Welcome to JSerra Online Catholic High School!


Welcome to JSerra Online Catholic High School!
Welcome to
JSerra Online
Catholic High School!
(949) 493-9307 ext 1014
An Innovative Online
Catholic High School from JSerra
JSerra Catholic High School is a private, lay-founded Catholic
high school in historic San Juan Capistrano, CA. JSerra is proud
to offer an innovative national online Catholic school program,
JSerra Online—a tuition-based virtual high school that provides
students the ability to experience the community and tradition
learning and
is our
core business.
of a JSerra campus experience combined with the flexibility of
an online learning environment.
JSerra has partnered with Pearson, a global education
leader who, with its Connections Education division, has
delivered successful virtual school instruction to over hundreds
of thousands of students in the last decade.
JSerra Online offers both full-time and part-time
enrollments featuring:
A challenging, 9-12 curriculum developed by leading
education experts.
Instruction from highly-qualified state-certified teachers
who are experienced in online instruction.
Support from trained counselors, an experienced principal,
and dedicated administrative staff.
Catholic instruction and “virtual” mass
A connection to the campus-based JSerra experience
The mission of JSerra Online is to help each student maximize
his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards.
JSerra Online Provides the Best of Online Learning
The JSerra Online Program combines a top-quality
curriculum, dedicated teachers, involved parents/
guardians, and a technology platform built specifically
for virtual schools.
Quality Curriculum Makes the Difference
The curriculum used in the JSerra Online program
has been specifically designed for use in online
instruction and time-tested for over a decade. Our
curriculum combines:
■ The best textbooks and materials from
leading education publishers
■ Engaging resources from innovators in
online learning
■ Lessons and instructional media from
online learning experts
Dedicated Teachers Make it Happen
At JSerra Online, qualified and certified teachers actively
guide each student's education. Trained extensively in
online education techniques, our teachers skillfully blend
traditional instruction and resources with innovative
computer-based learning tools. From creating individual
learning plans, to conducting interactive classes online,
to discussing grades and assignments, our teachers are
committed fully to each child’s educational success.
Involved Parents/Guardians Ensure Success
Involved parents or guardians play a vital role at JSerra
Online. Parents or guardians work closely with students
and their teachers to help develop and deliver an
individualized approach to instruction and learning.
The parent or guardian supervises the student’s daily
activities, encourages progress, and communicates
regularly with the class teacher to ensure the student
stays on track.
Technology Makes it Possible
JSerra Online uses a proprietary technology built
specifically for online instruction in 9-12 which allows
us to bring the classroom to any student with access
to an Internet connection.
Under the direction of our teachers, students access
and complete coursework online, as well as submit some
assignments by mail. Students, teachers, and family
members communicate through our own secure email
system, on dedicated message boards or by telephone.
Our online grade book also allows students and parents or
guardians to track their progress at any time of night or
day and make sure they’re staying on course, and families
are able to monitor students in all grades within the
household through one convenient system.
About JSerra
JSerra, one of the nation’s most highly regarded private
Roman Catholic high schools, is proud to offer online
learning options for both full and part-time students. Your
student has all the benefits of being part of the JSerra
community with the added flexibility of online learning.
Our goal is to provide each student with unparalleled
opportunities—like our esteemed magnet and online
learning programs—while educating the entire student
in accordance with Catholic beliefs.
At JSerra, students receive a college preparatory
education integrated with the traditions and beliefs
of the Roman Catholic doctrine. The school is
authentically Catholic, yet warmly ecumenical, and is
open to students of all faiths.
Our Partner
and Accreditation
JSerra Online’s partner, Connections Education, has
provided virtual school solutions nationwide for over
a decade.
Connections Education is approved by the California
Department of Education and is accredited by the Middle
States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), the
Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on
Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI),
and has provisional accreditation from the Northwest
Accreditation Commission (NWAC).
Why Choose JSerra Online?
Families and students choose JSerra Online for many
different reasons, but what they share is a desire for the
best possible learning experience. JSerra Online provides
an excellent alternative to the traditional public or
private school environment.
Parents tell us the entire family thrives from the
flexibility of an online education. Families gain more
freedom and control of their schedules. Students can
participate in activities, meet special needs, or simply
learn in the manner that’s best for them. JSerra Online
works for the whole family.
Enrollment in 9–12 for the 2012–13 school year is now open!
Simply call our office at (949) 493-9307 ext 1014 and our team will outline the entire process.
(949) 493-9307 ext 1014

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