birthday parties - Imaginarium of South Texas


birthday parties - Imaginarium of South Texas
Interested in membership?
Member Benefits include:
• Discounts on birthday parties
• Discounts on camp and workshop registraion fees
• Priority registration for workshops and camps
• Special member previews of new exhibits
• Exclusive “Members ONLY” events
• Email updates and newsletters with museum news and special opportunities.
Imaginarium of South Texas
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Thinking Tinkering catches the national wave of
interest in engineering design, and the exhibit allows
visitors to design and improve rockets, automata, lego
cars and more with a variety of materials.
Thinking Tinkering is made possible by the
National Science Foundation and by TexNET, the
Texas Network for Exhibit-based learning and Teaching.
Programs at the Imaginarium...
Le Interesa una Membrecia
Los Beneficíos incluyen:
• Un descuento en las fiestas de cumpleaños
• Un descuento en los campamentos y talleres especiales
• Prioridad de registración para clases y campamentos
• Horario especial para ver las nuevas exibiciones
Here at the Imaginarium of South Texas, we pledge
to bring you different workshops that you and your
family can participate in during the month. We want
to generate conversation and communication
between you and your children, because these are
the activities that provide the opportunities to make
memories. We believe that family involvement is
key to children’s self-esteem, and our mission
embraces the practice of providing an atmosphere
that celebrates family in a learning environment to
stimulate curiosity and discovery. In order to become
life-long learners, children need to be exposed to
rich and varied experiences that encourage
creativity and foster individual expression.
Book knowledge can always be learned. The
confidence necessary to pursue knowledge must
be nurtured. We pledge to provide an environment
that nurtures the creative spirit that makes each
visitor unique, both in children and adults.
Fiestas de Cumpleanos
Phone: 956-728-0404
Fax: 956-725-7776
[email protected]
5300 San Dario #505
Laredo, Texas 78041
Your Birthday
Party includes:
• Party room for 2 hours
• Piñata area
• Gift for the birthday child
• Unlimited museum exploration
• Host/hostess to assist you with your guests
• 30 Free Party Invitations
Party Times Available
Horario Disponible para Fiestas
Wed and Thurs
miércoles y jueves
4pm - 7pm
4pm - 8pm
• Cuarto de fiesta por 2 horas
11am - 2pm
5pm - 8pm
• Exploración del museo
12pm - 2pm
4pm - 6pm
• 30 Invitaciones
You must sign a contract to reserve a party
here at the Imaginarium.
Tiene que firmar un contracto p/reservar
su fiesta aqui.
$6 per child, member
$2 per adult, member
We require a $100 deposit to hold the
reservation. Please see contract for details.
Se requiere un depósito de $100 para hacer la
reservación. Refiere al contracto para
mas detalles.
One extra hour (if available) $50
Sunday 2 hrs. minimum(if available) $150
Face-painting $20/hour
Balloon-tying $1/figure
Party Craft Activity $50
We Decorate for You (your things)$50
• Area de piñata
• Regalo para el cumpleañero(a)
$8 per child, non-member
$3 per adult, non-member
Su Fiesta de
cumpleanos incluye:
Party Food Policies:
As per city ordinance (Laredo Health Department),
all food served in the Imaginarium must be provided by a licensed vendor. This includes all cakes,
candy and snacks served at your party.
Por los reglamentos de la ciudad (Departamento Salud
de Laredo), toda la comida servida en el Imaginarium
debe de ser proveida por un vendedor con licencia. Esto
incluye hasta el pastel, dulces, y snacks de la fiesta
You may order from a selection of mall vendors
(at a discount rate), or order from your favorite
restaurant or caterer. Please ask to see our menu
of food providers who offer discounts.
Se puede ordenar de una seleccion de vendedores en
el Mall (a precios de descuento) o de su restaurante
favorito. Favor de preguntar por nuestro menu de provedores de comida quienes ofrecen descuentos.
• Un asistente para ayudarle con su fiesta
$8 c/niño, si no es miembro
$3 c/adulto, si no es miembro
$6 c/niño, si es miembro
$2 c/adulto, si es miembro
Una hora (si está disponible) $50
Domingos 2hrs. Minimo(si está disponible) $150
Pintar Caritas $20/hr
Figuras de globo $1/c.u.
Actividad Especial (de manualidad) $50
Decoramos p/Ud.(sus cosas)