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From The Bakery - Ketchie Creek Bakery
From The Bakery
Brownies & Bars
Iced Brownies • Cream Cheese Brownies
Lemon Squares • Wonder Bars
Coconut Macaroon • Berry Crumble
Pound Cakes
Traditional • Lemon • Chocolate • Five Flavor • Amaretto
6” $15.00 • 9” uniced $29.00 • 9” iced $33.00
Seasonal - Cherry, Apple, Strawberry, Pumpkin
Dessert Cakes
6” $16.00 • 9” $27.00 (2 layer) • 9” $36.00 (3 layer)
Cheese Straws
Our cheese straws are loaded with fresh cheese and
packed with the right amount of spice.
Order by the pound or in our signature snack packs.
6” $16.00 • 10” $28.00
Traditional, Chocolate, or Seasonal Flavor. Topped with
cherry, strawberry, chocolate or cream topping.
Fruit Flan
Fluffy vanilla layer topped with sweet cream cheese
and fresh fruits of the season. Serves 8
Fruit Pizza
9” $20.00 • 12” $24.00 • 16” $30.00
serves 6
serves 12
serves 16
Our classic sugar cookie topped with sweet cream
cheese and fresh seasonal fruit.
Homemade Pies
$12.00 - $26.00
Old Fashioned Chess • Lemon Chess • Chocolate Chess
Pecan • Key Lime
Double Crust Varieties
(Apple, Peach, Apple Caramel Nut, Cherry)
Seasonal Flavors: Meringue, Coconut Cream
◆ Ambrosia
- Tangerine layers stacked high with generous
ambrosia filling and topped with fluffy tangerine whipped
◆ Vanilla or Chocolate - Ketchie Creek’s signature vanilla or
chocolate cake with your choice of buttercream, cream
cheese, chocolate buttercream or caramel icing.
Decorated Cakes
Cake decoration designs include:
Large Polka Dots • Small Single Dots • Dots Dots Dots
Stripes • Dots & Swirls • Twirling Swirls & Dots
Delicious Dots • Rick Rack • Buds & Vines • Stars
Aged to Perfection • Delightful Daisies • Up, Up & Away
Fun Flowers & Bows • Garden’s Edge • Stripes • Scans*
(*we cannot reproduce copyrighted images.)
All are available in 2 or 3, 9” layers.
Some flavors available in 2, 6” layers.
Individual Desserts
Ketchie Creek’s all-time favorites: Cream Horns
Rich Chocolate Eclairs
Creamy Mini Cheesecakes topped with Fruits or Cream
Sweet & Sassy Petit Fours
Assorted Cupcakes
9” $36.00
Dessert Cakes (continued)
◆ Shadow
- Rich chocolate layers iced with buttercream
icing topped with chocolate ganache.
◆ Triple Chocolate - Rich chocolate layer iced with
chocolate buttercream icing topped with chocolate
◆ Pink Lemonade - Super moist sweet and sour lemon
layers filled and covered with fluffy whip cream icing.
◆ Carrot - Moist carrot layers loaded with fresh carrots
and pineapple finished with cream cheese icing and
◆ Red Velvet - Moist red layers with a light unique
chocolate taste, finished with cream cheese icing and
◆ Chocolate Raspberry - Rich chocolate layers filled with
red raspberry filling, smothered with chocolate fudge
◆ Italian Cream - Buttermilk batter laced with coconut
and pecans, filled and topped with cream cheese icing
and pecans.
◆ Peanut Butter Chocolate - Rich chocolate layers filled
and iced with creamy peanut butter cream cheese icing.
◆ Double Fudge Mound - Chocolate layers stacked with
moist, gooey coconut filling, smothered in chocolate
fudge and garnished with toasted coconut.
◆ German Chocolate - Sweet chocolate layers filled with a
rich, buttery filling of coconut and pecans and iced with
chocolate buttercream icing.
◆ Fresh Pineapple - Crushed pineapple soaked layers filled
and iced with fluffy whipped cream icing.
◆ Fresh Coconut - Moist layers filled and iced with fresh
sweet coconut and whipped cream icing.
Cake Size
6” Dessert Cake
9” 2 layerDessert Cake
9” 3 layerDessert Cake
9” Pound Cake
Present Cakes
Moist, 2 layer cake with the filling and creamy icing of
your choice. Finished with a fun side décor, real ribbon
bow on top with an edible gift tag. Present cake décor
options designated in blue ink above. (Art charges may be
added for additional decoration.)
Approx. Servings
6” Square or Round*
8” Square or Round*
10” Square or Round*
12” Square or Round*
Vanilla or
Vanilla or
844 Valley Road
Mocksville, NC 2702
Tel: 336.751.9147
Fax: 336.751.9148
Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 7am-6pm
Fri. 7am-7pm
Sat. 7am-5pm
(Deli closes at 3pm on Sat.)
Fillings available for 2 layer cakes for an additional charge:
Seedless Raspberry, Strawberry, Mocha, Lemon, Chocolate Fudge
& more. Additional charges may apply for fillings, art changes,
fondant, gum paste, etc.
Due to the artistic nature of cake decorating, all designs are subject to
the creativity of the decorator & Ketchie Creek style.
Salads, Soups & Savories
Deli Sandwiches and Wraps
• Soups of the day served during winter months - always available by the quart to take home!
• Quiche baked fresh each day - by the slice or whole.
• Other savories are added seasonally. Check our deli case for new items.
We proudly serve Boar’s Head® Meats and Cheeses.
All Sandwiches and Wraps are served with a pickle.
1. Black Forest Ham, Swiss cheese and spicy mustard
2. Deluxe Ham, American cheese and honey mustard
4. Ovengold Turkey, Deluxe Ham, American cheese and honey mustard
Bread Choices
5. Cracked Pepper Turkey, Havarti cheese and lingonberry mayonnaise
Marble Rye
Butter Croissant
7. Deluxe Roast Beef, Cheddar cheese and horseradish spread
8. Pastrami, Provolone cheese and spicy mustard
9. Italian- Genoa Salami, Deluxe Ham, Provolone cheese and Italian dressing
10. Strassburger Liverwurst, onion slices and spicy mustard
11. All White Meat Chicken Salad
12. Fresh Tuna Salad
13. Veggie Sandwich and ranch dressing
14. Homemade Pimento Cheese
15. Hickory Smoked Chicken, Havarti cheese and pesto mayonnaise
Green Pepper
Banana Pepper
Black Olive
16. Homemade Egg Salad
17. Reuben- Pastrami, Sour Kraut, Swiss cheese, and homemade thousand island dressing
Garden Salad (small or large)
Caesar Salad (small or large)
Chicken Caesar Salad • Greek Salad
Chef’s Salad
Grazer’s Salad (choose 2 or 3 salads or sides)
Daily Selections
Salad Dressings
Vidalia Onion • Burgundy Poppy Seed • Caesar
Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette • Honey Mustard
Ranch • Italian • Fat Free Tomato Basil • Bleu Cheese
Drop in for a quick refresher or stop by for a relaxing
afternoon pick-me-up with one of our specialty
beverages. From smoothies in the summer to warm
flavorful coffee drinks in the winter, our seasonal
speciality beverages will hit the spot! Homemade
lemonade, freshly brewed tea, flavored drinks and....
Ahhhh Java!
19. Cajun Chicken- Hickory Smoked Chicken, Swiss cheese and Cajun remoulade
Don’t forget not only do we serve our delicious fresh
roasted and brewed coffee in our bakery each day,
but it is also available for you to take home. Choose
fresh roasted whole beans or have them ground for your
taste. Make sure to try our wonderfully delicious Ketchie
Creek Private Blend (regular or decaf) or any of our
flavored blends!
Cauliflower Ranch Salad • Cucumber Salad • Broccoli Salad
Pasta Salad of the Day • German Potato Salad • Fresh Fruit • Chips
Daily Selections
All Photos by: Simply Southern Photography
From the Bakery
Muffins & Such
Banana Nut • Blueberry • Strawberry
Cream Cheese • Chocolate Chip • Cranberry Nut
Granny Smith Apple • Gingerbread • Pumpkin & more!
Cinnamon Rolls
(Daily selection may vary)
18. Buffalo Chicken- Buffalo Chicken, Swiss cheese, and bleu cheese mayonnaise
Stacks of Snacks
3. Ovengold Turkey, Provolone cheese and honey mustard
6. Salsalito Turkey, Pepper Jack cheese and honey mustard
Stacks of Snacks &
Gift Baskets
Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookies
Delicate Pecan Fingers
Chunky Chocolate Chip • Toasted Butter Pecan
Snickers ® • Creamy Peanut Butter • Heath ®
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Rich Chocolate Chewy • Sugar • Oatmeal Raisin
Ketchie Creek’s Famous Oatmeal Sandwich
Reese’s Peanut Buttercup ®
Stacks of snacks are just that - gift bundles available
in an array of sizes and combinations. Product
choices including:
Chunky Homemade Cookies • Chocolate Brownies
Lemon Squares • Wonder bars
Cheese Straws • Coffee • Teas
Ketchie Creek Signature Jams & Jellies
Prices start at $15.00
Gift Baskets
Gift giving made easy! We will fill a basket of
goodies for the price you desire and your gift will be
sure to please!
Prices start at $25.00
Gift Cards Available in any denomination
Delivery Information
Yes! We deliver! We encourage you to visit our
shop for your orders, but when unable deliveries are
Within Mocksville: in the area of Advance, Cooleemee: in the area of Clemmons: in the area of Lexington, Salisbury,
Statesville, Winston-Salem: $8.00
* Depending on mileage & time
* Please call for specific delivery charge
Live out of town or know someone who would love
Ketchie Creek? We gladly ship many of our products
including pound cakes, cookies of the month and
stacks of snacks! We’ll add a personalized note &

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