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read - Rho Pi Phi
Volume 3, Issue 2
Rho Pi Phi
August 16, 2008
Lambda Sigma Delta Chapter
Rope Links
Summer 2008
Inside this issue
Summer Fun in Stockton!
It is absolutely ridiculous how fast time flies by! This summer semester for those of
us in pharm school was definitely busy, but we treasured our time in Rho Pi Phi and
had tons of fun nonetheless. Nearly every week had us bonding over various socials
and professional events… all of which gave way to many lasting memories. I think I
speak for all the 2nd years, now 3rd years(!), that we will miss Rho Pi Phi very much
when we’re off on rotations and away from all the awesome active bros of 2008-2009.
With the realization that we must all move on, it’s always also nice to look back on
what fun times we’ve had and what friendships we’ve forged over the years in this
fraternity. Here’s just a quick look at one jam-packed semester—certainly a summer
to remember. Enjoy!
Relay for Life………………………...2
Children Awareness Carnival…...3
Cheesy Chinese Movie Night…….4
Chan Family Affair………………...5
Santa Cruz Social……………….6-7
CSHP-Pacific Health Fair………...8
Signing off for the last time as your Rope Links Reporter,
2nd Year BBQ Party…………..9-10
Krystin Fong
Formal Bowling…………………...11
PFC Social: Scavenger Hunt…...12
PFC Officers Elected……………..13
Rho Chi Jeopardy…………...……13
Fundraising Week………………..13
Meet an Alumnus………………..14
Appreciation Luncheon…………15
Volume 3, Issue 2
Amanda seen here, making her mark
on cancer, leaves her handprint at
the Pacific booth
Relay For Life:
Supporting the Race for Cure!
By Amanda Wight
Every year, the American Cancer Society hosts Relay For Life at various locations around the country, a 24-hour event that works to raise money for cancer research
and support of cancer victims. Fundraising and donations are gathered both before and
during the event. This year, I was lucky enough to attend the one located in Manteca assisting the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (TJLSPHS)
American Cancer Society co-chairs on behalf of Rho Pi Phi. I participated in the event
in high school, but had been unable to do so since then and so I was really looking forward to it.
When I first arrived, I saw the track where each team would always have at least
one member walking for the next 24 hours lined with tents and booths. The ACS cochairs had already set-up the Pacific booth where we were marketing the opportunity to
get a handprint on a poster with pictures uploaded online afterwards in return for a dollar
and the chance to “make your mark on cancer.” The morning still had people preparing
and getting geared up for the rest of the day and night, but it steadily picked up pace.
Around 10 am the MC announced the first lap, the Survivor Walk, a touching start to a long and satisfying 24 hours. As
the cancer survivors kicked off the day by leading the beginning of the
relay, they were greeted by clapping and cheering as they rounded
each bend of the track. From then on, the day was filled with contests,
karaoke, cancer-themed jeopardy, games, and many locations to shop
including the official Relay store as well as food vendors, candlemakers, scrapbooking booths, and various themed campsites that donated the profits towards the event. For example, the booth located
next to ours was pirate themed with a jail cell in which you could request for someone to be “arrested” and brought to the jail cell in hand
cuffs where they would spin a wheel in order set their bail—which they would then have to beg for from within the jail cell from
passing relayers on the track. They were only released once their bail had been posted. Every year, there is also an trophy
awarded to whichever campsite had the best designed site, this year’s winner being one emphasizing the importance of sunscreen
and protection from the sun with a lifeguard chair, lifeguard, constant free sunscreen for application and buoys that warned
against the dangers of unprotected sun exposure. As an extra encouragement to maintain sunscreen applications, each time you
applied sunscreen you were entered into a raffle.
As nighttime approached, the relay coordinators began to line the track with
luminaria—decorated paper bags that were either in honor or memory of a cancer victim. When night fell, the luminaria were lit with glowsticks so that the track was lit
solely by these beacons of hope for a cure. But the relay continued through the night
with contests for baked goods, competitions where you could be rewarded for greeting
people you met on the track if they happened to be a “secret greeter,” and relayers playing Frisbee, football, and soccer with each other on the field in the center of the track.
We learned that it was still pretty chilly in May this year when 2 am rolled around, and
we found ourselves freezing and wrapping ourselves in as many blankets as we could
while playing cards and walking the track.
After grabbing a couple hours of sleep, which was also spent freezing in a lastminute purchased tent, we met a bright morning sun with tents being dismantled,
campsites cleaned up and a closing speech that wrapped yet another successful relay in
the search for a cure. This truly is an experience in which it is impossible to really express the spirit of the relay in words.
Page 2
Volume 3, Issue 2
Children Awareness Carnival:
Afternoon of fun for both the young and the young at heart!
Rho Pi Phi continued it’s tradition of helping
out with the Children Awareness Carnival late this
May, manning the ever popular bounce house.
Brothers enforced order by lining up the elementary
students all too eager to jump all around in this inflatable palace of endless possibility! In a very carnival-esque environment, kids and volunteers alike
enjoyed pizza, snow cones, and cotton candy.
All the games, prizes, and festivities made us
“mature pharm kids” just want to be kids again.
But mere age did not prevent some bros from entering the bounce house: Mina could be seen bouncing
around and hanging out with the little kiddies from
within and having the time of her life! Way to relieve
some of that school stress, haha!
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Volume 3, Issue 2
Cheesy Chinese Movie Night:
Enjoying Forbidden Kingdom and yummy Chinese Food!
In their brilliancy, social co-chairs Johanna Liu and Tiffany Kho brainstormed up a wonderfully
themed social #1: Cheesy Chinese Movie Night. The plan, as executed, involved watching Forbidden
Kingdom and feasting on Chinese Food (both take-out and home cooked!), conveniently in PHS
(transformed into a “theatre”) immediately after a regular Tuesday meeting. Convenience was key since
this social took place just a week and a half before midterms… hence all the laptops you see, haha!
What an enjoyable social this was! The movie lived up to its cheesiness, complete with many laughout-loud moments only thoroughly appreciated in the company of friends who also find the movie ridiculously hilarious. We all had many a good laugh, and it was jokingly decided that this was Derrick’s kind of movie (because he had the loudest chuckles of the bunch)!
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Volume 3, Issue 2
Naming of the Chan Family Health Sciences Building: Alumni Event
When summoned for help with the various assignments
to make the Chan Family Affair a success, Rho Pi Phi
came to the rescue of Sherry McGee-Casey and the
Alumni Committee. We helped with setting-up the exhibit rooms for each decade of Pacific history, checkingin the donors and alumni attendees, escorting visitors
to their tables, giving tours, and more. It was admittedly a very hot Saturday made worse by seating in a
huge tent (erected just for this prestigious event) that
felt like a green house, but the buffet lunch was great!
Brothers witnessed history as the PHS building was
newly named the Chan Family Health Sciences Building for the donors John Chan and family. In also attendance were many of the faculty, Dean Oppenheimer,
President DeRosa, and more.
Volume 3, Issue 2
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
On June 22nd, in an amazing unprecedented turn out of over thirty actives, including a strong showing of undergrads who came out to join the pharm students on this super fun annual social, Rho Pi Phi donned its beach
gear and headed out for sunny Santa Cruz. The afternoon started off with pizza, some volleyball games, sunbathing, relaxing, swimming, and much picture taking. Then, those interested were given tickets for the rides and
time to explore the Boardwalk. In what felt like all of summer packed into one day, next followed social games to
stir up our competitive spirits. First, we had to bury a teammate and sculpt a design from sand. The four teams
came up with a mermaid (Kenny), giant fish eating Grace, Tetris piece (Kennedy) adorned by fellow team members, and a pregnant lady (Anthony). When kids were asked to judge for a winner, the enticing mermaid proved
most likeable. The games continued with an intense relay watermelon eating contest and a water balloon toss.
Way to keep us active on the beach! The evening continued with dinner with many bros eating on the pier as well
as downtown at Thai Palace where 4 tables worth of Rho Pi Phi took the restaurant by surprise. Finally, we
ended our adventures with a beach bonfire where we roasted s’mores and got ready to return to Stockton after a
very complete day endless fun. Thank you to Tiffany Kho and Nghia Tran for all their efforts in making Santa
Cruz Social a perfect second official day of summer!
#1 Mermaid:
Volume 3, Issue 2
Ultimate Summer Social: Fun in the Sun!
Volume 3, Issue 2
CSHP-Pacific Health Fair
Rho Pi Phi 1st and 2nd year pharmacy students
came to the aid of CSHP-Pacific when it held it’s first
annual Health Fair at the soon-to-be erected Mayfair
Seventh-Day Adventists Church in Stockton. Rho
Pi Phi’s contribution was it’s Over-the-Counter Medication Consultations Booth, but with an overwhelming number of active volunteers, some bros helped
with other organizations as well including AHA for
cholesterol and blood pressure screenings, Operation
Diabetes for glucose monitoring, Legislative Committee for sun safety, and CSHP-Pacific with medication reconciliation/brown bag review. All the many
patients helped were extremely thankful and our services were highly appreciated.
Volume 3, Issue 2
BBQ Social at Oak Grove Park: 2nd Year Party
Though tired and stressed, having just endured a brutal Infectious Disease mini-exam earlier that same day (yikes!), 2nd
years felt so honored at their 2nd year party BBQ at Oak Grove Park. We enjoyed a hamburger and hot dog BBQ and
many potluck items from the 1st years. Special thanks to Amanda, 1st Vice Chancellor, for all her hard work in planning
what was no easy task. From surveying us to pick the best date to ensuring that the awesome gift of personalized clipboards were of the “shiny type,” she and her helpers were meticulous in getting everything perfect for the extra large
bunch moving onto rotations. And of course, 2nd year party wouldn’t be complete without the “initiation” of the new
chancellor, as Mina caked and water-ballooned Alana (only to get equally drenched herself). A water balloon fight ensued
and only those grasping vulnerable cameras and cell phones were safe from the wet festivities that had begun.
Volume 3, Issue 2
Let the Water Balloon Fights and
Chancellor-Caking Tradition Commence!
The Soon-to-be 2nd Years’ 1st Picture Together as a Class
Volume 3, Issue 2
Formal Bowling
Rho Pi Phi bros got all dressed up for the annual summer social: Formal Bowling
at Pacific Bowl. The trick was to remember socks with your attire so that you may
don those lovely bowling shoes to complete that picture perfect outfit! We welcomed the stares because, in our fancy gear, we know we looked good! We bowled.
We bonded. We gutter-balled. We striked! Thank you so much to social chair
Johanna Liu for reserving the many lanes necessary to accommodate such a large
group! It was a blast!
Volume 3, Issue 2
Professional Fraternity Council Scavenger Hunt Social—
Building Those Inter-fraternal Bonds
Volume 3, Issue 2
Professional Fraternity Council Officers Elected!
Congratulations to the newly elected officers for Professional Fraternity Council,
PFC! Our very own Albert Lee and Davis Tran won for President and Vice President, respectively, and our Rho Pi Phi summer representative was Diane Lee, continuing her role from the year. Tony Young will be taking over as RPP rep in the
fall. These leaders will work together with representatives from the three other
pharmacy fraternities to ensure the continued harmony between the groups, a cooperative spirit, and the advancement of pharmacy as a profession. Thank you to all
who ran for these positions.
Albert Lee
Davis Tran
Rho Chi Jeopardy: Rho Pi Phi Team Takes 2nd!
In an all star team of 1st years, Saduf Ashfaq, Amanda Wight, and Sarah Sherer, along with Rho Chi 2nd years
Jennie Lee, Sam Tong, and Krystin Fong, Rho Pi Phi’s representatives battled against PDC, KY, LKS, and
other non-fraternal teams to take home 2nd place and the $90 prize for the fraternity. They answered challenging questions in Jeopardy topics ranging from dermatology to IPS 3 for the 1st years and neuro to GPC I/II for
the 2nd years. Quick reflexes proved to be the key to success in this game where the first team to wave down the
judges to answer correctly was awarded points. The game was far from decided until final Jeopardy stumped all
teams. Wagering all but $100 proved to be a strategic move when the misspelling of Cedars Sinai Hospital (the
hospital where Dr. Wagner worked—category: Professor Pop Culture) cost all teams big. The brains had a lot of
fun battling it out, and the 1st year team especially impressed the audience fans when they successfully contested the Rho Chi judges on a Meerdink question on which arrhythmia has greatest effect cardiac output! It
pays to pay attention in class, haha!
Fundraising Update
Thank you to Fundraising Co-Chairs Davis Tran and Clement Toh for their hard work in organizing Rho
Pi Phi’s highly successful summer fundraising week, July 14-18. We sold our ever-popular bon bon, a
chewy sweet candy imported from France, grams to first and second year students eager to wish their fellow classmates “Have a Great Summer,” “Good luck on Finals,” and “Good luck on rotations!” This year,
we also sold the bon bons independent of the cards due to a high individual demand for this yummy treat/
perfect study snack. Flavors came in the returning strawberry and green apple as well as a new addition of
watermelon! Selling out our 800 bags at $1/gram, profits were great, and this fundraiser was a hit!
We also had a Michael’s Pizza fundraiser in which Rho Pi Phi earned 30% of each pizza sale with flier.
Thus. many hungry bros came out with their friends to celebrate the nearing end of the semester over a
Stockton specialty. It was a super time salivating over some delicious pizza and a great and easy way to
support our fraternity. Yumm!
PR co-chairs: Jenn and Sam hard
at work making posters
Page 13
Clement connects with
his artistic side to draw
Watermelon and Strawberry signs
Jenn and Tiffany + Michael’s Pizza!
Jenn’s awesome
candy gram
designs are always a big hit
Volume 3, Issue 2
Meet an Alumnus:
Aaron Lao
Interview by: Krystin Fong
It started off like any other Saturday at Sutter General Hospital
in Sacramento. I was scrubbing in for my IV shift when co-worker and
pharmacist Aaron Lao asked me, “So are you in any of the pharmacy
fraternities at school?” I knew Aaron was a UOP alumnus, but I never
thought to ask about his on-campus involvements. He’s an extremely
friendly and outgoing guy, who was one of the first to welcome me to the
hospital when I started working in back in December 2006, and an always helpful pharmacist ready to fly to anyone’s assistance. Of course, I
answered that I was a proud member of Rho Pi Phi and jested, “How
about you? I bet you were KY, weren’t you?” “No, I was in Rho Pi Phi
too!” was the reply. And I was so excited to find in Aaron a long lost
brother, class of 2000, member of the 1997 Fluorine Pledge Class.
By then, I had finished with the scrubbing required of aseptic
technique and, with arms yellowed with betadine, I had to cut the conversation short, for my many questions for Aaron would have to wait.
Aaron is a very busy pharmacist at Sutter General Hospital where he
predominantly works on the oncology unit in all its craziness. But even
with the stresses of a hectic day, Aaron found time to reminisce about
his Rho Pi Phi days and agreed to be this issue’s alumni spotlight.
Aaron Lao was originally from South Sacramento and now resides in Elk Grove. He came to University of the Pacific in 1997 after obtaining a BS in pharmacology at UCSB. That
same year, he decided to join Rho Pi Phi with a bunch of his friends. When Aaron asked about this year’s new additions to
Rho Pi Phi, I told him about how we had just welcomed in 13 members of the Calcium class not too long ago, and Aaron
was surprised, “That’s it? When I pledged, we had over forty people join!” At first I thought he meant that there were 40 actives total, but I soon found out that 1996 and 1997 were years of huge growth for Rho Pi Phi, with its largest ever pledge
classes at 46 and 48, respectively! Aaron’s favorite Rho Pi Phi memory is definitely broomball, and what he misses most are
his frat friends. I found very amusing Aaron’s nickname: Rudolph. He very frankly explains, “When I am stressed out, I get
a pimple on my nose.”
Nowadays, Aaron works at Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, where he’s been since 2000. He is sometimes
seen drinking out of a Rho Pi Phi mug and is obviously proud of his fraternity days. Since 2000, he has become an excellent pharmacist who is often recognized for his upbeat attitude and is known for buying dinner for everyone working with
him on the weekends. He says that what he likes best about his job and pharmacy would be helping the nurses and doctors
as well as working with oncology and bone marrow transplant patients.
Aaron offers the following advice to the future pharmacists of tomorrow:
“Your career has just begun. Be humble, be a sponge, and ask questions. What you learn in school and text books will
always be the same in real practice, so learn it well. Lastly, start investing in your retirement.”
Rho Pi Phi thanks Aaron Lao for his time and willingness to be featured in the Rope Links Newsletter.
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Volume 3, Issue 2
Appreciation Luncheon at Valley Brew
To thank us for our efforts in helping with the Alumni Committee this year, Sherry McGee-Casey
graciously invited volunteers from Rho Pi Phi as well as other pharmacy students from various other
organizations to an Appreciation Luncheon at Valley Brew. Although it was scheduled for the Friday
right before finals, Rho Pi Phi had a good showing of eight bros who couldn’t pass up one last chance
to hang out together (and the complimentary yummy food!). And what a lovely break from cramming it
was! We chowed down calamari and potato skin appetizers and enjoyed a variety of specialty sandwiches and more for lunch! Thank you to Sherry for involving our fraternity in so many opportunities
to give back to Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences this year! We enjoyed everything from supporting the Dean at the ESPN 2 Basketball Game, to wrapping gifts for the graduating
Class of 2008, to assisting in the many ways at the Chan Family Affair Building Naming Ceremony.
Rho Pi Phi was definitely recognized this year for being super helpers around campus!
Things to Look Forward to:
Sept 5-7: Rho Pi Phi Camping Trip
Sept 10: Pre-Rush #1—International Dinner
Sept 12: IPSF/RPP Cultural Competency Event
Oct 14: Pre-Rush #2
Oct 20-24: Sweatshirt Fundraising Week
Nov 7: Pre-Rush #3—Broomball