October 2014 - Hot Springs Area Quilt Guild



October 2014 - Hot Springs Area Quilt Guild
October Newsletter
October 15, 2014
Oct. 23, 2014
Sign In & Social Time
Meeting in the Fordyce 6:00
Room of the Ouachita
Professional Bldg.
Wasn’t Jaynette Huff great? She was very impressive and awe inspiring. Hopefully we can
have more programs like it.
If you are in Little Rock, consider going to the Great Arkansas Quilt Show. The quilts are
wonderful and they offer monthly workshops. Find out more about the show and workshops at
this link. http://www.historicarkansas.org/whatsnew/newsDetail.aspx?id=305
Wanda Mahn will entertain us with games and treats in November. I think it is a fun way to
get to know your fellow members.
Program: Harvest
Fat Quarters: Rose/
Thank you Beth, Carol and Gail for volunteering for the nominating committee. We need a
President, Vice President and a Membership Chairperson. When the nomination committee
calls, please consider taking an office, or maybe one of the chair positions will appeal to you.
I hate to sound like a nag, but the Guild only works when enough people are participating.
Happy Sewing
Dottie J
Officers & Team Leaders
President: Dottie Atkins
1st VP: Betty Lawson
2nd VP: Jules Kirschman
Secretary: Peggy Young
Treasurer: Rita Michau
Newsletter Editor: Carol Frazier
Historian: Linda Jester
Publicity: Carol Swigart
Door Prizes: Renate Etie, Polly Orr,
Beth Wynn & Holly Vanhaverbeke
Fat Quarters: Wilma Blair
Sunshine Coordinator: Nancy Murders
Quilt Show Chairperson: Beth Wynn
Workshops: Betty Lawson
Happy Halloween!
Bees, Meetings and Announcements
3rd Wed. Bee Oct. 15 We
will be making ear bud holders
and quilted trivets for The Boutique at Quiltfest 2015. We
meet at10am at the Irwin Agency. Contact Polly Orr for a supply list .
Quilts of Valor Bee NOTICE
Change of day . Nov 12
We will meet the 2nd Wed
Betty Smith for more information.
Appli-Q-Ties - (3rd Fri. of
every month) Oct. 17. Poly
Orr will be teaching the bouillon stitch 12:30 pm at the
Garland County Library. Contact Wilma Blair for more
Beth Wynn would like to thank all the
new members who have stepped in to
help with the Quilt Show. Also, a BIG
thank you to Wilma Blair and all those
who worked on the donation quilt. It
really is beautiful.
HSAQG Newsletter
Page 2
Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2014
Members Attending: 29
7. The third Wednesday Bee will meet on October 15th at the
Irwin Agency at 10:00 am. Polly Orr has patterns for earbud
holders and quilted trivets for the October meeting. Contact her
for a supply list. This group will not meeting in November or December.
8. Betty Smith sent word that the Quilts of Valor workshops are
being moved to the second Wednesdays at the Rocking Chair.
9. Dottie announced that it is time for the Nominating Committee
1. President, Dottie Atkins called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm. to gather. Carol Swigart, Beth Wynn, and Gail Zukowski volunLast month's minutes and the Treasurer reports were accepted.
teered to get a slate together for the October meeting.
2. Dottie has taken a picture of the show's Donation quilt and will 10. Jaynette Huff was our guest speaker and she brought a numhave it posted to our website.
ber of her fantastic quilts, including her first one. Jaynette has
created and published many designs since then and she brought
some of her books along. She specializes in paper-pieced quilts
and wonderful embellishments. She will be conducting a Celtic
3. Nancy Murders, Sunshine chair, reported that Becky Ketcham's Knot class on Friday, September 26, 2014 at the library.
mother-in-law passed away. She sent Becky a card from the
guild. Becky has been a member in the past. Meryl Black's
daughter is still having difficulty with her chemo. Nancy asked
that we remember her.
Fat Quarters: Carol Frazier
4. The Appli-Q-Ties, who meet on the third Friday at 12:30 pm
at the library, will have the bouillon stitch demonstrated by Polly
Orr in October.
5. Betty Lawson has called and talked to the new director of
Safe Haven. The director is checking their current inventory and
will call Betty back to discuss what items they may need from us.
They appear to have a supply of quilts and blankets. Betty recommended that any quilts and blankets we make should go the
National Park Medical Center. The October guild meeting will
have a Harvest Festival for our program. In November, Diane
Case and Nancy Murders will cover embroidery in a hoop.
6. Beth Wynn and Peggy Young discussed QuiltFest 2015. Peggy and Betty Lawson are handling publicity for the show. Because of the NAQ competition next year, more emphasis must be
placed on getting information out to guilds and shops. In addition, we need contact information for church groups and informal
quilting groups throughout the state. Peggy will be sending a list
of towns to Carol Frazier for the newsletter. It has been very
difficult to find current contact information for many places and
members are asked to help us find other groups so that we can
spread the word about our show.
Door Prizes: Wilma Blair, Carol Frazier, Kathy Hull, Jules Kirschman, Nancy Murders, Betty Williams, Beth Wynn
Show and Tell: Clarice Marker
11. Dottie adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.
Peggy Young, secretary
HSAQG Newsletter
Page 3
This n That
 PLEASE –remember that the back row of tables at our guild meeting are reserved for
handicap members. Thanks for reminding those
attending our meetings.
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Page 4
HSAQG Newsletter
Jaynette Huff Trunk Show
What is Jaynette doing?? You
had to be there!
Ruby DeBoer
September Show and Tell
Calendar of Events
Fat Quarter
Sept. 25
Jaynette Huff
Royal Blue
Oct. 23
Harvest Festival
Nov. 20
Dec. 18
Christmas Party
Light Blue
Page 5
HSAQG Newsletter
QuiltFest 2015
needs your HELP!
Do you have any information for
guilds and quilting groups in these
Friendship Quilters in Berryville
Johnson County Quilt Guild in Clarksville
Nimble Quilters in Cabot
9. Someone just bought the last yard of the original dye lot of that
fabric you need for the quilt in #1.
10. The only beverage you will NEVER spill on your quilt is water.
11. When you measure twice and cut once, the piece is still too
12. After completely changing the color scheme and finishing your
quilt in #1, you realize you had miscounted the number of squares
you cut in the first place and you would have had enough of the
original preferred fabric after all.
13.The greatest quilting law of all is that in spite of numbers 1-12,
we just keep on stitchin’ along.
Eureka! Quilters in Eureka Springs
Upcoming Quilting Events
November 12-15, 2014 - Annual Arkansas Traditional Quilt &
Craft Show Graham-Watherling Bldg., Hiway 16E, Clinton, AR
www. arextensionhomemakers.org
February 2015 TBD - National Quilts of Valor Day Sew Day
Dover, AR Contact Shelia [email protected]
April 10-11, 2015 - Tomorrow’s Heirlooms XV Biennial Quilt
Jefferson County Quilt Guild in Pine Bluff
Show Q.U.I.L.T. Guild of NW Arkansas
April 10-11, 2015 - 24th Annual Miller-Bowie Quilt Show Texar-
kana, AR www.miller-bowiequiltshow.ifo
Siloam Springs
April 22-25, 2015 - AQS Quilt Show Paducah, KY
Grand Prairie Quilt Society in Stuttgart
July 2015 - Biennial Quiltfest, Hot Springs Area Quilt Show
Crooked Creek Quilters Guild in Yellville
Contact Peggy Young if you can help.
[email protected]
County Fair Award Winners
Best of Show - Wilma Blair, Carol Frazier
Blue Ribbons - Clarice Marker, Oleta Looney, Betty
Williams, Wilma Blair & Carol Frazier

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