Clubmaker`s Belt Sander



Clubmaker`s Belt Sander
Clubmaker's Belt Sander
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The Clubmaker's Belt
Sander is a 1/4 horse
power 1" X 42" sander
designed specifically for
abraiding shaft tips. It
incorporates a swivel
rest that allows the clubmaker to to control the tension
and location of the shaft tip for proper abraiding.
It is important to abraid the tips of all shafts that will be
placed into a female hosel. To abraid a steel shaft tip use
a 1" X 42" belt with a course enough
grit to remove the chrome plating from
the shaft. Do not over-grind the shaft
tip to the point of discoloring the steel
with heat or reducing the thickness of
the thin steel walls.
Changing Belts
Loosen the
three bolts
to remove the
safety shield
Depress the
spring arm.
It will loosen
the tension
on the belt
so it may be
removed or
Graphite shaft tips should be abraided very carefully. Only the outer
layers of paint or clear coat must be removed. No graphite fiber should
be altered on the shaft. A specialty belt such as the Micron Finishing
Belt (#49715) will remove only the coating without weakening the
graphite fibers. Also recommended are the Trizact
Tip Preparation belts (#48715). For turning down ferrules
a white linen belt (#446C) or Durabrite belt (#49715) should be used.
Always wear protective gear when working with the Clubmaker Belt Sander.
Eye protection must be worn to prevent any foreign matter from contacting
the eyes. The high speed motion of the belt will also lead to cuts and
abrasions of the skin. Gloves are recommended for this reason. Be aware of
keeping loose clothing from moving parts.
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