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Reflector Fall 2015 - United Methodist Women
VOL. 25 NO. 3
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North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women
Fall 2015
By Tryphenia Speed
Vice President
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From the President
Greetings North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women,
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From Nominations
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Slate of Officers
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Annual Meeting
Registration Form
This is my last year to serve you as the conference vice president. It has been a journey of learning and growing. I have gotten to know so many of you and I have enjoyed all the many events and meetings we have shared. I am appreciative of having
been invited to worship services, installation services and just being a visitor in your
churches and districts. I give thanks to God for each of you, as we continue in service through United Methodist Women with women, children and youth throughout
the world.
In the last half of this year, there are two upcoming events I hope to see many of you
in attendance.
2015 Annual Meeting will be held October 3, at LaGrange First United Methodist
Church, 401 Broad Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30240. The registration form can
be found in this edition of The Reflector. The program planning committee has
been working very hard along with the LaGrange UMW to make this an enjoyable
and exciting day.
Please come and bring someone with you to hear about the great work units and districts throughout the North Georgia Conference are doing. We will have an exciting
time sharing in worship, celebration and fellowship.
2015 Leadership Development Day will be held on November 7 at the Chamblee
First United Methodist Church, 4147 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Chamblee,
Georgia 30341from 9:00am until 1:00pm
Please keep Leadership Development Day on your list of things to do. Leadership
Development Day will focus on learning, networking and fellowship. All district
and conference officers will be in attendance however any UMW officer or member
is invited to attend. Workshop descriptions and registration forms will be available
on the website and at the Annual Meeting on October 3rd.
Grace and Peace,
The Reflector
A Fresh Wind Blowing...
By Sue Raymond
We have just hosted a
missionary family for a
week…..but I cannot write their names or say
where they serve in any article that will be published or placed on the internet, because they serve
in an area of the world where Christian missionaries are not welcome. If you did have their names
and looked for them on the Global Ministries website, you would not find their full names nor their
pictures for security reasons. I have always said
that I would not want to be a missionary in some
of the places that I have heard about where there
are huge bugs…..but what if I were asked to go to
a place where even my presence might place me at
risk of imprisonment!
As these missionaries told their stories at dinners,
UMW meetings and worship services. I was
amazed at the ways God is using them, even
though they cannot be open about why they are in
the country where they serve. They are there ostensibly as teachers of English and vocational
training. In other places they have served they
have been the means of building relationships to
share their faith. In their current location, they
have not even been able to get permits to hold
classes because they are suspected of being Christians. But that has not stopped them from accomplishing amazing things!
The husband has been building swing sets to place outside local house churches in small villages. Even the
elementary schools in this country do not have playground equipment, so the swing sets have attracted vast
numbers of children to worship centers. We were told
that they have to force the children to go home at 10:00
at night because they love the playgrounds so much!
Who knew that a swing set could be an evangelism tool!
The wife has been helping women establish businesses
by giving them small loans, maybe only $300 to start a
business. These women can now improve the quality of
life for their families by raising ducks, starting a catfish
farm, or growing mushrooms. She is helping to empower women develop their leadership skills. She also
trains local pastors. Of the 62 local Methodist pastors in
the country, 3 of them are women….the first women
ministers of any denomination in this country! Several
of these pastors that she has trained have been imprisoned for up to three months because they will not sign a
document renouncing their faith.
What a blessing to hear of the ways that a “Fresh Wind
is Blowing” in places around the world because of the
support of United Methodist Women! If you would be
interested in hearing more about these missionaries and
where they serve, to do a presentation on their mission
outreach or in order to support their ministries, please
contact Terry Raymond, [email protected] We
cannot send information for you to publish, but we can
send you links to the websites that are secure and info
about how to support them monetarily.
Blessings -- Sue
The Reflector
United Methodist Women Needs You
From the Committee on Nominations (CON)
Eloise Sykes, Chair
The slate of nominees for 2016 is included in this issue of The REFLECTOR. We will vote on officers at the October
3, 2015, Annual Meeting at LaGrange First UMC.
Timothy’s mother, Eunice, known for her strong faith, which she passed on to her son and future generations, is a reminder that the work we do today affects the outcome of tomorrow. United Methodist Women is organized to live out
the PURPOSE. This means that different groups are organized differently and that they may need to change their structure from time to time to encourage ministry and mission. Flexible structures give us the freedom to organize in ways
that best fit our groups and best allow us to participate in God’s mission. (The United Methodist Women Handbook 2013
-2016 pages 18-19.
Following a discussion of the Executive Committee and the Committee on Nominations, we are this year, implementing a flexible structure to better engage in mission in the North Georgia Conference. We are not nominating a Vice
President. Instead, the President will appoint an assistant to the president for one year. The Assistant, working with the
leadership team, and a special task force, will plan and coordinate the logistics for the annual meeting and events where
there is no mission coordinator. A Spiritual Growth Coordinator has not been nominated this year. A Task Force composed of members and leaders throughout the conference will be assigned for specific events. Each Task Force will allow for the involvement of more women including young adults and youth in carrying out our PURPOSE. It will allow
for persons to serve for a shorter period of time and will result in the need to attend fewer meetings.
Thanks to all who have allowed their name to be included on the slate of nominees. We give thanks to God for each of
you. CON is building a Data Bank for potential leaders. If you have a talent, let us know about it. If you would like to
recommend someone for leadership, please do so to any member of the committee and look for us at a table near registration at each event. Look for us also to attend your district events. We want to meet potential leaders. There is A
Fresh Wind Blowing.
Tell me how to share it with United Methodist Women
Name _____________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________________
Circle preferred contact:
Please return form to a member of the Committee on Nominations
The Reflector
First Term
Treasurer – 2016-2017
Second Term
Social Action Coordinator - 2016-2017
2780 Idlewild Road
Decatur, GA 30034
[email protected]
Ousley UMC, ADOX
Committee on Nominations
Class of 2016
33 Forsyth Landing Court
Forsyth, GA 31029
[email protected]
Class of 2016-2019
8919 Elina Rose
Douglasville, GA 30134
[email protected]
Warren Memorial UMC, ACPK
UMW National Organization
Board of Directors Nominees:
Sue Raymond, ADOX
Patricia Boatright, GRFN
Janice Walker (Alternate) – ADOX
Program Advisory Group Nominees:
Deloris Carhee, ACPK
Ariel Murphy, ACPK
Bobby Solomon, NWST
Dear God,
We thank you for life here on earth and
in your eternal kingdom. As we dwell
on earth we search.
Help us to live our lives constantly
searching for your will, for your work
and for your ways.
Lord help us to recognize that You are
always searching for us—that around
every corner and through every path.
You are always with us.
Guide our search toward your glory so
that we may make disciples in Jesus’s
name. for the transformation of the
Lord we ask that you fill our hearts
with passion for your glory and our
minds with your wisdom so that we
may be the results of your love for the
For we know that all who search, will
find, and for all who knock, the door
will be opened.
Open our hearts to your love and open
our minds to your glory so that we may
be living sacrifices for the world.
In Your precious and holy name we
J.J. Warren, Co=chair of the Upper New York Conference Council on Youth Ministries
Student at Sarah Lawrence College begging fall 2015
A Fresh Wind Blowing” through the Limitless Task Force
The Limitless Task Force is a group of teens and
young women (ages 13 – 40+) who made a commitment to discover what God has called them to do as
they work in fruitful partnership with the seasoned
women in the North Georgia Conference “as such a
time as this.” Esther 4:
We have witnessed God working through these young
women in programs and events within the last year..
Limitless was actively involved in the Spiritual / Social Experience at Rock Eagle on May 1st & 2nd. They
led us in activities to get acquainted, introduced the
speaker, Rev. Tonya Lawrence and assisted with the
communion service. As part of our planning session
from the retreat, the conference will partner with Limitless to invite teens and young women to a brunch to
share our plans and get them involved in their districts.
My heart was strangely warmed to see them participate in the Mission u Event at Fayetteville First UMC
on July 17th & 18th by reading overviews of the mission studies, assisting in the youth class, selling new
Limitless T-shirts and volunteering to share with
churches in the conference.
Let’s encourage all the teens and young women to get
involved and share their gifts with you by letting the
fresh wind blow through your meetings, programs,
events, hands on mission work and etc.
Congratulations to our Limitless group for exciting
things happening in their lives:
Ariel preparing for her first year at Reinhardt College
Nikki was married on July 18th
Lauren getting married in the fall
Kasey having a baby
Deborah finished her first year in college.
Danielle and Naomi starting back to school and involvement in other activities
Jillian and Isabelle involving their families in retreats
and events
Jenee actively working in her local church
Please contact Deloris F. Carhee
([email protected]) if you have questions
about the Limitless Task Force.
The Reflector
Happiness and Blessed
by Patricia Bell
Spiritual Growth
Created for Happiness and Growing in Blessedness
are the titles of two United Methodist Women resources for 2015-2016. In my opinion, the Mission u
study and Program Book are designed to enhance our
biblical study and spiritual lives as we grow in Christ.
I normally write articles that reflect insight into an
epiphany or experienced I felt led to share. This article is somewhat different in that it will refer you to the
two books mentioned above. If you read these, you
will begin an experience that will change your life.
They have for me. Read the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1
-12 as if you are blessed and the For they shall as a
separate voice.
your units. The list of study leaders will be posted.
What can I say? I was touched by being a facilitator
and I hope you attended Mission u and looking at what
God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit will help you
see what He has in store for you.
This is my last year as Mission Coordinator for Spiritual Growth and I hope you continue to grow in the
Lord and utilize the resources and attend the Spiritual/
Social Events. The workshop on Prayer opened my
eyes to communicating with God while being outside
in nature. The Prayer Walk as we read scriptures
(individually) allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to
each individual personally. My, my, my-- God
blessed my socks off this past year and I hope as you
open up yourself to the Holy Spirit and all He has for
you that you will be blessed and transformed into a
life that is pleasing to Him and a blessing to those
around you.
This was my first year as an adult study leader for
Mission u and I gained insight into the United MethShalom
odist Church and United Methodist Women in a
deeper manner. It deepened my faith in
God and transformed my outlook on life. Not that I
was a worrier, but I usually tried to help God fix my
problems and ended up in a worse state than what I
was initially. I read a book that many of you may have
already--Just Choose Happiness by Nell Mahoney.
Do you receive response? If not, then now is the perfect
This book coupled with the study book help me realize
time to start your subscription.
--what I already knew--God did not need my help.
But…. here I go back in my old habits.
The price of a one-year subscription is $24; a two-year
Let’s look at some of the contents in Growing in
Blessedness that you will find: Foundation for Blessedness, Poverty and Possibility, Gift of Comfort,
Meek and Strong, Joyful Hunger Pangs Being a blessing to the Persecuted. These topics along with ways
to use the Program Book and adapt it to meet your
group’s needs are included. Ways to become involved
in missions are included in each study. Yes, it also
includes the Pledge to Mission and A Call to Prayer
and Self Denial. Installation services and other services can be found online at .
Created for Happiness: Understanding your life in
God is the mission study that I highly recommend to
subscription is if $45.
With every subscription your getting:
-Engaging Bible studies
-Spiritual growth reflections
-Inspiring stories of faith and hometown mission
-Stories of ministries with women, children & youth
-Insight on challenging issues of the day from a
Christian women’s perspective
-Faith-based action ideas
Order response today! Call 877-881-2385 or go to
Cards, Cards, and more Cards
Increase mission giving
North Georgia United Methodist Women is all
about Missions and the many, many ways to give to
Missions. United Methodist Women is the most dedicated and consistent mission giving group and I am
honored to be a member. I have been blessed to be a
member of this group of wonderful women since I was
17 years old. I am also blessed to serve as the Treasurer
of the Atlanta Marietta District. When I accepted the
position of treasurer of this hardworking district, I was
amazed at all the channels of giving we have available.
One of the areas was our gift to missions through the
giving of beautiful cards which are offered for so many
occasions. These cards are available to our district
treasurers simply for the cost of postage which is very
minimal, therefore, leaving the entire amount of the
$5.00 donation going straight to missions. How much
money do you, as an individual, spend on cards in a
year’s time? My guess would be A LOT when you consider the price of a card these days is anywhere from $3
-$6 each. The card companies love this and appreciate
your business but what if you had these beautiful mission cards available to you each and every time you
need a card and did not even have to go out to the store
to buy them. Every time you send a card, you can feel
good in knowing that you gave a donation to missions
to help the women and children who are in need instead of helping to increase profits in the card industry.
Local UMW Units can purchase these cards, and do,
but sometimes they are simply used for Unit needs
whereas I feel they should be available on an honor
system so that each time a Unit or Circle meets, these
cards are available for the members to purchase one
card at a time. This way, they are available when the
need for a card arises. Encourage your local treasurer
to reach out to your district treasurer for a supply of
cards and watch your Units gift to missions increase. I
think you will be pleasantly surprised as I have been
in our district.
Local Unit Treasurers, call your district treasurer today to see how this will work for your Unit.
Nadine Lacy,
Atlanta Marietta District Treasurer
Supplemental Giving for 2015
First Quarter (November 1—February 28)
Clark Atlanta University
& Paine College
Second Quarter (March 1—May 31)
New Bethlehem Community Center
Augusta, Georgia
Third Quarter (June 1—July 21)
Murphy Harpst Children’s Home
Poke County
Fourth Quarter (August 1—Octoer 31)
A Love Offering to be divided equally among
The North Georgia Mission Instituitions
Every Day of the Year
World Thank Offering
The Reflector
UMW group works at Sager-Brown Depot
By Sandra Clarke
Once a year Barbara Rankin of Hanleiter UMC in Griffin leads a small group of United Methodist Women to work for a
week at the Sager-Brown Depot operated by the United Methodist Committee on Relief in Baldwin, La. This year Barbara and Martha Huckaby could not go because of a death in Barbara's family and Martha stayed home to comfort and
console her. We missed these sweet ladies so much but four made the trip: Alice Smith, Pat Flynt, Sara Worden and
Sandra Clarke.
When we arrived at the depot, we were joined by Pat's brother, the Rev. Jack McCollough, retired UM minister from
Woodbine, Ga., and his niece, Denise Smith, from Florida. We met United Methodists from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and South Carolina for a great week of fellowship and work. Some of our group worked in the depot assembling
health kits and school kits, and Sandra helped sew school bags in the sewing room. Jack used his talents to help repair a
home for a local family.
One day we all joined together to load and bless a container of health kits that was going to the Ukraine. That was a
touching moment and one we will long remember. Our group enjoyed an afternoon touring the Tabasco plant at Avery
Island and an old Rice Mill and taking a swamp ride with a real Cajun. The food, fellowship and lodging make the week
extra special.
On Friday as we began our return trip, we made a planned stop in Houma, La. at the MacDonnell Children's Center.
This home is a Mission Institution of United Methodist Women The director gave us a great tour of the campus. They
house at present 12 boys and soon will welcome 12 girls. The community stepped up to help them decorate the girls'
dorm and it is quite beautiful! United Methodist Women is constantly working to minister to children and youth at risk.
This detour allowed us to see our money at work and helped us endure the long road home.
The Reflector
LaGrange District
Our local units are always working in their various
communities helping women, children and youth
through services and programs. For our District
April Service Project this year, we purchased new
My View From Group 15
quilted comforters and shams for the women at
By Janice Walker
Hope Harbor. Hope Harbor is a 12-month Christian
United Methodist Women National Seminar 2015was
residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in
an enlightening and motivating experience. A select
Warm Springs. Some of their young women came
group of women from around the country converged on to our District Annual Meeting at Manchester First
the city of Chicago to attend training on social justice
in 2013 to share their testimonies. They gave movfocusing on maternal and child health, mass incarcera- ing and emotional testimonies about their struggles
tion, climate justice and economic inequality.
and the new life they have found because of Hope
Harbor. Hope Harbor’s website says, they are
From sunrise to sunset we worshiped, engaged in panel “Bringing women the message of freedom from the
discussions, workshops, and skill building sessions. In
destructive forces of addiction, equipping them for
order to maximize our experience, participants were
their future and giving them the message of God’s
divided into small teams. I was assigned to Group 15,
merciful grace and power to make them whole
with women from California, to New York, Oklahoma again.” There are not many programs to help
to Arizona. We instantly bonded and exchanged ideas
women with addictions, so Hope Harbor is exon things going on in our own communities and what
tremely important in our area. The District Mission
we could do to make it better. Putting outreach into ac- Team has scheduled a date later in the summer to
tion, participants stepped out to advocate for people in
visit Hope Harbor and see their newly redecorated
the underserved community of Chicago’s Southside. I
bedrooms. We will take the ladies dinner and prewas fortunate enough to be able to stand in unity with
sent Hope Harbor with a love offering.
physicians at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital as they
voiced concern during a board meeting over plans to
shutdown its pediatric unit. I toured the city’s newly
developed Urban Gardens and was on hand at St. James
United Methodist Church to hear local politicians speak
on serious issues facing the community, such as education and criminal justice reform. The politicians who
attended were tasked to make whatever improvements
they could to implement change to improve the lives
for the people they represent.
There were many great moments and lessons attained at
this year’s seminar on social justice. But John Wesley
said it best, “We are called to be God’s messengers.”
Justice is the ability to treat all people fairly. We must
pay attention to how others are treated differently and
take action to help change our communities.
The Reflector
June 3—5, 2016
Charleston, SC
Embassy Suites and Convention Center
There will be exciting speakers, meaningful worship experiences, informative workshops,
wonderful entertainment, a delicious banquet, and the important business of our Southeastern
One of the exciting speakers ii our own Rev. Jasmine Rose Smothers who will be the Friday
Opening Worship Minister. Rev. Jasmine is a church consultant and in the staff liaison for the
Conference ministry teams. Jasmine also has primary responsibility for the Vital Congregations initiative, Black Church Development, Natural Church Development, Multi Ethnic/
Cultural congregations, support and training for Cross-Cultural/Racial appointments, and developing Young Clergy leadership. She is a native of Atlanta and is a graduate of Spellman
College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. She earned a Master
of Divinity degree from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. Jasmine is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.
Above all, Jasmine loves God, loves the Church, and is committed to “equipping the saints for
the work of ministry” so that world may know and be transformed through Christ?
Rev. Dr. Robin Dease is the Bible Study Minister for Saturday, June 4th and Bishop Hope
Morgan Ward will be the Worship Minister Sunday, June 5th.
The Reflector
Hello Ladies,
Greetings Sisters,
I hope you had a great summer but still had time for
mission work.
I have been busy. I was registrar for the UMW Annual Conference breakfast in Athens, GA,
attended the 2015 Youth Conference in Orlando,
FL with over 5,000 youth and young adults.
My granddaughter, Ariel Murphy, had the honor to
speak on behalf of the Limitless team.
Let me know if you have started a Limitless group
in your church or district.
I also attended the Mission u event at Fayetteville
First UMC in Fayetteville, GA with mission studies
that blessed so many women, children and youth.
We had a wonderful time at the Spiritual / Social Experience on May 1st & 2nd at Rock Eagle.
It was great fellowship and excellent workshops that
blessed all who attended.
I need District Membership Nurture and Outreach
reports with the total number of members in your
district as of June 30, 2015.
This form was mailed to the District Presidents and
should be e-mailed back to me
([email protected]).
Have you heard .... a "Fresh Wind is Blowing?" That
wind blew through Fayetteville First UMC on July
17th & 18th at Mission u . Instructors made the Latin
America studies fun for the children and youth. The
three adult studies were " Created for Happiness, Latin
America and Church with Disabilities." The adult studies were taught in English, Korean and Spanish.
Thank God for sending a fresh wind through the Study
Leaders. Please invite them to do a mission study in
your church and plan to attend next year in July.
We need your help to do hands on mission work for
UMCOR such as school bags, birthing kits, Christmas
shoe boxes and etc.
Please contact your District Presidents if you have any
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Irene Davis,
Membership, Nurture and Outreach Coordinator
We are a community of women who are inheritors of
our foremothers with vision and dreams to do mission
work for women, children and youth.
Praise God,
Cathy White
Education and Interpretation Coordinator
The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women
whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons
through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
The Feflector
Mission u Draws Increased Attendance
A greatly-increased number of participants worshiped,
learned and fellowshipped at the North Georgia Conference Mission u July 17-18 at Fayetteville First
UMC in the LaGrange District. The overall attendance this year was 242 compared to 185 last year.
Fayetteville First was exceedingly generous in their
hospitality, led by Linda Ladd, who served as the
"liaison" between the church and the Mission u planning committee; Lauren Davis, president of United
Methodist Women; and all of the church staff. Everyone pitched in to cheerfully assist in getting rooms rearranged to accommodate our classes while UMW
members provided ample refreshments and posted
themselves at strategic locations to give directions as
we learned to navigate the building.
The church's new senior pastor of about four weeks,
the Rev. David Campell, delivered a rousing missionoriented sermon at our opening worship. Church hostess Jane Davis oversaw the preparation of three
scrumptious meals, and the music of church musicians
Nancy Lindsey and Sonia Squires greatly enhanced
our opening worship. We sang in three languages -Korean, Spanish and English!
One of the many highlights of the opening worship
service was a dance troupe from the Iglesia Latino
Americano de Snellville. The offering, which totaled
over $1250, was split between four Latin American
local and international ministries.
on "The Church and People with Disabilities," and the
spiritual growth study, "Created for Happiness: Understanding Your Life in God," was led by Pat Bell,
Mary Anne Brannon and the Rev. Eric Powell.
Once again Sue and Terry Raymond taught the children's class -- which numbered 19 -- and the Rev.
Tonya Lawrence and the Rev. Allyson Lawrence
teamed to teach the youth class. Both the children's
and youth classes were on Latin America.
On the day before Mission u began, about 40 gathered
to work in various mission projects. Some addressed
cards to the church's homebound members; others assembled health kits, school kits and layette kits; and
another group also traveled to Fayette Samaritans to
assist with chores there. Fayette Samaritans is an ecumenical Christian ministry serving those in need in
Fayette County.
Mission u is jointly sponsored by the Conference
United Methodist Women and the Conference Missions/Global Ministries team. Each group provides
equal leadership and financial support.
Members of the Mission u planning team included Alice Smith, dean, Deloris Carhee, Tryphenia Speed,
Robert and Glenda Creasy, Sue and Terry Raymond,
Cathy White, Mattie Strozier, Teresa Wynn, Idelia
Ulmer, Grace Pyen, Juan Quintanilla and Linda Ladd.
Leading Mission u in 2016 will be Deloris Carhee,
dean, and Judie Wendt, assistant dean.
The study leaders were truly a reflection of our diversity in United Methodism in the North Georgia Con- Alice Smith,
ference. We offered a Korean-language class led by
Mission u Dean
Marian Kim, a native of Korea, and a Spanishlanguage class led by the Rev. Lucy Morales, a native
of Venezuela.
Teaching the geographic study on "Latin America:
People and Faith" were the Rev. Juan Quintanilla, a
native of Mexico, and Dr. Judith Pierre-Okerson, a
United Methodist Women's director from Florida and
a native of Haiti.
Jean Bouts returned for a second year to lead the class
The Feflector
Mission Study Leaders for 2015-2016
The persons below are willing to lead a mission study in local churches
in their districts or beyond.
The Church and People
With Disabilities
Shirley Alcorn
147 Thornbrook Rd.
Bethlehem, GA 30620
[email protected]
Created for Happiness;
Understanding Your Life in
Kathy Barb
285 Hunter's Glen
Fayetteville, GA 30215
[email protected]
770.713.3861 (cell)
Jean Bouts
341 Mountain Brook Court
McDonough, GA 30252
[email protected]
770.957.6645 (home)
404.863.5800 (cell)
Pat Bell
2598 Chesterbrooke Dr.
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
[email protected]
Judy Bush
4226 Vienna Way
Marietta, GA 30062
[email protected]
Mary Anne Brannon
313 Rothaus Court
Stockbridge, GA 30281
[email protected]
Kay Haugen
131 Ridgewood Lane
Jefferson, GA 30549
[email protected]
706.367.9984 (h)
706.983.9343 (c)
Sylvia Brazier
315 Glendwood Way
Stockbridge, GA 30281
[email protected]
Tami Kemberling and Brenda Tierman
Tami: 105 Cedar Creek Court
Fayetteville, GA 30215
[email protected]
Brenda: 110 McBride Trail
Fayetteville, GA 30215
[email protected]
Diane West
2365 Maid Marion Court
Cumming, GA 30040
[email protected]
Dorothy Cameron
224 Lee Street
Hogansville, GA
Lucille Campbell
160 Hiett Ct.
Fayetteville, GA 30214
[email protected]
Sue Cook
2906 Antioch Church Rd.
Gainesville, GA 30506
[email protected]
Stephanie Dressler
12135 Edenwilde Dr.
Roswell, GA 30075
[email protected]
770.337.8461 (cell)
Jackie Evans
5931 Yellowood Court
College Park, GA 30349
[email protected]
Diane Faw
38 Pinewood Dr.
Dawsonville, GA 30534
[email protected]
Iris Green
1930 Embassy Walk Lane
Lilburn, GA 30047
[email protected]
Elaine Kent
3164 Lynncliff Dr.
Gainesville, GA 30506
[email protected]
Karen Kilgo
310 Grandchester Way
Fayetteville, GA 30215
[email protected]
Dorothy Orr
316 Gilbert Circle
Luthersville, GA 30251
Eric Powell
6195 Hearn Rd.
Ellenwood, GA 30294
678.640.3324 (cell)
678.289.9231 (home)
[email protected]
The Reflector
Mission Study Leaders for 2015-2016
The persons below are willing to lead a mission study in local churches
in their districts or beyond.
L. Susan Stroup
743 E. Point Rd.
Cedartown, GA 30125
[email protected]
Gloria Dixon
2520 Zane Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30321
[email protected]
Juan Quintanilla
1700 Century Center, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30345
[email protected]
Cathy White
161 Cook Dr.
Ellenwood, GA 30294
[email protected]
Paulina Dominique
147 E. Greenwick Circle
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The Reflector
North Georgia Conference
United Methodist Women
Annual Meeting
OCTOBER 3, 2015
LaGrange First UMC
401 Broad Street
LaGrange, GA 30240
(706) 884-4635
9:30am – 2:00 pm
Please Print
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________City_________________St____Zip________
Phone _________________________________ Email ____________________________________________
Church ______________________________________ District _____________________________________
Emergency Contact __________________________________________ Phone ________________________
Special Needs ____________________________________________________________________________
20 30 40 Check Age Group
Teen First time attending UMW Annual Meeting?
Yes Are you a guest of the Conference?
Yes 50+ No No The Registration deadline is September 16, 2015
$20.00 Meeting and Luncheon, prior to September 16, 2015
$10.00 Meeting only, prior to September 16, 2015
There will be a $10 late fee for registrations received after
September 16, 2015.
Make checks payable to NGCUMW. (NO REFUNDS)
Registrar: Memoree Emerson
1045 Chatham Rd
Buford, GA 30518-4901
[email protected]
Annual Meeting Agenda:
8:30am – 9:30am — Registration
9:30am – 12:00 pm — Business Meeting
12:00 pm – 12:30 pm — Lunch
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm — Awards Luncheon
Check #_______
You can now register
online at:
Free Childcare will be provided. Deadline to reserve is
September 16, 2015. Please pack a lunch for each child.
Age: ________________________________________
Dietary restrictions: _____________________________
Emergency Contact: ____________________________
4511 Jones Bridge Circle
Norcross, GA 30092-1406
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Atlanta, GA
Permit No. 1269
VOL. 25 NO. 3
No rth G eo rgi a Co n ference
Unit ed Meth odi st W omen
Summer 2015
Annual subscription $5. 00
Ann Orr
89 Hickory Cr
Ringgold, GA 30736
[email protected]
Conference News
Please share this newsletter with others in your unit or church.
The Reflector