d suggest that at one time this
whole area had been under water, possibly under a sea, and
as the water receded the w i n d and water took all the debris
f r o m around them and left them upended the way they were.
T h e w i n d was b l o w i n g through those r o u n d freeform holes
and it was a beautiful sound, almost as if i t had been
" I felt I was going to meet m y father, that further o n up
was a city or t o w n where he l i v e d — t h a t m y fam.ily was
there and I w o u l d meet m y father. I wasn't i n a strange or
alien land. This dream sequence happened when I was about
twelve years o l d . M y o w n father was very m u c h alive at the
time, but i n m y dream m y father, o n the other planet, was
someone else, another man.
"There were tree stumps o n that planet; they weren't alive
and flourishing—they were petrified stumps, highly polished
by the action of the sand and the w i n d , the way the glacial
rocks have been polished by the w i n d and water i n Yosemite
National Park. The first time I saw them, they immediately
put me i n m i n d of the ones I ' d seen—different, yet the same.
" I ' m not claiming this planet was Neptune, b u t the feeling
was that of Neptune. I don't k n o w if Neptune has any water
o n i t now, but i f that's where I was in that life it was a dying
planet, dying f r o m lack of water.
"This next was one of the later dreams. I t was i n the fall
about eight years ago. I went to Death Valley w i t h m y former
husband. We got there late i n the afternoon, went through the
museum, looked things over through the telescope outside.
and Sleeping
Being very tired, I ate dinner and went to bed. Even though
I ' d seen some things i n the museum and looked out over the
valley, I don't believe that what I dreamed could have had
any bearing o n what I ' d seen. The dream was detailed, i n
color, and I was back there i n another life. T h e place where
we were staying is called Wildrose Junction. There are lodges
for rent and a restaurant.
"Death Valley is probably one of the most desolate places
I've ever been, but there is a stark beauty about the place
that is haunting. There is nothing but mountains, sand and
rocks, and strange formations.
"This dream recollection shook me to my very timbers.
When I awoke i n the m o r n i n g , I said, ' I can't believe i t . I
can't possibly believe i t . ' I made m y husband go w i t h me and
we walked the whole area while I talked my dream. I had
been there before!
" I don't k n o w how many thousands of years ago it was.
I pointed out over the whole area and told my husband that
this area had at one time been a beautiful sea—not a lake
but a sea. There had been a number of small islands rising
right near the m o u n t a i n where we were, and the place where
we were standing had been an island at one time. The water
had been, like most sea-water, salt.
" I was an A m e r i c a n I n d i a n . U n l i k e what we are given to
know about the Indians, living i n tribes w i t h a few here and
a few there, this was a booming city, an extremely progressive
city. I n m y dream I was w a l k i n g up a very steep street—like
walking up a h i l l . I t wasn't so steep that people couldn't walk
up; it was more like the steep streets i n San Francisco, made
of hard-packed d i r t , but not as wide as our city streets. T h e
people were red-skinned and rather small i n stature. A c t u a l l y ,
we were more a yellow-red; this I remember distinctly.
" I was a child, running up and d o w n the street. People
were w a l k i n g back and f o r t h , carrying shoulder poles of
merchandise—not the yoke type of the Far East b u t carrying
the poles over their shoulders w i t h baskets hanging f r o m
them, front to rear. M o s t of the men were not wearing anything f r o m the waist up. They had o n what appeared to be a
sort of knee-length short skirt, w i t h a border design—a b i t
like Swastika patterns. I have the definite feeling that we were
Aztec I n d i a n s — I don't k n o w h o w we got there, but there we
were, and flourishing. There were many trees a b o u t — a l o t
of greenery.
" I had no feeling that we were a w i l d or pugnacious people.
We were interested i n commerce, trade, fishing, some agriculture, and we were a happy people. The temperature was
hot, but not unbearable the way i t is now, and there was a
nice breeze blowing. Later, when I read up o n the k n o w n
history of the area, I was amazed to find that there were
fossil shells, bones, and fish skeletons of every k i n d that live
i n ocean salt water. I n m y dream I saw the body of water.
A n d we had bicycles! They didn't look like bicycles we have
today, of course, and we had carts w i t h big wooden wheels."
K i y o didn't k n o w i t , but Indians have been found buried
i n caves above what was once the water line i n that area.
The Indians buried their dead sitting up i n vases of o i l , and
caves w i t h the vases containing the I n d i a n mummies have
been and are being found even today. The culture dates back
fifteen thousand years, to a time when that area was lush and