Guide to A Parent`s - Center for Student Involvement


Guide to A Parent`s - Center for Student Involvement
Dear Triton Parents,
Congratulations on your son or daughter’s admission
and decision to attend UCSD!
Many opportunities await here on campus. There are
endless options - chances to be a leader, serve the
community, and make new friends. When exploring what
UCSD has to offer I hope that your student will consider
the opportunity to “Go Greek!” By joining a fraternity or
sorority, your student will join a community of like-minded
individuals and build a true connection at the university. All
Greek organizations at UCSD stand for academic
excellence, service, responsible leadership, and true
For many parents, the terms “fraternity” or “sorority”
conjure up a little bit of concern as past movies, TV shows,
and stereotypes replay through your head. There are
many myths about the Greek community out there, but
the truth is that men and women in fraternities and
sororities are committed to high moral principles and
social standards.
In fact, Greek students at UCSD participated in over 50
philanthropic projects last year and raised nearly
$50,000 for their respective philanthropies. Additionally,
multiple studies show that students involved in Greek
organizations are more likely to graduate on time, have
better interpersonal skills, and are more likely to give back
to the community later in life.
I encourage you to explore this brochure and the
associated links for resources and documents that may
help answer questions or alleviate concerns. I look
forward to working with your student this year!
Lindsay McKinney
Greek Life Advisor
Quick Facts:
40 at UCSD
Greek Organizations
About UCSD students
2,000 are Greek
community service
hours contributed in 2012
A Parent’s
Guide to
raised in philanthropic
funds last year!
or Contact:
Panhellenic President, [email protected]
IFC President, [email protected]
MGC President, [email protected]
This brochure is sponsored by the Greek Life Support Fund.
Greek Life Office
Price Center East, 3rd Floor
Phone: (858) 534-1577
Fax: (858) 534-4482
Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address:
9500 Gilman Drive #0078
La Jolla, CA 92093
How will my child benefit from Greek Life
Attending college is a huge life change! Joining a
fraternity or sorority will help make the transition to
life at UCSD a smooth one. Belonging to a Greek
organization can help make an institution of over
23,000 undergraduate students feel smaller and
more comfortable. For most members their
fraternity or sorority becomes their family away from
home. It will be up to your son or daughter to
determine the level of involvement they want to have
in the organization.
The friendships your student will make through their
fraternity and sorority are intended to last far beyond
college. Fraternities and sororities have alumni
networks all over the world for members to use for
making connections and advancing careers.
Wherever your student ends up after graduation,
chances are he/she will be able to connect with
fellow members of the same fraternity or sorority
through a regional organization.
Greek Life on Campus
Kappa Alpha Theta at Bid Day 2012!
All new fraternity and sorority members participate
in an orientation period most commonly known as
“pledging.” During this period, your student and
fellow new members will participate in regular
meetings and events to learn about the University,
fraternity/sorority history, leadership retreats,
community service projects, and activities
designed to build friendships among new
members and initiated members. All chapters have
a firm policy against hazing. UCSD strictly forbids
any type of hazing in any environment as well.
How much will it cost?
Rho particip
Phi Lambda walk!
in a charit
Gamma Zeta Alpha at Greek Awards
There is no set cost for membership and fees vary
between chapters. However these fees cover
many perks from chapter meals, to service and
social events, to leadership conferences. Be sure
your son/daughter inquires as to the full cost of
membership before joining. Don’t forget most
organizations offer scholarships!
What is my role as a parent?
Will involvement in Greek Life affect my
student’s academic performance?
Greeks at UCSD strive for academic excellence! As
a whole community, Greek students have either
matched or exceeded the all-campus GPA average
for the past 5 years! In fact, high academic standards
are a criterion for membership. Chapters also
organize tutoring programs, host study hours, and
offer resources and programs. Most organizations
even offer scholarships and awards to recognize
high achieving members.
What about hazing?
a’s annual
Tau Kappa Epsilon winning Sigma Kapp
philanthropy, Sigma Kappa’s Best Dance
alpha Kappa Delta Phi tabling
on Library Walk!
Ask questions and be involved! Once your child
chooses to join a Greek organization, there will be
opportunities for Parent’s Weekend activities,
attending chapter events, and getting to know your
son or daughter’s new friends. Take the time to talk
to your child about Greek life and their chapter.