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Web June 14.pub - Faithbridge Church
Lead Pastor
Martin Giese
Youth Pastor
Phil Campbell
Senior Visitation Pastor
David Cripe
Interim Administrator
Ken Polley
Support Staff
Nicole Simpson
Interim Admin. Secretary
Char Christenson
Worship Coordinator
Aaron Bradt
Curriculum Coordinator
Mary Paskvan
CE Preschool and
Hospitality Coordinator Janna Phillippi
Connections Coordinator
Lorelei Polley
Compassion Coordinator
Jan Henderson
Bruce Henderson
Brian Henderson
Jane Wolff Baker
Parish Nurses
June, 2014
“Helping you to connect, be involved and
grow spiritually through Worship, Instruction,
Fellowship, Caring, and Evangelism
using the Bible as our guide.
Colleen Gartner
Helene Kahlstorf
Cathy Schmidgall
If you do not wish to receive this in your mailbox, please inform the office.
Connect, Belong, Become
1505 Park Ave S., Park Rapids, MN 56470
www.faithbridgepr.org • [email protected]
Introducing - Bud and Sally Kading
All Church Information
Bud and Sally moved to Park Rapids in January of
1986 and began attending Faith. In August, they will
celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary. They are
empty nesters but have 3 cats to keep them
Worship Schedule
Their home was blessed with five great kids that the
Faith family has watched grow into adults. Maggie, a
pharmacist, in Duluth, Tom, a lawyer, in Fargo and
engaged to Ashley, John, an engineer, in Mpls. and engaged to Julia, Mary,
recently graduated from UND in Medical Laboratory Science and newly married
to Kirt, Ben, a sophmore at UND, majoring in engineering.
Bud is a Deacon, operates the sound board, is computer tech support and has
been our go-to guy when Faith’s electronics go array! Sally is and has been the
kindergarten Sunday School teacher for many years and along with Karen
Erickson, she lines up rides for the kids attending Camp Lebanon every summer
as part of the Camp Lebanon Ambassador Committee.
Bud likes biking and reading (ask him about those long bike trips he has taken)
and Sally enjoys sewing and spending time with family and her sister, Ann.
Sally has been involved in ECFE and works part time at the Park Rapids and
Nevis Schools as a teacher. Bud is Technology Coordinator at the Nevis
We appreciate their many years of ministy to Faith.
Table of Contents
Birthdays & Anniversaries ...11
Bible Studies ............................4
Calendar ...................................9
Camp Lebanon .......................12
Christian Education .................5
Community Happenings .......17
Faith Force ..............................2
Faith Mission Circle ..............2
Library .....................................13
Men’s Ministry ........................14
Mission Ministry Team ............7
Missionaries ..........................18
Military List ...........................16
OCC .........................................15
Parish Nurses ...........................8
Prayer Ministry .....................16
Schedules .................................3
Women’s Ministry.....................6
Page 1
Issue 35 June, 2014
FaithBytes is published monthly as
the official connection to what’s
happening at Faithbridge.
Inclusion of some information
does not necessarily indicate
endorsement by Faith.
Deadline for the
July, 2014 issue is:
Monday, June 23, 2014
[email protected]
8:15 AM
9:15 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Traditional Worship
Coffee Fellowship
Faith Kidz (ages 4-10)
Contemporary Worship
beg er sch
8:1 ns Jun edule
10: 1
Nursery is available for infants through age 3 at all services.
Parents, Please Note:
If your child is in the Gym, he/she must be supervised by you or a
responsible adult at all times.
The Mission Circle is meeting at
9:30 am, Monday, June 16 in the
Faith Coffee Shop.
Note: DEVOTED Ladies
Group ~ No June or July
Volleyball –
Monday evenings from
6-8 PM everyone, ages
12 – adult, is invited to
join us in the gym for
an evening of fun, fellowship,
and a good work-out!
Would you like to see more substance in
our monthly FaithBytes. We are open to
suggestions for changes you would like
to see in our monthly newsletter. Just
pass them along by connection card,
phone or email. We’d love to hear from
you and get your feedback.
Thanks, Jan and Staff
Faith Force Seniors will meet
at noon on Monday, June 23rd
for our potluck meal.
John Martin from Citizen's National
Bank will be speaking on financial
matters. Also a representative
from the Parish Nurses will make a
All seniors are welcome, please
come for a good time of food and
fellowship. Bring a dish to share
for the potluck.
Page 2
Faith Schedules
We Need Your Help
- Contact Person: Teresa Rockensock
8:15 AM Service
10:00 AM Service
Audra Hill
Teresa Rockensock
Paige Hill
Scout Stewart
June 1
June 8
Bev Sleen
Tracee Lindquist
& Family
June 15
Nicole Simpson
Schrader Family
June 22
Varian Halverson
Amy Morris
Katya & Annalise
June 29
Ruby Anderson
Kako Family
June 1
8:15 AM Service
James, Sorenson
10:00 AM Service
Giese, Hanninen
Bearden, Melheim
June 8
Kellner, Sullivan
June 22
Schirmers, Criswell
June 29
Winter, Charley
Kesler, Charley
June 15
No Children’s Church
until August. Kids 4-10
can attend Faith Kidz in
the Family L:ife Center
at 10 AM each Sunday
in June and July.
JUNE Library
Judy, Marlene
Joyce, LindaSue
Joyce, Mike
Michelle, Becky
Joyce, LindaSue
JUNE Thursday Office Volunteers
Page 3
Marlene, Pam K., Barb A.
Marlene, Jan F., Mary L.
Marlene, Lowell and Lorraine E.
Marlene, Sandy R., Mavis O.
Marlene, Pam K., Barb A.
If you are leading or hosting a Bible study, either monthly or
during the summer, (ladies, men or couples) we'd be interested in knowing what is being offered. We often get calls from
people who are interested in joining a Bible Study Group and
would like to give them and you options. (note: these are not
the small groups that Aaron is organizing.) Please call Aaron
(732-1404 ext. 103) or Jan at 732-4522 and let one of them
know your information. Thank you!
Faith Student Ministries
Most youth activities are announced on the Youth
Be sure to keep checking for up to the minute changes.
Prayer Points
* Summer Events - TBA @ FSMwired facebook
* Sunshine Festival July 16th-19th
* Summer Mission Team now being formed...7/31 - 8/10. "WorldView Road
Trip" (Colorado/Wyoming/Montana; Focus on the Family, Summit Ministries,
World Venture, & the Dinosaur Dig) see Pastor Phil for details...
Luigi’s is coming to Faith
on Friday,
June 27th, 5-7 PM.
Great food
Good fellowship
Fundraiser for our Youth
Mission trip
Put it on your calendar today.
Talk to Pastor Phil if you’d be willing to help.
Page 4
Christian Education
Women’s Ministry
Put these dates on your summer calendar!
(daughters included!)
Activities for the summer
Dates: Mondays, June 16, July 21, August 18
Bike riding to Dorset from Heartland Park, 6:30 p.m.
Starts June 1st...
Ice cream at Dorset
Exercise and fellowship
Kids! Ages 4-10
A special worship experience just for kids!
Sundays, in June & July at 10 AM
Fireside Room
So please join us!
For further information and sign-up, call Tracee at 564-4449.
You don’t have to sign-up but if rain cancels the ride,
we can contact you, if we have your phone number.
We’d love to hear from you, our sisters in and at Faith!
See What We Are Learning
Parents: goto
Under Events tab, choose Bulletins and
click on Faith Kidz date to find out
what your child learned this week.
Information will be updated weekly.
Page 5
Oak Hills Break Away for Women
June 11-14 (Wed-Sat) Oak Hills hosts a women's breakaway. Marilyn
Wallberg, a retired flight attendant, will share stories from the world of
flight, in addition to various stimulating breakout sessions. See the bulletin
board for details. You can pick and choose when you wish to attend.
Page 6
Faith Missions Ministry Team
“You can give without loving; you cannot love without giving”
Training with YWAM (Youth with a
Upcoming reports: Sunday
evening in June to be announced… Mission)
Becky Maninga and Jessanne
Jacob Hays will be serving at the
Johnson on their trip to Haiti
Upcoming Missionary Visit to FBC
Greg and Asa Swenson, missionaries
to Japan, are coming to our church
on July 12-13. Would you like them to
visit your small group or class? Contact Lynda Sullivan at 218-234-9665
Please pray for the following and
their short-term mission trips:
Tim Johnson is planning a trip to
Tucson Refugee Ministry in Arizona at
Kids Kamp, June 13-21st. This is a
joint ministry with his brother's
church in Jackson, MN.
Tasha Maninga is going on a twoweek Medical Mission to St. Mary's
Parish in Jamaica at the end of June.
New Jersey Shores Project this
summer along with CRU. He left
May 21st.
Men’s Mission Trip: June 21str 27th. See information on page
Do you know what this is? Nope, not a foreign language or a new food concoction! It
is the bacteria that is the main cause of Lyme Disease in North America.
Why is it called Lyme Disease? The disease is named after the towns of Lymes and
Old Lyme, Connecticut, US, where a number of cases were identified in 1975. As far
back as 1978, they knew it was a tick borne disease but not until 1981 was it identified
by Willy Burgdorfer, a scientist.
How do we know if we might have Lyme Disease? Early symptoms may
include fever, headache, and fatigue. A rash occurs in 70–80% of infected persons at
the site of the tick bite after a delay of 3–30 days (average is about 7 days), and may
or may not appear as the well-publicized bull's-eye . The rash is only rarely painful or
itchy, although it may be warm to the touch. Approximately 20–30% of infected
persons do not experience a rash.
Left untreated, later symptoms may involve the joints, heart, and central nervous
system. In most cases, the infection and its symptoms are eliminated by antibiotics,
especially if the illness is treated early.
FSM Youth Group mission trip to
Montana an d Wyoming, 7/31 8/10. Contact Pastor Phil.
Delayed or inadequate treatment can lead to more serious symptoms, which can be
disabling and difficult to treat. The term "chronic Lyme disease" is controversial and not
recognized in the medical literature, and most medical authorities advise against long-term
antibiotic treatment for "chronic Lyme disease".
Jenna Polley - Guatemala
Orphanage and a new church - in
July and August.
How widespread is it really? The 1,431 Lyme cases in 2013 were substantially more
than the 912 cases in 2012, when a hot, dry June stunted the tick population, the MN
health department reported.
Tick-borne cases of anaplasmosis and babesiosis were near historic highs last year
as well. Neitzel said the tick population has been spreading for several years beyond
the woods in central Minnesota and that ticks are now much more commonly found in
the northwest part of the state north of Bemidji and along the North Shore. Ticks in
the metro area remain more common in the more rural areas of Anoka, Washington
and northern Ramsey counties, he added.
(Star and Tribune, 5/20/14)
Lorelei Polley -Guatemala Orphanage and a new church - in
Hanna Fischer YWAM, Sept. 6,
2014-March 7, 2015
Mandy Shirmers, is now in Cairo,
Egypt, through June in Discipleship
Support the many mission endeavors:
be a part of 24/7 prayer coverage for those on
mission trips. We will have sign up sheets and
specific prayer requests from those going out on
mission ministries.
Page 7
Parish Nurses
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu strict
How to prevent getting the ticks? Neitzel encouraged people to apply insect
repellent containing DEET before spending time outdoors and checking for ticks
afterward. Pre-treating clothes with permethrin-based repellent can provide
protection for up to two weeks.
For additional information, check out these sites:
Center for Disease Control: http://www.cdc.gov/lyme/
California Lyme Disease Association: http://lymedisease.org/
American Lyme Disease Foundation: http://www.aldf.com/
Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/lyme-disease/basics/symptoms/
Page 8
1 Communion
Deacon Fund Offering 9:30 Man Cave in use
7:30 Men’s Menahga Bible Stdy
9:30 Man Cave in use
9 am Gym use
9 am Gym use
10am Bridal Shower 9:30 Man Cave in use Sarah Shepersky
Walk for Life
1 pm gym use
FaithKidz ages 4-10
4-6 Gym in use
8:15-9:45 Room #36 in use 9:30 Man Cave in use
10 AM FaithKidz ages 4-10
4:30-6 Fireside in use
6:30 Men's softball
6:30 Men's softball
7 PM Adult Prayer/Bible Study
9 am Gym use
7:30 Men’s Menahga Bible Stdy
9:30 Man Cave in use
9 am Gym use
9 am Gym use
9:30 Man Cave in use Fellowship Hall use
7:30pm Emma Taggart
4:30 PM Hispanic
6 PM Praise Team
Piano Concert
Fellowship-Fireside Rm
6 PM Singles BibleSty Eli.Echo
12:15 - Noon Hour concert
1 pm gym use
2 PM SuperKids #1 to Camp
6:30 Trustee Brd
7:00 Deacon Brd
Relay for Life
4:30-6 Fireside in use
4:30-6 Man Cave in use 6:30 Men's softball
6:30 Men's softball
7 PM Adult Prayer/Bible Study 6 PM Praise Team
4:30 PM Hispanic
Fellowship-Fireside Rm
6 PM Singles BibleSty Eli.Echo
8:15-9:45 Room #36 in use 9:30 Man Cave in use
10 AM FaithKidz ages 4-10 9:30 AM Mission Circle
9 am Gym use
7:30 Men’s Menahga Bible Stdy
9:30 Man Cave in use
9 am Gym use
9 am Gym use
9:30 Man Cave in use
21 Men’s Mission Trip
12-5 PM Fireside use
1 pm gym use
2 PM Adventurers to Camp 6:30 Women’s Ministry
4-6 Gym in use
9 am Gym use
Service Times
8:15 AM Traditional
9:15 AM Fellowship
10 AM Contemporary
4-6 Gym in use
8:15-9:45 Room #36 in use
8 Come, Let Us Worship
Bike from Heartland Park 4:30-6 Fireside in use
7 PM Missions
6:30 Men's softball
Ministry Team
6 PM Praise Team
6:30 Men's softball
7 PM Adult Prayer/Bible Study 6 PM Praise Team
4:30 PM Hispanic
Fellowship-Fireside Rm
6 PM Singles BibleSty Eli.Echo
22 Come, Let Us Worship 23
8:15-9:45 Room #36 in use 9:30 Man Cave in use
10 AM FaithKidz ages 4-10
9 am Gym use
7:30 Men’s Menahga Bible Stdy
9 am Gym use
9 am Gym use
9:30 Man Cave in use
9:30 Man Cave in use
through the 27th
1970’s Youth Group
Reunion 12:00 Potluck
Terry & Grace Becker’s
12 NOON Faith Force
2 PM JrHi #1 to Camp
4-6 Gym in use
12:15 - Noon Hour concert
1 pm gym use
4:30-6 Fireside in use
4:30-6 Man Cave in use 6:30 Men's softball
6:30 Men's softball
7 PM Adult Prayer/Bible Study 6 PM Praise Team
6 PM Singles BibleSty Eli.Echo
5:00-7:00 PM
4:30 PM Hispanic
Fellowship-Fireside Rm
29 Come, Let Us Worship 30
8:15-9:45 Room #36 in use
10 AM FaithKidz ages 4-10
“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you
what is best for you, who directs you in the
way you should. go.” Isaiah 48: 17
JUNE 2014
4-6 Gym in use
Page 9
Page 10
Library News
Summer Concerts
Library Hours
After 1st Service (9:15 am)
During Fellowship Time and Sunday School (9:15 - 10:45 am)
After 2nd Service (11:45 am)
Piano prodigies, 11 yr old Emma Taggart
and her 7 yr old brother, Jacob, will be
performing at Faithbridge Church on Friday,
June 6th at 7:30 PM. Free will donation will
be taken. They are both classically trained
pianists from the Twin Cities.
Sponsored by Heartland Concert. Ass’n.
Summer Thursday Noohour Concerts - 12:15 - 12:45 PM - Fellowship Hall/
Sanctuary area. Audience is invited to bring your lunch to eat before the
concert. Free will donation and light dessert will be served.
Faithbridge concerts:
Thursday, June 12: Unpolished performs an eclectic mix of roots,
Americana and Bluegrass music on Bass, Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo
complete with rich three-part harmonies.
Thursday, June 26: Northstar Ensemble, Anita Hannemann on
mandolin, Walt Hannemann on guitar, Donna Neumann on flute and
Cheryle Hilgemann on piano playing pop and folk music.
Camp Lebanon Updates
Pray for our campers from
Super Kids #1
June 8-12
June 15-18
Jr Hi #1
June 22 - 27
Page 12
LindaSue Carter picked up some new books at the Homeschool Convention recently.
They are written primarily for youth, will be found in the “J” for Junior section of books
and are available for anyone’s use!
Christian Heroes: Then & Now by Janet & Geoff Benge, is a series of inspiring
true stories of men and women who answered God’s call and whose trust in
God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory:
Klaus-Dieter John: Hope in the Land of the Incas – Medical missionary to
Peruvians in the Andes Mountains
Count Zinzendorf: Firstfruit – Missionary to Moravia, launched the modern
missions movement
Samuel Zwemer: The Burden of Arabia – Felt God’s call to proclaim Jesus’
name in the homeland of Islam
Jacob Deshazer: Forgive Your Enemies – Prisoner of war who returned to
Japan as a missionary
Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt – Founder of Egypt’s first
orphanage – Mother of the Nile
John Williams: Messenger of Peace – Missionary to the warriors and
cannibals of Polynesia
William Carey: Obliged to Go – “The Father of Modern Missions” –
missionary to India
Loren Cunningham: Into All the World – the Founder of YWAM
Wilfred Grenfell: Fisher of Men – Medical Missionary to Labrador and
Heroes of History Series: Ben Carson: A Chance at Life – the American
neurosurgeon with gifted hands. The first surgeon to successfully separate
twins joined at the head. Continues to be a model of what it means to care
deeply, serve brilliantly, and lead courageously.
Reel Kids Adventures - a fiction series by Dave Gustaveson, director of the
Global Opportunity Network of Youth With A Mission, that is sure to challenge
your faith as you “take off” with the Reel Kids on their international
Page 13
The Missing Video – The media club trip to Cuba has become more than an
adventure! Had God brought them this far to end up in a Cuban jail or to
share their faith?
Mystery at Smokey Mountain – media club trip to the Philippines
The Stolen Necklace – media club trip to Kenya, Africa
The Mysterious Case – media club trip to Colombia, South America
The Amazon Stranger – media club trip to the Amazon jungle in
Brazil, South America
The Dangerous Voyage – media club trip to Haiti
The Lost Diary – media club trip to Turkey
The Forbidden Road – media club trip to China
The Danger Zone – media club trip to Vietnam
The Himalayan Rescue – media club trip to Nepal
Two novels by Matthew J. Krengel:
The Prodigal Son – William’s Choice – William is the son of Duke
Edward and he has finally realized his dream. He has received his inheritance
and left his father’s home to join the crusade. When he arrives at the City of
the King he discovers a plot to murder the king and ruin the crusade before it
even begins. He and his new friends must put their lives at risk to save all.
The Prodigal Son – William’s Journey – William and his older brother
live with their family on an estate in the northern reaches of Britoria. Their
lands border a vast area called The Wilds filled with thieves and cutthroats.
When a powerful bandit leader known as “Scar Face” threatens them while
Thots of Christmas in June!!
As a church, Faith has promoted the packing and giving of
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes at Christmas time.
Instead of each of us packing an individual box, between now and November we
would like to promote the idea of bringing items, to a central collection box and
then have a gathering time to pack-a-shoebox with donated items in individual,
provided boxes. The purpose is to buy items to donate when they are on sale or
when we are able to purchase them.
The following are suggestions for items generally purchased for a box. Each
month we will highlight particular items BUT remember that you can donate any
of them from now thru October. We are hoping that we will receive enough items
to fill many shoeboxes in November. (Approx. 100 in 2013)
HYGIENE ITEMS: toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap (in a plastic
bag), comb, washcloth, etc.
TOYS: small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yoyos, jump ropes, small Etch A Sketch®, toys that light up or make noise
(with extra batteries), Slinky®, etc.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or markers,
stamps and ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, solar calculators,
coloring and picture books, etc.
OTHER: Hard candy and lollipops (please double bag all candy), mints,
gum, T-shirts, socks, mittens, caps ball caps; sunglasses, hair clips, toy
jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries)
Men’s Ministry
Men Needed - Kids Against Hunger is
sponsoring another Men’s Mission trip to the
Big River Bible Camp in Big River, Saskatchewan. The cost is $400 plus licenses and
travel meals. Leaving early Saturday
morning June 21st and returning June 27 or
28th, depending on driving arrangements.
We will be doing some roofing, cabin repair,
and other assorted projects when we are not fishing, eating, or
sleeping. Hoping to accomplish something with you aboard! Call Mark
Waller at 252-7230 to reserve a spot or for further information.
Page 14
DO NOT INCLUDE: Used or damaged items; war-related items such as
toy guns, knives or military figures; chocolate or food; liquids or lotions;
medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow-globes or glass
containers; aerosol cans
These are the age breakdowns. (2-4; 5-9; 10-14) Keep in mind gifts for
both girls and boys.
Please understand, you can also fill your own box as before, if you wish. To make
this a success…we will need many participants and many items.
Decorated Totes are available in each Foyer for your contributions.
Page 15
Community Happenings
You are invited
to a Bridal Shower for
Pregnancy Resource Center
Sa rah Shepersk y
The PRC’s annual “Walk For Life” is Saturday June, 7th. Registration
is at 10:30 and the Walk begins at 11 AM.
Find some sponsors to support you as you walk. We encourage
every walker to raise at least $20. There will be gift cards for the top adult and
youth fundraisers. Lunch will follow the Walk. Please wear green and come and
join us!!
Bride-to-be of Drew Maninga
June 7th ~ 10:00 am
FBC Fireside room
Please bring a favorite recipe on a 3x5 index card
Thanks!!! The Pregnancy Resource Center garage sale
raised almost $2500 this year! Woohoo!
They are registered at Target and Menards
Their wedding is August 23rd.
Living at Home of the Park Rapids Area
Faith Prayer Ministry
Wednesday Night Adult Prayer and Bible Study Group meets at
7:00 PM in Room #29 of the West addition (Just off the platform).
Prayer requests can be placed anonymously in the prayer boxes in
the restrooms.
Requests can be phoned/emailed to the Church Office which will
forward them to the Prayer Group or Prayer Chain as directed.
Requests can also be given through the Connection Card.
A weekly prayer list will be placed in your mailbox upon request.
Faith Military Connections
We need your help: If the status of any of the following military personnel has changed,
please inform the office so we can update this list. Thank you!
The semi-annual lip-smacking good barbequed rib dinner is on Friday, June
20th from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the American Legion in Park Rapids. Ribs,
baked potatoes, coleslaw, veggies, and dessert will be served for $9.00 for
adults and $5.00 for children 9 and under.
All swings for Kinship, Mini-Golf Tournament, June18th at Evergreen Fun Park
starting at 5 pm. $60 per team, up to 4 people - all ages. Prizes, trophies, food proceeds to Kinship.
Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student
The Park Rapids Rotary Club invites you to host a foreign exchange student
during the 2014/2015 school year. Hosting a student allows you to open your
home to the exciting experience of learning about unique and exotic cultures
from around the world without leaving your home. The student's stay with a
host family is three months.
If you would like to learn more about this wonderful experience please
contact Don Dearstyne at 218-255-3840 or 218-732-5499."
Thanks for praying for these servicemen; for their safety and for the families:
Bethany Brown
Jason Boyer
Brian Evink
Orion Gray
Jeremy Hill
Jeff Krueger
BillyBob May
Aaron Lemke
Sean McGaffey
Joseph Mills
Marko Milosevic
Paul Minix
Vince Newland
Jeff Phillips
Chad Schmidt
Jim Sleesman
Amber/Nick Treziok
Ryan Vredenberg
Mike Wilmot
Annalea/Nick Grundyson
Looking ahead to July 3rd, Thursday, 5-7 PM at Bella’s Cafe
Meet LA sculpture artist Melanie Newcombe - ATOD
MAGAZINES's Editor, Dawn Garcia's Choice for 2013
female artist of the year!
Melanie's proud parents, Dean & Lori Jo Turner of
Badoura are hosting the reception. Light Hors d'oeuvres
will be served. Beverages available for purchase
Please inform the office if any of the above are out of the military now.
Page 16
Page 17
Faith Missionaries of the Month
Paden, Bruce and Anita
Dem. Rep of Congo
Church development: administration, evangelism, leadership
training, education. Based in and helping grieving children in
Goma, Dem.Rep. of Congo
• Sunday, June 15th is African Children’s Day. Pray for a good testimony to those who attend the school program presented by the school children.
• Pray for Anita in her passing the baton to her coworkers at the Center for Traumatized
and Grieving Children there in Goma.
• Pray that the Lord will help them to be “filled with the knowledge of His will,” in the 2 ½
months they have left there.
Parks, Larry and Jane
Church planting and working with local believers in outreach
ministries to community.
• Pray for the mother church in Toledo, Spain, as it prayerfully seeks to
reach out and meet the needs of the province. Pray for God to raise
up leaders for these outreaches.
• Pray for the mission point of Mora, Spain, as they have prayerfully moved from a house
church to a separate facility. Josh and Adriana are leading this new plant.
• Pray for the mission point in Sonseca, still meeting in a home but praise for the 12 that
attended (6 were unsaved). Praise for the Lord’s blessing that the first visitor they had
received salvation!
Penney, Dan and Esther
Luke, Caleb, Joel , Zack
Church planting and directorship of IED (Institute
Evangelical of Dakar) a seminary for local believers.
• Praise that Esther was able to get a business seat for
flight back to US, helping to alleviate further problems (neck and back issues). Pray that
US doctors have wisdom in treating and resolving the problems she has been having.
• Praise the Lord for your prayers about a new guard - we are very pleased as he seems
concentious, responsible, eager to please and is teachable!.
• Pray for our transition to a year in the US - for the kids schooling and safety in travel.
Polley, Ken and Lorelei
Directors for Emmanuel Ministries
Oversight of Emmanuel Ministries International missions agency, church
intervention and development, mentoring and counseling for pastors,
missionaries, ministry leaders and their spouses.
• Praise for Ministry advancement (in-depth evaluation and renewal) in
a church recently. It was refreshing, a change from the almost
exclusive ministry of intervention in conflicted churches.
• Pray for Lorelei as she continues to hone her skills in using and teaching Simply The Story
methods in outreach here and abroad. Pray for future ministry in this area.
• Pray for Jenna as she studies in Spain from May 28th to July 15th, then for a short-term
mission trip in Guatemala where she will meet up with Lorelei.
Missionary Letter Packets are available monthly in each Foyer.
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