Ontario`s Forest Bioeconomy



Ontario`s Forest Bioeconomy
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Joe Maure, MNRF
[email protected]
November 4, 2014
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
MNRF supports growth of new industry &
transformation of existing industry by identifying
currently un-utilized forest resources which
creates/supports new opportunities to diversify
Ontario’s economy.
Collaborating with and identifying opportunities for
Aboriginal peoples.
Through various funding programs, MNR has
supported FPAC, FPInnovations, CRIBE, and several
Universities to conduct research and generate
innovative solutions (Life cycle, sustainability, Lignin,
biofuels, specialty chemicals).
Forestry Assistance
Involved in Research
Centre for Research & Innovation in the Bioeconomy (CRIBE)
• CRIBE is a provincial initiative to transform the forest
products industry in Northern Ontario. The Centre is an
independent, not-for-profit research corporation that
partners closely with other relevant organizations to provide
support to turn research and innovative business
opportunities into operational realities.
• The Ontario government has committed up to $25 million to
support the Centre over four years.
CRIBE – Funding Categories
CRIBE Projects
CRIBE Projects
Bioenergy & Cogeneration
Pellet Mills
KD Quality Pellets
Canadian Biofuel
Becker Cogeneration
$66-million 10MW cogeneration facility is next to existing lumbermanufacturing facility Olav Haavaldsrud
Forest Sector Prosperity Fund grant of $11.9 million
Forest Sector Loan Guarantee Program $17.8-million
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation $1 million
Facility will consume 175,000 to 200,000 tonnes / year
Atikokan Generation Station
• Plant is the Largest 100 per cent BiomassFueled Power Plant in North America
• 5,000 tonnes pellet storage per silo
• Consume 90,000 tonnes pellets per year
Competitive Advantage
141 Million Consumers within a Day’s Drive
Daily Two-way Goods
Trade between OntarioUSA for 2013 Valued at
C$766 million
Opportunities for Business
• The Government will establish a new province-wide,
10-year, $2.5 billion Jobs and Prosperity Fund
(JPF) to partner with business to attract investments,
strengthen Ontario’s strategic sectors and support the
province’s future economic growth.
The new fund will secure business investments that
focus on job‐creating innovation, productivity and
going global, and will invest in Ontario’s key sectors.
• The government has committed over $110 million in
regional economic development through both the
Eastern Ontario Development Fund and
Southwestern Ontario Development Fund,
leveraging a total investment of over $1 billion.
Foreign direct investment projects in Ontario
Going Global
Ontario is helping expand the province's
presence in global markets, grow the
economy and create jobs through a new
trade strategy. As part of Ontario’s Plan
for Jobs and Growth, the Going Global
Trade Strategy will:
• Increase support for more Ontario
companies to export their products or
• Help exporters with over 60 outbound
missions in priority sectors.
• Work with the federal government to pursue
new trade agreements
• Streamline export programs and resources
for businesses so they can more easily
access the supports they need to go global.
• Maximize the benefits from the Canada-EU
Trade Agreement.
• Strengthen trade corridors with the United
Going Forward
Going Forward
Global economic conditions altered the landscape – Ontario’s top
performing facilities with infrastructure needed to meet market
demands have survived, but further transformation is required for future
success in a global marketplace
Manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries are seeking
renewable feedstock such as forest fibre to meet market demands in a
carbon and petrochemical constrained future
Ontario’s forest industry has an opportunity to reinvent itself again,
rebound from the economic downturn and surpass its past economic
and social contributions to the province
Going Forward
Joe Maure
MNRF – Business Development Branch
705 945 5892
[email protected]
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