08.28.12 - Rotary Club of Everett



08.28.12 - Rotary Club of Everett
2012-2013 Official Publication of the Rotary Club of Everett (Charter No. 272)
P.O. Box 1225 Everett, WA 98206
AUGUST 28, 2012
Andrew Hall
Vice President:
Jon Ellis
Meeting 4971
Greeters: Elizabeth Johnson and Gail Larsen
Maddy Metzger-Utt
Today President Andy Hall rang the Rotary bell at 12:07pm,
calling to order meeting #4971 of the Everett Rotary Club, and
meeting #9 of Andy’s presidency. Tom Rainville presented the
Thought of the Day, stating that the membership could sit or
stand, because you can pray in any position. Jim Staniford
made quick work with the introduction of visiting Rotarians and
guests, as there were none.
Rich Toyer
President’s Assistant:
Judi Edwards
Volume 96
Issue No. 9
President Elect:
Bill Dobler
August 28, 2012
Russ Hermes
Clayton Browse
Marc Baker
Judi Edwards announced that the Public Relations Committee
is selling umbrellas with the Rotary logo for $15, and license
plate holders with the Rotary logo for $10. Judi also mentioned
that the Rotary District 5050 Convention will be held in Vancouver, BC next June. The club will pay for 5 attendees. Also, the
Rotary International Convention will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Maddy Metzger-Utt will be attending.
Save the Date!!!
“District Governor’s
September 4th
Mark Roe’s home, August 28th at 6-8PM
Wheelers’ Meeting: Sept. 11, Tremors, 11 AM
Topic: Policies and Procedures, by Roy Yates
Board Meeting:
Sept. 21, Bethany at Pacific, 7:30 AM, 3rd Fl Chapel
Rotary Leadership
September 29, 8-3PM, CottonTree Inn,
Mt.Vernon. Registration: Judi Edwards.
Carpool Info: President Hall
Mark Roe mentioned that the fireside at his house is a go.
President Andy announced that the club budget was passed by the board of directors, and sadly announced
the resignation of club member, Joe Wilson.
Andy also mentioned the cards in the foyer for Kay Lyons, Kerry Triboulet, and Kay Miller.
Jim Staniford announced that he has tickets for the Everett Silvertips game on October 7.
Maddy Metzger-Utt announced the Greater Everett Community Foundation Annual Possibilities Breakfast on
Thursday, September 20th, 7:30-9:00am at Comcast Arena.
Shelley Hutcheson-Smith announced the 5K Run from the Law! on Sunday, September 16th, 8:00am, at the
Tulalip Casino. Try to outrun the police!
Mike Hawks led off happy bucks with the announcement of Grandchild #8. George Bowden stated his Seattle
to Vancouver ride was a success. Russ Hermes had $100 for his 50th birthday. Sonya Kraski enjoyed her motorcycle ride with Greg Tisdel and Marc Baker. John Rettenmier had 20 year anniversary bucks. He also
had a story about his neighbor, Seattle Mariner Dustin Ackley, coming over to his home to personally autograph a baseball for his 9 year old daughter. Parker Crompton had wedding anniversary bucks. Larry
O’Donnell had $100 birthday bucks, as well as a story about a cougar getting loose in a casino in Reno, NV.
No, it wasn’t Tom Koenig. Greg Tisdel had $100 for getting through his divorce. He also told of Marc
Baker jumping in to Lake Chelan with hearing aid, wallet and cell phone. Marc Baker had $5 to report on our
exchange student, Daniel, as well as his secret trick to dry out a waterlogged cell phone - A bag of rice! Jeff
Cornish had 54 birthday bucks and also extolled the pleasant, leisurely, 6 hour pace he and fellow golfers enjoyed at GolFun. Scott Casselman had $8 for his 2nd Granddaughter. Paul Stoot had $20 to announce the
Greater Trinity Academy Annual Fundraiser Luncheon Event on Thursday, September 13th, 11:30am-1:00pm,
at the Lynnwood Convention Center.
Jeff Mitchell ran today’s drawing. Prizes included Rotary license plate holders, a CD of Japanese music, wine,
olive oil, Campfire mints and Boy Scout Kettle Corn. There were three winners. Sonya Kraski was one of
them. I missed the other two. But if I had to guess, I would go with Rich Toyer.
PROGRAM: Tales from the High Seas
Mark Nesse introduced today’s speaker, Everett Rotary Past President, Larry Byers. Larry gave us a similar program 2 years ago, about
The Dream. Larry and his wife, Vicki, have sailed down the west coast
of the US, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama on their 40
foot sailboat, Rocinante. They spent a year in the Sea of Cortes, and
have traveled through the Panama Canal. They have made stops on
Newport, OR, San Francisco, the Baja Peninsula, Acapulco, and many
other ports. They have caught fish on their boat, saw dolphins up close, snorkeled, and had opportunities to
play some music with friends and enjoy their tropical surroundings.
Larry mentioned he could do an entire presentation on their journey through the Panama Canal. The French
started building the Panama Canal in 1880. Panama was actually part of Columbia until 1903. The canal was
completed in 1914 after 10 years of construction. 26,000 people died during the construction. The canal actually runs North and South while joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It has three locks, 100 feet wide by
1000 feet long and 42 feet deep. Larry had to pay $1500 cash to travel through the canal. There were a lot of
huge ships traveling through. They traveled the entire canal in one day. You can follow Larry and Vicki’s adventures on their website, www.VoyageOfTheRocinante.com. I meant to ask Larry if he ever jumped into the
Pacific with his wallet and cell phone, but I was too busy scribing.
President Andy thanked Larry for a wonderful presentation, and adjourned the meeting.
* Rotary Club project funds a water tank and repairs crumbling
bathrooms at a Primary school outside Maputo, Mozambique
* Huang is choice for 2014-15 RI President
* Olympic Athletes help Rotary Promote Polio Eradication
* New Traditions bring in Younger Rotarians
Visit: www.rotary.org/en/mediaandnews/news

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