The Boathouse Story



The Boathouse Story
To Start
Chef’s Daily Soup
using the bounty of the Kawarthas
Local Artisan Greens
local greens, heirloom carrot and beets, pumpkin seeds
Romaine Hearts
roast garlic dressing, goat cheddar, maple bacon
Farm Chili Fries
house cut yukon potato, Viamede pork chili, local curds
To Share
Baked Summer Veggie Nachos
roast peppers, chili eggplant, grilled tomato, cumin goat yogurt
Grilled Breads ‘n Meat
sumac hummus, arugula pesto, smoked sausage
Stone Baked Flat Bread
garden herb oil, olives, CWF feta, roast veggies
Viamede Wings
heirloom carrots, County Cider blue cheese dip
*Items from To Share menu count as 2 courses on the Viamede Resort Meal Plan*
Off The Dock
The Boathouse Burger (non-gluten bun available)
Traynor Farms ribeye grilled to liking, classic fixings, brioche bun, house cut fries
add local cheese, blue cheese, bacon
add another patty to make it a double
2 ea
Fried Chicken Wrap
romaine, maple bacon, buttermilk ranch, house cut fries
Organic Quinoa Burger
vegan, pickled kale, classic fixings, house cut fries
Served with fresh baked bread and butter (non-gluten available)
Kawarthas’ Finest
the best the Kawarthas have to offer
Breaded Fish ‘n Chips
lake perch, panko crust, chive mayo, house cut fries
Traynor Farms Steak Frites
flank steak, house cut fries, grainy mustard mayo
Southern Stoney Chicken
bacon potato salad, leek slaw, smoked pepper mayo
Summer Gemelli Pasta
heirloom tomato, BBQ zucchini, sumac garlic oil, CWF cheese
Sweet Things
Dark Chocolate Torte
flourless, citrus sugar cranberries
Boathouse Sundae
3 scoops of ice cream, 1 topping
maple caramel / chili chocolate / sprinkles / cherries
extra toppings
Julian Fruit “Mess”
seasonal fruit, sweet rice cake, vanilla cashew cream
The Boathouse Story
Welcome. The Boathouse has been a fixture on Stoney Lake for many years. Once a dance hall, then a
pub, The Boathouse has grown up, into a waterfront restaurant with a fresh, locally inspired bistro
Like everything we do at Viamede Resort, The Boathouse lives by the philosophy that the best
ingredients are found locally, and you can’t get much more local than this. The menu features mouthwatering meats from the farm down the road, produce from our own gardens and the local market, and
inspiration from the season and the view. Whatever you chose to order, you’ll find fresh flavours and
lake breezes.
If you’d like to experience more of our focus on local food, we encourage you to try the acclaimed
Forest-to-Table tasting menu at Viamede Resort’s fine dining restaurant, Mount Julian.
Friends of Viamede Resort
We feature the very best Ontario farmers, producers and growers. Some of the local ingredients we
source, by distance from the resort, include:
Produce from The Market in Young’s Point, Ontario
Honey and herbs from Herb Guy’s Honey House in Buckhorn, Ontario
Produce from McLean Farms in Buckhorn, Ontario
Dairy products from Kawartha Dairy in Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Beef from Traynor Farms in Otonabee, Ontario
Cheese from Cross Wind Farm in Keene, Ontario
Produce from Circle Organic Community Farm in Millbrook, Ontario
Beer from Church-Key Brewery in Campbellford, Ontario
Cheese from Ivanhoe Cheese in Madoc, Ontario
Wine from The Grange of Prince Edward in Hillier, Ontario
Wine from Rosehall Run in Rosehall, Ontario
Cheese from Black River Cheese Company in Milford, Ontario
Cider from County Cider Company in Waupoos, Ontario
Beer from Creemore Springs Brewery in Creemore, Ontario

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