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Cabela`s - World`s Foremost Outfitter
Cabela’s - World’s Foremost Outfitter ®
For this industry-leading retailer, demanding requirements for interior space and exterior
aesthetics are matched by its commitment to sustainable design and energy-efficiency.
As one of the world’s foremost outdoor gear outfitters, Cabela’s facilities have
to be big enough to showcase a little bit of everything, and the Lehi, Utah,
store - the company’s 13th - certainly delivered. Visitors have access to a
restaurant, a conservation mountain, water falls, an extensive gun library, an
arcade-shooting gallery, a conference center, a wildlife museum, and a 35,000
gallon walk-through aquarium - all vital to the Cabela’s experience.
Lehi, Utah
May 2010
150,000 sf
System SC
The building’s designers, Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates of Mechanicsburg,
Pennsylvania, had three main requirements for the walls on the project. First,
the building envelope had to match the owner’s desire for a rustic, earthtoned, sandblasted finish. Second, the panels had to be structural load-bearing
walls to allow for as much interior open space as possible. The final requirement
for integrally-insulated sandwich panels was based on Cabela’s commitment to
sustainable design and energy-efficiency.
Built by Okland Construction of Salt Lake City, the project features insulated
precast panels from Hanson Structural Precast Company, also of Salt Lake City.
Above: Inside these durable,
insulated concrete walls,
customers can find trophies of
virtually every game animal, fishing
ponds, aquariums, education booths
and other related attractions.
Inset: These Thermomass Series
CC Connectors have been inserted
into rigid insulation within the
precast form just before the final
wythe is poured for this panel.
With extensive experience in commercial precast, integrally insulated sandwich
wall panels, and integral concrete color; Hanson was able to meet all of the
building envelope goals. Its staff developed a special colored concrete mix
using local sands and aggregates. They also perfected a consistent method of
sandblasting that produced a quality rustic appearance for the wall panels.
For the panels’ insulation, Hanson Eagle chose System SC from Thermomass
based on more than two decades of using Thermomass systems to produce
energy-efficient sandwich-wall panels throughout the inter-mountain region.
For the Cabela’s project, Hanson paired System SC with two pre-stressed
layers of concrete. By using composite wall panels, Hanson Eagle reduced the
amount of necessary concrete and reinforcing steel, thereby reducing the
overall panel thickness and weight, while still providing Cabela’s with a wall
insulating value of R-20.
The end result was a 12-inch composite sandwich wall panel, with 5 inches of
interior concrete, 2 inches of extruded polystyrene insulation, and 5 inches of
exterior integrally colored concrete, supporting a steel roof and more than a
few exposed logs.
Hanson fabricated the sandwich panels on a 240 foot pre-stressing bed where
multiple panels per day could be poured. Simultaneous work was done at the
jobsite by Okland Construction while the panels were being prepared.
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After the footings were placed and the site ready, the 255 precast panels were
shipped to the site and erected in only 17 days. These panels had an average
size of 12 feet wide by 38 feet tall.
With a little help from Thermomass and a dedicated group of experienced
project partners, the Lehi Cabela’s is able to offer anything and everything
for the outdoor enthusiast, and the completed store definitely fits in with its
rugged mountain surroundings.
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