Introducing Southwest Cargo Companion


Introducing Southwest Cargo Companion
Introducing Southwest Cargo Companion
The Commercial Air Cargo Industry’s Most Comprehensive Tracking Solution
Provides Location and Temperature Information for Your Time-Critical,
High Value and Temperature Sensitive Cargo
Cargo Companion helps Shippers improve
operational efficiency and minimize the
impact of delays across the supply chain.
In the event of an unavoidable delay or
spoilage, Cargo Companion provides
an early warning notification to initiate
contingency planning.
Designed for freight forwarders, couriers,
perishable commodity Shippers and Shippers of
time-critical and high-value items, Southwest’s
new Cargo Companion program features:
Customized e-mail alerts notify you
when your shipment has arrived safely
and on time.
Measuring 5 in x 3.8 in x 1 in,
Cargo Companion travels
with your cargo
• Customers with existing Southwest
1. Wireless asset tracking devices that
Airlines Cargo accounts can
monitor the location, shock, vibration,
prearrange the Cargo Companion
temperature, pressure, and humidity of
Service by contacting the Customer
cargo during transit.
Care Center at (800) 533-1222
2. Tracking by air waybill capabilities that
enable Customers to track the status of
their shipment on
before 3pm Central time.
• Cargo Customer Care Center hours are:
6am - 9pm weekdays and 8am - 5pm
3. Powerful analytics that turn the data into
actionable intelligence.
on weekends, Central time.
• Tracking device numbers are added
4. Real time e-mail alerts that notify Shippers
when a shipment has safely arrived, or
inform them of any issue during transit.
to each Customer’s waybill.
• Southwest makes it easy to return
the devices for subsequent use.
For pricing information, or to find out more about Southwest Cargo Companion,
contact your local Cargo Area Sales Manager today.
SWACARGO.COM® | (800) 533-1222
Reverse Logistics
Made Easy
When Failure is Not an Option in the Supply Chain
LaserShip and Southwest Airlines Cargo Deliver
Southwest Customer
Priority Courier
• Aviation
• Life Sciences
• Oil & Gas
Shipping Requirements:
• Timeliness
• Uncompromising
• Visibility
• Adherence to cold
chain protocols
For More Information:
Joseph G. Jarvis
VP of Global Critical
(877) 807-1010
[email protected]
LaserShip provides same day delivery services that support mission critical operations in a
number of industries, including aviation and life sciences. “Our business is based on timeliness
and reliability,” states Joseph G. Jarvis, Vice President of Global Critical Delivery for LaserShip.
“Companies come to LaserShip when there can be no exceptions when it comes to delivering their
cargo on time.”
Consider the costs associated with an airplane sitting on a runway awaiting a critical part. The
opportunity costs; the Customer dissatisfaction; and the incremental costs associated with putting
passengers up in a hotel overnight not only damage an airline’s brand—but they also impact the
bottom line. Regardless of whether it’s a $300,000 engine component or just a particular type of
bolt, every airline part shipped through the supply chain must arrive on schedule without exception.
“Some of our life sciences Customers ship tissue samples, organs and blood products to labs and
hospitals all around the country. Beyond the timeliness issue—there’s also a human element—as
many of these shipments are being sent to-and-from family members. With this type of cargo, we’re
always interested in knowing exactly where it is, while also ensuring a strict adherence to cold-chain
protocols,” states Jarvis.
In order to meet its Customers’ needs, LaserShip works with trusted Partners like Southwest Airlines
Cargo®. “The team at Southwest is extremely progressive when it comes to same day shipping.
They understand our needs, they provide the same day flight options we require, and they’re now
providing the asset tracking technology that’s critical to our business,” adds Jarvis.
“Once the FAA approved wireless tracking technology for commercial airlines, Southwest became
the first airline to accept tracking devices on its aircraft,” adds Jarvis. “The very same day Southwest
announced approval, LaserShip was the first company to use the devices to track the progress of
our shipments.”
“This technology provides visibility throughout the entire supply chain, and when you’re working
with the types of companies that we work with, location and temperature tracking are critical to
meet our Customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on hyper efficiency, and working with a trusted
Partner like Southwest Airlines Cargo helps us provide better, faster, and more reliable shipping
services to our Customers,” concludes Jarvis. When failure is not an option in the supply chain, LaserShip is watching. For more information,
The Southwest Team
is committed to
LaserShip’s success.
SWACARGO.COM® | (800) 533-1222
Southwest Airlines Cargo Helps Quick International Courier
Deliver Medical and Pharmaceutical Products
Quick International Courier is a full-service priority transportation and logistics provider, specializing in the
transportation of life saving organs, blood and bone marrow for transplant and research, investigational drugs,
medical implant devices, and critical parts to repair diagnostic equipment for the medical industry.
Southwest Customer Type:
Priority Courier
Shipping Requirements:
• Broad domestic reach
• Timeliness and
• Strict adherence to
cold chain protocols
For More Information:
Marie Vigliarolo
VP of Marketing –
Quick International
718-995-3616 ext. 2207
[email protected]
Quick’s Customers include pharmaceutical companies, research labs, hospitals and operating rooms in every city
in the US, as well as the National Kidney Registry, who maintains a database of donors around the globe. The
value of Quick’s life-saving cargo is immeasurable. To transport it efficiently, Quick has three primary requirements:
• Broad Reach: Quick’s Customers are spread out across every city in the US, and a comprehensive network
that can reach them, in a moment’s notice, is required.
• Timeliness: Quick’s cargo must be ready for use the moment it is received—so “next flight out” options
and a high frequency flight schedule are vital.
• Strict adherence to cold chain protocols.
Southwest Airlines Cargo® is one of Quick’s most trusted airline Partners. With 3,300 daily flights and the industry’s
latest cargo tracking technology, Southwest is able to help Quick address the shipping requirements of its Customers. According to Quick’s VP of Marketing, Marie Vigliarolo, “Southwest has been fantastic to work with. Our QA team
works seamlessly with theirs to ensure that all protocols are followed, and Southwest’s cargo operation does
whatever it takes to ensure that our shipments arrive on time, with integrity intact.”
“Asset tracking technology is critical to our business, and it’s something we take very seriously,” adds Vigliarolo. “We were one of the first companies to test the Southwest Cargo Companion, and we’re impressed with the depth
and breadth of the data provided by the devices. Items such as light sensing, which identifies if and when a package
has been opened, to location tracking, and temperature alerts are all key requirements.”
In the event of a breakage or temperature alert, Cargo Companion provides Quick with an early warning that is helpful
in jump-starting a secondary shipment to remedy the situation. “For every shipment, we need a plan B, and even a
plan C,” adds Vigliarolo. “If a problem occurs during transit, then every second is precious and the technology buys
us time to jumpstart a new shipment. Southwest’s extensive network and high frequency flight schedule allows us to
trust that the shipment will still arrive ontime.”
Through communications technology, it’s becoming easier to connect organ donors with recipients in need.
Research labs and pharmaceutical companies are also collaborating in ways that were not possible in the past.
As a result, the demand for transporting medical and pharmaceutical products is increasing sharply—and thankfully,
Quick Courier and Southwest Airlines Cargo are making it easier to transport life-saving cargo in a safe, secure,
and same day manner.
For more information on Quick International Courier, please visit:
The Southwest
Team is committed
to Quick’s success.
SWACARGO.COM® | (800) 533-1222