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The Egypt
In recent years, Egypt has undergone
record development in the ICT sector
and is now one of the leading and most
dynamic locations in the world for business
outsourcing, knowledge processing, software
development, and call center management.
Egypt continues to develop its core business
proposition – based on the excellent quality,
cost-effective talent pool within the country
– so that it can continue to offer an attractive
solution to investors in the outsourcing and
wider IT markets.
ITIDA is dedicated to promoting,
developing and growing Egypt’s
ICT industry.
ITIDA is the executive IT arm of the Ministry of
Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)
and is located in the heart of a modern business
environment at the Smart Village.
The Information Technology Industry
Development Agency (ITIDA) is the Egyptian
business partner making sure that you get all
the help you need. Its primary goal is building
the capacities of local IT companies, attracting
and servicing multinational IT companies,
and growing a qualified, sustainable, and
deployable talent pool.
Led by Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Yasser Elkady,
ITIDA extends a helping hand to your business and
provides the Egyptian IT industry with the right
tools to increase IT/ITES exports. ITIDA is aware
of the importance of innovation and talent to
your prosperity and that is why it leaves no stone
unturned to ensure sustainable talent supply and
great innovations.
Through various services and incentives, ITIDA is
committed to supporting the numerous companies
that have already invested in Egypt and to growing and developing Egypt’s position as a leading
outsourcing destination.
Software Engineering
Competence Center
Objectives behind participation:
SECC aims at exporting its expertise and services
to the Middle East and Africa. GITEX Dubai is
an ideal opportunity for introducing SECC to
the Gulf markets, especially that a large number
of companies and authorities in this particular
region have shown keens on cooperating with
SECC. Through participating in the Egyptian
pavilion sponsored by ITIDA, SECC experts will
be able to meet many customers and market its
services. SECC has the capability of performing
all kinds of consultations, training and assessment
services pertaining to the software and IT service
management industry.
Expectations and returns:
Contracts with clients and partnership agreements.
Background about company:
In June 2001, the Software Engineering
Competence Center (SECC) was inaugurated
as part of the efforts sponsored by Ministry of
Communications and Information Technology
(MCIT) to support Information Technology Industry
in Egypt.
In year 2005, SECC was merged into the
Information Technology Industry Development
Agency (ITIDA). ITIDA is a governmental
organization developing IT industry in Egypt.
SECC has the mission of working with ICT
Companies in improving the process and content
of their product or service production, by providing
services that enhance their technical competence
and improve their internal capabilities
Leading organization in enhancing the Quality,
Efficiency & Level of Innovation of the ICT
companies to improve their global competitiveness.
SECC is a partner to the Software Engineering
Institute in USA. Through cooperation with
European Software Institute in Spain, SECC
established ESICenter SECC. SECC was appointed
by the Egyptian Software Testing Board as the sole
Examination/Certification body ISTQB certificates in
Egypt. SECC is as an ISEB (Information Systems
Examination Board) Accredited Training Partner and
ISEB Accredited Training Organization and Exam
Center for the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT
Service Management.
SECC’s services include:
SECC’s current services belong to the following
groups. SECC provides training, consultancy,
assessment and certification services.
• CMMI-DEV: Capability Maturity Model
Integration for Development
• SPIG: Software Process Improvement Guide
• TSP/PSP: Team Software Process/Personal
Software Process
• Embedded Software
• Software Reuse
• Software Testing
• ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure
• CMMI-SVC: Capability Maturity Model
Integration for Services
• Agile
• Six Sigma
• ISTQB (International Software Testing
Qualifications Board) Certification
• Training
Contact details
Sherine Samir FaragAllah
International Business Development Unit Head
[email protected]
Mobile:+20 01001617558
Tel: Fax: +202 35345209
+202 25392134
Smart Village, Building 121
Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
Giza, Egypt 12577
[email protected]
700apps was established in 2012
to provide mobile application
and software solutions according
to the regional demands; with
high, reliable, and cost-effective
capabilities. 700apps has a unique
methodology of building dynamic
features, content mobile apps, and
innovative solutions.
AB Tech International
Products & Services
We are the first company in Egypt &
ME that had in less than 4 months
around 50 live-mobile applications
across all platforms & mobile stores
“Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows
phone, Samsung & Black Berry”.
Contact details
Sherif Osama
General Manager
[email protected] Mobile +2 01000536965
Tel: Fax: +2 040 3316550
+2 040 3316550
AB TECH is an Egyptian company
that is specialized in the production
of computer programs for the
business and government sectors.
The company also provides
solutions, information systems, and
implementation of projects in the
IT sector. With global headquarters
of the company in Cairo and two
branches in United Arab Emirates,
one at Ras Al-Khaimah and another
at Dubai. We cover all of Egypt since
2007 and UAE as well, however, we
can work anywhere depending on
the project. The company has a lot
of agents all over the Arab countries.
700apps 2B fathi Basha,
Tanta, Egypt.
Products & Services
We specialize in web design and
development, financial program
optimization, web marketing, eCommerce, content writing, and
graphic and logo design. We build
web solutions; which evolve with the
changing needs of your business.
Contact details
Hussein Ali
Project Coordinator
[email protected]
Mobile:+2 01066628197
Tel: Fax:
+2 050 2100233
+2 050 2101823
AB Tech International
Saad Zaghlol St.
Mansoura, Egypt
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Alex for Programming
Alex Centre for Multimedia &
Libraries (ACML) works in e-Content
and has software applications in
Library Automation and e-Content
Management. ACML is the
distributor for 32 International
publishers in Egypt and Middle East
for e -Content tools.
Products & Services
•LIBRARIAN: An Integrated Library
Management System (ILMS)
•Wolrd E-Books Library (WEL)
•EndNote Tool for research
•SIAM digital Library
Alex for Programming is a software
company located in Alexandria. The
company is working in many trade
Contact details
Dr. Shawki Salem
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005001289
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
Accounting software, electronic
Bascol, and Customs Clearance.
Contact details
Amr Soliman Mostafa
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01110011350
Tel: Fax: +2 03 3583581
+2 03 3583582
Alex for Programming
368 Abd-Elsalam Aref Victorya,
Alexandria, Egypt.
+2 03 5411741
+2 03 5411742
ACML (Alex Centre for
Multimedia & Libraries)
181 Ahmed Shawky St., Roushdy,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Al Ola Modern Systems
Al-Ola Modern Systems was
founded in 1986, providing the local
and regional market with software,
hardware, and information solutions
in fields of imaging solution,
archiving, microfilms, education,
item banking, printing, and
scanning. Al-Ola Modern Systems
aims to utilize its professional human
resources and partnerships (business
partnerships, agencies, distribution
& joint ventures, etc.) with the
pioneers of the IT industry in Egypt
and the world to provide the best
and highest quality information
solutions to its customers and
meet their needs and provide
distinguished services after sales.
Products & Services
Al-Ola Modern Systems provide the
market with a lot of high-quality
and efficient products and services
to meet the needs of the market
and customers. Most important of
which are:
•Item Bank Solutions
•Statistical Analyzer Solutions
•Quality & Accreditation Solutions
•Archiving Solutions
•Scantron Survey Solutions
•Classroom Testing
•OMR Scanners
•Xerox Document Scanners
•Multifunction Devices
•Laser and Solid Ink Network
•Indus Planetary Overhead Book
•Operation & Archiving Solutions
•Bell + Howell Scanners
•Mekel Microfilm and Micro-fiche
•Crowley Microfilm, Microfiche,
Book and Document Scanners
•PCs, Notebooks, & Servers
•Technical support
Contact details
Mohamed Abdel Latif Hussien
Software Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001172578
Tel: Fax: +2 02 24181621
+2 02 26901298
Al Ola Modern Systems
19 Rabaa Investment Project, Flat 3,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Arab Company for Computer
Manufacturing Founded as an
Egyptian Share Holder Enterprise
for Electronics & Computers
Manufacturing in 2004, started
operation by Dec. 2005 under
the Law of Investments, initial
Investment capital is 25 million USD,
share Holders are Al-Kharafi Group
(71%), the rest ( 39%) is shared
between Telecom Egypt, Ministry
of Education, Arab Industrialization
Corporation AOI,NOMP Banha,
and Akhbar El-Youm Investment
Products & Services
ACCM will display the following
sate of the Art products and facilities
during its participation in Gitex 2012
(All proudly made in Egypt)
•ACCM Telefunken full line of
Tablet PCs featuring single and
new dual core processors with
both WIFI and 3G capabilities
•ACCM/Emak E learning tablet
solutions and platforms for
educational institutions.
•ACCM Telefunken New break
through HDMI dongle that convert
any LCD or LED TV to Smart a TV
with full internet access.
•ACCM Telefunken complete line of
LED, 3D and Smart TVs.
•ACCM Blaupunkt complete line of
LED, 3D and smart TVs.
•ACCM Blaupunkt complete line
of Audio visual and computer
•ACCM facilities for CE companies
looking to outsource their
manufacturing or assembly
business to a regional Arab and/
or African company to benefit
form the tax exemptions and
other incentives given to Egyptian
companies through Egypt’s various
trade agreements like: the Arab
league free trade agreement,
COMESA trade agreement and
Aghadeer trade agreement
Contact details
Dr. Hesham Abd Al-Ghaffar
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005566222
Tel: Fax: +2 03 46650285
+2 03 46650284
Arab Company for Computer
(Al-Kharafi Group)
El Obour Industrial City, Lot 14
Industrial zone A,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
AlKhawarizmy Software
alKhawarizmy Software is an
Egyptian company working in the
Arabic Natural Language Processing
(NLP) field. Despite the complex
nature of the Arabic language and
its unique structure, alKhawarizmy
takes the challenge to provide
the Arabic user with multiple
applications that are competent
with the Arabic language, in
order to simplify the way the user
interacts with Arabic electronic
content. The company was the
3rd-prize winner in the Business Plan
Competition under the auspices of
the Egyptian Ministry of Information
and Communications Technology
(Incubated for three years 20072010). alKhawarizmy Software was
also the 3rd Best Entrepreneur in
Egypt and awarded ‘Best Cultural
Project’ over 100 Mediterranean
Countries, in December 2010.
Moreover, the company won the
2nd prize in the MIT Arab Business
Plan Competition, in June 2011
and was among the top 20 SMEs in
InfoDevs (World Bank Group) Global
Forum, in June 2011. The company
was also awarded the Best Scientific
Project in His Highness Sheikh Salem
Al-Ali Al-Sabbah’s Informatics Prize
in Kuwait, in March 2012.
Products & Services
We have developed an innovative
Arabic search engine that alleviates
the pain that the Arabic search user
suffers from; this pain manifests
itself in an unmet need to obtain
useful and meaningful Arabic search
results. Our search engine searches
using all forms of a word in Arabic
through a morphological analyzer
and it also returns results using the
meanings of the words that the user
intend. We have developed a wordsemantic-based ranking algorithm
that brings the search results
containing meanings that are closest
to the query words at the top of the
search results. Our embedded search
engine can be installed in Arabic
websites; including government
portals and Arabic enterprises, to
provide the above value-proposition
to search users. At Gitex Dubai,
we intend to launch our first beta
prototype consumer search engine
Dawwarly (dawwarly.com), based
on the same technology as the
embedded search engine.
ArabSoftware Company has
been working online since 2005,
providing Web services like; Web
Development, Graphic Design,
Magazine Design and Web Hosting.
Since the turnout on us is becoming
larger, we decided to establish our
UAE branch in October 2010 in
Ajman Free zone. We pride ourselves
to manage a lot of popular brand
Products & Services
•Web Development
•Website Management
•Web Hosting and Security
•Online Marketing Solutions
Contact details
Ibrahim Hamdy
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01210699991
Tel: Fax: +2 02 38363480
+2 02 38366468
6A Ramo Building, Elahay Elmoataiz,
6th of October, Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Contact details
Dr. Hossam Mahgoub
President and CEO
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01020440100
Tel: Fax: +2 02 26349912
+2 02 26349912
AlKhawarizmy Software
12 Abdallah Abou El-Seoud St.,
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Ark Development
Ark Development is an application
development and web design
company that has provided
services for SMEs and non-profit
organizations since 2007. The
company was originally founded to
give developers in the Middle East
a stake in the global information
economy. Ark Development has
recently become the development
arm for several International
software companies serving the
non-profitable sector and different
community associations. Ark
Development understands how to
help its clients to effectively conduct
business on the Internet. We
uniquely meld high-touch project
management and high-level business
knowledge with expert development
assets. Moreover, we work closely
with our clients to create affordable
solutions. We are able to consistently
surpass our clients’ expectations
via clear communication, fast
development, and clean and
effective code. We stake our
reputation on our ability to provide
the highest levels of customer
service and support. In 2009, the
Egyptian Government sponsored
Ark Development’s participation in
a Software Process Improvement
Project. During the same year Ark
Development became both CMMI
and ISO certified company.
Armada was established two years
ago, supporting several customers
(Unilever Mashreq & Novartis
pharma) in innovative IT solutions.
Armada founders decided to
compete in the technology track
by introducing innovative solutions
like Armada’s last project, Taree2.
com, for traffic monitoring and jam
combating using GPS-plugged-in
smart phones.
Products & Services
•Software development &
Geographical distance is no
obstacle when coming to Software
Development. Our dedicated
developers and team of skilled
programmers will produce the
high quality results you need at
unbeatable costs. The team is
qualified, responsible, helpful, and
always walking the extra mile.
•Advocacy Campaigns &
Personalized Videos:
Personalized videos technology
adds a new dimension on your
advertising campaigns; because
it allows you to engage your
audience and make them a part of
your story. This creates a greater
motive to interact with your
organization, advocate for change
and share your video with others.
•TAQAT . e-Strategic Management
TAQAT is a practical framework
which leverages best-practice
management methods to facilitate
the way your organization does
business. TAQAT modules include
project management, strategic
planning, organizational learning,
knowledge management,
communications and strategic
•Web Services for Charitable
We have a strong experience in
delivering web solutions for the
Non Profit Sector. We integrate
several tools (website, emails &
newsletters, donations portals,
social Networks, etc.) to convert
visitors to donors or volunteers.
Products & Services
Taree2: Mobile application based
on GPS technology for overcoming
traffic jams and monitoring traffic.
Smart Planogram: Web and mobile
application used by merchandising
departments in FCMGs.
Customized mobile and web
applications (Voltaren applications)
Web campaigns and Facebook
campaigns (lipton Dahab – Cono
Contact details
Ayman Yousef
Business Development manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01229998302
Tel: Fax: +2 03 37116450
+2 03 37116450
12 Abd elmenam St., Imbaba,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Contact details
Amgad Kaldas
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222459729
Tel: Fax: +2 02 4015674
+2 02 4015674
Ark Development
5 El riyada St.
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Back&Front Information Technology
Services S.A.E. was established in
2009. The company offers industryspecific, efficient, high quality,
innovative and affordable software
products, and business services for
retail customers and suppliers. Our
products and services are designed
to align with the retail industry best
practices, offering our customers
the best in class-operations. Our
customers are divided into two
segments; retail customers and
small and medium retail suppliers.
Such as; F&B(Covering all F&B
related segments), Specialty Retailer
Convenience Store, Grocery Store,
Drug Store, General Merchandise
Retailer Apparel, Footwear, Textiles,
Eyewear Jewelry, Appliances &
Products & Services
•Retail industry specific ERP/
CRM Software Cuisine, F&B
Management System, Xponent
Retail Management System, Evision
Fashion Management System, CQ,
•Hospitality industry specific FOH/
BOH/CRM Software, Stars Hotels
& Resorts Management System
Retail/Hospitality, Web/Mobilebased Shopping Software
•Product-related professional
services covering Business
Intelligence, BPO, and Marketing
•Product-related Cloud Computing
•WEB/Mobile shopping Portals
•WEB/Mobile Customer Loyalty
Management Portals
•WEB/Mobile Suppliers
Optimization Portals
•WEB/Mobile Retail Offerings
Optimization Portals
•Products and Services Related ICT
Infrastructure Implementation
•Outsourced Software Development
Contact details
Alaa Al Jawhari
Managing Director & Founder
[email protected]
Mobile +2 0122766020
Tel: Fax: +2 02 24179937
+2 02 24179970
8 Anis Amin St., from Mohamed
Ghoniem, Ard El-Golf, Heliopolis,
Cairo, Egypt.
Bey2ollak is a mobile application
for traffic, leveraging the power of
mobile internet and applications to
transfer knowledge. We currently
have about 300,000 registered users
in Egypt, more than 30K followers
on Twitter, and around 70K fans on
Facebook. Moreover during that
time we were featured in the likes
of CNN, New York Times, Mashable,
The Next Web, Arabnet, and many
more. We started generating
advertising revenue through a 1-year
contract with Coca-Cola. We have
also recently locked down a deal
with Shell, which started in April
2012. Furthermore we recently
signed a 2-year strategic agreement
with Vodafone, and the first
outcome has been launching a USSD
service (you can dial *6# from any
phone which has a Vodafone SIM) to
allow non-smart phone users in Cairo
to access traffic information from
Bey2ollak. In addition, we recently
won the Google Ebda2 competition.
Products & Services
•Bey2ollak application on all major
mobile platforms (iPhone, Android,
BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows
Phone 7)
•Bey2ollak.com, Mobile and
Desktop websites
•*6# (Vodafone USSD service which
allows non-smart phone users in
Cairo to access traffic information
from Bey2ollak ) is powered by
Contact details
Gamal Sadek
Co-Founder and CMO
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01017517505
Tel: +2 01006884706
Al Alammia For Programming
and Smart Devices Applications
Building 5, Smart Village, Cairo-Alex
Desert Road.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail: [email protected]
BarTech Egypt
BarTech Egypt is specialized in the IT
integrated solutions.
BECOM Academy
Products & Services
•ERP Products
•CRM & BI Services
BECOM Academy, since its
establishment in 1994, has
focused its business on enabling
personal and organizational
achievement through effective,
efficient business and information
technology education. Our slogan,
“Together, we will change the way
people learn”, demonstrates our
commitment to serving customercentric educational solutions that
deliver unparalleled value to our
students and those firms that
employ them.
Contact details
Ahmed Kamel
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01119961445
Tel: Fax: +2 02 27006417
+2 02 27002667
BarTech Egypt
6w police towers, Maadi,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Products & Services
BECOM Academy provides a true
realistic solution that combines
state-of-the-art innovative learning
tools and a comprehensive suite
of productivity-enhancing training
services. Equally important, we
understand that one size does
not fit all; we have the expertise
and flexibility to customize your
experience to ensure a successful
Contact details
Ihab Erfan Elsaeed
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01006122221
Tel: Fax: +2 02 24054255
+2 02 24011188
BECOM Academy
28 Dr. Abd Allah Elaraby St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Better Business Intelligence
Better Business Intelligence
Consultancy was founded in 2009,
focusing on the implementation of
cutting-edge Dashboards, Reporting,
Data Integration, and Data Quality
Solutions. BBI-Consultancy has a
strong record of success among
multinationals and tier one telecom
operators in MENA region. BBI has
a pool of consultants combining
hundreds of years of business
intelligence expertise across multiple
industries. Our philosophy is based
on the mutual sense of responsibility
and respect with all stakeholders.
We run our business on the
solid grounded values of Quality,
Efficiency, and Human resource
motivation for Better Business
Intelligence Experience.
Products & Services
•Data Integration
•Data Quality Solutions
Contact details
Karim El Fouly
Business Development Lead
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01144144042
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22710758
+2 02 22710759
Better Business Intelligence
49 Ibrahim Nawar St.,
Cairo, Egypt.
BI-Technologies is considered one
of the leading enterprise software
providers in the Middle East. Our
deep belief in specialization led to
the fact that BI-Technologies became
the favorite software provider for
FMCGs and Distribution companies
with huge repertoire of leading
locals, regional tycoons, and huge
multinationals worldwide. Our
customers do not merely seek the
products they get, this is why our
products are encapsulated in a
tailored series of services that are
uniquely designed and accurately
timed to improve the beneficiaries of
the business process.
Products & Services
Microsoft Dynamics, AX Microsoft
Dynamics, CRM Sales, Buzz Fleet
Control, and Menaitech HRMS.
Contact details
Heba Fayed
Senior Marketing Executive
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01148011140
Tel: Fax: +2 02 27513855
+2 02 27513955
5 Wadi El-Nil St., Maadi,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Cequens is a leading messaging
solution provider, specialized
in advanced Mobile Messaging
Services all over the world. Its
activities include providing MT
(Mobile Terminate) and MO (Mobile
Originate) connectivity for large SMS
clients and aggregators ranging
from enterprises to multi-nationals
and public sector organizations,
supplying high quality SMS solutions
for business use.
Products & Services
•Bulk SMS
•Cloud Messaging Platform
•Messaging Solutions
•Messaging Service
CIHOST was founded in 1999 as
Protel-PMS front office sole agent ,
and since its establishment, CIHOST
was committed to deliver state-ofthe-art solutions and products to
our customers .CIHOST started its
nosiness as a sole reseller for ProtelPMS in Egypt and as an authorized
reseller for Microsoft Great Plains
& Procure.net . CIHOST mission is
to provide the market with quality
solutions and services, which resolve
business-related problems, to help
enterprise and corporate entities
achieve their goals.
Contact details
Karim Zaki
Technical Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01006052296
Tel: Fax: +2 02 26718890
+2 02 26718892
El-Serag Mall, Building # 2, Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Products & Services
CiHost is Egypt sole agent for:
•Protel Front Office
•Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
(Financial Back Office)
•Procurre.net (Purchasing ,
Inventory Management, and Cost
Control )
Matrix Point of Sale CIHOST was
awarded as Protel-PMS & Microsoft
Dynamic solution. Great Plains Back
Office as Best Reseller and Category
Partner in Egypt and Middle East
due to; 10 Years in the Egyptian
Market, more than 40 technical
employees, and powerful financial
Capabilities. Working with state-ofthe-art technology providers with
system integration experience, post
implementation experience, and
project management experience.
Contact details
Gelan Mashaal
Seles & Marketing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001650427
Tel: Fax: +2 02 2519930
+2 02 2580307
60 B El Mazraa St., Maadi,
Cairo, Egypt
Company E-mail: [email protected]
Cloud Niners
Cloud Niners Information Systems
has been in business since 2008
and has established a reputation for
quality. Cloud Niners has ten-year
experience in building web-scale
cloud computing solutions and
custom software applications. Our
consulting team can help you build
or migrate your applications to
the public cloud, as well as build a
private cloud or consult on how you
can benefit from cloud computing
in your business. Cloud Niners
also helps you build Android and
iOS mobile applications that are
usually needed as cloud front end
solutions. Cloud Niners depends on
its engineering excellence to exceed
customer expectations and help
clients reaching their desired goals.
Cloud Niners is now a Red Hat,
OpenStack, and Amazon partner.
Products & Services
Cloud Computing: The term cloud
computing has been misused to
mean almost everything. Cloud
computing is about a set of
principles and guiding goals that
make a program or a service more
efficient, flexible, and cost-saving
. Cloud computing offers a new
model that eliminate IT environment
complexity by leveraging the
efficient pooling of on-demand and
self-managed virtual infrastructure,
consumed as a service.. Learn more
about how our cloud computing
development team can help you
migrating your apps to the cloud, or
write your own cloud application.
Cloud Development, Cloud Services,
Amazon Services, Private Cloud Web
Development Product: Cloud Niners
have its own US patented product in
cloud adaptive learning labs.
Cloud11 is a cloud solution provider
which has a proven track record
of developing innovative products
and cloud consultation on different
platforms of our partners: Google
Apps, Salesforce.com CRM and
Amazon Web Services. Our team
of cloud computing gurus provides
solutions to Small, Medium, & large
enterprises while serving universities
and schools to address their needs
for reducing their IT costs while
increasing the total performance and
Products & Services
We’re considered as system
integrators serving our clients in
the MENA region with different
products; Google Apps for Business,
Google Apps for Education,
Salesforce.com CRM and Amazon
Web Services.
Contact details
Abdelrahman Wahid
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001132115
Tel: Fax: +2 02 37496607
+2 02 37496607
22 El-Sahaba Square, of Mossadak
Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Contact details
Ahmad Hamada
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01068117444
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22683460
+2 02 22683463
Cloud Niners
4 emtedad Abdel Hamid Badawy,
Sheraton Buildings, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
CompactSoft was established
in 1984, and is specialized in
Business Solutions, Business
Software Applications & ERP
Development, Implementation,
Training and Support Services.
With over 600 customers,
CompactSoft was able to build
business software implementation
and support expertise. This was
through developing a mature set
of best practices in various fields
and industries. CompactSoft
is a Microsoft partner and is
implementing Microsoft Dynamics
AX ERP since it was first introduced
in Egypt. We also have around 6
Dynamics AX Add-ons developed
by our team & tested & certified by
•CompactSoft business solutions
(ERP) including; financial,
trade, production, HR, hospital
management, real estate, apparel
& textile, and archiving.
•Microsoft Dynamics AX Add-ons
including checks management,
letter of credit, letter of guarantee,
payment commissions, payroll,
maintenance management,
hospital management, and real
Contact details
Khaled Tarek
Product Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01000029076
Tel: Fax: Background
CompuGeorge is a leading
distributor & system integrator in the
field of Security Systems including;
Access Control, Video Surveillance,
and Time & Attendance.
CompuGeorge was established
in 1990, as independent, marketoriented IT Company, which purpose
and goal is to offer total solutions
backed up with excellent service
and support. CompuGeorge staff
members are about 35 professionals
including well trained Engineers,
Technicians, Sales and Marketing.
Products & Services
Network Video Surveillance
Products, www.axis.com Access
control Systems, Identification
Systems and Digital Video
Monitoring Biometric Solutions
(FingerPrint) For Access Control,
Time & Attendance systems.
Contact details
Sameh Samy
Business Development Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01008704000
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33468234
+2 02 33039130
20 Abu Elmahasen Elshazly St.,
Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt.
+2 02 24011353
+2 02 22624554
7 Obour Buildings, Salah Salem St.,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
The company was established in
1997 providing S/W ERP Solutions
and all related Services. Our staff
members are around 20 employees.
The company has around 1100
Customers inside and outside Egypt;
KSA, UAE, Qatar, and Sudan.
Products & Services
Our S/W is a fully reconfigurable
Multi-Branch-ERP system
[Fully Integrated BackOffice FrontOffice(s)].
1.Target Markets /Business Areas:
• Pharmacies
• Medical [Labs, Radiology
Centers, Clinics, PolyClinics,
Hospitals, Medical Insurance]
• Retail [Super Markets, Cloth,
Libraries, Spare Part, etc.]
• Human Resources Management
• Customer Relationship
S/W Implementation, Training,
Support Consultation Services.
Connect is an Egyptian company,
one of the fastest growing business
organizations in Egypt working
in the field of network Solutions,
Planning, Installing and Supporting.
In the mid 90’s, when Egypt
economy was waiting for a boom
in the information technology
sector, most of the players in this
field concentrated their efforts
on the desktop and peripherals
boxes market. CONNECT is looking
further ahead, visualizing the
future importance of systems, data
communication and networking
solutions, and aiming to cater the
future networking needs of the
growing economy.
Contact details
Ashraf Ali Ahmed
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222288393
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•Network infrastructure installation
& management fiber melting end
point testing and report generation
• Computer assembling
maintenance electricity networks
(Low D.C .current services, A.C.
current services) Earthling hole
installations for factories and
•End and distribution electric panel
•End user electric outlets and
decorative lamps construction
Contact details
Alaa El-din Hassan Abd El-gawa
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01000777410
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22823151-54
+2 02 22823157
287A Ter3et Al Gabal St., Hadayek
El Zaytoon, Cairo, Egypt.
+2 02 26718201
+2 02 26718202
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
31 Korash St. from Abbas Akkad,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
COREations software house covers
a wide range of products and
services. The company business
covers; website development,
mobile application development,
industry solutions, in addition to
internet marketing campaigns which
has become very important for
companies in all areas of work.
CUBE Solutions
Products & Services
COREations products include:
•KINTROL (Kinect application)
•BIZ Wants (Supply and buy
•HMS (Hotel Management System)
•CIS (Company Inventory System)
•TCM (Training Center Manager)
COREations services include:
•Website development
•Industries solutions
•Mobile applications development
•Cloud applications
•Internet marketing and SMS
•Graphics & Multimedia
CUBE Solutions software company
was established in 2009, CUBE
vision to be the best company in
region introduce software in 10
years, CUBE selected as one of the
best 500 startups in MENA 2011.
Contact details
Ahmed Elbosily
Founder & President
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01111210029
Contact details
Mohamed Ramadan
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01015333910
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•Mobile Applications
•Web Applications
•Desktop Application Products
•e-Learning Systems
•School Management Systems
•Mobilcana ERP: The first ERP
specialized to furniture company
•Courier Management System to
manage shipping companies
•Egypt mobile application to
encourage tourism
•Ethical games
Tel: Fax: +2 050 2532900
+2 050 2532900
+2 050 2359179
+2 050 2359179
CUBE Solutions
Behind Mansoura stadium,
Mansoura, Egypt.
Salah Salem St., Mansoura, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Dot Com
Dot Com is an International
Company specialized in internet
services and Mobile Applications.
Our services vary from website
design, website developing, graphic
design, Mobile Applications and
e-marketing. With our extensive
internet and marketing experience,
we are able to meet our customer
needs; starting from designing the
logo and choosing the company
name to building your website and
managing the e-Marketing and
advertising campaign. We use many
techniques like; newsletter, SEO,
SMS, and much more. Dot Com has
gained unmatched business and
technological expertise. We have
built a large database of knowledge
that we apply to deliver solutions
that meet customers’ needs,
expectations and budget.
Products & Services
•Web Applications
•Mobile Applications
•Website Design & Developing
•Content Managing
•Website registration on search
engines & SEO
•Promotion Campaigns
•Newsletter Campaigns
•e-Marketing Planning
•Community campaigns
•Domain Name Choosing & Hosting
•Advertising works (Graphic Design,
CD’s, DVD’s creation, etc.)
Microchip-Authorized Design Partner
(National Instruments Partner).
Contact details
Osama Abdelrehim Elsayed
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001454855
Tel: Fax: Contact details
Dr. Yosry Shady
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01288844333
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•Electronic Education System:
Integrated Server Client System
based on e-book
•Integrated Quality System: This
system is used to measure the
quality of your production line and
the quality of your products
+2 02 24618833
+2 02 24618833
22nd floor, Nile City Tower
Giza, Egypt.
+2 02 25270005
+2 02 25270005
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Dot Com
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]ypt.com
Earth link for Abroad Networks
Earth Link for Abroad Networks
is a multinational company based
in Egypt and Sudan. We offer
system-integrated solutions to
Governmental and Petroleum
sectors; concerning security and
light current solutions with American
and European brands. We are now
eager to extend our market in the
Middle East.
Products & Services
Some of Earth Link products &
services are:
• Product: Draytek, Proxim
• Service: Light Current (Fire Alarm,
Access control, Attendant, Public
• Service: Networking, Datacenter
(Passive, Active) (Fiber, Ethernet)
• Service: Monitoring Centers
Egypt Project Services
The company launched in 2009
in Alexandria providing complete
software and infrastructure
solutions. We mainly use dot net
and php technologies to provide the
market web applications that meet
the customers’ needs with a high
quality and secured products.
Contact details
Walaa Derbala
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01006638995
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•Health care: HIS for a Libyan
company http://his.foreachit.com/
•CMS for Libyan petroleum
company http://raslanuf.azdo.
•CMS for Egyptian real estate http://
•E-menu for restaurants under
itida program MSE http://emenu.
Contact details
Amr Adly
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01000132001
+2 02 22736350
+2 02 22736399
Tel: Fax: Earth link for Abroad Networks
40 Abass Alakad St., Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt.
+2 03 4250962
+2 03 4250962
Egypt Project Services
Smouha, 247 Vector Amanuel St.
Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
eKnowledge is a pioneering software
development company with active
operations in two main business
lines: eLearning and eTraining
solutions and software offshore
outsourcing services. We also offer
outsourcing services to overseas
IT companies in search of efficient
and smart global sourcing of their
software development projects.
eKnowledge has just the right
technical expertise and accumulated
experience of developing applications
in numerous domains and for various
vertical industries. eKnowledge also
has a strong network of strategic
partners inside and outside the
Middle East. Moreover, the company
has the financial strength to offer
you a stable long-term supplier
EMAK For computer Manufacturing
Products & Services
•Learning Management System
•Online Testing System
•School Management System
•Competency Management System
•Outsourcing Services
Contact details
Maged Hegazy
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005304007
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22745346
+2 02 22755372
54 Abou Alattahia St., Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
As a result of the market needs,
EMAK For Computer Manufacturing
was established in 2000. The
company is specialized in the IT
and technology manufacturing
and distribution to act as a gate
for the new technologies from the
international market. By this we
can contribute to the new ERA
of IT infrastructure all over the
world. Development of the new
technologies and IT industry is one
of the national goals so we can cope
with the theme of this century. ECM
has been worked hard for the last
10 years to provide the local market
with the most advanced, reliable,
and proper integrated combination
of products related to the computer
and IT technology.
Products & Services
•Total Solution
•Digital signage
Contact details
Ghada Mohamed Talat
Foreign Purchasing Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222464663
Tel: Fax: +2 02 26709412
+2 02 22768999
EMAK For computer
3 Makram Ebied, City Center bldg,
Nasr City, Ciaro, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
EME International
EME International, formed in 2004,
is specialized in Enterprise Mobility
solutions. EME International is
the sister company of “Egypt and
Middle East”; one of the largest
Office Automation companies in
Egypt, since 1975 with over 400
employees, and “EMEIT”; the
leading Microsoft Dynamics partner
in Egypt since 1998. As a market
Exposure, we have customers in
different countries within our region
such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
UAE, and Qatar. We have ambitious
plans to market our products more
aggressively in Gulf region during the
coming period. EME International
has succeeded to deliver its products
and services to big corporations
in the region such as Vodafone,
Mobinil, Qtel, DU, Fawry, Ministry
of Education in Dubai, in addition
to other corporations in different
market segments.
Emerge Technology
Products & Services
Mobile sales force automation
system with location-based
services. mSales is designed to
integrate with different ERP
systems including; Oracle EBS, SAP,
Microsoft Dynamics AX & GP.
•Khadamati self-care:
An innovative self-care Mobile
Solution for mobile operators to be
offered to their end-user.
A mobile-based platform that
keeps parents informed about their
children’s progress on their mobile
phones through integration with
the school management system.
Mobile stock viewing and trading
application integrated with stock
market data feed and brokerage
Contact details
Rania Saad
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01225372565
Tel: Fax: Background
Emerge Technology is a software
development company based in
Cairo, Egypt. It was established
in 2006 focusing on developing
Bluray disc embedded software and
authoring tools for international
clients, including major Hollywood
studios. Through a constant
innovation process, our current
portfolio has rapidly grown to
include a range of products and
services covering cutting-edge web
technologies, mobile applications,
and digital media solutions.
Products & Services
The following is sample list of
our products and services:
•18DaysinEgypt.com; a
collaborative documentary project
•Loc8it Android App; a location
based social application
•Web Development including;
•Mobile Development including;
Android, iOS (iPad & iPhone),
•iTunes and Apple TV Extras
•Bluray Disc Authoring & BD-Live
Development using Java
Contact details
Ahmed Okasha
President & CEO
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005474439
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33024631
+2 02 33024641
Emerge Technology
197B 26th of July St., Mohandessin,
Giza, Egypt.
+2 02 27549603
+2 02 27549603
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
EME International
2/4 El Shiekh El Shaarawy St., Lasilky
Sq., Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
e-motion Promotional Solutions
e-motion is a digital creative agency
specialized in web development, rich
digital media, internet and mobile
applications, and online marketing
that was established in June 1999.
e-motion endeavors to support
various business sectors to become
most effective and gain a stronger
competitive edge through the unique
combination of art, innovation,
and marketing sway performed
to perfection. In 2009, e-motion
is awarded company of the year;
winning eight best website awards in
seven separate categories in the elite
nationwide [Egypt Web Awards]. In
March 2012, e-motion received the
Century International Quality ERA
Award ( Geneva – Switzerland) in
the presence of business leaders and
representatives from 49 countries.
Our clients include; Egyptair,
McDonald’s, Elsewedy, Mo’men,
UNDP, USAID, SmartVillages, & more
of reputable brands.
Products & Services
Name of some of the products:
•GeoBrain: Location-Based
Marketing & Analytics (ITIDA MSE
•eCMS ( Enterprise Content
Management System )
•REeMS: real-estate online sales
management system
•Cloud Backup
•PCI Compliant Hosting Servers
Name of some of the services:
•Web Design & Development
•Online Marketing
•Social Media Optimization
•Facebook Applications
•Mobile Applications
Contact details
Mohamed Ahmed Hamdy
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001929992
Tel: Fax: eSpace
eSpace is in the market for the past
12 years, the latest projects eSpace
implemented in the past 2 years
and many others.
Products & Services
•Web Services
•Scaling Large Traffic-based
•Cloud Computing Services
•Mobile Application Development
•Technology Consultation Services
Contact details
Hamdy Ahmed Khalil
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005044209
Tel: Fax: +2 03 5467622
+2 03 5445654
2 Saint Gini St., Kafr Abdoo,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
+2 02 22419416
+2 02 22418290
e-motion Promotional Solutions
5 Ali Ibrahim Ramez St., Heliopolis,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Etrend is a web and multimedia
solutions company based in Egypt,
which came up to the world in the
onset of 2003. We have a good
staff of full-time developers and
designers. The company has got
certifications in the field of internet
business such as CIW (Certification of
Internet Webmaster). Moreover, our
designers have degrees in the field of
fine arts and design. Lately we have
had a School Management System
that is designed and developed by
our team. We push our solutions
with the latest and up-to-date
technologies so that customers
will see different solutions with
untraditional methods.
Exsys Solutions
Products & Services
Web Solutions:
•Promotional websites
•Database integration
•E-Commerce websites
Multimedia Services
•Interactive Presentations
•Electronic Books
•Collateral Material Archives
•Interactive Documentations
•Corporate ID
Finally our software developers
are ready for any custom-made
application for MS Environments.
Exsys Solutions is one of the leading
software houses in healthcare,
insurance, and travel & tours
covering Egypt, Gulf, Middle East,
and Africa.
Contact details
Nagy A. Tharwat
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005555959
Tel: Fax: +2 02 24728636
+2 02 24700378
Exsys Solutions
11 Ahmed Hassan St., 9th Area,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Contact details
Mohamed Sami
Projects Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001513900
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•Hospital Information System
•Cloud Clinics System
•Travel & Tours Application
•Insurance Application
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
+2 02 22710423
+2 02 22710423
102 Makram Abeed St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
ferrycode is a professional software
development company with global
links, providing consultancy, software
development, and training. Our goal
is to provide excellent services and
win the trust of our customers with
low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
We hire the best people, manage
each project with CMMI and PMI
aligned processes, and deliver your
software on schedule and on budget.
Fourth Dimension
Products & Services
•Cross-Media Publishing Editorial
Workflow Platform (Tahrir), and
Web Collaboration Suite Software
Development Experience
•Web Content Management
•Web portals
•Web Applications
•Customer Relation Management
•Document Workflow
•Enterprise Content Management
Contact details
Mohamed Farid
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001677240
Tel: Fax: Background
Fourth Dimension is a newly
established company. Our focus is
basically on three fields; the first
field is consumer electronics and
gaming accessories, the second
field is security and smart home
products, and finally our focus
is also on e-learning solutions
including software, hardware and
school management. We are very
familiar with consumers and retail
market; we deal with all retailers
and hyper markets in Egypt. At the
same time, the management team
members have more than 25 years
of experience in education and
Products & Services
•Computer Accessories
•Gaming Devices and Accessories
•Audio/Video products
•Bags & Sleeves
•Mobile Accessories
•Anti Virus and Security Software
•Tablet and Slates
Contact details
Hesham Kamel Sallam
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01223952656
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33057962
+2 02 33057964
Fourth Dimension
14 Al-Khalil St., from Esraa Al
Moalemeen St., Mohandssin,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
+2 02 24144638
+2 02 24144638
15 Mohandeseen Buildings,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Our mission is to improve the
capabilities in the region through
developing and enhancing the
level of Information Technology
& Information Security. We will
accomplish this by working on three
major axes: 1. Helping organizations
in developing their security policies
and strategies through Solutions;
2. Insuring the availability of the
required highly qualified personnel
through Training; 3. Providing
infrastructure and hardware/
software tools needed to implement
business &security solutions of the
organization through distributing
high quality relevant products.
Products & Services
Gateworx has a proven experience in
solutions design and implementation
through many projects achieved
in different cities over Egypt. Our
expertise can successfully fulfill the
requirements of simple workgroup
networks in admin offices as well as
the sophisticated needs of industrial
organizations. Our prequalification
in integrated solutions covers various
market sectors with a large number
of satisfied customers that were
provided Infrastructure, Hardware,
Software, Storage, ERP and Total
Security solutions.
Genericdev is still a growing
company, we are specialized in
developing mobile app like games,
islamic apps ,simulation apps.
Contact details
Mohamed Adly
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01113655936
Tel: Fax: +2 02 38053290
+2 02 38053290
14 Al-Khalil St., from Esraa Al
Moalemeen St., Mohandssin,
Giza, Egypt.
Contact details
Mohamed Haroon
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01110336077
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•Chemistry lab Simulator that
powered by ITIDA.
•Riyad Alsaleheen
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
+2 03 577776
+2 03 5770100
6 Zu El Fakkar St., Louran,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Giza International Systems (GIS)
GIS Software solutions company,
introduce many products specific for
education and have many customers
in region.
Products & Services
•Mobile application
•Web development
•Desktop applications
Contact details
Soua baty
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01220866858
Giza International Systems (GIS)
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Glory Egypt Comunication
GloryEgypt was established in
1996 with vision to be one of
the major players in integrating a
telecommunication and information
technology society. Gaining a
reputable name in the consumer
market, Glory services expanded
to serve the business sector serving
large enterprises and prominent
local and international-locally based
companies. In 2005 Glory become
a shareholding company OUR
VISION : To become a world-class
customer-centric communications
service provider enhancing people’s
lives in the markets we serve. OUR
MISSION To provide cutting-edge
converged communications services
that exceed customers’ expectations
and drive market growth, by
bringing outstanding quality and
customer service through attracting
and retaining the finest talents,
while fostering our business ethics
and creating value to our customers,
employees, shareholders and
Products & Services
Provide professional services from
installation and infrastructure,wanlan, Wired , wireless ,voice , voip
internet ADSL SHDSL VPN liesed line.
Contact details
Bassem Hamdy
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01153650998
Tel: Fax: +2 02 27900300
+2 02 27958005
Glory Egypt Comunication
2 Ahmed Ragheb - garden city,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
GoodNews4me was established in
year 2000 as part of the GoodNews
group, catering for technology
and digital content solutions. We
are specialized in digital content
delivery, web portal development,
Content Management Systems,
mobile applications, and telecom
solution integration. Our customers
are the major telecom operators
around the region, especially in
Gulf and Egypt. We have teams of
software developers, infrastructure
engineers (Networks, systems, and
DB), creative, and technical support.
During the past few years, we’ve
had an excellent track record in
delivering excellent quality services
and solutions to our customers.
Gulf Trading Group
Products & Services
•Service Delivery Platform
•Content Management System
•Social Media Integration
•Mobile Application Development
•Mobile Games development
•Web Portal Development
•Telecom Solution Integration
Contact details
Ayman Al Zuabi
Development Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001382838
Tel: Fax: Background
GULF TRADING is an Egyptian
company specialized in information
systems development and system
integration, providing different IT
solutions and consulting services to
our clients in the field of Network
planning and design, in addition
to outsourcing, maintenance and
technical support services.
Products & Services
•IBM Storage and Backup soluitons
•Cabling system infrastructure
(Network planning and design)
•Outcourcing helpdesk services
•Integrated solutions using IBM,
Cisco, Paradyne, Linksys, D-Link,
HP, DELL, APC, Microsoft.
Contact details
Ahmed Lotfy
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222168312
Tel: Fax: +2 02 27924040
+2 02 27924040
+2 02 26711141
+2 02 26711146
106 Kasr Al Ainy St., Cairo Center,
10th Floor, Giza, Egypt.
Gulf Trading Group
26 Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Hassan St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Hendawy International
Established in 2006, Hendawy
International is a renounced leader
in Internet Solutions industry in the
Middle East. Hendawy International
EXPORTs more than 80% from their
products to Gulf countries. Hendawy
International has 2 branches in
Egypt ( Cairo and Qena ), and has
an authorized dealer in Saudi Arabia
( Alyosr-IT Information Systems )
so we have the ability to process a
wide range of services and solutions
efficiency through our branches
and authorized dealers. Hendawy
International offers a wide range of
products and services that extend
beyond what the traditional Web,
Mobile and Desktop Development
Products & Services
We designed most professional
applications and solutions such as:
•SMSPro Application on Web based
application coming with iOS and
Android version
(Give you the ability to send regular
and bulk sms by easier way, Check
•HGICMS Content Management
(That’s easy to create your own
website, and develop it in low fees,
Check www.hgicms.com)
•Tabe3ny (Give your visitors the
ability to track your offers via SMS)
•Live Stream (Stream your events
and videos live with your website
•Researchs Labs (We can create
and customize your applications
or deployment your Needs and
•We trust our products by giving
you 30 Day money-back guarantee
(please check our Terms and
Contact details
Mostafa Abdelmoneim
[email protected]
Mobile +2 201110603070
Tel: Fax: +2 01117704244
+2 02 22601338
Hendawy International
24B Anwar Elmoftey,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Herotec is a network professional
training provider, founded 2008 to
focus on IT training; it succeeded
to gain a good reputation ion as
a trusted provider of specialized
training in the Middle East. Herotec
is an active CPLS Microsoft partner
(organization ID 2748273),
delivering all Microsoft professional
classrooms. Herotec has a lot of
full-time MCTs Instructors. The
company is an EC-council Accredited
Training Center; we deliver high
official advanced security courses
like CEH, CHFI, and ECSA. Herotec
is a Pearson VUE Authorized testing
center (site code 62829), authorized
to deliver all CISCO and other
vendors international exams. It is
also a Prometric Testing partner
(EG69Z), authorized to deliver
all Microsoft and other vendors
international exams.
Products & Services
•Microsoft Training: As a CPLS
Microsoft partner, Herotec
provides Microsoft professional
training services with instructor-led
classroom training options, which
can develop skills that directly
transfer from the classroom to the
•EC-Council Training: The
training package includes certified
EC-Council courseware and a
certification voucher to redeem
at any Prometric or VUE testing
center. It also includes access to
the live, online lab portal.
•Educational Tourism: We are
concerned with Network Training
and development, not only for
Egypt but for all countries around
the world.
Tourism education package includes
(the training program, exams,
air flight, and accommodation in
Trip program at Cairo airport:
•A Herotec messenger picks up
trainees on arrival and connect
them with the housing office near
our site
•Classrooms program begins 2 days
from arrival
•When completing classes,
trainees are ready to sit for the
international exams after 2 days of
workshops and exam practice
During the program we don’t ignore
entertainment; special visits to the
most popular places in Egypt are
Contact details
Mohamed Fathy
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01110104370
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22618181
+2 02 24041676
20 Tayran St., Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
High Tech Vision
HOI MEA for Engineering
High Tech Vision is a client-focused
company; we thrive at understanding
the strategic needs of our clients. We
work with them to build business
and technology engagements
aimed at assisting them in achieving
their objectives. High Tech Vision
was established 2006 to provide
IT infrastructure consultation,
web presence, E-learning and
professional training services in fields
of IT, E-marketing, and social media
HOI MEA for Engineering Co. is
a leading company in GSM FTK
industry field in Middle, North
Africa, and Gulf Areas. Since
its establishment in 2001, the
company has always strived for the
highest quality in the industry, not
jeopardizing the customer budget or
project delivery date. Within a short
span, HOI MEA has had technical
solutions for the telecom field, from
antenna mounting structures to fast
solutions and decorative structures.
The company has also positioned
itself in the market amongst the best
contractors serving the region.
Products & Services
Software and Consulting Services:
With High Tech Vision consultations
in the field of IT and web related
issues including Software and
applications you need for your
business, you can rely on our
professional consultants to guide you
to your business improvement.
Training and Manpower
We offer training courses and
workshops in different fields which
you can choose from the suitable for
your business in the following fields:
• CRM ( Customer Relationship
• HRD ( Human Resources
• Customer Services
• Soft Skills
• IT courses
• Information Security
• Management courses
• Call Centre courses
• ISO and quality assurance
ITIL Outsourcing Services:
Power up your business;
e-Marketing, e-Business, market
surveys, and database creations and
Call Center Services:
High Tech Vision can assist clients
to establish their own call centre
solutions with a state-of-art
Contact details
Ashraf Salah Eldin
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01003388729
Tel: Fax: +2 02 26738445
+2 02 22736158
High Tech Vision
60 Mohy Eldeen Abdel-Hamid St.,
from Makram Ebeed St., Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Products & Services
HOI MEA products will be as
•Antenna Supporting Structures:
•Square and triangular tower
•Rooftop structures of penetrating
or non-penetrating types
•Sandwiched panel shelters with
all sizes for BTS, BSC, MSC and
•Batteries enclosures
•Flying shelters or flat packed
•Mobile Solutions:
•RDU ( Rapid Deployment Unit)
•RDV ( Rapid Deployment Vehicle)
•MCU (Mobile Cell Unit)
•Rapid Deployment Solutions:
•RRD ( Rooftop Rapid Deployment
•GRD ( Greenfield Rapid
Deployment Unit)
•RDM (Rapid Deployment
•Decorative Solutions:
•Palm Tree (single or multiple
•Pine Tree (Multi operators)
•RDDP (Rapid Deployment
Decorative Palm) with heights
of 20m to 30m with Pre Cast
•RDDP (Rapid Deployment
Decorative Palm) with heights
of 35m to 45m with Cast in Situ
•Water Tank Structure for Rooftop
•House Chimney structure for
•Flag Pole structure for Rooftop
•Electrical Boards and Panels
(PDB, Control panels, etc.)
•Power Distribution Board (PDB)
and Main Distribution Board
•A/C control Panels
•ACWL obstruction light system
and its control panel
•Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Contact details
Mohamed Atef
Sales Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01006018184
Tel: Fax: +2 02 27539972
+2 02 27539973
HOI MEA for Engineering
112H, El Lasylky El Khalfy St., from
Nasr St., Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Human IT Solutions
Human IT Solutions is an ISV
specialized in developing Human
Capital Management Systems. It
is one of the largest prominent
HCMs in the Middle East and Africa.
Thus it is categorized as the most
convenient and customizable HR/
Payroll system for achieving required
automation in various HR/Payroll
activities, as per your Business
Needs. “Human IT Solutions’ HCM
is the comprehensive tool that helps
you Expanding your business and
to become the master of your HR
irrespective to your size, industry or
Integrated Knowledge Dynamics
Products & Services
“Human IT Solutions” HCM
products are modular; so you can
get your desired features with
your existing budget, without
overburdening with much
detailed modules selection. It is
a core function with 5 slices that
compose your HR Pie, Personnel,
Compensation and Benefit,
Employees Development and
Advanced Features packages.
Choosing from new 6 packages
depending on your current
headcount and desired features. Contact details
Margaret Nazmy
Sales & Marketing Specialist
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01201889939
Tel: Fax: +2 02 26702863
+2 02 22576031
Human IT Solutions
Free Zone Nasr City, Block G,
Area 7-9, Cairo, Egypt .
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Integrated Knowledge Dynamics
(IKD) is pleased to introduce its
technical expertise in developing
web solutions using the latest
technologies. We are keen
to provide quality technical
development service to meet your
short- and long-term needs. IKD
is an Egyptian software company
that was established in 2004. It was
founded to cater to the global and
local need for integrated online
solutions, and to provide a complete
online 360-degree management
systems. The company is dedicated
to implement its strategy geared
towards growth, and strengthen its
position in the market. Integrated
Knowledge Dynamics (IKD) offers
timely, high-quality, and integrated
solutions to our customers either
local or international. We are
specialized in delivering the
following solutions: Intranet/Extranet
Portal Solutions, Stakeholder and
Knowledge Sharing Portals, Web
Content Management, Content
Syndication, Archiving Solutions,
Enterprise Search Solutions,
and Custom Web Application
Development Services.
Products & Services
•IKD Intranet:
Integrated Knowledge Dynamics
(IKD) is proudly presenting our
Cloud-based Intranet Automation
Service. Our solution enables you
to gain full access and full control
of your assets, and also allows
you to manage your data in a very
well organized manner. Moreover,
it helps you monitor your
transactions from a spherical view
through its excellent knowledge
sharing system. This solution will
provide users in organizations,
regardless of their size or location,
with one single gateway to access
information about all employees
as well as partners, customers,
etc. Users will use the intranet as
a single access point to be able
to access all types of content. The
intranet is fully integrated with
mobile phones to allow access to
events on the go.
•IKD Site Builder:
Integrated Knowledge Dynamics
(IKD) is proudly presenting our
Cloud-based Site Building Service.
Our solution enables all users to
build their own websites online
without the intervention of
developers using latest content
management technologies. In few
minutes you will be able to have
your own sophisticated online
presence. The system allows easy
scalability because it is using the
latest Cloud architectures.
Contact details
Mohamed Kholief
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005669994
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22610264
+2 02 22605256
Integrated Knowledge Dynamics
18 A Obour Buildings,
Salah Salem St., Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Interteleco Software and Telec
Interteleco was established in May
2008 by a group of professionals
with certification and experience
who worked at top level accounting
and IT positions. Since then, we have
helped a number of companies in
improving their business processes
by optimizing their business systems.
Interteleco specializes in business
systems and software, offering a
comprehensive range of services to
clients across various industries. We
offer one window service providing
a total system of solutions to meet
business needs. At Interteleco we
believe that you do not necessarily
need new software; you need
an innovative solution that can
improve efficiency and productivity.
We do this by implementing an
integrated solution which enables
you to operate at a higher efficiency
and to have timely and accurate
information for business decision
making and to provide distinctive
Our area of specialization is medium
and small business accounting
software solutions. Our area of
specialization revolves around, but
is not restricted to, the products,
solutions and services in the area of
Bulk Messaging System and Financial
Accounting, Inventory Management,
E Commerce, Project Management,
Not for Profit Accounting, Retail
Management and Business
Products & Services
•Kuwait Teletek
ISG started in 2009 as a web
solution company. ISG services
expanded to hosting and websites
design and advanced CMS solutions.
ISG develops new training center
directory solutions.
Contact details
Ahmed Ali Abdelaal
Acting Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005066566
Tel: Fax: Products & Services
•PHP/MySQL Development
•Web Design
•Joomla Template Design
•Advanced Web Application
•Specialized Directory for Training
•Management System for Training
•Open Source Contribution in
Contact details
Mohamed Abdulhady
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001924241
+2 02 35848486
+2 02 35848486
Interteleco Software and telec
15 Naser Elthawra St.,
Al Haram, Giza, Egypt.
Tel: Fax: Company E-mail:
[email protected]
+2 02 24031686
+2 02 22612433
Abbas EL-Aaqad St., 5A Elsharq
Lelta’ameen bldg., Nasr City,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
IT Middle
IT Middle provides a full range
of technology-based services and
solutions in the following areas:
•Web Application Development
•Web Site Design and Development
•Internet Hosting Solutions
•Site Management & Maintenance
•Internet Marketing Initiatives
•E-Commerce Applications
Products & Services
Web-based Products:
•HR System
•Freight Management System
•School System
ITMEA/ITEgyptCorp is a leading
company in delivering IT training
in the Middle East. The company
designs, develops, and markets
training and services for the
corporate, education, government,
and healthcare e-learning industries.
It is committed to high quality
instructional design and educational
new development, and provides
a core deliverable of programs,
courses, and learning objects for the
distance education and distributed
learning markets.
Contact details
Islam El-Azazy
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001608406
Tel: Fax: +2 03 4265810
+2 03 4265810
IT Middle
27 Edmon Fremon St., Smouha,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Products & Services
ITEgyptCorp/ITMEA has been in
the business since the year 2000,
striving to provide the market with
impeccable solutions and IT services,
and partnering with a pool of
international vendors. The company
made tremendous success in
delivering IT training for more than
25, 000 trainees and almost 500
accounts in many different regions
like Egypt, Libya, KSA, UAE, Qatar,
Jordan, Oman, Yemen, and others.
The company used to establish most
of the brand new courses during
the last 10 years for the first time
before anybody else, which led the
company to be one of the most
proactive organizations in delivering
the latest technology for its clients.
This frequent proactiveness made
our customers passionate regularly
to know what’s next.
Contact details
Amr El Hariry
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01002406000
Tel: Fax: +2 02 24054081/82
+2 02 22620820
Genena Mall, Nasr city Tower 1,
Entrance 1 - 3rd, 4th & 5th floor,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
ITSANS is a software service
company. It was established in
2010 in Cairo, Egypt. The company
offers Portals, Enterprise Application
Integration, and Application
Development Outsourcing services.
ITSANS is a fast growing end-toend software solution provider
specializing in web-based solutions.
Since its inception in 2010, ITSANS
has been offering a complete range
of business and technical solutions
to fulfill the need for professional
e-services in the emerging corporate
internet market. ITSANS takes its
clients a step ahead of outsourcing
by providing a mix of services;
ranging from catering to businesses
with complex solution needs
to software companies seeking
outsource plain development work
in various technology areas. Across
the industry verticals and service
practices, ITSANS has developed
specific competences in security,
usability, productivity, and enterprise
manageability to ensure that its
customers spend less on keeping
their applications up and running,
and more on getting ahead of the
Japanese Academy - Narita
Products & Services
•RFID/Barcode Asset tracking System
•RFID/Barcode Inventory tracking
•Queue Management
•Recruitment System & e-Job
•Website CMS Portals
•Customized Workflow Systems
•Custom Software Development
•Application Development
•Outsourcing Resources
Contact details
Wael Noufal
Partner & Executive Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01117511759
Tel: Fax: +2 02 35695098
+2 02 35695098
325 Teraat El-Zomor St., Bank Misr
Towers, Tower 1 – Haram,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Narita is a Japanese city; it is the
first dazzling spot that attracts a
traveler’s eyes at the beginning
of his breathtaking experience to
Japan. Narita Academy was born
to be an entrepreneur in providing
professional developed programs
that cover the needs of wide variety
of clients including projects with
different backgrounds as well as
sharing social responsibility. Narita
team creates the trustful and unique
identity of Narita Academy, which
helps the Japanese Academy-Narita
after long years of experience to
develop either its technical facilities
or training standards. Japanese
Academy- Narita now consists of
4 large training schools which are;
Narita language school, Narita
business school, Narita computer
school, and Narita finance and
banking school. We stand tall
among all our rivals having such a
paramount diversity of academic
thresholds, which in turn will
inevitably alter both the Egyptian
and Arab community knowledge
and way of living.
Products & Services
Contact details
Dr. Kareem Kamal
Training Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01221078191
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22611180
+2 02 24033787
Japanese Academy - Narita
149 Tayaran St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
kindly visit www.majal-eg.com
Maven Crew
Products & Services
For more information about our
product and service kindly visit www.
Contact details
Eng. Mohamed ELFarnawani
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01006677009
Tel: Fax: +2 02 25192828
+2 02 25164718
19A, 261 St., Maadi,
Cairo, 11435, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Maven crew is a marketing &
software solutions company.
Our company has extensive staff
including experts in different
domains. One of the key points
in our HR policy is provision of
exceptional opportunities for
professional growth and selfactualization. In the Software
Department, we provide outsourcing
custom software design and
development as well as system
integration services to our clients.
Our teams provide custom and turnkey solutions for custom software
development, mobile applications,
business process automation, B2B
solutions, decision support and
other systems. In the Marketing
Department, we recognize the
importance of each client and his
relationship with his consumers.
We are committed to achieving our
Clients’ objectives and use all of
advertising & marketing techniques
to reach the target consumer such
•Online display ads
•Outdoor advertising (in-store, road,
shows, events)
•Marketing analytics
•Social marketing
•Marketing researches
•Product distribution
Products & Services
•Marketing: Direct marketing
advertising events
•Software: Software development,
web development, and mobile
Contact details
Ahmed Bebars
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01000974915
Tel: Fax: +2 01000974361
+2 03 5469631
Maven Crew
75 Fawzy Moaz St., Smouha,
7th Floor, Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Metco for Engineering works
Established in 1997, Metco has
emerged as a leader in Voice data
Networking Low Current systems
and as a system Integrator as well.
Our advanced solutions utilize
cutting edge technologies for the
most reliable and trusted systems as
well as systems integrator serving
oil & gas, governmental, Hospitality,
insurance, banking and educational
etc... With unparalleled experience
and extraordinary resources. Over
the years, Metco continued to
implement new solutions to serve
the system Integration needs of
its customers demanding, greater
efficiencies and dependability from
their systems.
Products & Services
We have many technology products
in many fields, we have new
products “QMS” are manufactured
in partnership with AKS technology
company in Lithuania , We seeks to
marketing at the level of Arab and
African countries.
Contact details
Heshm Mohamed Mahmoud Hasan
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005484890
Tel: Fax: National Technology
National Technology is a supplier of
integrated laboratory and clinical
information systems for the health
care industry. We are committed
to combining the most effective
technologies, innovative designs,
and production methodologies to
create user friendly, robust and cost
effective solutions that enhance
productivity, competitiveness and
fulfill the operational needs of our
+2 02 22662236
+2 02 22663870
Metco for Engineering works
1M,Dr.Mahmod Rzk street,
Square1112,Msaken sheraton,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Products & Services
Medical Laboratory Information
Laboratory Data Manager (LDM):
It is a fully featured Laboratory
Information System (LIS) that covers
all functional areas of modern multi
specialty laboratory. It provides better
patient care, safety, efficiency; it
reduces operating costs and increases
profitability. LDM is configurable to
manage work flow through different
laboratory areas, from sample
requisition entry through order
distribution and scheduling, sample
tracking, results release to final
report production. LDM is suitable for
a broad variety of laboratories, from
under 100-bed hospital laboratories
to several-hundred-bed hospital
laboratories. Laboratories may vary
from stand alone commercial to
huge laboratory networks with
multiple testing locations, in addition
to reference laboratories. LDM
covers order entry, sample barcode
labeling, test routing, work lists,
analyzer interfaces, results reporting,
administrative reports, and system
Contact details
Sameh Sarhan
GM Assistant
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01009714248
Tel: Fax: +2 02 26714817
+2 02 26721240
National Technology
18 Ahmed El Zomor St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Nordi Egypt
Nordix Egypt Computer Cooperation
is a professional IT solution
organization; founded in Egypt in
1998, and quickly developed its
niche as a Value Added Reseller
of top IT products and services.
Nordix focuses on mid to large
scale companies, as well as the
governmental, educational, oil
and gas, and banks sectors. Nordix
Egypt is not only concerned with
the large accounts market, but also
gives a great attention to the SMBs
and channel business. The variety
of IT-related products gives Nordix
Egypt a wide market share to be one
of the leaders, with a huge number
of distributors. Development of new
technologies and the IT industry
is one of the national goals so we
can cope with the theme of this
century. Nordix Egypt has been
working hard for the last 10 years
to provide the local market with the
most advanced, reliable and proper
integrated combination of products
related to the computer and IT
Online Technical Services
Products & Services
•Providing complete IT solutions for
the SMBs
•Distributor/Partner for Intel, Fujitsu,
Autodisk, and Targus
Contact details
Wael Elsahn
Marketing Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01221064238
Tel: Fax: Background
OTS is a leading technology and
software solution provider. We
provide consultation services,
integration solutions, software
implementation, electronic payment
and message exchange solutions
using optimal process engineering,
cost-effective and flexible conversion
+2 02 22875676
+2 02 26715486
Nordi Egypt
11 Moezz El Dawla St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Products & Services
•Online Shipping Management
•System Electronic Messaging
•EDI System
•General Accounts System
•Marine Accounts System
•Customer Relationship
Management System
•Data Mapping System
•Online Warehouse Management
•2D QR Bar-code Recognition
•Registered EBRD Bank
•Business Advisory
•IT & Software Consultancy
Contact details
Rania Reda
Projects Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01114098890
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Tel: Fax: +2 03 4830601
+2 03 4830601
Online Technical Services
11 Bani El Abbassi St., Azarita,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Phoenix Computers
Phoenix Computers is one of
the leading micro companies for
computers in Egypt since 1987,
distributing hardware and software
Our Mission:
Phoenix is a leading IT business
partner in the Egyptian market
established in 1987. We have been
committed from our inception to
providing the market with the latest
high quality technology solutions
and excellent support for our
customers’ complete satisfaction.
To achieve our goals we have highly
qualified staff, a strong balance
sheet, progressive marketing
strategies, and the support and
confidence of our partners.
Our Vision:
To continue to be one of the
foremost pioneers in all IT areas in
Egypt, striving to achieve 100% of
customer satisfaction, and further
develop our staff to achieve our
Phoenix is an accredited distributor
for some world’s renowned IT
manufacturers. It markets the
product through three major areas:
•Distribution through resellers
•Total solution sales for customer
•Indirect and direct sales and
Promolinks International
Products & Services
•Hardware (Printers, Computers,
Projectors, Scanners)
Promolinks International is Egypt’s 1st
Digital Marketing Agency, working
in the field of digital marketing
since the year 2000 when that term,
“Digital Marketing,” was not easily
understood. And now, with the
digital marketing and advertising
age, and with internet filling that
role, Digital Marketing became
the core of marketing activities for
companies in the new era.
Contact details
Adel Kadous
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01223170591
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33020772
+2 02 33020771
Products & Services
•Multimedia production
•Online Advertising
•Social Media Management
•Web Development
Contact details
Khaled Nasseredin
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001888333
Tel: Fax: Phoenix Computers
20 Al Gehad St., Lebanon Sq.,
Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.
+2 02 35370300
+2 02 35370300
Promolinks International
Smart Village, B 115, office 323,
Cairo Alex Desert Road,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
The company was established
in 1994, specializing in system
integration solutions, ERP solutions
and GIS.
Public Cloud Services
Products & Services
•Integrated solutions for banks
•Telecom and Government ERP
solutions (for financial systems,
HR systems and manufacturing
•GIS for Egypt’s digital maps
Established in 2011, Public Cloud
Services is a leading provider for
independent IT outsourcing services,
HP, IBM, Dell Hardware, & IT spare
parts, IPG (Imaging Printing Group),
and Consumables, Microsoft ,
Adobe, Autodesk licenses. Our range
of services includes independent,
impartial and confidential
certification. We are experienced
in servicing multinationals and
enterprise companies in Egypt and
Jordan. We are looking forward to a
long term relation with strategic and
mutual benefits, and grow together
to new heights of professionalism
and business partnerships.
Contact details
Mary Zaky
CEO Office Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01224811312
Tel: Fax: +2 02 37617034
+2 02 37485666
17 Ameen El Rafei St., Dokki,
Giza, Egypt.
Products & Services
We are providing independent
IT outsourcing services, HP, IBM,
Dell Hardware, & IT spare parts,
IPG (Imaging Printing Group), and
Consumables, Microsoft , Adobe,
Autodesk licenses. Our range of
services includes independent,
impartial and confidential
Contact details
Mahmoud El Naggar
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01002211446
Tel: Fax: +2 02 27001520
+2 02 27001520
Public Cloud Services
7th Floor, Building # 3 Kornish El Nile,
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Smart Cards Applications Co.
Shift E-Business
We started in mid 2004 in Egypt as
part of the We Are Communications
Group with the name “We Are
E-Business”. We began with an
overall number of four highly
motivated executives who took
the challenge of building up a
financially independent entity with
the ability to compete on the local
Egyptian market. After operating
in the local market for over 3 years
and executing some projects in the
Middle East, Germany and USA, in
October 2007 we detached ourselves
from We Are E-Business to become
Shift E-Business. While gaining
a good reputation, successfully
serving more than 100 local and
multinational clients and growing to
more than 20 executives we are now
heading international by opening our
office in Germany.
Products & Services
•Web Design
•Multimedia CDs
•Web Portals
•Web Hosting
Smart Cards Applications Co. was
incorporated in April 2005, to create
and oversee state-of-the-art smart
card solutions operations in the
governmental sector, based on an
agreement with the State Ministry
of Administrative Development.
SMART has gradually achieved
the operation of 5.2 million active
cards since the migration of key
government services to a hightechnology infrastructure. Our
foundational project has moved into
solid operational mode in sixteen
Egyptian governorates; representing
45% of total population of Egypt,
approximately 24 million of
Contact details
Samy Mohamed Mekky
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222213444
Tel: Fax: +2 02 25174524
+2 02 25174525
Shift E-Business
7B, 199 St., Degla,
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Products & Services
•Food Stamp Cards:
The food stamp card application
is replacing Egypt’s paper-based
food stamp booklet, which enables
the provision of food subsidies
for over 24 million Egyptians in
16 governorates, which represent
45% of total population of Egypt.
It permits an electronic registration
of the citizens’ food items quota
and consumption on the card. The
grocers’ food item quota, stock,
new orders and transactions are
also registered at point-of-sale and
on the card.
•Health Insurance Cards
•Social Pension Cards
•Transportation Cards
Contact details
Mohsen El Bardai
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001404559
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33455615
+2 02 33455618
Smart Cards Applications Co.
45 El Kods El Sharif St.,
Mohanessen, Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Smart Villages Company
was founded in November 2001 as
a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)
investment with a mandate to
establish and manage a branded
chain of Technology and Business
parks. We specialize in the
establishment and management of
communities through innovative
thought and practical work. Our
multipurpose ecosystems are built on
quality, collaboration and trust to the
satisfaction of all stakeholders. Our
first project, Smart Village Egypt, is
one of the key pillars of Egypt’s CIT
Softec International
Products & Services
•Smart Village
•Smart Vision
•Smart Property
•Smart Services
Contact details
Ahmed Naim
Sales & Marketing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01271998998
Tel: Fax: +2 02 35352000
+2 02 35352001
Smart Villages Company
Bldg. 1, St. 26, Smart Village,
(Km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Rd.)
Giza, 12577, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Softec International is an Egyptbased software solutions and services
company with global presence. It
is a software solutions and services
company providing a range of
cost effective globally accessible
Software as a Service, cloud solutions,
enterprise solutions and professional
development services. Our range
of products includes Altair Fleet
Management and GPS Tracking for
managing, controlling and monitoring
fleets of vehicles. We have also Altair
CM 360, a sales management and
tracking tool enabling sales people
to manage their targets and sales
managers to follow up and monitor
the effectiveness of sales activities
using GPS location-based services.
Our development activities include
kiosk self-service solutions, ERP
empowerment, and customized
programming services.
customer communication. Sales
people can easily report and pin their
locations using a GPS location-based
mobile application. Furthermore,
locations and routes of sales people
can be easily tracked live on the
map. Additional capabilities include
telephone conversation recording
via IP Telephony. Our software and
mobile application development
provides customized and offshore
development activities, mobile
application development, web
application and portal development,
kiosk self-service solutions
development, ERP capabilities, and
customized programming services to
a range of international customers.
Our highly qualified innovationoriented team of project coordinators
and developers create smart solutions
for the highest quality for SMEs and
large enterprises.
Products & Services
Altair Fleet Management
(www.atlairfms.com) is a fleet
management solution for fleet
companies, enabling operators to
easily manage and control their fleet
and track their operations using
GPS satellite technologies. Altair
CM 360 is a client management
solution. It offers value through CRM
capabilities, enabling any company to
effectively manage its sales pipeline,
e-mail shots, online marketing via
networking sites and Contact details
Nour Shawky
General Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01200002999
Tel: Fax: +2 02 25252549
+2 02 25252549
40, Rd. 105 Maadi Gardens,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Tarakeeb S.A.E.
SEE was founded in 1984 to be a
specialized in data communication
systems. Since then, the company
grew to be on of the larger groups
in the region in this area of activities.
The group has over 400 employees
and generates a revenue of around
LE 300 million+.
Products & Services
SEE is specialized in the design,
implementation and support of data
networks and banking systems.
Contact details
Dr. A El-Sawy
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222109730
Tel: Fax: Background
Tarakeeb is keen on long-term
relationships with its customers,
hence it adopts concept of agility
in its deliverables. Tarakeeb offers
its services in four integrated fields;
Training, Media, Business, and
Products & Services
•Tarakeeb: Training
Offers individual and corporate
training in the IT, Graphics and
Multimedia fields in different
models and paces to fit the
customer needs in versatility.
•Tarakeeb: Business
Believes that automating the
business is the best way to achieve
more effectiveness and efficiency
of the managerial tools inside any
organization and, thus, leveraging
the business level and return on
•Tarakeeb: Media
Aims at achieving uniqueness,
simplicity and out-of-the-box
existence in diverse media
solutions. We work hard on
developing new ideas, searching
for perfection and precise
implementation of what we think
is the optimum. Being different is
difficult; however, we are bred to
do it.
+2 02 22921100
+2 02 22901673
45 Hassan Aflaton st.,
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
•Tarakeeb: Learning
Is using its multimedia expertise
in providing high quality rich
educational and learning materials.
Tarakeeb produces a diversity of
Learning Solutions.
Contact details
Radwa Tahoun
Managing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01005394884
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33448670
+2 02 33448670
Tarakeeb S.A.E
5 Awad Amer St.,
from Wadi El Nil St.,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
•TeBAS is a leading smart tourism
solution provider for travel
agent organizations, which can
effectively contribute to the IT
field in Middle East and Africa.
TeBAS was established in 1993
with a clear target to building and
delivering the best of breed and
smart tourism software solutions.
Managers at TeBAS come
with many years of successful
experience in quality software
industry that shaped the delivered
solutions created by TeBAS. In
addition to the vast and deep
experiences that all TeBAS team
have, TeBAS has geared its skills to
focus in building smart solutions
for travel agency industry. TeBAS
solutions have been deployed
and implemented over the last 19
years at more than 120 large and
medium travel agents, and still
counting up.
Products & Services
TeBAS is providing detailed
information through presales, software installation,
project management, including
implementation, training, support
and maintenance.
Contact details
Yasser Elantil
GM & Owner
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01001061500
Tel: Fax: +2 02 33368311
+2 02 33363532
106 Gammeat El Dowal El Arabia St.,
Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
The Technology Innovation
and Entrepreneurship Center
(TIEC) aims at driving innovation
and entrepreneurship in ICT for
the benefit of national economy.
The center has been launched at
Smart Village on Monday 27th of
September 2010.
Our Vision is to become the leading
regional hub and world class center
for ICT-based innovations and
Our Mission is to stimulate
an innovation-based economy
through strategizing, facilitating,
and promoting innovation,
entrepreneurship, and the creation
of intellectual property in ICT and its
Our Objectives are to:
•Act as a catalyst among:
Government -Private Sector –
•Mobilize the different components
of the ecosystem.
•Define, manage, and coordinate
the various programs and initiatives
derived from the Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Strategy jointly
with the different stakeholders.
•Focus on generating revenue from
commercialization of Innovations
and IP licensing.
•Solve national existing problems.
•Brand Egypt as a global competitor
in high value-added innovation.
Products & Services
TIEC encompasses interrelated
centers that work all together,
encouraging innovation and
supporting entrepreneurship. Each
center offers different products and
services such as:
•Technology Incubation Program
•Seed & Angel Support
•Awareness & Lobbying
•Celebration of Entrepreneurs
•Multinationals and Technology
Funds attraction
•IP Commercialization
•Establishing the Foundation of
•Empowering Businesses
•Recognizing Innovation
•In-house labs in Social Networking
and Cloud Computing
•Lab resources sharing with other
labs in Egypt
•Egyptian ICT companies support to
develop new products ideas and
•Mentor incubated companies
•Common development projects
establishment with multinational
branches in Egypt
•Research projects establishment
with International-RegionalEgyptian Universities/Institutes
•Summer and winter schools for
graduated and undergraduate
•In-house labs in the center focus
technology areas
•Lab resources sharing with other
labs in Egypt
•Mentor incubated companies in
related technology areas
•Design, CAD and fabrication
•Summer and winter technical
schools for graduates and
•Common development projects
establishing with multinational
operates in Egypt
•Research projects establishing with
•Content Development and
•Lifelong learning
•National Delivery Network
•Research and Development (R&D)
•Portals Development
•Entrepreneurship Education
Contact details
Heba Hossam
Communication &
Documentation Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01223192147
Tel: Fax: +2 02 35341051
+2 02 35345829
Technology Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)
Smart Village, B-5,
Cairo Alex Desert Road,
Giza, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
UCIS is an Oracle specialized
applications partner; the 1st
Oracle partner to specialize in all
E-Business Suite specializations in
Egypt. Moreover, UCIS is the 1st
Oracle partner to specialize in Oracle
Unified Method in the Middle East
and Africa. We provide our services
in Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, and
KSA. We are the 1st partner to
implement Application Integration
Architecture in KSA.
Unlimited Training Center
Products & Services
1. Implementation Services:
•Oracle E-Business Suite
•Oracle Business Intelligence
•Oracle WebCenter Content
•Oracle Transportation
2. DBA Services
3. Support Services
Contact details
Ahmed Ashraf
Partner, Operations Manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01003955540
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22613654
+2 02 22613654
UTC is stands for Unlimited training
center, it is a training center and
software solution center, we have
professional team in training and
developing creative and reliable
applications and providing powerful
training services for people and
companies, our vision to be the best
training center in middle east. Our
Mission is dedicated to providing
dynamic business solutions that
enable enterprises to centralize
their business data and increase the
productivity and efficiency of their
daily operations. We help our clients
better utilize their resources to assist
in identifying how to effectively
grow their business. We focus on
Products & Services
Desk top application Mobile
Application web services ERP System
Farabi UTC LAB.
Contact details
general manager
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01223072964
Tel: Fax: +2 050 2215505
+2 050 2215505
Mansoura, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
35 Abdullah Al Araby St.,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Vertika provides innovative education
portal integrated with school
management system that utilizes
the evolution of cloud, mobile, and
computing technologies. Our mission
is to engage students, parents and
teachers to receive, provide, and
manage high quality education and
knowledge transfer tools in Egypt,
MENA and Africa. Vertika provides
innovative BI solutions that simplify
collaborative business decision
Products & Services
•Business Intelligence through
•Educational management system
through iVedu as an e-learning/
educational portal
•ERP development/implementation
through ERP Plus
•Business process management
through QAMS
Contact details
Walid Hamed Mohamed
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01223954233
Tel: Fax: +2 02 25785255
+2 02 25770944
36 Sabtiya St., Ramsis, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Vivifi is a company that was
established on 1st of July, 2012.
Vivifi’s product is a touchscreen
sticker. These stickers are sensitivebased surfaces that turn any
surfaces into touch sensitive
screens. This product won the 1st
place at “Negoom El Eloom”. Vivifi
has succeeded to strike deals and
cooperate with many local and
international companies such as
Vodafone, Schneider, Toyota KSA,
Anwar El Khaleej, Bahgat Group,
and KETAB.
•Vodafone was the first costumer
to use the product.
•Schneider applied this technology
on their electronic switches.
•Toyota KSA uses vivifi to design
their car accessories.
•Anwar El Khaleej is the primary
investor and distributor in KSA.
•Bahgat Group is the primary
sponsor for the research and
development program of Vivifi in
Egypt, and the main investor of
our projects in China.
•Vivifi issued a license for KETAB
to use their product on interactive
Products & Services
Hardware Production:
Vivifi manufactures touch-based
stickers that make any surface
touch-sensitive. The company
designs and develops different
applications for the Touch Stickers:
•Advertising touch screens
•Touch electric switches
•Touch water faucets
•Touch cloths
Hardware Development:
Vivifi also works on developing its
products to enhance efficiency.
Vivifi designs the electric switch
requested by the customer to
suit his/her house interior design
requirements and functions needed.
Contact details
Haitham Mohammed Desoky
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01222228604
Tel: Fax: +2 01222228604
+2 01222228604
Smart Village, Building (B5)
(Km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Rd.)
Giza, 12577, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Vodafone International Service
Vodafone International Services is a
Vodafone Egypt subsidiary dedicated
to the delivering of world class
outsourcing and offshoring solutions
in Management, Consultancy,
Data Centre, Enterprise, CRM and
Application Services.
Products & Services
VIS is dedicated to delivering world
class BPO & ITO solutions and
Contact details
Mahira Hassan Raouf
Marcom Senior Supervisor
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01000185100
Tel: Fax: +2 01000185100
+2 02 25292200
Vodafone International Service
Vodafone Egypt - Smart Village,
Building C2,
(Km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Rd.)
Giza, 12577, Egypt.
Xpress Integration S.A.E.
We are a growing international
IT Solutions Integration company
founded in mid 2007. We are
providing IT consultancy and
solutions services for both vendors
and service providers, focusing
on telecom sector. We provide
IT solutions for telecom services
providers and give a new dimension
in system integration projects
by focusing on development
methodologies. This delivers
satisfaction to our customers
and gives high understanding of
operations support system, business
support system and business in
technology environment.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Products & Services
We provide IT solutions that
match mobile operators’ business
needs such as:
•Time to Market Tool (TTM Tool):
a BSCS business configuration
automation tool deployed in VFE
(Vodafone Egypt).
•Smart Promo Tool (SPT):
a BSCS promotion tool deployed in
Maroc Telecom (Itisalat Al Maghrib)
and will deploy in Mobinil soon.
Contact details
Nashwa Elkholy
Marketing Executive
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01148111138
Tel: Fax: +2 02 22879972
+2 02 22879972
Xpress Integration S.A.E
15 Abdel-Razek El Sanhory St., Nasr
City, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Youxel Technology
YAT® is an IT service provider
founded in 1996, specialized in IT
Industry through three subsidiaries:
Training & Learning, Software
Solutions, and Advertising; all
having one common aim that is to
fit together in the IT sphere and
deliver comprehensive top-quality
integrated solutions. YAT® Learning
is a pioneer service provider in IT,
soft skills and language training.
Since its early establishment in
1996, the company has taken many
reforming phases until it reached its
mature academic and professional
status, and soon proved itself as the
leader in its market.
YAT® Learning spans over a number
of ten prestigious branches. It has
gained various partnerships and
Authorizations from most wellrecognized leading global companies
like Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk,
Adobe, Apple, Prometric, VUE, and
Cambridge University.
YAT® Software is the software
development arm of YAT®
Corporation, specialized in
providing our valuable customers
with performance-empowering
and success-enabling e-business
solutions. We are “The Engineers
of Understanding”; our matured
and well established internal
development cycle guarantee clear
understandings of your needs across
all the sections and levels involved
in the development of the solution
from requirements gathering to
handing over.
YAT® is extremely keen to
constantly study and research the
rapidly changing international
markets in order to adapt to new
technologies and enable our
clients with state of the art superb
solutions; arming our clients against
future techno-changes and any
technological transformations
occurring in today and tomorrow’s
digital age. We, at YAT®, have
developed and implemented a
Quality Management System
to assure the quality of service,
better satisfy the requirements and
expectations of our customers, and
improve the overall performance.
Using this QMS, YAT® has acquired
ISO® 9001 certificate as well as
CMMI® Level 2.
Products & Services
•Business Process Automation
•Building Portals (websites &
•Outsourcing system development
•Human Resources Solutions
•Hospital and Medical Centers
•Learning Solutions
•Courseware Design, Development
& Customization
•Plan of training (delivery &
•IT, Business, Soft Skills as,
Language training courses
•Learning Center Management
Information Systems
•Professional trainers outsourcing
•2D & 3D animation spots and
education materials
•Localization/Arabization of
different types of publications
including: DTP design, proofing,
and printing
Youxel is a joint stock company that
has been established in 2011 to be
specialized in developing creative
mobile and cloud applications.
Youxel shareholders believe in
creating an organization that
last. They believe in a long-term
investment in an organization that
can participate in the sustainable
development of the community.
At Youxel we work hard to build a
great environment where people
learn, socialize and enjoy what they
are doing. Teamwork is essential at
Youxel where our trust in each other
is the glue that keeps us cooperating,
learning and teaching each other
in order to build creative and great
software. We aim to be unique and
to deliver high quality apps that add
a real value to our customers hence
we invest in our people and in the
software development process we
have in order to come up with a high
quality application with a competitive
price and quick time to market.
Products & Services
Youxel is specialized in software,
creative mobile, cloud applications
developing as well as IT training
services. We have products on the
App Store like Mythings, Tic Tac Toe
and Meeting Minutes.
Contact details
Ahmed Saied
Business Specialist
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01016014554
Tel: Fax: +2 02 25162367/9
+2 02 25168845
Youxel Technology
14/1, Ninth District, New Maadi,
Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Contact details
Hesham Dorghamy
Sales & Marketing Director
[email protected]
Mobile +2 01223100641
Tel: Fax: +2 02 9177525
+2 02 9177526
Qattamya, Cairo, Egypt.
Company E-mail:
[email protected]
Trade Centre Arena
S1-K1, S2-K20
Services offered by the pavilion
Arabic search engine.
Bulk SMS.
BPO & ITO solutions and services
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
E-Government ERP System.
Enterprise Mobility solutions.
GSM site operation and maintenance
Fleet management solution
Hotels Resorts Management System.
Human Capital Management Systems.
Implementation Services.
Logistics Management System.
Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Mobile application for traffic leveraging.
Microsoft Dynamics
Strategic Management Application
• Smart Zone.
• Tablet PCs and e-learning tablet solutions.
• Touch based Technology.

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