Knight Life 2004 Vol 3



Knight Life 2004 Vol 3
Council 12540 Brownsburg Indiana
Volume 3 2004
Council Officers
Rev. Daniel Staublin
Dr. Lawrence Garetto
Grand Knight
Michael Worden
Deputy Grand Knight
Charles Testerman
Financial Secretary
Jeffery Gaerke
Mike Waters
Daniel Skiba
Leo Hellmann
I’m writing to remind you that the annual Knights of Columbus Christmas Party will be held on Saturday December 11 at 6:30 PM in Noll Hall. The cost is $15/person or
$35/family. A wonderful evening of music, conversation
and activities for the kids is planned. Our resident story
tellers, Father Dan and Father Rob will spin a Christmas
tale and there will be a visit from a very special guest in a
red suit! A delicious traditional Christmas dinner of ham,
turkey, scallop potatoes, salad, bread, macaroni & cheese,
green beans and dessert will be prepared by Marie and
Chuck Damler. Please send in the RSVP card included
with this newsletter as soon as you can. We will need to
provide a count by December 4.
As has been a tradition that fits with the first principle of
our order – Charity, we ask your assistance in providing
gifts for those less fortunate. Encourage your children to
help you purchase a gift that they themselves might like to
receive. Please bring the unwrapped gift to the party with
you. Should you not be able to attend the party, we would
still be pleased to accept a gift from you and your family.
I look forward to seeing you at another wonderful K of C
family event.
Daniel Murphy
Mike Arnould
Inside Guard
Mark Meunier
Outside Guard
Phil Pursifull
Paul Zielinski, PGK
Trustee—1 Year
Ted Frankowski, PGK
Trustee—2 Year
Lawrence P. Garetto, Ph.D.
Grand Knight
Tom Albert, PGK
Trustee– 3 Year
The McGivney Cup
By: PGK Tom Albert
The 3rd annual
McGivney Cup golf tournament was
held Saturday October 9. It was a
beautiful warm and sunny day at the
golf club of Indiana. Eight 2 man
teams competed in this event which
was won by the team of Mike Meunier and Terry Sangl. The long drive
winner was Mike Meunier, and the
closest to the pin was won by Rick
Mike and Trudy Mick and their
daughter Emily
Once again the Mick family hosted our
Council at their annual Bonfire/Hayride
Fall Festival. Mike and family moved to
St. Malachy’s Parish in 1987 and have
hosted this event for friends an relatives
ever since. They have 8 children and twelve
grandchildren. Mike is a Senior Project
Manager for The Hunt Construction
Group and Trudy has been a RN at St.
Vincent’s Hospital for 35 years. This event
is one of the best family events of the year
for our Council. DJ Scott Collier provided
the entertainment and a good time was had
by all. The hayride this year had to be rescheduled do to the weather. Mike was late
for the party because his boss wanted him
present at the Colts game in Mr. Irsay’s
Suite. It really must be a tough life Mike.
Chris Fuller presents American Flag to
GK Larry Garetto, given to the Council
by Rick Rader. (See pg 4)
Jonathan Meyer , with
Brother Vic Osecki
addresses the Council
as he tells about his
Eagle project making
Thank You plaques
for volunteers at the
Holy Family Shelter.
Dec. 4
- Corporate Communion 5:30 Mass
- Pancake Breakfast 8—10:30 a.m.
- Business Meeting 7:00 p.m.
- Eat out at Max & Erma’s night.
71st St. & I465. 20% of the proceeds to the K of C when using the
11 - Family Christmas Party
14 - Burger King Night. 20% to
Sheltering Wings & K of C
20 - Business Meeting
Jan. 2
- Pancake Breakfast
- Business Meeting
- Know It All at Noll Hall
- Free Throw Contest
- Business Meeting
The Holy Rosary—Pope Leo XIII 1810-1903
Accept, mighty Maid, we beseech thee
This prayer with its fragrance of flowers;
With one soul we seek thus to reach thee
And hail thee, God's Mother and ours.
Thy heart is made glad by our praying;
Thy bounty is generous and wise;
Thy hands are enriched for conveying
What God's tender Mercy supplies.
We kneel at thy shrines in the churches;
Oh, gently look down from above,
And welcome the heart that then searches
For worthy expressions of love.
Let others present precious caskets
Of gems, or heap altars with gold;
Slight prayer-beads shall serve us for baskets
To bring thee the garland they hold.
Cooking Crew for the highly
Successful Spaghetti Supper
At the Spaghetti Supper !!!!
Why not begin your Christmas Season by attending the Council
Corporate Communion with your Family at Saturday Evening
Mass on Dec. 4. Unity and Praying together sends a powerful message about who we are. See you there.
Council Bonfire/Hayride 2004
With violets lowly we fashion
This wreath, and with these are combined
Red roses - our faith in the Passion With Chastity's lilies entwined.
Our minds, as the mysteries vary,
Are active; our hands play their part;
And always thy name, Holy Mary,
Oft-uttered, rejoices the heart.
Be with us; we trust thee to guide us
Through life, and when laboring breath
At the last seeks thine aid, be beside us
To help at the hour of our death.
The entire Rosary includes 150 Hail Marys,
divided into 15 decades with an Our Father
between each decade, but the rosary most of
us are familiar with is only one third of the
entire rosary.
The rosary developed in about the 12th century. At first peasants around a monastery
would recite 150 Our Fathers while the
monks in the monastery sang 150 Psalms.
Then the practice arose of praying Hail
Marys instead of Our Fathers. When three
groups of mysteries were attached, one third
of the complete rosary was said at one
time—50 Hail Marys, the common practice
Deacon Dan and his wife Susan and
daughter Laura enjoy breakfast
served by PGK Tom Albert and
Terry Sangl
Managing the beverage table at
the Sunday morning breakfast is
Mark Kramer and Mike Meunier
New State Knights of Columbus Website
The Indiana State website is back online. The site has news of upcoming
events, current news from the State and comments from your State Officers,
Directors and Chairmen. There are also forms to qualify for State and Supreme
Awards. Check it out at
Financial Secretary News
Upcoming First Degrees
Dec. 20 Father McDonnell Council # 11044 7:00 p.m.
Dec. 27 Father Kelley Council #6923 7:30 p.m.
Dec. 5
A Publication of the Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council 12540, Brownsburg Indiana
Knights of Columbus Council 12540
326 Main Street
Brownsburg, Indiana 46112
If you have any questions, comments about the information
in this newsletter
Please contact Frank Collier at:
Phone: 317-852-2660 Cell 317-258-3006 email: [email protected]
Major Degrees
Mater Dei Council #437
Noon—5 p.m.
Contact Financial Secretary, Grand Knight or Deputy Grand
Knight if interested
The Knights are soldiers in the armies of compassion. You’re foot soldiers. You’ve heard the call. You’re helping the nation build a culture of
life in which the sick are comforted, the aged are honored, the immigrant
is welcomed, and the weak and vulnerable are never overlooked. (see pg
Special Olympics Presentation
Tom Mullins brought his daughter Kelly and Katy Farrell to the
November meeting to accept a
check for $1100.00 for Special
Olympics which was raised by
the Tootsie Roll Drive.
Both Kelly and Katy addressed
the members thanking them for
the donation. Kelly is 16 years
old and a sophomore at Covenant Christian High School. She
bowls, swims and plays golf and
basketball. She has won Bronze,
Silver and Gold medals.
Katy said she has become very
passionate about sports. She said
it makes her stronger and she
can feel it inside her. She is also
involved with Kelly in basketball,
bowling, golf, swimming , track
and field events. Our Council
looks forward to helping Special
Olympics next year.
At the 2004 Annual Convention Dr. Marius Barnard, who assisted his
brother Christian for the worlds first heart transplant, addressed the
Million Dollar roundtable for life insurance professionals. He told those
gathered that “life insurance agents are my favorite people in the world”.
Why; According to him ,”my patients that have life insurance have less
stress, less fear about the possibility that they may die. Stress adversely
affects their physical and psychological recovery. Those with adequate
life insurance tend to recover more quickly than those who do not”.
Life at times can be stressful. And stress affects health. It’s been my experience that uncertainty is a major cause of stress. Life insurance provides certainty. It provides guarantees. It provides comfort.
Why not do yourself a favor and contact your K of C Insurance Agent
Kevin Lathrop, Field Agent 317-357-0768
I suppose the annual part is debatable. This was not a successful event in terms of
money raised, as we had thought it might be. It was another time of good fellowship
however. The weather did not cooperate on Saturday. We thought the tent was going to
blow away but it was not to be. We did our part and had plenty of food available. Sunday was to be a better day both in terms of weather and business. Mark and Jeff
worked hard to put this together on short notice and with a capable crew carried it off
in typical K of C fashion. It was successful in every way except financial.
Keep Christ in Christmas....
By: Scott Miller
SK Dan Collier, Deacon Aspirant for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis accepts a laptop computer, which was presented him by the Council, to aid in his studies for the Deaconate. Dan
explained about his studies and thanked the
members for their generosity and prayers.
What a challenge these days, with the mass marketing of Christmas reaching a fever
pitch earlier and earlier each year. It's hard to escape the commercializing influence
of Radio, TV, billboards, department stores, and the all powerful "internet". Every
year about this time anxiety sets in for many people, rushing to get the shopping done,
stringing the lights up, mailing cards, and visiting friends & family before it's too
late... It is so easy for us to get caught up in the worldly rush to conform. As we approach the end of another year at a record breaking pace may we Stop.... Give
Thanks..... and be mindful of the true gift this season represents; the gift of Gods Son,
and of His Church on earth. May we keep Christ in Christmas by spending time with
our family, by helping someone in need, by forgiving those who have angered or hurt
us, by showing patience in all we do, and by giving thanks to God.
President George Bush addressing the 2004 Annual
Meeting of the Knights of Columbus.
DGK Mike Worden has been getting some emails returned with incorrect
addresses . If you have not been getting Council emails notify Mike at
[email protected]
This certificate
accompanied the
Flag presented to
the Council by
Brother Rick
Rader, a Captain
with the 76th Infantry Brigade,
Camp Phoenix,
Afghanistan. The
Flag was flown
over the Camp
on October 9,
2004 in honor of
Rick’s Brother
Knights Council
12540 St. Malachy, Brownsburg, IN.
Brother Chris
Fuller made the
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council 12540
326 North Green Street
Brownsburg, Indiana 46112

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