Feel it! Festival experience of seat belt convincer



Feel it! Festival experience of seat belt convincer
Feel it!
Festival experience of
seat belt convincer
Lajos Kibédi Varga
and Balázs Horváth
Budapest, 8-10 March 2012
About Wilfing Áron Association
…for road safety and tolerance
• Áron (+23) was a really „smart guy”
• He had a fatal accident in 2008
• Wilfing Áron Association was established by his family
and his friends
Use of seat belt…
… 50% reduction in the risk of fatal injury
… 45% reduction in the risk of serious injury
… 25% reduction in the risk of light injury
… is the simplest defense to avoid the injuries
Use of safety belt in rear and front seats in Hungary 1993-2009
Seat belt Convincer
easy-to-use educational tool
allows riders to experience
up to five times their body
similar to a 12-15 km/h crash
Car seat supplied with a safety
belt fixed onto a chute
Raise the awareness
Educate general public of how
beneficial the use of seat belts can be
Allows the rider to experience
the surprising amount of force
generated with such a low speed
collision and to gain respect for
the benefit that a seat belt can
User’s manual
Read and sign the Liability Statement
Put down your glasses, mobile phone
and empty your pockets
Sit in the seat at the top of the slide
and fasten your seatbelt
Slide down the track (12-15 km/h)
and collides with the front bumpers,
safely experiencing a simulated crash
Exit from the machine and share your experience with the others
Reactions at the time of the collision
• >3000 tryouts of the simulator
• Positive experience
• >7000 filled surveys
• Evaluation in process
• Raised awareness
• >65.000 visibility wristbands
Information and statement
1. The seat belt simulator can be used after accepted the Liability Statement. It can be used by
adults only, at own risk, voluntarily, under supervision and with fastened seat belt.
2. Your body will slam forward with 9-12 km/h which involves phisical stress. Your body and
clothing (for exaple clothes, glasses, phone) can be damaged or fell down.
3. If you give your email address you permit Wilfing Áron Association could send newlsletters to
4. The Wilfing Áron Association for road safety and tolerance excludes responsibility of the
accident if you disobey the first point or use the simulator in an abnormal mode or the simulator
has a manufactoring flaw or the user is sick or the accident occured because of the terms which
was mentioned in the second point.

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