august - Ft Myers Knife Club (FMKC)



august - Ft Myers Knife Club (FMKC)
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Erlbor Mdl or 12 Eflcr Nortt of D.trLb Pkry (SnC55Ixlrrt Tuerdry of o'oty nontt, f:30 to 7:30PM
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The July meeting of the Ft. Myers Knife Club had a attendanceof 14 membersand guests.This
month's door prizeswere a CaseXX Sod BusterJr. and a Buck StainlessLockback.The winner of the
CaseSodBusterwas ScottBartholomewandthe Buck knife wentto Ken Rabedeau.
A 50/50drawinewas
held and the winner of $30 was Jim McDonnell's grandson.Congratulations
to all the winners,you too
canbe a winner of our monthly door prizes,50/50 and/orrafflesjust simply attendone of your monthly
FMKC club meetings.
Nexl meetlngDate: Aagust 3rd - Free Door PrtzesDruwlng
Bring yourfavorlle knivesfor Show & Tell and share with lhe members
Monthlv Gun & I{nife SltowSchedule
Aug 7-8
Aug 14-15
Aug 14-15
Tampa- SuncoastGun Show- Florida StateFairgrounds
Fort Lauderdale- SuncoastGun Show- War Memorial Auditorium
WestPalmBeach- SportShowSpecialists- SouthFloridaFairgrounds
Port Charfotte- 2 GuysGun & Knife Show- CharlotteCountyFairgrounds
Orlando- SouthernClassicGun & Knife Show- CenfialFloridaFairgrounds
CentralKentuckyKnife Club Show- Holiday Inn North, Lexington,KY
Lakeland- SuncoastGun Show- LakelandCivic Center
lerry Renner/KnifeMaker
He is the curent presidentof the FloridaKnifemakers'Association.
He regularly attendsthe Blade Show,at which he was awardedthe 2006 Best New
Maker credits.Terry'sknife designsfeaturefast,sweeping,curvy shapes,and
incorporatesometruly innovativelocking mechanisms.
He is the designerof
the CRKT Schard andNeckolasknives.He says,"I grew up with a knife in
my pocket(age6), andfeel nakedwithout one,andI'd love to seethat notion
returnasa part of our valuesandtraditions."
lf fCf:
If you would like to receiveyour monthly newslettervia e-mail insteadoJ
snail msil. Contactclub secretary,^Rz,ss
Smegalal: [email protected]
Pres:Ken Rabedeau
Q39) 466-8175-V. Pres:Bill CyphertQ39)9364746
RussSmegal(239)283-7253- E-Mail: [email protected]
Mailing Address:FMKC - P.O. Box 706- St JamesCity, Fl 33956-0706
BenchmadeKnives - Why are they so good?
BenchmadeKnives was originally foundedin Califomia in 1988.BenchmadeKnives openedshopin Clackamas,Oregonin 1990.
The initial line ofBenchmadeKnives consist€dmostly oftheir Bali-songlnives. BenchmadeKnives useda combinationofoutsourcing secondhandmachineryandin-houseprocessingto producethoseBenchmadeKnives. Their passionfor quality leadto
trenendousgrowtl for BenchmadeKnives. As BenchmadeKnives wasableexpandtheir productline they wereableto do more
work in-house,usingn€w equipmentandtechnolory. Benchnadelnives becarnethe first knif€ makerto havelasersin-hous€.
The useof non-taditional md€rials andinnovativeprocessesallowedBenchmadeknivesto makeMer knives.The Benchnade
loives philosophy- "Make it cool, nnke it solid, mnkeit happenanddefinitely makeit Benchmade.'BenchmadeK:rives combined
customknife makersknowledgewith Benchmadelnives innovationsandin l99l tley rcleasedtheir DesignerSerieswith several
The commitmentto quality and innovationled to severalyearsof incrediblegrowth. Benchnadelnives moving into theh own
35,000squarefoot building in 1996with modemequipment.The equipmentusedin producingBencbmadeknivesnow includes
modernlasos andmachinec€ntersthat can achievetoleranc€sof.00005". Most ofthe Bencbnadelrrives Droductsare handassemblc.dfor a fit and finish that is normally arsociatedwith customlxrives.
Benchmade*nives warrantsto the original ownsr that the knife will be fiee from defestsin materialsandworkmanship.Benchmade
lnives will without charge,repair or replaceat tlrcir optioq any lnife retumedfor Wananty work andfound to be defectiveby
Benchmadeknives.The knife mustbe shippcdby owna, prepaidandinsured,togetherwith a descriptionofthe problemandmust
be accompaniedby the original bill of sale,your chrge or credit receiptor any satisfactoryproofofthe original dateofpurchase.
Benchmadeknives alsooffers LifeSharo.This is a servicefor Benchmadeknives customerswhereBonchmadelinives will resharpen
your Benchmadeknife. Simply ship yow knife to tle Benchmadeknives address:LifeSharo.300 Beaversrc€kRd. OreeonCity. Oregon97045.Make sur6you insureyour shipment,includeyow shippingaddress,andretun shippingf€esof $5 for the fint knife and
$2.50for eachadditionalhrife. They will also inspecttle lnife for any warrantyrepairsand"tune" your knife.
Benchmadehdves usesa wide variety ofmaterials to makethe handlesand liners for Benchmadeknives.The handleson Benchmadehives alsocomein many shapesandsizes.Peoplehavedifferent sizehandsandlnives fit diffoently in eachhand.Benchmadeknives designsenoughgrip and sability in eachmodel sothat it will still be fimctional in a lot of different hands.Likewise,
with their liners Benchmadelinives usesdifferent materialsto producetheir superiorBenchmadeproducts.

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