Sunday May 29, 2016 The Most Holy Body


Sunday May 29, 2016 The Most Holy Body
May 29,
The Most Holy Body
and Blood of Christ
Worship & Word
This Week’s Readings
Genesis 14:18-20
1 Cor 11:23-26
Luke 9:11b-17
Gather Book 1091
Next Week’s Readings
1 Kings 17:17-24
Galatians 1:11-19
Luke 7:11-17
Gather Book 1121
Readings for the Week of May 29nd
2 Pt 1:2-7; Ps 91:1-2, 14-15b, 15c-16; Mk 12:1-12
The Visitaon of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Zep 3:14-18a or Rom 12:9-16; Is 12:2-3, 4bcd,
5-6; Lk 1:39-56
Wednesday Saint Jusn, Martyr
2 Tm 1:1-3, 6-12; Ps 123:1b-2ab, 2cdef; Mk 12:18-27
Saints Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs
2 Tm 2:8-15; Ps 25:4-5ab, 8-9, 10, and 14;
Mk 12:28-34
The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Ez 34:11-16; Ps 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6; Rom 5:5b-11;
Lk 15:3-7
The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary
2 Tm 4:1-8; Ps 71;8-9, 14-15ab, 16-17, 22; Lk 2:41-51
MONDAY May 30, 2016
9:00 AM
No service
TUESDAY May 31, 2016
9:00 AM Mattie Barnes by Dick & Sharon Carroll
WEDNESDAY June 1, 2016
9:00 AM Nancy Zore (Anniversary) by Family
THURSDAY June 2, 2016
9:00 AM Leona Brown by Byfield Family
FRIDAY June 3, 2016
Special Intention
9:00 AM
SATURDAY June 4, 2016
Marlou Clark by Marge & Elzie
5:30 PM Cochran
SUNDAY June 5, 2016
7:00 AM Jim Carrico by Carrico Family
8:30 AM Rita Paradise by John & Martha Kremer
10:30 AM
For the Parish
12:00 PM Jerry Bedel by Family
Margaret Mandula by Sharon & Tony
5:30 PM Buckles
Prayer List
Bill Archer
William Lancaster
Jay Archer
Rita McAtee
Nancy McCracken Baxter Al McCormick
David Bedel
Keira McMurran
Ann M Bozich
Angie Meyer
Mary Agnes Bussing
Dawn Nolan
Barb Carrico
Linda Osborn
Ruth Chandler
Joe Pieczko
Erin Coddington
Sharon Provencher
Connie Collins
Mark Ray
Kristen Decker
Bodie Reuter
Harry Elliott
Joe Schulte
Mary Jo Eoff
Martha Schwenk
Jill Ernst
Larry Shelby
Jason Euler
Dolores N. Sidor
Jennifer Euler
Judy Sieferman
Barbara Fath
Bill Smith
Fred Fath
Linda "Delph" Smith
John Folger
Paige Squier
Dennis Goldsberry
Orv Stobb
Denise Hake
Katherine Tarwater
Laura Henneberry
Janice Taylor
Claire Holloran
Molly Townsend
Jeanne Johns
Clint Jones
Debbie Whitaker
Pamela Jones
Ed Williams
Julie Kitley
Joseph Kocha
Steve Woolery
Frank Urbancic Jr.
Florence Payne
Charles Anastasio
Note: If you would like to submit a name please
contact the Parish Office. Names are removed after 4 weeks unless re-submitted. Bold names are
new to the list this week.
The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of
Christ Weekend of May 28/29, 2016
From the rich Eucharis+c themes to be drawn from today’s second reading, one stewardship theme stands out: The Eucharist
is Christ’s gi1 to us. Good stewards are grateful for this gi1 and
realize that no ma5er their sta+on in life, they are welcome to
come to the table and receive the body and blood of Christ. If
Jesus could break bread with his betrayer, Judas, his denier,
Peter, and the other ten who deserted him, then he will welcome us. Do we truly appreciate what a tremendous gi1 it is to
approach the Lord’s Table? Do we accept the transforming power of the gi1 of Christ’s body and blood?
Resources & Development
Second Collection Next Weekend
Education of Future Archdiocesan Priests
A great way to have some fun on a Friday night &
even win some MONEY! The Quickie Games start
at 6:30 pm & the Regular Games start at 7:00 pm.
June 3, 2016
Callers: J Csenar, R Brooks, & C Winters
Team #2 - Co-Captains: E / K Lopez; Early Setup: J
Westrick; Supply: M Blackshear; Salad: A Louden; Fryer: D
Witek; Workers: C Fosnight, A Tracy, J Olsen, K/M Collier,
J Ortiz, N Allison, T/M Eller; Bakers: D Hilligoss, D Shook,
C Smith, L Siener, T Righter, M Smith, J Sollars; Biscuits:
Parish Stewardship of Treasure
May 22, 2016
Weekly Budget
Mass Collections
Online Giving
YTD Actual
YTD Budget
YTD Gain (Loss)
Special Collection
Correction to last weeks bulletin, the actual YTD Gain (Loss)
should have been $39,186.09.
The number drawn on Monday was 2597 .
Since this number did not play, the total
pot of $3,065 , which would have paid out
$1,532.50 , will roll over to next week.
Please use the 50/50 envelopes when playing 50/50 so we know where the money should go. It’s
$5 to play each week.
St. Chris Festival Raffle Tickets
The raffle tickets for our 79th Mid-Summer Festival
are available for pick up in Emmaus Way this weekend. There are no names on the packets this year please pick up as many packets as you want. Tickets
are $2 ea or 6 for $10. We appreciate in advance all
of your support for the annual parish fund raiser.
1st Prize: $5,000
2nd Prize: $2,500
3rd Prize: $1,500
The archdiocese has 23 seminarians, 13 of whom are
studying theology and approaching their final years of
formation. Thank you for your spiritual and financial
support which provides the necessary education and formation of our priests. Please be generous in support of
this collection and please continue to pray for vocations.
Liturgical Commission
Gospel: Luke 9:11b-17 Christ feeds us.
Question for Children: How can you share what
you have received from Jesus with others this week?
Question for Youth: Each week, when we
celebrate the Holy Eucharist we are asked to “do this
in remembrance of me”. How else do you
acknowledge the importance of Jesus in your life?
Through prayer? Through the ways that you treat
Question for Adults: How can you prepare
yourself to be nourished by Jesus in the Eucharist this
The Parish Office will be closed
Monday May 30 (Memorial Day)
Altar Servers
Jun 4 - 5:30 pm - M Compton / A Zore
Jun 5 - 7:00 am - H Bickel / D Matter
Jun 5 - 8:30 am - G Pontones / M Rudolph
Jun 5 - 10:30 am - M Drake / H Ford
Jun 5 - 12:00 pm - E Kappel / A Smith
Jun 5 - 5:30 pm - E Fleischman / O Ruble
Please welcome the following
newly baptized into our Parish:
Haiden Alexander Fuentes Zamora
If you know any parishioners who
are hospital-bound or moved into a
nursing home, please contact the
Parish Office.
The priests and volunteers like to
keep up with weekly visits.
Parish Life
Faith Formation
High School Service Trip!
The archdiocese is hosting a week long service trip
in Indy. It's a chance for High School students to
think global & act local. Each day you go to a different service site in the city. Examples from last year
include the Homeless Initiative Mission, & the Cathedral Soup Kitchen. In the evening there are different activities planned including theology & going
to the community pool. Arrival is June 12th at 6 pm
followed by Mass at 7 pm & a brief parent meeting
to end by 8:30 pm. The week concludes on Friday
June 17th with Mass at 4 pm. Register online by
June 1st at!
homeland-mission/c1vt9. If you have questions
or are thinking about attending call or text Tom at
340-4579. Cost is $295 & includes all food, lodging,
& travel.
You are invited!
All parishioners, families, and staff are invited
to participate in a Community Workshop to
discuss the master plan of our parish facilities
and grounds. This interactive session, led by
krM Architecture, will enable us to provide input to shape the vision for future facility and
grounds decisions. Please plan to attend one
of the following meetings in church:
Session 1: Wednesday, June 8, at 6:30 pm
Session 2: Sunday, June 12, at 2:00 pm
Come and be ready to share your ideas!
Vacation Bible School
June 13th – 17th
9 am to Noon
Contact Sr. Mary Ann with any
Meet and Greet June 15th
6:30 to 8:30 pm in Damascus
This is a 9 week guided course.
"Courageous Love - A Bible Study on
Holiness for Women" by Stacy
Mitch will be our curriculum. Child
care will be available. Please contact
Melissa Hedge to RSVP or with any questions at
[email protected]
We look forward to meeting you!
Adult Faith Corner
We meet Sundays after the 8:30 am
Mass in Damascus or Jacob’s Well
for an open discussion on a variety
of topics. No meeting race day.
Busted Halo
A Catholic online ministry that offers podcasts, feature
stories, faith guides, commentaries, & discussions on
many topics. You can find answers to ques ons from the
basics of Catholic faith to complex dilemmas of everyday
life - Busted Halo is also on Facebook.
Around The Archdiocese
Bishop Bruté Days Camp is a retreat that takes
place June 14 - 17 for young men, ages 13 – 17 who
are seeking to grow closer to Christ, and who may be
open to the possibility of a vocation to the priesthood. The retreat gives young men the opportunity
to spend three days with the Bishop Bruté college
seminarians learning about prayer, service, scripture,
and the awesome gift of our Catholic faith.
The camp is held at Bishop Simon Bruté College
Seminary in Indy. The cost is $75 per registrant and
assistant counselors do not pay a fee. For more information:
Saint Meinrad Retreats
Are you looking to solve your personal problems, get
away from worldly distractions, renew your goals or
even get some rest and relaxation. Then maybe a
Retreat at Saint Meinrad’s is right for you. For more
information please see the retreat brochure on the
St. Chris website under “In the News.”
Dates for upcoming retreats:
June 17-23 - The Image as a Window to the Spiritual:
An Artist’s Six-Day Hands-on Workshop and Retreat
June 21-23 - The Jesus Prayer
June 28-30 - The Beatitudes: God’s Logic in a Crazy
July 1-3 - Basic Bach: Appreciating a Creative Genius
Christian Services
St. Vincent De Paul
for the generous 5th Sunday
collection last weekend
DONATIONS Needed and Appreciated:
Bikes - Can be delivered to the SVdP Distribution Center, 1201 East Maryland Street - M-S - 8-1. They are reconditioned and given to people who use them to get to
Vehicles: To donate call 1-800-322-8284 - all $$$ is
returned to St. Chris.
Furniture or appliances - Please call SVdP donation
line (687-1006) M-F 8:30 am-4:30 pm. The SVdP Distribution Center will accept units for checkout & repair regardless of condition.
Dishes, pots, pans, & tableware - These can be
placed in the glass enclosure on the parking lot side of
the school - please mark the items "SVdP".
Beds - Please contact Paul Guenin directly at 244-9731
or [email protected]
We are using a Donation Collection Box for clothing &
shoes, it’s located between the School and the Garage
next to the Aluminum Can Collection Bins. Its opening
will only accommodate full "kitchen" sized bags not the
full 55-gallon sized bags. Please do not use the glass
enclosure on the parking lot side of the school.
If you would like more information on how you might be
able to help please call or text Paul Guenin at 317-6272309 or [email protected]
SVdP Help Line 317-687-0169
Donation Line 317-687-1006 - Mon - Fri 8:30-4:30
Thank you for all
the past donations. The pantry
is in need of pasta, pasta sauce and size 6 diapers.
Every donation is much appreciated.
This bulletin is furnished to the Parish without
charge. The advertisements that appear completely
defray all publishing costs with which the church would
otherwise be burdened. Please patronize our sponsors
as a thank you for their kind generosity.
TRUE LOVE “[W]e know what true,
authentic love looks like. It looks like
the man on the Cross. This deep, pure
love that motivated Jesus to offer his
life for ours, is the love that will answer
the longing in our hearts, if we let it.” (a quote from
USCCB 2015-16 Respect Life Program “10 Surprising
Tips for Love the Culture Won’t Tell You”,
Dv3yXK.) Please pray for parents: May their example of
sacrificial and life-giving love be a source of hope and
May and June Nursing Home Visitation - We would
like to extend this invitation for any interested parishioner to join us! More volunteers allows us to schedule
more visits to more facilities. Please contact Flora Villanueva at [email protected], if you would
like to join us.
40 Days for Life Vigil Thanks to all who participated in the spring 40 Days for Life Vigil. There will be 500
babies this Christmas that would not have been born if
their mother made a different decision. The next Vigil
will be from Sep 28 – Nov 6.
Go to:
Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
The open wound caused by the spear opens
The ventricle holding the last of the Sacred
Blood of Jesus.
Sacred Blood mixed with water slowly oozes
down the Holy Body
Scalding, cauterizing, purifying the sin of the
Divine love drop by drop falling as grace,
softly touching
The God void within every heart.
Sacred Blood and Body are given to us as a gift
of the
Divine to live within us.
~Trudy Bledsoe
Bus Drivers:
Sunday June 5th, 2016
8:30 am - Randy Long
10:30 am - Helen Morlock
Thu July 14th - Sat July 16th
Don’t miss out on all the fun!
Monte Carlo, Bingo, Carnival Rides,
food and more food!
Thursday Night we have the live band,
Uncle Juju
Saturday from 1pm - 5pm we have
all you can ride Matinee for $12
4pm is the outdoor Mass
And at 9pm we are showing “Star
Wars: The Force Awakens”
For more information check out
Look who we ran into at the track! Some of
our School kids and volunteers! Everyone
seems to have had a blast.