June 2015 - Kismet Quilts



June 2015 - Kismet Quilts
Kismet Chronicle
Issue No. 20
June 2015
Be Ready for the Row by Row Experience
Continent-wide Shop-Hop-But-Not Gets Underway June 21 – And Lasts All Summer Long
As our regular customers will know, if
there’s a fun thing going on, the Kismet
Crew wants to be part of it. That’s why
we’re proud to be participating in the 2015
Row By Row Experience.
The Row By Row Experience is like a
shop hop, but it’s not... no fees, no cards to
stamp, and all summer to play!
Simply visit any of the participating
shops and receive a free pattern for a row
in a quilt. Combine your rows in any way
to create a unique quilt that represents
the fun you had traveling to quilt shops
throughout the summer.
Travel with friends, discover new quilt
shops and have fun collecting rows!
There are prizes to be won and collectibles to collect and fun to be had. To find
out more about what you can win and how
to go about it, check the rules and regulations at www.rowbyrowexperience.com.
Should be a lot of fun!
New Arrivals
Here’s a new arrival we are really excited about. Stephanie Fortin has joined the
Kismet Crew in advance of the busy summer season.
Row By Row Artistic License
As part of the Row By Row Experience,
exclusive Fabric Plates™ by Zebra Patterns
will be available in shops all over the country. Each one is unique. Many are clever.
All are very collectible.
Come down to the store and pick up
one (or both) of ours!
Collect a bunch to create fun projects,
sewing studio wall art or even a fun backing for your quilt.
Stephanie comes to us with a diploma
from the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program at the Art Institute of Vancouver.
Her motto is “expect the unexpected.”
We’re not sure if it has anything to do with
martial arts training, but we’re staying on
our toes just in case.
Kismet Quilts
5334 Argyle Street, Port Alberni, BC
250 723 6605
Issue No. 20
June 2015
We Love This
June Classes
Once again the hot heat has returned
to our fair little town, and we are loving
Not only are we loving it, but our new
Supertunias from Naesgaard’s Farm Market are in full agreement.
In keeping with our colour preference,
we’ve planted both colours; dark pink
AND light pink.
Thanks to our intrepid watering squad,
these enthusiastic little bloomers are in
full growth mode. Can all this flourishing
life be contained by two concrete boxes?
It’s not quite The Day of the Triffids yet,
but if the supertunias do take over the
world, it’ll sure be a nice-looking place.
Viewings are held daily from first light
until your bedtime.
Mini Radio Way
Don’t be intimidated by the tiny pieces.
Their smallness is matched by their go-together-effortlessliness.
Binkie Bibs
Binkie Bibs are fun, animal-shaped bibs
that keep your favourite baby’s pacifier at
the ready. They’re pretty cu-u-u-ute!
Make a cuddly creature for your loved
ones to love. Choose from several adorable
This is only one planter. There’s another one
like this right over there.
Quilt Husband
With the advent of the busy summer season and pressure of staff holidays, there is
a contingency plan that involves the quilt
husband actually working in the store.
In order to minimize the risk, duties
will be confined to operating the till and
cutting the occasional fabric.
As many people are unaccustomed
to the notion of a man in a quilt store, I
thought it might be helpful to provide you
with a basic guide to safely interacting
with a husband in this environment.
(This is largely based on the 1965 Parks
Canada wildlife safety brochure Why Hello
There, Mr. Bear.)
When you encounter a husband in the
quilt store, do not panic. Remember: he
is more afraid of you than you are of him.
Speak in calm, even tones and move about
at a normal pace.
Quilt Husbands are naturally quite retiring (some say they should have been
retiring years ago). For the most part, they
are only dangerous if startled.
Be aware of the signs that a quilt husband is in the area. Typical indicators
might be a half-finished cup of tea or bolts
replaced on shelves upside-down.
You may also recognize its familiar call,
Jenna, how do I work this?
What an actual quilt husband may look like.
Do not try to tempt a quilt husband
with a cookie or candy. (Honestly, I think
this particular tip is more of an optional
guideline than an actual rule.)
With common sense and due care, you
can safely interact with a quilt husband,
and enjoy the rare experience of observing
one in this habitat.
Do you love the night life? Do you have
to boogie? Well, go ahead. When you’re
done, grab your Hex ‘n’ More ruler and
come make a truly fab quilt.
Snack Time
Hexagons made simple! This fun project
will have you hexi obsessed! Jelly Roll, Bali
Pop and Gemstone friendly!
A lot of people go to art school for years
to learn about positive and negative space.
Forget that. We’ll show you everything you
need to know in one afternoon.
Half Square Triangles
Spend an afternoon with us and discover
the myriad uses for the classic half-square
triangle. For instance, two of them can be
used to make a square. Oops, spoiler alert!
Tiny Dancer
Use the versatile Hex ‘n’ More Ruler to create mesmerizing movement. A whirling,
twirling, spinning pattern from designer
Julie Herman. I think I need to sit down
for a minute.
Full Class Schedule available online
at kismetquilts.com /classes
Only 54 Days Until Christmas in July!
Kismet Quilts
5334 Argyle Street, Port Alberni, BC
250 723 6605