Indonesia Social Justice Network Brochure



Indonesia Social Justice Network Brochure
Indonesia Social Justice Network (ISJN)
Media Campaign and Publications
Media campaign and publications includes publishing books and social
justice magazines. Started by the success of an inspirational book of
Menerjang Batas Mengejar Impian that covers the story of some ISJN
members in finding scholarship in order to continue their education, ISJN
continue to produce other books, including a collection of social justice
writings (views, opinions, and research findings) from ISJN members,
entitled Menuju Indonesia Baru: Cerita Keadilan di Indonesia. ISJN also
publishes Social Justice Magazines on regular basis, which covers many
information, updates, and issues related to social justice.
Partners & Networks
Ford Foundation
Medan Network
Kick Andy show
Metro TV
KBR68H Network
Tribun Timur
Serambi Sales & Distribution
Jl. SMA 14 No. 10, Cawang, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur, 13630
Phone|Facsimile: +62 21 8006458
| Website: |
International Conferences, Seminars, & Group Discussions
Training & Development for Communities
Research & Advocacy on Social Justice
Media Campaign & Publication
ISJN in Brief
The Indonesian Social Justice Network (ISJN) is a group of IFP
(International Fellowships Program) alumni who have a commitment
to ensure and implement social justice in their communities. They
have been supported by the Ford Foundation through the Indonesia
International Education Foundation (IIEF) to continue their studies,
either in Indonesia or abroad. After completing their studies, they
return to Indonesia to continue their struggle for social justice.
The first IFP Indonesia alumni meeting was held in June 2006 in
Jakarta, attended by approximately 30 alumni, and focused on
establishing the association of Indonesian IFP Alumni. In November
2008, the association held its second national meeting in
Bali—attended by 94 IFP Indonesia Alumni and 8 IFP Asia Alumni
from China, Thailand, and Vietnam—and adopted the name of the
organization: Indonesia Social Justice Network. The last national
meeting (3rd) was held in Jogjakarta in July 2011, and attended by
ISJN members and IFP alumni from India, Vietnam, The Philippines,
China, and Thailand. Not only do they have strong commitment to
strengthen the network among ISJN members and any other IFP
Alumni associations, but also to develop program to strengthen their
network, and build their capacity, and work collaboratively to
promote and ensure social justice in their communities.
Nowadays, with about 361 members with different background
and expertise (coming from different places throughout Indonesia),
ISJN still continue to encourage its members, both as individual and
as a group, to keep struggling for establishing social justice in their
communities, in many aspects of life; education, human rights,
environment, difability, health, peace and non-violence, media and
communication, and so forth.
• Strengthening network and initiating a collaborative works with
other sectors in creating social justice.
• Building the capacity of social justice workers and communities
for their services to support social justice in Indonesia.
Our Principles and Values
• Respect to democracy and human rights.
• Non-Discrimination.
• Tolerance
• Transparancy and Accountability
• Open Mind
• Voluntary
• Cooperation
• Equality
• Mutual Trust
Our Program
International Conferences, Seminars, & Group Discussions
In cooperation with many other parties, ISJN held many international
conferences, seminars, and group discussions on many issues of social
justice. Among them are Unity in Diversity International Conference
(Shared Prosperity in a Changing World) in Bali (2008), International
Conference on Climate Change, Disaster Management, and Social Justice
(ICCC) in Jogjakarta (2010), and National Conference on Social Justice in
Gorontalo (2013). We also arrange regular social justice discussions in
many regions, including Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Bali and
Nusatenggara, Sulawesi, and Maluku-Papua.
Oganizational Structurer
The organization structure consists of a national presidium, 6
(sixth) regional presidium, and many ISJN chapters which is based in
each province or district.
ISJN National Presidium
Chairman : Ahmad Zaky
Secretary I : Rahman Dako
Secretary II : Aidil Fitri
Treasurer : Nor Jannah
Members : Sepus M. Fatem
Sapril Akhmadi
Baiq Rien Handayani
ISJN Regional Presidium
Sumatera Region
: Ari Palawi (Chairman)
Java-Bali Region
: Buyung Ridwan Tanjung (Chairman)
Kalimantan Region : Yulius Saden (Chairman)
Papua-Maluku Region : Rohni Mail(Chairman)
Sulawesi Region
: Nurdiyanah Syarifuddin (Chairman)
Nusatenggara Region : Herman Kellen
Training & Development
for Social Justice Workers and Communities
In order to ensure the implementation of social justice in Indonesia,
ISJN also conducts many trainings and development programs for social
justice workers and communities. The program includes Leadership
Capacity Building fo Social Justice, Social Justice Youth Camp (SJYH),
Training on Non-Violent Study Circles, Journalistic and Popular Writing
Skills Training, etc. These programs were held in many different cities, such
as Medan, Jogjakarta, Manokwari, and Ambon.
Legal Aspect
• Notary Deed : No. 3, 13 February 2012 by Indra Gustia, SH
• Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP): 31.564.019.3-005.000
• Certificate of Domicile : No. 0265/1.824.1/12
• Bank Account : Bank Mandiri No. 166-00-0066204-9 (Indonesia
Social Justice Network)
Vision & Mission
An Indonesian community with social justice.
• Enforcing and empowering communities for establishing social
justice in Indonesia
• Enhancing a better access for marginalized people to actively
participate ini social dynamic
Research & Advocacy on Social Justice
ISJN with all its members are also committed to promote the social
justice in Indonesia through research and advocacy. Some of the research
findings have also been published in ISJN publications (book and
magazines), and the organization is now initiating a joint research on social
justice with other research institutions. Many of ISJN Chapters are also
actively involved in advocating cases of social injustice in their area.

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