July 3, 2016 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help



July 3, 2016 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help
JULY 3, 2016
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish 1775 Grove St. Glenview IL 60025 Parish Office 847-729-1525 olphglenview.org
seek, share, rejoice - pastor's reflection
Come and see… Go and tell
Father Isaac Lara
Thoughts on
Today's Gospel
In today’s Gospel, we
hear Jesus inviting
his disciples to be
evangelizers. “The harvest
is abundant,” Jesus
says. But those who are
willing to invite others
to a deeper relationship
with the Lord are few.
Good stewards who are
willing to witness their
Catholic faith to others
know they are “like lambs
among wolves.” They
are encouraged to be
gentle, patient and loving,
knowing they may face
rejection and even fierce
The Year of Mercy invites
us to be better stewards
of our faith, to give
positive, courageous,
joyful witness to others
who have turned away
from their relationship
with Jesus. Is there
someone we should be
reaching out to this week?
© 2016 International Catholic
Stewardship Council
In John 1: 37-39, we read: “the two
disciples heard what he [John the
Baptist] was saying and followed
Jesus. Jesus turned around, saw
them following him and said, what
do you want? They answered, Rabbi
-which means Teacher- where do you
live? He replied, Come and see; so
they went and saw where he lived,
and stayed with him that day.” I think,
there is a close connection between
this passage from John and the
gospel for this Sunday. Luke chapter
10 tells us: “At that time the Lord
appointed seventy-two others whom
he sent ahead of him in pairs… Jesus
said, whatever town you enter… cure
the sick in it and say to them, 'The
kingdom of God is at hand for you.”
We are called by Jesus to come every
Sunday for an encounter with him in
the sacrament of the Eucharist. So,
Sunday after Sunday, we come and
see the wonders of the Lord. Every
time we participate in the sacraments
our sins are forgiven; we are given the
Holy Spirit; we learn from the Word of
God; we worship together; we receive
peace in our lives; we grow closer
to God; we gather in fellowship with
our brothers and sisters; we partake
in the heavenly banquet, etc. We all
have seen how God works in our lives,
sometimes in the strangest ways.
Although coming and seeing is an
essential part of our faith, the gospel
does not end there but rather it
commands us also to go and tell.
“Go therefore and make disciples of
all the nations (Mt 28, 19).” “They
went forth and preach everywhere
(Mk 16, 20).” We are all sent to
proclaim the kingdom of God. It may
seem like a general statement but it is
very real in our everyday life. So, break
the silence and tell the great story of
Jesus. Tell the great story of Jesus to
your children before going to bed, tell
the great story of Jesus to your family
before meals, tell the great
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
story of Jesus to your neighbors while
watering your lawn, tell the great story
of Jesus to your coworkers when they
seem open to it, tell the great story
of Jesus everywhere and all the time.
Yes, we are called to go and tell the
great story of Jesus by our words and
actions. It is a great responsibility but
also a wonderful privilege.
Our parish community is filled with
inspiring people who are telling the
good news every day. It comes
to mind the new members of the
Parish Pastoral Council (PPC): Cathy
Condon, Laura Flentye, Mara Lindsay
and Rob Orr; thank you to all of you
for serving the parish through the
PPC; Fr. Hickey and those who for
three weeks read and reflected on
the apostolic exhortation from Pope
Francis Amoris Laetitia; those who
were part of the Men’s Club golf
outing last week, the time and effort
the team put into it for it to be a
success; those who prayed with the
community the novena to Our Lady
of Perpetual Help and celebrated the
lovely feast on June 27th; the Knights
of Columbus who just installed new
officers for the Dussman council last
week. These are some examples in
which our parish community goes and
tells the great story of the Gospel. It
is truly a privilege to be the bearers of
that good news.
Dear parishioners, we are called to go
and tell the wonders of our faith, the
beauty of our hope, the sweetness of
our joy and the love we have for our
God. Just as the 72 disciples were
sent where Jesus was intended to
go, we are sent to bring the same
message to wherever we go.
Many of you may be away for the
4th of July weekend or may be
visiting family or friends. Enjoy the
well-deserved summer weather, get
some rest and remember to have
some time for God too.
Happy 4th of July!
Fr. Isaac
seek, share, rejoice - spiritual engagement
Celebrate Fr. Paddy's
50th Anniversary
of his Ordination
Saturday, July 16 - 5:00 p.m. Mass
After Mass, the Women’s Club is serving
refreshments in the South Gathering Space.
Please come and help to make this a
special day for Fr. Paddy.
EVOLVE Adult Education Ministry
Presents Jim Kenney
Religious and Political Extremists
and the War on Science
Saturday, July 16 - 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in McDonnell Hall
How did it happen in America? How did the world's leader in scientific
research and achievement become the stronghold of a powerful and
dangerous anti-science movement?
We'll look at the influence of powerful figures from America's corporate,
political and evangelical circles who could be described as fundamentalist
Christians and who employ and distort religious arguments and use literal
interpretations of scripture to refute science-based evidence of the impact of
evolution and climate change.
We'll find some answers as we explore the history of the extreme right wing's
association with a wide range of science-denying crusades. Along the
way, we will discover that this toxic culture war has produced a surprising
(though much more limited) left-leaning version of the repudiation of science,
particularly with regard to childhood vaccinations and GMOs. We'll touch
on evolution, stem-cell research, climate change, environmental regulation,
vaccines, product safety, and even sex education.
About The Presenter: Jim Kenney, a director of the 1993 and 1999
Parliaments of the World's Religions, is a renowned leader in the movement
for global interreligious understanding and cooperative common action. He is
cofounder/director of Common Ground, a center for interreligious dialogue.
Even though July has a
“time off” feel to it, make
sure you don’t extend that
feeling to weekend Mass.
If you travel, it’s easy to
locate a Catholic Church
and find Mass times.
It is also enlightening to
experience sacred liturgy
in a new environment
at a different locale.
If you’re staying home,
July might be the time
to visit a neighboring
parish. Just remember
that your home parish
needs your financial
support all during the
summer months.
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
seek, share, rejoice - sharing and human concerns
Summer Hunger is real…
Our kids are enjoying time off of school but kids living in poverty are suffering without the meals provided during
the school year. Please pick up a few extra breakfast and/or lunch items to help fill this void. Your donation will
mean so much to those who have so little. Donations can be delivered to the church or Sharing Room entries or
delivered through the kids at the Sunday offertory. God bless you for your generosity!!
Sharing Updates
and Opportunities
Too Busy To Shop For The Food Drive?
We’ll do the shopping for you! Mail a donation made
out to the OLPH Needy Family Fund to Lou Marohn,
2132 Fir Street, Glenview. Food will be purchased in
case lots to stretch and maximize your donation.
Feed The Homeless At Marquard, July 17
Help feed the homeless at Marquard Center on Sunday,
July 17. We welcome donations of fresh fruit, cookies
and candy, which can be delivered to the convent
porch that Saturday.
To facilitate the Sharing process, please consider the
guidelines outlined below.
1. Non-perishable food items continue to be our
greatest need. Please donate items with their
original seal and within their expiration date. Avoid
glass containers.
2. Please consider the dignity of the needy when
evaluating what to donate. Ask yourself whether
you would be comfortable passing an item on to
someone you know.
3. When donating your gently worn, clean clothing,
please remove from hangers and deliver them to
the Sharing Room folded in boxes or bags, keeping
weight manageable for our volunteers. All types
of clothing are welcome with the exception of
undergarments (men’s undershirts are welcome).
Volunteers are needed on Marquard Service Sundays
to prepare the meal at OLPH after 9:30 a.m. Mass and
to serve the meal at Marquard Center, leaving at 3:30
p.m. and returning home at 7:30 p.m..
4. Shoes should be gently worn.
We feed the homeless at Marquard Center an average
of six Sundays per year. Would you consider shopping
for some or all of these meals the day before we
go down to serve? You will be provided a list and
recommendations for where to shop. You can choose
to donate the food or we can work to secure the
funding. As noted above, our next visit will take place
on Sunday, July 17th.
6. Contact the Parish Office for donation of larger
furnishings. We will then call you to discuss the
items. Please do not deliver furniture or appliances
to the Sharing Room without authorization.
Contact Terri Guercio, 847-729-5916 or
[email protected] to volunteer.
9. Please do not donate redecorating materials (used
paint, wallpaper, tile…) or construction materials.
10. The dumpsters outside the Sharing Room doors
fill routinely with items we do not feel comfortable
passing on. This creates an unnecessary expense
and reduces funds for the poor.
Please remember to check our Lost & Found if
you are missing items. We'll be cleaning it out and
donating unclaimed items at the end of July.
Thank you!
The Ten Commandments of Sharing
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
5. Small household items in clean, good condition are
welcome. Small appliances need to be complete
and in working order. We cannot accept TVs.
7. We can only accept NEW toys.
8. We do find homes for most books but are unable to
find outlets for encyclopedias and textbooks.
hank you for your consideration
of these guidelines!
seek, share, rejoice - parish news and notes
Parent Volunteers and
Catechists needed for
OLPH Religious Education
We need and encourage parent volunteers at all levels.
Each child has only 1 ½ hours per week so it is crucial
for us to have enough catechists to keep class size
limited. Please consider giving your time to pass on our
Catholic faith to the children. We will provide you with
all the support you need. You may be surprised at how
effective you will be with our well defined curriculum
and the shared ideas from our experienced teachers.
Previous teaching experience is not required, just a
desire to help our children grow in their faith.
For students in grades PK through 8
Registration for 2016-17
Registration forms for the 2016-2017 RE school year are
now available.
If you are new to the program: email Cherie DiCesare
at [email protected] or stop by the
Parish Rectory for a paper copy of the forms.
All families currently enrolled in the program will
receive forms via email.
Please return your completed forms with a check for
registration as well as the sacrament fee if applicable,
as soon as possible so that we can arrange class
assignments for the fall.
Classes are assigned on a first come, first serve
basis. Pay careful attention to be sure all information
is completed. Incomplete registrations will not be
Retreat/Workshop for
widowed men & women
Hoping for a way to make things better?
This just might be the answer.
Join the Joyful Again Widowed Ministry for an
upcoming gathering. Space is limited, please
register early. Visit us online to view a short video
Holy Family
Thursday, July 23 & Friday, July 24
2515 Palatine Road
Mary Queen Parish
Saturday, August 13 & Sunday, August 14
(Near North Ave. & Hwy 83, Elmhurst)
Questions? 1-708-354-7211 or
[email protected]
OLPH Youth Group
KAIROS 44. The Fall Kairos for this year has
been completely filled and there is a big waiting
list. There are already 12 applications for the
coming Spring Kairos, which will take place from
April 27th to April 30th. The teenage leaders are
undergoing their training, and will meet regularly
from now until mid November.
If any parishioners want to reserve a place for
spring, please do so immediately as places will
be taken up very quickly.
OPERA: As in previous years, three or four of
our young people have joined me for a trip to
each of the Operas in Lyric Opera Theatre.
They usually say that they really enjoyed the
experience, which is very different from what they
experience in their ordinary lives. In July a group
will be going to see “The Man from La Mancha”
in Marriott’s Theatre, Lincolnshire.
Father Boland with R.E. students at the Birthday Boxes
service project this past spring.
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
seek, share, rejoice - school news
Are You an Alumni of OLPH School?
We would like to keep you updated on class reunions and all the
exciting things happening at our school.
So get connected by registering online and visiting the Alumni page on
our website or fill out an Alumni card located in the vestibule of church.
Encourage your former classmates to do the same!!
Enrolling Now for Fall ’16
Preschool-8th Grade
Visit our website, www.olph-il.org
Contact Admissions to schedule a tour
Have a safe and happy summer from OLPH School!
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
1st Lt. Michael Altonji
SSG Brent Blackwell, Afghanistan
2LT Atticus Blair, Afghanistan.
1st Lt. Brad Fischl
Corporal Rick Hajost
1st LT Daniel LaBarge
CPT Matthew Leck
1st Lt. Gavin McGarry
Cpt. Brittany Sunko
1st Lt. William Thibeau
COL Thomas Vogel
LTC Daniel Vogel
CPL Jacob Zielinski
1st Lt Brian Joseph Anderson
SSgt Jon Billie
1st Lt McCall Casas
MSgt Richard Nash
Major Reid Orth
Major Lowell Wallace, Overseas
IT2 James Kowalski, Overseas
Lt. John O’Hagan, Afghanistan
Lt. J.G. Kenneth Pittner
EM1 John Sutehall, Japan
Sgt Jack Askins
Capt. Justin Coons
Capt. Caitlin Ferrarell
1st Lt Matt Mugnaini
Capt. Bradley Petersen
Major Eric Starr, Afghanistan
Ethan Zielinski
For revisions or updates to this list contact:
Geof & Cathy Lutz [email protected]
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
The Glenview Theatre Guild presents a wonderful
musical adaptation of the Biblical story. The cast of
62 includes OLPH members Kaylee Durow, Brian
Herrle and Kelly Hood. Tickets are $20 in advance
and $22 at the door. Groups of 15 or more are $17
each. Showtimes: 7:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays,
June 24 through July 9, and 2 p.m., Sundays, June
26 and July 3, at Glenbrook South High School,
4000 W Lake Ave. For additional information,
visit gtgonstage.com.
St. Nicholas Church, Evanston
Furniture, antiques, tools, electronics and
computers are just some of the items for sale at
the annual St. Nicholas Parish Rummage Sale on
Saturday, July 16. There will be two buildings (filled
with great buys) open for business from 8 a.m.-3
p.m. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. No
checks. At 7 a.m., numbers will be given to those
standing in line at each building. Donations will
be accepted July 8-13. Delicious food--including
authentic Mexican specialties--will be sold from
10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. For more information, check
the parish web site at nickchurch.org
Friday Night at the Movies, July 8
You are invited to the July movie at St. Isaac Jogues
parish. Movie Night is every second Friday at 7:00
pm. There is no charge, and the popcorn and soda
are free as well. The film that will be shown is "The
Young Messiah" that focuses on Jesus' childhood.
All films are presented on a giant, 10-foot-wide
movie screen in the Holy Family Room at St. Isaac
Jogues, 8149 W. Golf Road in Niles. Call 847-9658072 for more information.
Morning of Reflection with Fr. McGrath
Our weekly bulletin communicates the news and
events at OLPH Parish. Questions? Call
847-729-1525 ext. 24 to speak to Natalie Conseur.
DEADLINE: Please email all content no later than
6:00 pm on the Sunday prior to publication date.
Email to [email protected]
IVC Morning of Reflection to celebrate the Feast
of St. Ignatius of Loyola led by Fr. Pat McGrath, SJ.
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. 1 p.m. Location: St. Ignatius College Prep, 1076 W.
Roosevelt Rd, Chicago 60607. All Are Welcome,
$25/person (includes Mass & Lunch). Register
online at www.ivcusa.org/chicago or contact J
ackie Fitzgerald at [email protected] or
NOTE: The bulletin cannot promote job seekers,
entrepreneurs, etc. Please call 800.566.6170 to place
a paid bulletin ad.
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
our weekly intentions
Remember Our Sick
Sunday, July 3
Keeley Barr
Patricia Beckwith
Matt Collins
Coty Cottle
Jim Cottle
Pat Cullen
Kathy Gerage
Gertrude Gordon
Bob Gregg
Meghan Healy
Pat Kelley
Jeanie McInerney
Judith Nani
9:30 Ch
9:30 Mc
12:30 6:00
Mary Carol O'Brien
Lukas Parsek
Paul Parsek
Pat Reagan
Noreen Ritt
Infant Mary Elizabeth Roland
Judith Santi
Liz Smith
Patrick Stein
Sue Sychowski
Ed Tracz
Andrea Zielinski
Our Beloved Deceased
Larry Luxem, brother of Ellen Michalek
Mike (Duckie) Opelka
Recent Baptisms
Charlotte Grace, daughter of Kathryn (Ramey)
Ashbach and Troy Ashbach
William Francis, son of Margaret (McSorley)
Draths and James Draths
Zoe Odili, daughter of Nicole (Walsh) Espinoza
and Joel Espinoza Poveda
Graham Thomas, son of Brittany (Spalding)
Farris and Thomas Farris
Elijah Bennett, son of Linda (Ruckauf) Foxman
and Daniel Foxman
Kasey Louis, son of Molly Jane Hellerman
Kinsley Olivia, daughter of Lisa (Jung) Hotton
and Matthew Hotton
Graham Sagurton, son of Elizabeth (Stomborski)
McGuire and Brian McGuire
Upcoming Weddings
Jessica Eick & John Grenato
Gabriella Gobbo & Jared Smith
Nina Urso & Aurelio Barahona
Annie Schufreider & Thomas Durkin
Betty Cannivet Murray and Orquidea Diaz (Fr. Lara)
Ann Kaiser and Robert Carrane (Fr. Lara)
Living and Deceased Members of OLPH (Fr. Kartje)
Thanksgiving and Bill Dolan (Fr. Hickey)
Maria Kalmar (Fr. Kostyk)
Living and Deceased Members of OLPH (Fr. Paddy)
Monday, July 4
Ann Marie and Gerry Dempsey (MFTL)
Wenzel & Hammel Families (MFTL)
Tuesday, July 5
Living and Deceased Members of OLPH
Living and Deceased Members of OLPH
Wednesday, July 6
Maria Wladyslaw Sroka
Susan Sladoje and Reggie Spiewak (MFTL)
Thursday, July 7
8:30 Living and Deceased Members of OLPH
Mary Lato (MFTL)
Friday, July 8
Living and Deceased Members of the Rubey & Brown Families
Living and Deceased Members of OLPH
Saturday, July 9
John Collins and Mary Joseph
Matt Ryan
Eick ~ Granato Wedding
Gobbo ~ Smith Wedding
Tom Ziegenfuss and Jason Lagoa (Fr. Lara)
Sunday, July 10
9:30 Ch
9:30 Mc
Chuck Boedicker and Thomas Walsh (Fr. Paddy)
Eugene Cizynski and Joseph V. Roody (Fr. Lara)
Living and Deceased Members of OLPH (Fr. Boland)
Steve Kustra, Bob Schmit and Ann Fitzgerald (Fr. Kostyk)
Modesta Stein and Richard Rahoi (Fr. Kostyk)
Laura Bartosz Dinelli and A Special Intention (Fr. Boland)
Sat. • 4:00 - 4:45 p.m. or by appointment
LITURGY OF THE HOURS Wed. • 8:10 a.m.
After the 8:30 Mass on the 2nd Saturday of every month
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Fri. • 9:00 a.m. - 3:50 p.m. • Lady Chapel
DIVINE MERCY HOLY HOUR Fri. • 3:00 p.m. • Lady Chapel
MASSES AT MARYHAVEN Sun. Tue. and Fri.• 10:30 a.m.
ROSARY Mon. - Sat. • after 8:30 a.m. Mass
July 3, 2016 • olphglenview.org
parish information
PARISH OFFICE 847.729.1525
FAX 847.729.0623
THE CITY olphglenview.onthecity.org
Rev. Jeremiah Boland, Pastor
[email protected]
Rev. Thomas E. Hickey, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Isaac Lara, Associate Pastor
[email protected]
Rev. Nicholas Kostyk, Associate Pastor
[email protected]
Rev. Paddy Tyrrell, SJ Associate Pastor
[email protected]
Jim & Pat Revord, Deacon Couple
Dave & Mary Beth Kalina, Deacon Couple
Nancy Schwider, Director of Operations & Stewardship,
[email protected]
Russell Stern, Director of Music Ministry
[email protected]
Natalie Conseur, Director of Communications
[email protected]
WEBSITE olphglenview.org
Cherie DiCesare, Director of Religious Education 847-998-5289 [email protected]
Rev. Paddy Tyrrell, Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult
Ministry 847-602-4143
Dr. Amy Mills, Parish School Principal 847-724-6990, [email protected]
John Kurkowski, School Endowment Board Chair
[email protected]
Laura Kearney, Parish Secretary
[email protected]
Linda Feo, Parish Office Assistant
[email protected]
Margie Andre, Liturgy Assistant
[email protected]
Gloria Gaughan, Evening & Weekend Receptionist
[email protected]
OLPH Care Links
Bereavement Support
Deacon Dave Kalina
847-729-1525 ext. 25
[email protected]
Confidential Assistance
Sister Paulanne 847-724-2044
Divorce Support Group
Val Spingola, LCSW
[email protected]
Domestic Violence Ministry
Brian Herrle
[email protected]
Homebound/Hospital Visits
Rick Nash
[email protected]
Respect Life
Monica Cassidy
[email protected]
Assistive Listening Devices Available at OLPH – For those who are hard of hearing we have assistive listening devices
available to help you participate more fully during Mass. Please plan to arrive for Mass a few minutes early to borrow the necessary
equipment from Sr. Paulanne. Please don’t forget to return the devices at the end of Mass when you are finished.

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