ASUS Presents ZenFone 4,5 and 6



ASUS Presents ZenFone 4,5 and 6
Majalah C
All about ICT in Indonesia
No.24-Year II-May 2014 Edition
New History, BRI
(will) Have A New
ASUS Presents ZenFone
4,5 and 6
Nonot Harsono
Impact of Online Globalization
is More Real
Dear Readers, in the last couple of days
there have been many events related
to the development of information and
communication technology in Indonesia.
There is Bank Rakyat Indonesia that has
officially obtained satellite orbit slot on
150.5 BT from the government, and has
also entered into a cooperating agreement
to develop a satellite and launch the same
in 2016.
There is also a new policy taken by
Indonesia Telecommunication Regulation
(BRTI) to reactivate prepaid card users
registration following the rampant use of
cellular telephone for crimes. Related to
crime, the new mode of internet based
crimes which end up on extortion has finally
been revealed. One of the victims is an
Indonesian who was exposed by extortion
caused by an acquaintanceship through
social network facebook.
In welcoming the Kartini day, a digital
female called Kartini Next Generation has
also been presented. Whoever is chosen
and why the government feels the need
to drive women to be active in using
information and communication technology,
all can be read in this Majalah ICT No.242014 edition.
Through this forum, we also intend to
invite readers to visit Indo ICT Expo which
will be held in Jakarta Convention Center
on 14-16 May. When visiting, do not forget
to stop by at our booth in A-306 to know
more about Majalah ICT.
In addition to have an exhibition, we also
will hold a Public Discussion titled “The
Strategy to Develop Local Content and
Application” at the same time and place
as the held Expo. For information on this
workshop, follow our Twitter account @
indoict. Readers’ presence and support on
Majalah ICT activities will be very priceless
and appreciated.
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Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
A New History, BRI (will)
Have A New Satellite...........
Extortion Caused by
Chatting Through the
Internet Is Revealed.........
The Impact of Online
Globalization Is More
Suspecting The Purchase
of BRI Satellite....................
Indosat Held Inexpensive
Gadget Market and Tabu
Prepaid Card Users
Telkom and Telkomsel
Achieved IMAC 2014.......
Investment Negative List Is
Revised, Indonesia
Telecommunication Is
Now More Open for
Here is Kartini in Digital
Welcoming The World Cup,
XL Presents Special
Program for Soccer
Asus Presents ZenFone
4,5 and 6.........................
Bank Indonesia Issued
E-Money New Regulation.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
A New History,
BRI (Will)
Have a New
ere is a new
history in Indonesia
history, in which
banking industry starts
to enter this sector. This
new phenomenon was
started by Bank Rakyat
Indonesia (BRI) which
officially took over Indosat
satellite orbit slot, and will
launch its own satellite in
President Susilo
Bambang Yudhoyono
(SBY) who was present at
the signing of agreement
of developing and
launching of satellite with
Systems/Local, LLC and
Arianespace at BRI office,
stated that he was very
proud in welcoming the
plan on developing and
launching of Bank Rakyat
Indonesia (BRI) satellite.
According to SBY, this
becomes the milestone
since BRI is the first Bank
which owns a satellite.
“This is a milestone, BRI
is the first bank in the
world that has its own
satellite which is very
useful in developing its
business,” said President
SBY. Therefore SBY
appreciates the array
of ministers and parties
related which facilitated
BRI step in creating its
plan operating its own
satellite. Previously, in
addition to obtaining
support from Ministry of
State Owned Enterprises,
BRI has also obtained
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
orbit slot management
license for 150.5 East
Longitude from Ministry
of Communication
and Informatics
“I would like to
congratulate and express
my gratitude to BRI on
its initiative and hard
work in purchasing and
procuring satellite in order
to expand its business in
Indonesia,” said SBY.
BRI satellite is planned to
be named BRISat and will
orbit in 2016. The number
of transponders from such
satellite is 45 units with
coverage of Indonesia,
ASEAN, northeast of
Asia, parts of the Pacific
and West Australia. BRI
has prepared fund of
up to USD250 million
or approximately
IDR2.5 trillion for the
procurement of such
The procurement
of satellite is for the
purpose of supporting the
information technology
(IT) integration and office
BRI has prepared fund of up to
USD250 million or approximately
IDR2.5 trillion for such satellite
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
networks. Efficiency
level is also expected to
be better compared to
renting satellite. President
Director of BRI Sofyan
Basir previously said
that such satellite was
targeted to orbit in 2016.
BRI also opens the
opportunity to Telco to
rent such satellite, the
main objective of such
satellite procurement is
efficiency. After owning
a satellite, BRI will only
pay communication
technology per year in the
amount of 30 percent of
the amount paid at this
Concerning why BRI also
launched a satellite, and
as if it took other party’s
business, Sofyan affirmed
that the intention to
launch its own satellite
was the impact of
constraints in which
transponder providers
could not provide the
capacity to serve BRI up
to villages.
he plan of Bank
Rakyat Indonesia
in launching a
satellite, turned
out to be a source of
suspicion. Moreover,
the cooperation
agreement on procuring
and launching of the
satellite was conducted
at the end of President
Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono reign.
As conveyed by
Member of Commission
VI of the House of
Representatives (DPR),
Lili Asdjudiredja, Lili
opined that BRI was
under competent in
managing satellite
business. In addition,
she added, what had
been conducted by
BRI was done towards
the end of United
Indonesia Cabinet Part
II, therefore it triggered
political suspicion.
“DPR suspects there
is something behind
BRI purchasing satellite
action. The large
amount of money,
approximately USD250
million, can be a
financial scandal in the
future. A number of
financial scandals took
place when an important
policy was taken
towards the end of a
reign, just name Bank
Century bail out case,”
said Lili.
Meanwhile, Member
of Commission VI of
DPR RI Hendrawan
The Purchase
of BRI Satellite
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Concerning the allegation on the purchase of satellite
by BRI, Dahlan saw this as non pros and cons
matters, instead it had been directed to a slander.
Supatikno from PDIP
fraction admitted that
he was surprised to hear
BRI’s plan to purchase a
Such matter was caused
by the fact that satellite
business was not BRI
competence to handle.
“The main duty of BRI
is to save poor people,
those who are engaged in
real sectors, small-middle
enterprise units or fight
against loan sharks who
lend capital with large
interests. The plan to
purchase satellite is too
much compared to the
need of BRI,’ affirmed
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Minister of State Owned
Enterprises Dahlan Iskan
answered the allegation
on the opinion in the
community and DPR on
BRI satellite purchase
which was considered
as scandalous since the
signing of the contract
was conducted prior to
the change of government
or presidential election.
According to Dahlan,
such decision was made
since now was the time to
“The conversation
was conducted 2 years
ago. Well if now is not
decided, in 5 years there
is no guarantee it will
be made,” Dahlan said.
He affirmed that the
satellite purchase by BRI
was needed to support
its operations. Dahlan
compared BRI with foreign
banks in neighboring
“China or India does
not need (satellite) since
they are on lands, all can
be overcome with optic
fiber. Different from us
with this large islands,” he
Concerning the
allegation on the purchase
of satellite by BRI, Dahlan
saw this as non pros and
cons matters, instead it
had been directed to a
“These are not pros
and cons, instead it is a
slander since pros and
cons do not go that way,”
he said.
Actually it is a common
matter if there is a
question in the public
concerning BRI that
intends to launch a
This is caused by
the fact that BRI itself
has never explained
to public how can BRI
roadmap which is not
telecommunication player
develop and launch
a satellite with high
technology. The intended
roadmap is the plan on
placing earth station,
then human resources for
operational and satellite
BRI Satellite and Meeting at Minister of
Economy Law and Security
inally Bank Rakyat
Indonesia officially
obtained a blessing
from Ministry of
Communication and
Informatics for the
management of 150.5 BT
orbit slot, which means
it is allowed to own
a satellite. Previously
150.5 BT orbit slot was
controlled by Indosat.
The MoU has signed a
cooperation to launch the
satellite in 2016.
The takeover of
orbit from Indosat was
actually conducted in
August last year.
On the other hand,
Indosat seems to be
reluctant in releasing
such slot. As conveyed
by the President and CEO
of Indosat, Alexander
Rusli, Indosat still
questioned withdrawn
by the government.
When the answer had
not been provided, the
government had already
allocated such orbit to
BRI. According to Alex,
his side had met all the
requirements to relaunch the satellite on
150.5 BT slot. With this
decision, Indosat satellite
business is predicted to
fall since it can no longer
lease the same to a third
In addition, he
added that BRI which
only had the special
license that could
hamper the cooperation
of both parties. “It is
impossible for us to
rent a transponder from
BRI if we only use the
special license,” he said.
Special License is
provided by the
government to
communication providers
which use its network for
private use, not to be
leased to other parties.
From the circulated
documents, it was
discovered that there
was a meeting held at
Minister of Economy
Politics and Security
(Menko Polhukan) which
discussed the withdrawal
of satellite orbit slot.
In the meeting held on
August 26 it had been
decided that 150.5 BT
orbit slot allocated for
Indosat was taken over
by the government.
Further in September
2013, Menko Polhukam
sent a letter regarding
utilization of satellite
placing slot to President
Bambang Yudhoyono.
It was a rare event
since SBY has not
been too concerned
on the development of
Indonesia’s information
and communication
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Prepaid Card Users
Regulation Board
(BRTI) together with
operators finally agree on
three concepts for the
improvement of phone
credit trading and also
on the future prepaid
users’ registration. These
three issues are improving
phone credit trading
from the existing one.
There is also new users’
obligation to register
their data at places or
galleries authorized by
operators, as well as
the re-registration for the
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
whose data are invalid.
“We all have agreed to
improve three matters,
namely trading, data
registration of users by
retailers/galleries that
have been authorized,
as well as registration
for those whose data
are invalid.” This was
conveyed by M. Ridwan
Effendi, a Member of BRTI,
to Majalah ICT.
Meanwhile Chairman of
BRTI Kalamullah Ramli
also affirmed that the
existing prime cards that
are purchased on the
streets could no longer be
done. “At this time prime
cards can be
purchased at public
galleries on the streets
and there are a lot of
them. The easiness
of obtaining new
numbers from new SIM
cards provides large
opportunities for criminal
actors to commit fraud
or any other criminal
actions,” he said.
A couple of days ago,
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics
also sent an official
letter to all President
Directors of Cellular
providers and FWA. Such
letter number 30/BRTI/
II/2014 is regarding
the implementation of
Minister of
Communication and
Informatics No.23/M.
Such cellular
providers and FWA are
Telkom, PT Telkomsel, PT
Indosat, PT XL Axiata, PT
Axis, PT Smart Telecom,
PT Smart Fren, PT Bakrie
Telecom, PT Hutchinson
CP Telecommuniation
and PT Sampoerna
Telekomunikasi Indonesia.
Several operators
that were contacted by
Majalah ICT said that the
main issue had been the
existing data that entered
to operators through
SMS 4444, could not be
“Until today we have
not resolved the e-KTP
issue, how can we
validate them? Without
single identity numbers,
validation is hard to
do since there is no
comparing reference
which enters at the same
time as other data,” said
a representative of an
operator to Majalah ICT.
Meanwhile other
operators opined that
A telecommunication observer said
that there was a mafia behind the
circulation of operators’ prime cards
and top up voucher.
registration program
failed since data validation
checking was supposed
to be conducted by
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics or BRTI.
“The Government has
the data from e-KTP, we
just convey users’ data
which entered 4444, and
validation whether such
data is correct should
be conducted by the
Government or BRTI.
“If we do the validation,
in addition to the absence
of official Indonesian
population, daily services
to users have already
been a huge work,” he
On the other hand,
a telecommunication
observer who lives in
Bandung said that there
was a mafia of operators’
prime card and top up
voucher circulation.
“Nowadays large
operators are controlled
by 5 distributors, this is a
mafia. They just want to
sell, they don’t care about
users’ data,” he argued.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Article 2
Customers shall have the rights to use telecommunication services subsequent to
providing their identities appropriately to telecommunication providers.
Article 3
(1) Registration for telecommunication services providers shall be implemented
pursuant to the contract between telecommunication services providers and postpaid
telecommunication services customers.
(2) Registration for prepaid telecommunication services customers shall be
implemented pursuat to:
a. Provisions stipulated by telecommunication services providers; and b. Provisions as
intended in this Regulation.
First Part of Registration Implementation
Article 4
(1) Telecommunication services providers shall be obligated to implement registration
to each prepaid telecommunication services customers and own the intended
customers identities.
(2) Customers identities required for registration purpose as intended in paragraph (1)
shall at least consist of:
a. Prepaid telecommunication services telephone number which is used; b. Identity
contained in Identification Card/Drivers License/Passport/Student Car, namely number,
name, place/date of birth and domicile
(3) Telecommunication services providers shall be obligated to provide instruments
and devices required for the purpose of prepaid telecommunication services customers
(4) The mechanism of registration shall be implemented by each of telecommunication
services provider.
(5) Telecommunication services providers shall activate the number of
prepaid telecommunication services customers subsequent to receiving prepaid
telecommunication services customers as intended in paragraph (2) properly and
(6) Telecommunication services providers shall be obligated to deactivate
telecommunication services customers’ numbers which are proven or discovered using
data as intended by paragrahp (2) in the form of counterfeit or untrue identities or other
person’s identity without any right or without the consent of the concerned person.
(7) In the event deactivation as intended by paragraph (6), telecommunication services
providers shall not be obligated to pay any loss to customers.
Majalah IC T No. 24• May 2014
Investment Negative List Is Revised
Indonesia Telecommunication
Is More Open for Foreign
resident Susilo
Yudhoyono has
officially signed the
change of Investment
Negative List through
Presidential Regulation
Number 39 of 2014
which was signed on
April 23, 2014. This
regulation starts to
come into effect after
its enactment date. With
the presence of Perpres
No.39 of 2014, PerPres
No.36 is revoked and no
longer applicable.
In such perpres the
government divides
several business
field groups, one of
which is business
field under Ministry of
Communication and
Informatics. If seen
closer, there are several
changes in the new
DNI compared to the
previous DNI regulation.
There is no change
for telecommunication
tower procurement
and management,
the same is true for
the size of foreign
investment for cellular
mobile networks as well
as the establishment
of telecommunication
device testing institution
in which foreign
investment may enter
for up to 95%.
The maximum of
investment that has
changed according to
Perpres No.39/2014
Local fixed network
opening from previously
49% to become 65% can
be in the form of foreign
capital, equalized with
cellular mobile networks
that have been allowed
up to a maximum of 65%.
For telecommunication
services, content
services which was
previously national
100% or local capital is
also opened for up to
49% for foreign capital.
This percentage is the
same as those opened
for call center, internet
Service Provider (ISP),
Telephone Internet for
Public Purposes (ITKP)
and Network Access
Point (NAP) which is in
the amount 49%. In the
previous Perpres the
rule said that ring back
tone content as well
as SMS premium could
only be provided if such
service provider is a
partner. Meanwhile for
ISP previously was also
49%, NAP previously
was 65%. Call center
which previously was full
national also changed to
become 49% allowed for
This regulation also
regulates the openess
for broadcasting
institutions both private
Broadcasting Institution
and Paid Broadcasting
Institution, which can
use foreign capital for up
to a maximum of 20%.
In the previous Perpres
both LPS and LPB had to
absolutely invest 100%
local capital.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Indonesian Women Must Be Technologically Responsive
Here Is Kartini in the
Digital Era
artini Next
Awards 2014 held
by Directorate
Informatics Empowerment,
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics awarded
five women who brought
changes in Bidakara Hotel
After going through
a rigid judging process
towards 18 finalists, the
judges chose 5 names
as the receivers of KNG
Award 2014. For the
category of Women
Who Brought Changes
in Business Fields an
award was granted to
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Nancy Margried. Nancy
is an Entrepreneur in
Information Technology
and Design who develops
software called jBatik,
which can create various
batik prints using fractal
mathematical formula
pattern easily and fast.
For the Category Women
Who Brought Changes
in Educational Field an
award was granted to
Mira Julia Putri Utari.
Mira is a Housewife who
documented children
education and conducted
an educational process
on home based education
through Rumah Inspirasi
Periodically she held
online seminars (webinar)
which was participated by
families from all cities in
Indonesia even offshore.
Meanwhile for the
category of Women
Who Brought Changes in
Health and Environment
the winner went to Wilda
Yanti who developed
a business in organic
waste management, and
run such business with
partnership system and
empowerment of the
Waste is managed to
become a new economic
For the Category of
Women Who Brought
Changes in Art and
Curtural Field, Intan
Anggita Pritiwie who is a
Volunteering Tourism an
is entitled to obtain the
Next Generation Kartini
predicate. Intan explored
East Indonesia richness
through menujutimur.
com. She uploaded
writings, pictures and
videos to develop a care
for others about “local
wisdom” and “inspiring
people” presence in East
The special award of
Women Who Brought
Changes was granted to
Grace Melia Kristanto.
This young mother who
has one daughter with
special needs named
Aubrey due to Congenital
Rubella Syndrome (CRS)
established an online
based community
named Rumah Ramah
Rubella (RRR) to
conduct education and
socialization on TORCH.
The five winners of
KNG Award 2014 were
the choice of Panel of
Juries which members
were Teddy Sukardi
(Chairman), Rudi Lumanto,
Syukri Batubara, Ashwin
Sasongko, Michael S.
Sunngiardi, Jetti R.Hadi,
Irwin Day, Aviliani, Septi
Peni Wulandari, Nungki
Kusumastuti, Euis Amalia,
Carlia Djadjasastra and
Ratih Sanggarwati.
Secretay Diretorate
General of Informatics
Application Mariam
Fatimah Barata said that
KNG Award 2014 was held
for the third time. This
activity had the objective
of driving women to use
IT in accordance with its
theme namely “Women as
Agent of Change.”
According to her since
the organizer was Kominfo
therefore the activity
emphazised more on
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
women who attempted to
conduct changes in the
environment in using IT.
Director Generation of
Informatics Application,
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics, Bambang
Heru Tjahjono said
that Indonesian women
must be responsive
on technology and be
equal with men. Along
with the development
of Informatics and
Technology (TIK)
which becomes vast it
affected lifestyle which
is more global including
in conducting daily life
“In technological
utilization, women
must learn to continue
advancing following the
era development,” said
Bambang in Jakarta as
quoted from the official
webpage of Ministry
of Communication and
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Moreover, continued
Bambang, along with goals
of RA Kartini’s struggle
in lifting dignity and pride
of women, going towards
changes that can be in
the same level as TIK
development in the future.
Therefore it was about
time that Indonesian
nation every April
21 celebrated and
commemorated the
journey and struggle of RA
This was to continue
Kartini intention in the
past, therefore Kartini
Next Generation Awards
2014 organizing with the
theme “Women As Agents
of Change Change” which
means women bring
changes, have change
meaning from manual era
to digital era. This is in
line with his book titled
‘After The Dark Brightness
In addition, it has the
meaning towards a better
change. It is expected
that the organizing of
Kartini Next Generation
Awards 2014 will trigger
and motivate women in
Indonesia in using TIK.
Bambang Heru hoped
Kartini in lifting the dignity that by the organizing of
and pride of women,
Kartini Next Generation
since this matter is the
Awards 2014 there
milestone of Indonesian
would be more women
nation history, particularly figures in Indonesia who
for women in Indonesia.
were able to emerge and
According to him,
invite other Indonesian
various ways have been
women to actively
conducted by Informatics
participate in Informatics
of Kemkoinfo, in
and Communication
cooperation with Minister
of Women Empowerment
“With TIK, Indonesian
and Children Protection
women can increase life
had held Kartini Next
level and family prosperity
Generation since 2012
in particular and increase
by involving several other Indonesian economy in
private parties.
general,” he ended.
Bank Indonesia Issued
E-Money New Regulation
ank Indonesia (BI)
issued a regulation
Bank Indonesia
Regulation (PBI)
Number 11/12/PBI/2014
dated April 8, 2014 as
the amendment of Bank
Indonesia Regulation
Number 11/12/PBI/2009
regarding Electronic
This amendment of
Bank Indonesia Regulation
as conveyed in BI
Press Conference was
conducted to align the
provisions on Electronic
Money with fund transfer
provisions, increase
technological security
and Electronic Money
organizing efficiency,
as well as expanding
Electronic Money service
coverage to support
Inclusive Financial National
Strategy through the
organizing of Digital
Finance Services (LKD).
Main principles of
materials of amendment
contained in this Bank
Indonesia Regulation are
among others include the
perfecting and adding
of several definitions,
such as the definition
of Electronic Money,
definition of Acquirer,
definition of LKD, and
the definition of LKD
agent. There is also the
regulation of Electronic
Money licensing which
regulates Electronic
Money licensing procedure
which provides transfer
features and the period
of license validity for
five years as Principal,
Issuer, Acquirer, Clearing
Organizer, and End
Completion Organizer,
evaluation for the license
granted by Bank Indonesia
as well as the authority
of Bank Indonesia in
stipulating license
granting limitation policy.
This PBI also regulates
cooperation of Principals,
Issuers, Acquirers,
Clearing Organizers
and End Completion
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Organizers with other
parties such as prohibition
for cooperation which
is exclusive in providing
public services, the
regulation that may
be imposed by Issuers
to Holders, regulation
on Electronic Money
technology security as
well as Bank Indonesia
authority in inquiring
reports from Electronic
Money organizers which
have not obtained license
from Bank Indonesia and
the organizing of non
cash payment instrument
in the form of stored
value, as well as Bank
Indonesia authority to
inquire reports, including
information, and/or data
including conducting
direct investigation (on
site visit) towards LKD
agents in the framework
of assuring the truth of
the reports conveyed by
Issuers who organize LKD
In PBI No.16/8/
PBI/2014, there is also
a transitional provision
on license application as
Principal, Issuer, Acquirer,
Clearing Organizer and/or
End Completion Organizer
submitted before the
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
enactment of this Bank
Indonesia Regulation
regarding Electronic
Money and Circulation
Letter of Bank Indonesia
No.11/11/DASP dated
April 13, 2009 regarding
Electronic Money, further
licenses as Principle,
Issuer, Acquirer, End
Completion Organizer
which have been granted
before the enactment
of this Bank Indonesia
Regulation are still valid
in a period at the latest
five years as of the
enactment of this Bank
Indonesia Regulation. The
cooperation between
Principal, Issuer, Acquirer,
End Completion Organizer
and any other parties in
the framework of public
service procurement,
which is exclusive and
was conducted before the
enactment of this Bank
Indonesia Regulation, is
declared as still valid until
the termination of such
cooperation agreement.
In Demand
Electronic Money use
in Indonesia is secretly
in demand. According to
Bank Indonesia (BI) record
this electronic money
use reaches up to IDR8.7
This was conveyed by
Head of BI Policy and
Supervisory Department,
Rosmaya Hadi. Such
transaction worth
IDR8.7 billion, she said,
was derived from the
transaction which reached
420 thousand per day.
Rosmaya explained that
electronic money use at
this time was regulated
under Bank Indonesia
Regulation (PBI) Number
16/8/PBI/2014 regarding
electronic money.
This was conducted
to decrease cash use
in public. This way was
expected to cover the
public. “This is to drive
financial inclusion. This is
to drive the increase of
security and efficiency of
electronic money,” she
With regard to electronic
issuers, according
to Rosmaya at this
time there had been
17 electronic money
issuers which include 8
Public Banks, 1 Regional
Development Bank (BPD),
and 8 Other Than Bank
Instutitons (LSB).
“In total there are 17
electronic issuers, 8 Public
Banks, 1 BPD and 8 LSB,”
she explained.
According to Rosmaya
this new regulation was
also expected to be
able to cover the public,
particularly outside Java.
“BI will also regulate
electronic money
multiplication, we direct it
to Sumatra, Kalimantan,
Sulawesi, it must be
scattered, not only in
Java Island,” Rosmaya
With the new regulation,
Rosmaya hoped this
regulation drove financial
inclusion, for efficiency.
“Drives security increase
and electronic money
efficiency,” she explained.
• Bank Central Asia (Tbk,). The name of the e-money product: Flazz
• Bank Mandiri (Limited Liability) Tbk. name of the e-money product: Indomaret Card, Gaz Card and e-toll
• Bank Mega Tbk. The name of the e-money product: Studio Pass Card and Smart Card
• Bank Negara Indonesia 1946 (Limited Liability) tbk. The name of the e-money product: Java Jazz Card and Kartuku
• PT. Indosat. The name of the e-money product: Dompetku
Bank Rakyat Indonesia. The name of the e-money product: BRIZZI
BPD DKI Jakarta. The name of the e-money product: Jak Card
• PT. Skye Sab Indonesia. The name of the e-money product: Skye Card
• PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia. The name of the e-money product: Flexy Cash and I-Vas Card
• PT. Telekomunikasi Selular. The name of the e-money product: T-Cash • PT. XL Axiata. The name of the e-money product: XL Tunai
• PT. Finnet Indonesia. The name of the e-money product: FinChannel
• PT. Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis. The name of the e-money product: MYNT
• Bank Permata Tbk. The name of the e-money product: BBMMoney
• PT. Nusa Satu Inti Arthe. The name of the e-money product: DokuPay
• PT. Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk. The name of the e-money product: Rekening Ponsel
• PT. Bank Nationainobu. The name of the e-money product: Nobu E-Money.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
The 6 th International Event on
Communications, Digital Media and
Information Technology for Indonesia
g Indones
Partnerin e
to enhanc olutions
Business prises
for Enter
Powered by :
Mar ary
Di !
Yo tend
to At
14 - 16 May 2014
Jakarta Convention Center
The Chance
to expand
Jointly Organised by :
b :
Supported by
ECMI Services Pte Ltd
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Some of the Victims are Indonesians
Extortion Caused by Chatting
on the Internet is Revealed
he many victims
caused by the trick
of a woman who
pretended to get
acquainted, then allured
the victims to provide
pictures or use the video
camera to open their
clothes which eventually
the victims were extorted
have become the concern
of social media users or
acquaintance sending
through emails. Luckily,
this global sex extortion
network, which had
extorted victims since
their naked picture or
video threats has been
disseminated, was
As quoted from DW, the
police has arrested 58
people in the Phillipines
which is this global
extortion network.
Unfortunately this arrest
is only a small part of a
phenomenon that has
increased in the world
which is driven by the
explosion of social media.
As conveyed by Director
of Center of Interpol
Digital Crime, Sanjay
“The scale of this
extortion network is
large,” said Virmani.
Head of the Phillipines
Police Alan Purisima said
these suspects could be
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
In Indonesia
conducted to
internet users also
takes place. The
mode is there is
a request to get
by beautiful
women through
social network,
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
charged with a number
of accounts, starting
from being involved
with child pornography,
extortion and using
technology to conduct
Purisma said that this
fraudulence usually
involved fake women
who contacted people
off shore through
Facebook and other
social media, and then
develop relationships
with them.
“After getting
acquainted with their
victims they were
involved in the virtual
world sex, and this will
be recorded without
being realized by
victims,” he said. “They
then threaten to send
such recording to their
friends or families.”
Purisima said that
victims were forced to
pay between hundreds
up to thousands of
United States Dollars
through western union
as well as any other
money transmitting
In Indonesia, extortion
conducted to internet
users also takes place.
The mode is requests
to get acquainted with,
particularly beautiful
women through
social media network
particularly Facebook.
After getting
acquainted and
becoming closer, the
woman will conduct
cybersex, and ask the
victim to share intimate
pictures or turn on the
webcam and imitate
the women movement
to open his/her clothes
and everything else.
If that happens, the
man’s movement will
be recorded and he will
be threatened to be
uploaded to YouTube if
he does not meet the
extortionist requests,
particularly sending
a certain amount of
Nonot Harsono
Online Globalization Impact
Is Becoming Real
onot Harsono’s
name is familiar
for those who
are involved
in telecommunication
industry. This was due to
the fact that in addition
to being a member of
Indonesia Regulation Board
(BRTI) for two periods,
Nonot is also a figure who
likes to hang out piercing
separators of institutions
and sciences. Thus this
man who was born on
April 4, 1965 is also
close with people outside
Before becoming a
member of BRTI, Nonot
spent much of his time
educating students at
Surabaya State Electronic
Polytechnic (PENS).
His love for education
caused Nonot to stay for
more than 20 years as a
In educational world,
this man who once
learned how to become
a boxer when he was a
student was in various
positions. Just name
Major Chairman of PENS
Major (1995-2000),
then Director of General
Administration Field
and Finance at PENS
Management (20012005).
Nonot was also the
LPIU Daily Supervisor of
Project of JICA Grant for
EEPIS expansion (20022004), LPIU Secretary in
Project on Development of
Undergraduate Education
(1999-2004-), Chairman
of Curriculum Board of
Telecom Department
(2004-2007), UPT
Chairman of PENS
Computer Network (20052008) and also Chairman
of Prodi/Preparation &
Implementation of Prodi
Multimedia Broadcast
This man with thick
mustache obtained his
bachelor of Electronic
in 1999 from Surabaya
Technological Institute.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Then from the same
campus he obtained
his masters degree in
Technique in 1999.
He also participated
in various trainings in
telecommunication field,
even on international
levels from Japan, the
Phillipines, South Korea,
Thailand up to Iran.
From Surabaya, Nonot
moved to Jakarta in 2009
since he was elected
to become a member
of BRTI for the perid of
2009-2012. Further he
was re-elected for the
second period in 2012
and will ended in 2015.
Nonot involvement
in telecommunication
world is also based on
his passion since he
was young to matters
related to electronic and
His journey to
become a regulator
in telecommunication
industry , the industry
that is so strategic and
became a primadona
then was written
in a book entitled
for National Prosperity,
business and regulation
According to Nonot this
book was not made at
once but he wrote it in
stages for several years.
“Chapter 1 to Chapter
5 were made in 2010.
Chapter 6 was made in
2011, then he stopped
since he was bothered
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Not the sophistication of
technology that can create
prosperity, it is good governance or
management of technology (MoT)
which can create prosperity
by IM2-Indonsat and
phonecredit theft cases,”
Nonot said.
Finally the book was
continued in 2012 and
2014, then in 2014 this
book was published. “This
book was written at each
weekend as a light writing
not a heavy one since its
objective was to share
frame of htought on how
Indonesian nation has a
thingking pattern which
is convergent in utilizing
ICT/TIK technology,” he
He emphasized that
his book was only a
light reading for anyone
who cares about
the untilization of
technology to create the
nation’s prosperity. It
is not the sophisticated
technology that can
create prosperity, but it
is the good governance
or management of
technology (MoT) that can
create prosperity.
“Including the
understanding of
criminal law which
is harmonious and
reasonable from APH and
the court which provide
legal certainty, not the
one that threatens with
imprisonment,” said this
man who was once an
Expert Witness in the
alleged frequency misuse
case involving IM2 and
telecommunication in
Indonesia, Nonot said
that at this time there
had been a fundamental
shift in the main role
which was previously
network provider, now
has shifted or changed to
become applicant (Apps)
and gadget providers
It is even the case, said
this man whose hobbies
are strolling and fishing,
bundling between Apps
and Devices had caused
network organizers to be
pasive players. ‘Global
application domination
even places the United
Nation of the Republic of
Indonesia more on a weak
position as if it does not
exist in the virtual world
that has become more
real,” he said.
He emphasized that
teoretically it was
easier said that we had
to develop Domestic
Apps application and
gadget fabrication
locally, however since
the highly disseminated
the regulating authority
of device import by
Ministry of Trading,
Foreign Investment by
Investment Coordinating
Board, cretive industry
by Ministry of Tourism
and Creative Economy,
network organizers by
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics/
BRTI, application by
Ditjen Aptika, content
distribution by KPI
and others require the
convergent effort and
awareness from all such
Banking which intends
to advance by itself
through mobile-payment
Application creations and
mobile banking certainly
will threaten revenue gain
from network organizers
if strategic alliance is
not developed and the
Government lets them
wildly compete.
According to Nonot,
e-money license to
network organizers at this
time as if they were loose
in the head but tied up
in the tail since they were
not too excited about the
collaboration between
and banking, not to
mention the weakness
of e-Leadership on
the highest leaders of
both sectors and in the
“Therefore, locally there
is a convergence issue
between institution and
from the outside direction
there is a pressure and
application flow as well
as various devices which
enter the sovereignity
area of United Nation of
the Republic of Indonesia
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
(NKRI) in which between
institutions there has
not been any awareness
on the size of online
globalization impact or
virtual world globalization
which are becoming more
real,” said this bicycle
lover during car free day.
BRI Satellite
Talking about hot issue
on BRI plan on launching
satellite named BRISat,
this owner of life motto
“experience is the best
for private purposes.
“Therefore the case is
actually similar to other
banks which develop thier
own payment networks
on highway gates, mini
markets, and others,”
Nonot said. He added
that BRI was not engaged
in telecommunication,
however it managed inter
branches and all points
owned by BRI itself all
over Indonesia.
“Special telecommunica­
tion for institutions or
including telecomunication
sectors have not been in
harmony.” he opined.
This father of Ahmad
Ibrahim Gani and
Lintang Aulia Mauludi
spends the weekend by
writing solution ideas
on telecommunication
industrial and regulation
issues. Including prepaid
registration. He explained
that the main concern of
this prepaid registration
was the one who enters
customers data is the
Experience is the best teacher but you dont
have to experience it yourself
teacher but we dont
have to experience it
yourself” opined that the
entrance of BRI was not
about banking entering
telecommunication since
BRI was prohibited to
organize commercial
“What happened in
BRI satellite was a slot
no longer used and BRI
intends to own an internal
network used by itself to
connect all points in the
entire areas of Indonesia,
he explained.
He said that Government
Regulation No.52 of 2000
provided the opportunity
for that which was called
special telecommunication
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
legal entities is not a new
matter. It is expected
that in the future the
harmony between State
Owned Enterprises
will better structured
in order to avoid any
misunderstanding like
this. There is PLN who
has telecommunication
subsidiaries , PGN also
has telecommunication
subsidiaries, will PT
Telkom be allowed to have
banking subsidiaries since
financial inclusion must
be immediately created,
meanwhile Bank Indonesia/
Financial Service Authority
with State Ministry,
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics and banks
prime card providers,
not customer nominees
Therefore according to
him, struncturing and
counseling to distributors
to stall are necessary,
SIM-card distribution
information and database
system is needed.
Concerning when this
process is targeted to
complete, Nonot answered
that this matter needed
time. “It has started
and must be completed.
Operators promised
that they would improve
prepaid registration
system in 2014,” closed
this man who is good at
cooking and understand
smartphones and discount of up to IDR
1 million. Indosat invited ATPM partners
such as Huawei, Sony, Samsung, Nokia,
Polytron, LG, BlackBerry, HTC, and
iPhone as well as distributor Trikomsel,
Erafone and SCM.
To optimize its smartphone, in Gadget
market location, customers can purchase
Super Data Prime Card containing
Internet Package of 3 GB, Free BBM,
Unlimited Super WiFi with active period
of 3 months wihtout having to top up
with a value of IDR 36,000. Customers
can also obtain HiperBola Starter Pack
which provides the benefit FREE 8
hours for phone calls, FREE 8 hours text
messages and FREE 8 Hours Internet
everyday. Customers can also have the
opportunity to watch soccer games live
in Spain, England, France, and Brazil,
martphone and tablet users in
Bandung (Persib) and Malang (Arema)
Indonesia continues to increase
through the mechanism of E-Coupon.
along with technological advancce. To
Meanwhile, subsequent to Bali last
provide the best user experience with
March, this time around Tabu Challenge
smartphones used by customers Indosat was held simultaneously on April 27,
held Inexpensive Gadget Market and
2014 in Jakarta (TMII), Bandung (Sate
Tabu Challenge event simultaneously in
Building West Parking), Semarang ( In
several large cities in Indonesia.
fromt of Governor Office on Pahlawan
“With this Inexpensive Exciting Hyper
Street), Yogyakarta (JEC) and Surabaya
Gadget Market and Tabu Challenge,
(Surabaya Plaza East Parking).
we hope that it will not only provide
Providing quicker internet access for
facilities to gadget and smartphone lover Indonesian community, Indosat held
community who needs internet access,
digital activation activities through
but also at the same time provide the
a competition event named “Tabu
best user experience in using all Indosat
services for their telecommunication,”
In this competition which stands
thus conveyed by Andrini Novie Hastuti, for “New Challenge” or “Tantangan
Group Head Marketing Communication
Baru”, participants would face various
challenges which obliged them to
Indosar held inexpensive gadget bazaar utilize data, voice and text messages.
for three days starting on April 25 to
Through these challenges, participants
27, 2014 in Jakarta (Taman Anggrek
could prove immediately the reliability
Mall), Bandung (Trans Studio Mall),
of Indosat network quality. In this Tabu
Semarang (Ciputra Mall), Yogyakarta
Challenge the registered participants
(Ambarukmo Plaza), Surabaya (Royal
were requested to complete 3
Plaza), Denpasar (Galleria Mall),
challenges at 3 Super Internet posts
Indosat spoiled customers by offering
which all instructions and completion of
bundling with selected gadget by super
chalenges used digital media with the
exciting offer such as purchasing
main prize motorcycle in each of the
smartphone FREE data, Purchase 1 get 2 organizing city.
Indosat Held
Inexpensive Gadget
Market and Tabu
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Telkom and
IMAC 2014
T telekomunisaki
Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom)
obtained an award as
Indonesia’s Most Admired
Companies (IMAC)
2014 for the category
Telecommunication from
Warta Ekonomi Magazine.
Meanwhile Tekom’s
subsidiary, Telkomsel,
succeeded in obtaining
IMA CEO 2014 for the
catgory of Industry,
such award was granted
directly by Chief Editor of
Warta Ekonomi magazine,
Muhammad Ihsan,
President Director of EBIS
M. Awaludin and President
Director of Telkomsel Alex
J. Sinaga, at Ballroom of
Sultan Hotel, Jakarta at
the end of April.
“This award is an
appreciation for all efforts
in increasing services
provided by Telkom Goup
along with transformation
conducted by the
company. We express
our gratitude since
Telkom Group effort was
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
perceived and appreciated
well by the public,” said
According to M Ihsan,
the assessment was based
on a research on Chief
Executive Officer (CEO)
and the company entitled
IMA CEO 2014 and Most
Admired companies 2014.
This research resulted
in CEO names with the
highest awareness and
the best image based on
respondents’ perception
as CEO and the company
desired by respondents.
Such research is
In this independent
research, Warta Ekonomi
conducted interview
survey from February
5 to 28, 2014 to 240
“The respondents were
randomly selected from
company database in
Indonesia in 16 industrial
sectors,” Ihsan added.
In addition to obtaining
IMAC, Telkom also
obtained the Indonesia
Most Admired Companies
2014 award, Frotune
Indonesia Magazine
version in the form
of appreciation for
companies who
are able to provide
outstanding performance
both fnancially and
“In 2013 Telkom
suceeded in recording a
revenue of IDR82.9 trillion
or a 7.5 growth with net
profit of IDR14.2 trillion or
a growth of 10.5 percent”
explained Awaluddin.
Awaluddin explained
that in 2014 Telkom
remained focused on
three main programs
consisting of cellular
business strengthening,
broadband business
strengthening through
Indonesia Digital Network
(IDN) program (2015)
and business expansion
to offshore through
International Expansion
Welcoming The World Cup,
XL Presents Soccer Lover
Special Program
o participate in
enlivening The 2014
Wold Cup, PT XL Axiata
Tbk (XL) presents a
special program for soccer
lovers. This program
named “Soccer Crazy” has
the objective of spoiling
soccer lover customers
of XL. This soccer crazy
contains services titled
soccer which can be
enjoyed through cellular
XL Digital Services
Director Dian Siswarini
said that the World Cup
was one of the events
highly anticipated both by
soccer lovers and those
who are not.
“Through this right
momentum, XL presents
Soccer Crazy program as
a commitment form of
XL in meeting customers’
needs of the availability
of the newest information
around The World Cup,”
she said.
XL also provides
spectaculer prizes which
are trvelling to Brazil and
money in the amount
of IDR 1 billion for loyal
Dian added that XL
hoped through this
program, customers
can easily find soccer
information that they
need, or even meet their
desires to feel the world
cup atmostphere in Brazil
Meanwhile Digital
Entertainment XL GM,
Revie Sylviana Andriani
Dewi added that the
number of XL soccer
fans was more than
1.4 million customers.
“With this Soccer Crazy
program it is expected
that such number can
increase in two folds with
contribution of around
6% from Value Addeed
Services (VAS) services
revenue,” he hoped.
Revie explained that
in 2013, VAS revenue
increased to 34%
compared to the previous
year. VAS services also
provide contribution of
around 3% from the total
of XL revenue entirely.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
ASUS Presents
ZenFone 4, 5 and 6
onney Shih,
Chairman os ASUS
and Jerry Shen,
together announced the
presence of ASUS newest
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
smartphone in South East
Asian region in Jakarta.
In this event, Jonney
introduced all arrays of
ZenFone completely and
ASUS ZenUI interface
with a
number of features that
they have.
One of premium features
offered by ASUS ZenUI
is PixelMaster, a camera
technology which is the
important part of users’
experience. The exclusive
camera technology,
PixelMaster on ZenFone
causes image and video
capturing to be brighter
despite lack of lighting.
Fot the first time in
South East Asian region,
ZenFone which presence
is highly anticipated is
available in various sizes
and colors. The newest
all ZenFone interface
models are equipped
with the newest ZenUI
interface which provides
1,000 additional features
therefore users can
use ASUS gadget more
smoothly and with more
ZenFone launch in
Indonesia becomes the
milestone for ASUS after
the launching of ZenFone
in Taiwan and China.
“We are delighted to
bring this gadget to
South East Asia. We
are always certain that
the best technology is
the technology that is
used by many people.
Therefore at this time
we begin our journey ‘in
search of incredible’ we
try to present the most
unbelievable cellular
phone to be enjoyed by all
people,” said Jonney Shih.
ZenFone product line
is equipped with Intel®
Atom™ which has high
efficiency and high
performance. Together
with ASUS Chairman
Jonney Shih, Gregory
Bryant, Vice President
and General manager of
Asia Pacific and Japan
Intel were present at the
“Intel is proud to join
ASUS in ZenFone journey
to the future with our
Intel Atom processor. This
is an interesting offer for
all of you,” said Gregory
ZenFon – Extraordinary
Smartphoe for Everyone
enFone has a beautiful design, high quality
material, complete ASUS ZenUI function to
present luxury for users. Available in 4 up to
6 inches screen and various color selections,
there must be one ZenFOne type which is
suitable to be used by each person, whatever
their needs and lifestlyles are. As an illustration,
all ZenFone models have been equipped with
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 for better reliability and
endurance against scratches.
ZenFone 4 has beautiful screen with the size
of 4 inches and is very easy to be personalized
since the back cover can be exchanged with color
selections of Charcoal Black, Pearls White, Cherry
Red, Sky Blue and Solar
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
ZenFone 4 supports
MicroSD card of up
to 64GB therefore it
provides abundant places
to store pictures, video,
appliation and others.
ZenFone 5 has the
screen size of 5 inches
which is exensive,
supporting HD and IPS+
in which users still can
chat despite wearing
gloves. The design is
very interesting with
thickness of only 5.5
milimeters in its thinnest
point. ZenFone 5 itself
is available in Charcoal
Black, Pearl White,
Cherry Red, Champagne
Gold and Twilight Purple
ZenFone 6 offers 6-inch
HD screen which is
extraordnary equipped
with SonicMaster
audio technology to
present undisputed
experience. ZenFone 6
has camera with a power
of 13 mega pixel ready
to capture images clearly
with high resolution.
ZenFone is available in
Charcoal Black, Pearl
White, Cherry Red and
Champagne Gold colors.
ASUS ZenUI – Beautiful, Smooth and
enFone is one of ASUS
first gadgets equipped
with ZenUI, new innterface
special for mobile users
developed in accordance
with freedom, expression,
and connection concepts.
With new visual design
made to be more efficient,
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
with modern icon,
color themes, beautiful
animation, new ringtones
and notification tones
as well as clean layouts
for the sake of clearer
information broadcast for
ASUS ZenUI is also
equipped with two
main features namely
What’s Next and Do It
Later specially designed
to facilitate users in
adjusting a large amount
of information received
each day, and enables
them to do various things
more productively.
What’s Next places
the latest , the most
important and useful
information for users such
as meeting schedules in
the future, non answered
message and calls from
VIP contacts, the weather
in the destined places,
and others on the front
and middle parts of lock
screen, home screen and
notification panel.
Do It Later frees the
users to focus on the
tasks they are working
on without forgeting
other important matters
that they need to do
afterwards. If users
are writing emails and
receiving phone calls they
only press one button then
automatically it will make
a reminder
to call the partner who
contacted them.
Users can also save
interesting matters such
as articles, YouTube
video, or any website to
be viewed later on. Each
reminder and matters are
saved and collected in Do
It Later application which
is separated as well as
having its own shortcut to
do the related activities,
such as conduct calling
or viewing the wesites
PixelMaster – Professional Class
Photograph Every Time
ach ZenFone has PixelMaster, an ASUS
exclusive camera technology consists
of various features such as Selfie Mode
and Depth of Field Mode which increase
camera performance and faciliate users
in capturing high quality images and
videos. Additional two PixelMaster
features namely Low-Light Mode and
Time Rewind are also present in ZenFone
5 and ZenFone 6.
Low-light Mode significantly increases
camera performance in areas with low
light. By combining the right pixels, the
camera is able to increase light sesitivity
to up to 400% and contrast to up to
200% which at the end of the day is
able to present bright and clear images
wihtout the use of flash.
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
the chance to obtain perfect images
increases. After capturing images, users
can “go back in time” easily to select
the best results or also to save all
images captured by the camera.
Selfie mode is a new innovative way
to to capture self images (selfie) with
high quality. Selfie Mode enables users
to capture individual or together with
friends selfie images using the main
camera with high resolution at the back
of the phone camera, instead of lower
resolution camera on the front part.
Camera can automatically detect faces
when they are ready to be shot in a
frame before counting down capturing
three images. Afterwards, users can
select the best images to be saved or
shared online.
Depth of Field Mode enables users to
capture images more sharply. Objects
on the front will be made sharper,
meanwhile objects at the back will be
touched with soft blur, or images as
referred to by photographers as shallow
depth of field, which usually can only be
done by high class
Electronic Image Stabilizer
(EIS) is also able to increase
performance in the dimmed
atmostphere to further
increase image results.
This low mode can also be
utilized when recording a
Photography can
sometimes complicate
things due to the
movement, however Time
Rewind causes shooting
at the right moment to
become easy. With the
capturing of several
images before and after
users press shutter button,
Majalah IC T
No. 24• May 2014
Get the Latest Information on Information and
Communication Technology Development in Indonesia
Majalah IC T
All about ICT in Indonesia
Majalah ICT

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The World Condems IM2 Case Internet Doomsday Dr. Ir. Ari Santoso, DEA PHOTOGRAPHER: Winda Veralita COVER DESIGN: F. Tian

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