Whole-Home Dehumidifier



Whole-Home Dehumidifier
Whole-Home Dehumidifier
Soothing Relief From Hum
A Century of Trusted Comfort
Bryant continues to earn the trust of homeowners
nationwide by looking beyond temperature control
and finding additional solutions for enhanced indoor
comfort. Through focus, commitment and dedication,
we have consistently met every new challenge
head-on and delivered the products to meet or
exceed expectations. Today, as people spend more
time indoors, a Bryant® whole-home dehumidifier
can offer soothing relief from high humidity while
enhancing energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
The Benefits of Dehumidification
When it’s hot and sticky outside, your air
conditioner or heat pump provides some
dehumidification as it works to cool your
home. During those extreme days of summer,
most systems will work overtime to keep up.
It’s also common for homeowners to turn
down the thermostat for comfort, which
causes the system to work even more. At the
end of the month, that means higher overall
cooling costs.
Now you can break the cycle with a
Bryant® whole-home dehumidifier. By
drawing excess moisture from indoor air
without the help of your cooling system,
a whole-home dehumidifier can enhance
your comfort without turning down the
temperature. You’ll potentially achieve
greater comfort while enjoying a welcome
relief on your cooling bills.
Protects Your Air
Excess humidity in your home can wreak
havoc on your indoor air quality as airborne
pollutants like dust mites and allergens can
thrive in higher humidity environments.
Out-of-control humidity can also cause
warping or structural damage to wood
flooring, cabinets and furniture. By pulling
moisture from indoor air, a Bryant wholehome dehumidifier can not only enhance
your overall comfort, it can also help protect
your home furnishings and enhance the
quality of the air during cooling season.
mid Indoor Air
Peace of Mind
Having a great warranty helps you enjoy your comfort with
confidence. Bryant builds trusted reliability into every product,
then provides additional peace of mind with excellent
warranty protection.
To the original owner, Bryant® Preferred™ series
dehumidifiers are covered by a 5-year parts
limited warranty. See warranty certificate at
bryant.com for complete details and restrictions.
Designed to Fit
Bryant® whole-home dehumidifiers offer a variety of installation
options. Your trusted Bryant dealer has flexibility to offer the ultimate
combination of unobtrusive design and user-friendly convenience.
Basement Install
Closet Install
Stand Alone Install
Attic or Crawl space Install
Home Comfort Components
Setting your desired humidity level is easy and intuitive
using the onboard LCD control. For greater flexibility
and convenience, the control also comes off the unit for
wall mounting if needed. The whole-home dehumidifier
can also be controlled with a Preferred™ series
thermidistat for maximum consumer convenience, or
from an available remote control.
Routine filter cleanings ensure optimum performance.
That’s why we include a “clean filter” reminder on the
dehumidifier control. The MERV 8 air filter is easy to
access and clean using one of the access doors
located on either side of the cabinet.
Model DEHXXCDA1095
Enjoy all the benefits of whole-home dehumidification
with sound levels similar to most furnaces or fan coils.
The precision-tuned fan and motor quietly drives airflow into and out of the unit.
Enjoy all of the benefits of whole-home dehumidification
with the versatility to fit your needs. Available in your
choice of 70 or 95 pint sizes, the dehumidifier can also
be zoned for separate humidity control in two targeted
areas (for example, the basement and the rest of the
home). In addition, this unit can be set up to provide
fresh air ventilation if desired.
Bryant® Evolution® Air Conditioner and Gas Furnace System
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Stock Symbol UTX.
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7310 West Morris Street, Indianapolis, IN 46231
Visit our website at www.bryant.com
Before purchasing this appliance, please read the important energy cost
and efficiency information available from your dealer.
Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time,
specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations.

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