Paper Lanterns



Paper Lanterns
once around
craft of the week
week of 8/2/2015
photos by A Piece of Rainbow
Paper Lanterns
Glass with straight sides like a cylinder or cube
Heavier weight text paper (text paper from Once Around works great!)
X-acto knife and fresh blades • Self-healing cutting mat • Bone folder or butter knife • Double-sided tape • Template
How To
1. Print out the templates onto your paper.
2. Using an E-xacto knife with a fresh blade, begin to cut away theleaves and stems of the flowers.
Work slowly so that you don't cut away too much paper. Always be aware of where your fingers are
while using the sharp blade.
3. To cut the flower petals, trace the blade over the template lines.
4. Measure the size of your glass container and cut away any extra paper so that it fits well around it.
4. Use your the tip of the bone folder or butter knife to gently fold up the flower petals to make the
blossoms three dimensional.
5. Attach the cut paper to the outside of the glass container using the double-sided tape.
6. Insert a candle or tea lights and enjoy your glowing lantern!
Inspiration by
once around • 352 miller ave/mill valley, ca • 415.389.1667 • [email protected] •

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