Annual Report 2014 - Onderzoekschool Oncologie Amsterdam



Annual Report 2014 - Onderzoekschool Oncologie Amsterdam
Onderzoekschool Oncologie Amsterdam
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam
Annual Report 2014
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
VU medisch centrum
Kamer PK 5Z 166
De Boelelaan 1118
1081 HZ Amsterdam
020 - 444 4981
[email protected]
Board and organization
General report
Educational activities
PhD research program
Faculty and staff
International visitors
PhD theses completed
Scientific publications
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
The Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam
(Onderzoekschool Oncologie Amsterdam – OOA) is
dedicated to an increased excellence in research
and education in oncology. The main mission of
OOA is to organize the education in cancer
research of the graduate students in the
Amsterdam area and to ensure proper supervision
and mentoring of these graduate students.
OOA has been established as a joint venture of the
medical faculties the VU University Medical Center
(VUmc) and University of Amsterdam (Universiteit
van Amsterdam- UvA) and the Netherlands Cancer
Institute (Nederlands Kanker Instituut - NKI). These
three organizations strive for excellence in
research and education in oncology and the
realization of which is promoted by their
participation in OOA.
The OOA research covers a wide program ranging
from basic molecular biology to clinical bedside
research. It includes, for instance, fundamental
studies on cellular signal transduction and the
control of gene expression, but also clinical trials
of new (combination) approaches and the
development of new tools to evaluate the quality
of life in cancer patients. A large proportion of
research is translational in nature and aims for the
development of new diagnostic and therapeutic
OOA organizes a range of educational activities,
including specialized training courses, seminars
and meet-the-expert sessions. A major effort is put
into the organization of the annual graduate
student retreat. Next to the benefit of
encountering the broadly oriented work of fellow
students, this retreat teaches the graduate
students skills in reporting, presenting and
collaborative activities.
This report presents the activities and scientific
output of OOA in 2014. It includes detailed listings
of our educational activities, such as training
programs, and an overview of the scientific output,
including listings of PhD theses completed and
scientific papers published throughout 2014.
Executive Directors,
Prof. dr. A.W. Griffioen (VUMC)
Prof. dr. H. te Riele (NKI)
Dr. M. Spaargaren (UvA)
Preface - 7
8 - Preface
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
board and organization
1. Board and organization
Participating institutes
Prof.dr. E. Eldering
Prof.dr. J.P. Medema
Prof.dr. R.H. Medema
Prof.dr. C.J.L.M. Meijer
Prof.dr. P. Postmus
Prof.dr. T.K. Sixma
VU University Amsterdam (VU)/
VU University Medical Center (VUmc)
Administrative center
Contact / secretariat: dr. E.M. Ruhé-Hoogervorst
De Boelelaan 1118
1081 HV Amsterdam
phone : 020-4444981
email : [email protected]
Executive directors
Prof. dr. A.W. Griffioen, chairman
prof. dr. H. te Riele
Dr. M. Spaargaren
Faculty and staff
The complete list of founding institutes’ faculty
and staff involved in educational activities and
research projects conducted by OOA is provided in
Annex 1.
University of Amsterdam (UvA)/
Academic Medical Center (AMC)
Meibergdreef 15
1105 AZ Amsterdam
phone : 020-5668502
: 020-5669165
Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)
Contact / secretariat: Ms. P. Lagerweij
Plesmanlaan 121
1066 CX Amsterdam
phone : 020-512 6973
: 020-512 1944
email : [email protected]
Board and organization - 11
12 – Board and organization
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
general report
2. General report
The Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam
(Onderzoekschool Oncologie Amsterdam – OOA)
was founded in 1992 in an effort to structure the
education and supervision of the cohort of
Amsterdam-based PhD students. The result was a
large graduate school, hosting 552 PhD students
and with 160 faculty members involved from the
three participating institutes VUMC, AMC an NKI. It
was, and still is, the only Dutch graduate school
specifically focusing on training in cancer research.
The quality of the OOA is shown by its regular
accreditation by the Royal Netherlands Academy of
Sciences regularly, currently for the period 20092015.
Educational activities
The core activity of OOA is training PhD students in
conducting cancer research. For this purpose, OOA
has developed a high-quality curriculum. In 2014,
OOA organized various graduate training courses in
a variety of subjects including transferable skills,
masterclasses, meet-the-expert sessions,
conferences and symposiums. All courses were
evaluated by means of standardized evaluation
procedures. In this way, OOA carefully monitors
the quality of its courses. Based on the outcome of
these evaluations, the training programs are being
improved continuously.
Next to these activities the OOA organizes the
annual graduate student retreat. This retreat is set
up as a conference where all students present their
work and where they are actively involved by
chairing the scientific sessions and catalysing the
A detailed description of all training courses
offered in 2014 is provided in chapter 3 of this
Annual Report.
Research program
The oncology research within the three
participating institutes is very broad and
practically every field of research is covered. For
this reason OOA has clustered the research
projects under two main themes. The theme
Experimental Biology covers oncogenesis and tumor
cell biology as the main lines of research. The
second main theme is Experimental Clinical
Research and covers diagnosis of cancer and
prevention and therapy of cancer. Chapter 4
provides a listing of all individual PhD projects
conducted within these main themes. More
detailed descriptions of these research programs
and their output are provided in the annual reports
of the founding institutes.
Theme 1: Experimental Biology
This more fundamental research theme is focussing
on the multiple molecular changes involved in the
transformation of healthy cells into malignant
tumor cells. Studying the genes and proteins
involved in this transformation results in better
understanding of tumor development, progression
and therapy resistance. Candidate markers are
tested for their ability to predict/detect cancer at
an early stage. Disease profiling is being improved
using innovative research tools. Tools applied in
research projects include high-throughput methods
for (epi)genetic, transcriptomic and proteomic
analyses. Examples are large tumor cohort screens
with CGH or expression arrays, gain-of-function
genetic screens with retroviral cDNA expression
libraries, and loss-of-function genetic screens with
RNA interference libraries. Quantitative mass
spectrometry is being used to search for proteins
to distinguish the diseased and disease-free states.
Mechanistic studies using e.g. structural biology
complement the functional studies. Advanced
mouse models or sophisticated xenotransplant
models have been developed for the genetic
dissection of cancer. At the cellular level,
processes like cell-cell communication, adhesion,
migration, survival, proliferation and
differentiation are all being studied in tumor cells
as well as in the different cells making up the
tumor stroma. In all these approaches the studies
on mechanisms of metastasis formation and
therapy resistance have a central role.
Theme 2: Experimental Clinical Research
Improvements in clinical care in oncology are
based on improved detection, development of
innovative therapies and personalized treatment
strategies. The emerging and rapidly growing fields
of molecular imaging and genomics are providing
new opportunities to study the biology of a
malignancy in individual patients and thus allowing
for the development of highly valuable indicators
General report - 15
for diagnosis and prediction of disease outcome.
The development of the 70-gene breast cancer
predictor at the NKI has led to the first FDAapproved diagnostic screen for breast cancer.
Modern state-of-the-art techniques like MRI,
SPECT, PET and PET/CT are enabling imaging
methods with high precision and unique molecular
and biological information at the tissue level.
(Molecular) reporter probes are being developed
and evaluated. Relevant orthotopic and
spontaneous mouse models are developed and used
to follow drug sensitivity in several types of cancer
and for developing clinical strategies for imaging.
Targeted cancer therapy is yet another research
focus. Personalized therapy should ensure optimal
treatment benefits. Projects include (pre)clinical
evaluations of the use of neoadjuvant treatment or
the application of new molecular therapies and
anti-angiogenic agents against novel targets in
tumor and its environment. The pharmacological
optimization of conventional cytotoxic drugs is an
important line of research, as is the passage of
drugs through the blood-brain barrier.
Development of immunotherapies based on
adoptive transfer and vaccination strategies are at
the forefront of research. These, as well as novel
targeted and anti-angiogenic therapies and gene
therapy strategies are being developed and tested
in clinical trials. Another important clinical
research theme is quality of life for childhood and
adult patients with cancer.
PhD projects and students
Overall, 552 PhD projects were actively elaborated
throughout 2014. The names of the PhD students at
the three OOA institutes and the projects in which
they participated are listed in chapter 4.
Of all PhD projects, 18% was funded by the
participating institutes themselves (primary
funding; ‘eerste geldstroom'); 19% was financed by
public funds (secondary funding; 'tweede
geldstroom'), 39% by research contracts from
external organisations including cancer charity and
industrial funds (tertiary funding; ‘derde
geldstroom’) and 24% was financed by other funds
(quaternary funding; 'vierde geldstroom').
A total of 49 PhD students completed and
defended their PhD thesis in 2014. Annex 3
provides the complete list of PhD students who
obtained their degree with details of their theses
and graduation.
16 – General report
International visitors
Training of PhD students can be stimulated and
enhanced by having scientific interactions between
students and foreign experts operating in the field
of the students’ research projects. OOA is part of a
large international network of cancer researchers
and, therefore, international guests from other
research institutes visit OOA’s institutes frequently
to interact with OOA students and staff. In
addition, conferences and symposiums are
frequently organized in the Amsterdam area,
allowing students to interact internationally.
Throughout 2014, we welcomed 75 international
experts in various settings (Annex 2).
Several PhD students and staff of the OOA
institutes won prestigious awards and honors –
scientific or otherwise – in 2014. Chapter 5
provides a listing of these awards and honours.
OOA has an excellent (inter)national status, as
demonstrated by the large number of research
projects granted in open national and international
calls, including several of the prestigious new
grants. The faculty is strongly represented in the
‘vernieuwingsimpuls’, the Veni-Vidi-Vici
development grants for junior researchers and
participated widely in CTMM and TI Pharma
projects, as well as in numerous EU integrated
projects and networks of excellence. Funding is
also strongly supported by the Dutch science
foundation (NOW) and the Dutch cancer society
A total of 1653 papers have been published by
researchers from the three institutes. Many of
these concerned collaborations between
researchers from VUmc, NKI and AMC. Annex 4
provides the complete list of scientific publications
in 2014.
Research highlights
Our research highlights included work of V.
Oppedijk et. al. who showed that preoperative
chemoradiotherapy plus surgery in patients with
esophageal cancer reduced locoregional recurrence
and peritoneal carcinomatosis as compared to
surgery only. Recurrence within the radiation
target volume occerrud in only 5%, mostly
combined with outfield failures (J Clin Oncol,
K. Phoa et. al. who showed that radiofrequency
ablation of Barrett esophagus containing low-grade
dysplasia could decrease the rate of neoplastic
progression to high-grade dysplasia or adenoma
carcinoma by 25% and the risk of progression to
adenocarcinoma by 7.4%. Among patients in the
ablation group, complete eradication occurred in
92.6% for dysplasia and 88.2% for intestinal
metaplasia compared with 27.9% and 0.0% for
intestinal metaplasia among patients in the control
Work of the group of CJLM Meijer showed that
HPV-based screening provides 60-70% greater
protection against invasive cervical carcinomas
compared with cytology. Data of large-scale
randomized trials support inititation of HPV-based
screening form age 30 years and extension of
screening intervals to at least 5 years (Lancet,
383:524). In addition, it was shown that DNA
methulation analysis of MAL and MiR-124-2 genes
on HPV-test-positive self-samples is non-inferior to
cytology triage in the detection of CIN2 or worse,
opening the way to full molecular screening
(Lancet Oncol 15:315).
Research findings of C. Sun of the group of R.
Bernards provide a rationale for why some BRAF or
MEK inhibitor-resistant melanoma patients may
regain sensitivity to these drugs after a ‘drug
holiday’ and identify patients with EGFR-positive
melanoma as a group that may benefit form retreatment after a drug holiday (Nature 508:118).
Lassa virus, which spreads from rodents to humans,
infecting about half a million people every year,
can lead to deadly hemorrhagic fever. Like many
viruses, Lassa virus binds to cell surface receptors.
Jae et al. showed that to enter a cell, the virus
requires a second receptor, this one inside the
infected cell. This requirement sheds light on the
“enigmatic resistance” of bird cells to Lassa virus
observed three decades ago. Although bird cells
have the cell surface receptor, the intracellular
receptor cannot bind the virus, stopping it in its
tracks (Science 344:1506).
State-of-the-art facilities are:
- Biobanking (AMC, VUmc)
- Central Clinical Trial Support (office) (AMC,
- Deep sequencing facility (AMC, NKI)
- Extensive animal facilities (AMC, NKI)
- (Flow) cytometry facilities - Coulter, BD,
Acumen (AMC, NKI, VUmc)
- Genomics: MPS GS-FLEX sequencer (AMC)
- Imaging facilities, microPET, MRI, SPECT (AMC,
NKI, VUmc)
- Lentiviral library for RNA-silencing for human
and mouse (AMC)
- Mass spectrometry facility (AMC, NKI, VUmc)
- Microarray facilities with high resolution
oligonucleotide array and CGH arrays for mouse
and human studies (AMC, NKI, VUmc)
- Microscopy facility, including extensive
confocal and electron microscopy (AMC, NKI)
- (Molecular) Imaging facilities (cyclotrons, GMP
facilities, animal and clinical PET/CT-cameras
and MRI-machines) enabling imaging of
anatomical details with high precision (VUmc)
- Oncoproteomics laboratory for protein and
glycan profiling using mass spectrometry (AMC,
- Protein expression and biophysical
characterization facility (NKI)
- Radiotherapy facilities (NKI, VUMC)
- Robotics and screening facility, including high
content imaging (NKI)
- Tissue microarray facility (AMC, VUmc)
- Tissue and Serum biobanks (NKI, VUmc)
In addition, new initiatives are:
- Human monoclonal antibody phage display
facility (VUmc)
- Imaging Center (including training center)
- Mouse Clinic (NKI)
- Phase I/II unit for clinical trials (AMC, VUmc)
- Proton center (AMC, VUmc, NKI)
The main goal of all research activities of the 3
OOA institutes is to better understand the
development of cancer and to improve the
perspectives of cancer patients. For this purpose,
many state-of-the-art technologies are present and
new initiatives have been developed. Information
about innovative technologies is communicated at
many occasions, including courses and the OOA
retreat. These technologies are open to PhD
students within OOA. As a result, the OOA PhD
students often have early access to novel
techniques and can apply these in research.
General report - 17
18 – General report
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
educational activities
3. Educational activities
In line with its mission, i.e. providing graduate
students education in oncology research, OOA
organizes several advanced courses in the field of
oncology annually. The educational program is drawn
up by the Board of Directors based upon evaluations of
previous courses, contemporary developments in
cancer research, and educational needs expressed by
PhD students as well as initiatives from the OOA
faculty. OOA offers courses focused on a wide variety
of topics.
In 2014, 7 courses and 3 Meet-the-Expert sessions
were organized. In addition, the Annual Graduate
Student Retreat was organized again in 2014. Courses
are usually restricted to about 15-20 graduate
students to ensure optimal interaction between
students and faculty. Courses are advertised on the
OOA website and announced by e-mail to the PhD
Courses included lectures given by (inter)national
experts, demonstrations and practical training.
Besides the specialized oncological courses mentioned
below, the graduate students followed several general
courses such as on biostatistics and epidemiology, on
laboratory animal technology and on writing and
(poster)presentations techniques in scientific English.
These courses were organized by the AMC, VUmc and
Replication stress and chromosomal
J. Molenaar
H. te Riele
B. Ylstra
January 6-10
This course took the PhD students from the
fundamentals of DNA replication in human cells and
model organisms to replication defects in cancer and
its consequences for chromosomal instability and
therapeutic intervention. Visualization of DNA
replication, the role of cell cycle checkpoints and
genetic inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity were
part of the rich pallet of this course.
Besides presenting exciting novel science, a major
goal of this course was the academic training. The
value and limitations of the research presented were
analyzed. This was done by literature study,
discussions with fellow course mates (teams) and
meet-the-expert sessions.
Part of this course was a two-day symposium where
eight experts in the field will present their latest
findings. These included Massimo Lopes (CH), Eva
Petermann (UK), Roman Thomas (GER), Óscar
Fernández-Capetillo (ES), Sarah McClelland (UK),
Johannes Walter (US), Thanos Halazonetis (CH) and
James Brenton(UK).
A total number of 24 students participated in the
course. The overall rating was 8.2 (scale 1-10).
Histopathology of tumors
K. Grunberg
February 10 - 11
Aim of this course was to give an introduction in the
histology of malignant tumors and their precursor
lesions. Microscopical structures, growth patterns,
grading and staging systems, and different cell types
present in selected tumor types were explained and
discussed by pathologists.
Many research projects focus on tumor biology in
order to predict survival or therapy response, using
DNA-, RNA- or protein-based tests. Also,
understanding biological mechanisms of a tumor may
reveal new targets for future treatment. While many
PhD students in cancer research nowadays have a
background in molecular biology, few are well
acquainted with histological characteristics of tumors,
and the clinical significance of histopathological
findings. In daily clinical practice histopathological
examination of tissue is the mainstay and gold
standard of a cancer diagnosis. In addition, the choice
of treatment largely depends on pathological
variables. This OOA course provided introductory
hands-on training in histopathology of tumors. The
course aimed to provide better insight in the
histopathology of various tumor types, in relation to
diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic significance. As
the course included an introductory session, only basic
knowledge on histology is required.
A total number of 18 students participated in the
course. The overall rating was 4.2 (scale 1-5).
Educational activities - 21
Tumor angiogenesis
with Prof. Rakesh Jain
A.W. Griffioen
March 13
For almost four decades, prof. Jain’s work has focused
on one challenge: improving the delivery and efficacy
of anticancer therapeutics. Working on the hypothesis
that the abnormal tumor microenvironment fuels
tumor progression and treatment resistance, he
developed an array of sophisticated imaging
technologies and animal models as well as
mathematical models to unravel the complex biology
of tumors. Using these tools, he demonstrated that
the blood and lymphatic vasculature, fibroblasts,
immune cells and the extracellular matrix associated
with tumors are abnormal, which collaborate together
to create a hostile tumor microenvironment
characterized by hypoxia, low pH and high interstitial
fluid pressure. He next hypothesized that agents that
induce “normalization” of the microenvironment can
improve the treatment outcome. Indeed, he
demonstrated that judicious use of antiangiogenic
agents—originally designed to starve tumors—could
transiently “normalize” tumor vasculature, alleviate
hypoxia, increase delivery of drugs and anti-tumor
immune cells, and improve the outcome of various
therapies. In parallel, he provided compelling
evidence for vascular normalization in rectal
carcinoma and glioblastoma patients treated with
antiangiogenic agents. This session was part of the 5th
International Meeting on Angiogenesis.
A total number of 8 students participated in the
session. The overall rating was 4.5 (scale 1-5).
The Microscopic, Macroscopic and
Pathologic Anatomy of the Mouse
Prof.dr. W. H. Lamers
Dr. E. Wierenga
April 7-10
This course aimed to provide a practical
understanding of the anatomy and histology of what is
currently the most frequently used experimental
animal, the house mouse. In addition, it focused on
recognition of pathological changes in the mouse.
Most biomedical PhD students perform animal
experiments at some stage in their research career,
but few have ever received any practical instruction
concerning the anatomy, histology, and pathological
anatomy of experimental animals. For this reason, the
animals are not usually subjected to a thorough and
systematic inspection to assess whether other organs,
not just those being studied in the experiment, are
22 – Educational activities
affected as well.
Each student dissected a mouse to learn this species'
topographic anatomy. The microscopic component
focused on studying and understanding the
architecture of normal and pathologically changed
mouse tissues. The practical component involved the
recognition of cell and tissue types, as well as of
changes in the architecture of tissues as a result of
pathological processes, under the microscope.
Standard staining techniques are demonstrated, as are
functional ones.
The overall rating was 8.2 (scale 1-10).
Basic Microscopy Course “In the Footsteps
of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek”
Dr. J.A.M. Beliën
Dr. L. Brocks
Prof. dr. R. Mebius
Dr. L. Oomen
Dr. E.A.J. Reits
Dr. N van de Wel
April 7-11
This course focussed on the application of a range of
imaging possibilities within the Centre for Microscopy
at the AMC, the VUmc and the NKI-AvL. They were
presented in lectures, discussions and hands-on
demonstrations. The individual research projects of
the attending participants were discussed in relation
to the demonstrated techniques, allowing exchange of
ideas with fellow participants and microscopy experts
and operators. The course was a guide to implement
cellular imaging in their own research project. A part
of the participants could bring their sample for
analysis after consulting with the organization first.
Topics included: basic principles of microscopy, basic
principles of confocal laser scanning microscopy,
specimen preparation and staining methods,
quantitative analysis of microscopic images, electron
microscopy techniques, Imagestream, ultramicroscoop
and 2-photon and live cell imaging.
A total number of 16 students participated in the
session. The overall rating was 4.1 (scale 1-5).
WHO's next: The past, present and future
of brain tumor classification
with Dr. David Louis
Prof. P. Wesseling
30 April
Dr. Louis' own clinical neuropathology practice and
research focuses on brain tumors, with an emphasis on
the molecular basis of malignant gliomas and the
application of molecular diagnostics to glioma
classification. He has published more than 250 original
articles, as well as numerous reviews, chapters and
books. His laboratory was the first to demonstrate
that molecular approaches could be used to subdivide
malignant gliomas in a biologically relevant manner,
and that molecular approaches could be used to
predict the response of particular malignant gliomas
to specific therapies. This work has contributed to
worldwide adoption of molecular testing for the
management of patients with these tumors.
Right before a meeting they organized together with
Pieter Wesseling in Haarlem (‘WHO’s next; guiding
next steps in brain tumor classification’), Dr. Louis
shared his expertise with OOA PhD students in the
meet-the-expert session in the field of neuro-oncology
A total number of 13 students participated in the
session. The overall rating was 4.5 (scale 1-5).
Resistance to cancer therapy
Meet-the-experts with prof. Harris and prof. Muschel
Prof. H. Verheul
Drs. E. Kleibeuker
Radiation Oncology
P. Sminia
J.J. Sonke
L. Stalpers
June 16 - 20
The course provided an overview of (1) radiobiological
and physical principles of radiation oncology (2)
technical innovation in precision radiotherapy (3) the
route of the radiotherapy patient - via diagnosis,
imaging and treatment planning – to therapy.
Topics that were addressed included: effects of
irradiation on the DNA and cellular level, radiation
response of tumours and normal tissues, physics of
modern conformal radiotherapy, imaging, treatment
planning and treatment of cancer patients with
radiation alone or combined with chemotherapy or
targeted agents. New and exciting developments in
radiotherapy were addressed. The course
encompasses three practical trainings: (1) the
radiobiology laboratory (2) computer-based target
volume delineation (3) patient treatment simulation
on a linear accelerator.
A total number of 24 students participated in the
session. The overall rating was 4.0 (scale 1-5).
Professor Harris’ special interest is in breast cancer
and mechanisms of resistance to therapy, regulated by
hypoxic metabolism and tumour angiogenesis. He runs
his research laboratories in the Oncology Department
at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, on
tumour angiogenesis and the role of notch signalling,
and hypoxia biology and its regulation. New
angiogenesis pathways involving notch signalling and
G-coupled receptors have been discovered and
therapeutic antibodies have been developed against
them, with funding from CRUK.
Prof. Ruth Muschel’s research focuses on role of
signalling pathways in the response of cancer cells to
radiation therapy and on the mechanisms underlying
development of metastasis. Using fluorescent
microscopy to define the process of metastasis in the
lung, they found adhesion of the tumour cells to the
pulmonary blood vessels followed by spreading on the
vasculature surface. These surviving cells gave rise to
early colonies formed within the blood vessels.
Part of the session was the lecture of Harris and
Muschel. A selection of PhD students was asked to give
a 10 minute presentation on their PhD-projects for
Basic Microscopy Course “In the Footsteps
of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek”
A total number of 7 students participated in the
session. The overall rating was 4.4 (scale 1-5).
A highlight of the educational program is the Annual
Graduate Student Retreat. This three-day retreat
focuses entirely on research conducted by the
graduate students themselves. At the retreat,
Dr. J.A.M. Beliën
Dr. L. Brocks
Dr. L. Oomen
Prof.dr. P. Peters
Dr. E.A.J. Reits
Dr. N van de Wel
October 6-10
As the number of students interested in the
microscopy course, was very high, this course was
organized twice this year.
Again, 16 students participated in this course. The
overall rating was 4.6 (scale 1-5).
Annual Graduate Student Retreat
Prof.dr. H. te Riele
P. Lagerweij
Drs. C. Kapper
October 22 - 24
Educational activities - 23
students not only present their work as a poster in the
first year of their participation and as an oral
presentation in subsequent years, they are also in
charge of chairing sessions and discussions.
In recent years, student participated in peer review of
the presentation given by others in order to award the
prize for the best poster and best presentation. In this
manner, the retreat trains important skills in
presentation and interaction but it also provides an
overview of research conducted within OOA at a early
stage of the student’s career, contributing
significantly to the interaction between different
groups: clinical and fundamental students.
The location Hotel Opduin on the island of Texel
reached its maximum capacity. This year the retreat
was organized in Ermelo.
A total of 172 PhD students participated in this
retreat. The overall evaluation rate was 4.1 (scale 15).
Basic Medical Statistics
M. Hauptman
P. Gradowska
K. Jozwiak
W. Heemsbergen
December 1- 5
This 5-day course explained statistical techniques for
the evaluation of biomedical data. It provided an
introduction into design aspects, methods of
summarizing and presenting data, estimation,
confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, including
multivariable regression methods for the assessment
of association. Although the course focusses somewhat
on methods and examples from clinical research, it
should be useful for experimental researchers as well.
The emphasis will be on practical application and
interpretation rather than theory.
A total of 59 PhD students participated in the course.
The overall rating was 8.3 (scale 1-10).
24 – Educational activities
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
PhD research program
4. PhD research program
This chapter describes the 49 PhD projects conducted within the two main themes of the OOA research
programs, with the names of the PhD students involved and their supervisor(s).
* PhD students who obtained their PhD degree in 2014
# PhD students who stopped their PhD research in 2014
Financed by participating OOA institute (“eerste geldstroom”)
Financed by public funds (“tweede geldstroom”)
Financed by private funds (“derde / vierde geldstroom”)
Theme 1: Experimental Biology
Title of Project
Adamopoulos A.
Structural studies of LPA and Sterol signaling
Van Beusekom B.
Transfer of evolutionary conserved features for optimised
protein strucutres
Blomen V.
Functional Profiling of a Human knockout collection
Dharadhar S.
Structural studies USP1
Groothuizen F.
Structural studies of DNA mismatch repair
Jae L.
Identification of genes that play a role in human disease
Kok D.
DNA mismatch repair - studying the activation states of the Sixma
molecular machinery
Kim R.
Regulation of the Usp7/HAUSP switch
Nieuwenhuis J.
Tissue control and the regulation of Hippo pathway activity Brummelkamp
in mammals
Sahtoe D.
Ubiquitin structure and function
Staring J.
Tissue size control and the regulation of Hippo pathway
activity in mammals
Uckelmann M.
The balance of ubiquitin conjugation and deconjugation
Biochemistry (NKI)
Biological Stress Response (NKI)
Aslam M.
The role of stable immunoglobulin transcripts in establishing H.Jacobs
allelic exclusion
Benedict B.
Replication stress in cancer mechanisms and
consequences for therapy
Te Riele
Buoninfante A.
Exploring DNA-damage tolerance as a drug-target for
chemosensitization and a mechanism of chemoresistence
Harmsen T.
Oligonucleotide-directed gene modification in human
induced pluriipotent stem cells
Te Riele
Houlleberghs H.
Characterisation of unclassified allelic variants of DNA
mismatch repair genes to improve genetic counceling
Te Riele
Pilzecker B.
Exploring DNA-damage tolerance as a drug-target for
chemosensitization and a mechanism of chemoresistence
H. Jacobs
Ravesteyn T.
Oligonucleotide-directed gene targeted: evading mismatch Te Riele
Seeman I.
The role of endoglin in induction and repair of
cardiovascular damage after radiation alone or in
combination with trast
Wielders E.#
Subtle gene modification to study the role of the mismatch Te Riele
repair complex Msh2/Msh5 in mutation avoid
Cell Biology I (NKI)
PhD research program - 27
Van den Berg J.
Monitoring cell fate decisions after DNA damage in living
Boekhout M.
Spindle Checkpoint independent control of the APC/C
Clijsters L.*
Targeting protein destriction during cell division
Elbatsh A.
Dissecting the prophase pathway of cohersin removal
Feringa F.
Spontaneous recovery after DNA damage
Kedziora K.
Calcium and phosphoinositides in the control of podosome
formation and tumor cell invasion
Leyton Puig D.
Super-resolution Microscopy (Nanoscopy): From sharp
images towards imaging of molecular interaction
Te Molder L.
Regulation of tumorogenesis by integrin alpha3beta1
Nahidi Azar L.
Super-resolution Microscopy("Nanoscopy"): From sharp
images towards imaging of molecular interaction
Ramovs V.
Regulation of tumorgenesis leg integrin X3Beta1
Veen van M.
Autotaxin and GDE2: functional and structural analyses
Visser D.*
TRPM7 a novel regulator of cytoskeletal tension
implications for cancer progression, invasion and
Voets E.
Divergent control of Cyclin B1-Cdki in cancer cells: a key
role in therapy
Afanasyev P.
Analysis of 3D structure of molecular machines with cryoelectron tomography using novel nanochambers
Bakker J.
Towards understanding and manipulation of MHC class II
antigen presentation
Deventer van S.
Kinome and phosphatome knock-down
Djarjath Ahamed S.
Engineering Ubiquitin Related Proteins to Reveal their
Ekkebus R.
Pan DUB inhibitors to study the ubiquitinated proteome
Hoppes R.
Characterization of peptide-MHC interactions
Jong de A.
Post-Translational transpeptidation and immunity
Jongsma M.
Manipulating the MHC class II system to control immune
responses in auto immunity
Leestemaker Y.
Proteasome activation
Luimstra J.
Mass cytometry staining agents for combinattorial MHVexchange Tcell coding
Mons E.
Covalent enzyme capture
Schunselaar L.
Drug responses with primary cultures of tumor cells from
mesothelioma patients
Shahul Hameed S.
Engineering Ubiquitin Related Proteins to Reveal their
Spits M.
Chemical Immunology to modulate cross-presentations for
improved caccins
Van Tilburg G.
Decoding the ubiquitin code
Wijdeven R.
Towards underfunding and manipulation of MKC clan II
antigen presentation
Witting K.
Wu L.#
Towards underfunding and manipulation of MHC clan II
antigen presentation
Van der Zanden S.
Understanding and modulating anthracyclin-induced
immunogenic death
Nuclear lamins and chromosome organization
Van Steensel
Cell Biology II (NKI)
Gene regulation (NKI)
Brinkman E.
28 – PhD research program
Bruekner L.
Mechanisms that determine chromatin composition
Van Steensel
Chen T.
Principles of chromatin organization
Van Steensel
Han R.
Genomewide identification of cancer induced alterative in
protein translation
Korthout T.
Principles of Epigenetic Inheritance
Van Leeuwen
Li Li
RNA Trmin ncRNA's in cancer
Lopes R.
Identification of Mirnas regulatory mechanismus in cancer
Molenaar T.
Histone dynamics and epigenetic inheritance
Van Leeuwen
Poramba D.
Principles of Epigenetic Inheritance
Rooijers K.
Analysis of ribosome profiling data
Vlaming H.
Role of histone mthyltransferase Dot1 in gene expression
and leukemic transformation
Van Leeuwen
Ahrends T.
Exploring the nature of CD4 T cell-help for the CS8 T-cell
response to optimize immunotherapy of cancer
J. Borst
Ariotti S.*
Introvital imaging of epidermal imunne phenomene in virus Haanen
infections and DNA tattooing
Babala N.
Contribution of costimulatory receptors to
immunosuppression versus immune activation
Bresser K.
Tumor-specific T cell antigens
Buuren van M.
The use of MHC-tetramer technology to characterize HCV
specific T-cell responces
Ciampricotti M.
The inflammatory tumor microenvironment and its impact
on signal cancer development and therapy
De Visser
Deken M.
Combining ragerted therapy and immunotherapy
Dijkgraaf F.
Intravital imaging and computational ignallin of skin
Doornebal C.
The role of cancer cell-interinsic and microenv. Factors
contr. To metastasis formation and its modulatation by
De Visser
Fanchi L.
Immunotherapy of cancer through TCR gene transfer
Kelderman S.
Development of adoptive T-cell therapies
Kersten K.
Cancer cell-intrinsice and-extrinsic regulation of breast
cancer metastais formation, implications for adjuvant
De Visser
Kok L.
Single cell tracing within the T cell lineage
Kooij van de B.*
A novel type of ubiguintination regulates apoptosis
signalling by BH3 only protein Bid
Mezzadra R.
Development of TCR1Ano vector 1 items for TCR gene
Sahillioglu A.
Single cell tracking within the T cell lineage
Salvagno C.
The functional significance of myeloid cells and their
mediators in breast cancer and chemotherapy
De Visser
Veraar E.#
TNF ligands in cancer: CD70
Voabil P.
Understanding melanoma sensitivyt to T cell attack
Wellenstein M.
Mechanistic insights into the impact of tumor-associated
neutrophils on metastatic breast cancer
De Visser
Immunology (NKI)
Molecular Oncology (NKI)
Barazas M.
Tumor Heterogeneity and Therapy excape mechanisms in
genetically engiNOred mouse models for breast cancer
Boersma V.
Genome-wide identification of factors controlling the
telomere damage response and telomere-driven genomic
PhD research program - 29
Dijkstra K.
Predicting therapy response in oncology using tumour
Durmus S.*
The impact of ABC transporters on carcinogen resistance
Gogola E.
Resistance to PARP inhibition by DNA damage response
Hoppe van S.
Physiologcal and pharmacological functions of the OATP2B1 Schinkel
drug uptake
Huang X.
Optimizing PD-1/PD-L1 therapy in melanoma
Iskit S.
Dissecting the essential contribution of FRA-1 to human
tumor cell metastasis
Kas S.
Identification of genes nvolved in breast cancer
development and therapy resistance
Kaplon J.
The relationship between cell metabolism, sencescence
and cancer
Kenski J.
Exploiting T cell immunity to improve melanoma targeted
Pramana J.*
Gene expression profiling to predict outcome after
chemoradiation in head and neck cancer
Torre van der J.
Novel factors involved in chromosome end protection by
Velden van der D.
Predicting therapy response in oncology using tumour
Weeber F.
Predicting therapy response in oncology using tumour
Xu G.
Selective targeting of DNA damage response to eradicate.
HR-deficient tumors
P. Borst
Yalcin Z.
How ubiquitiniation controlos telomere-induced genomic
Molecular Carcinogenesis (NKI)
Aben N.
Mapping molecular determinants of drug response through
data integration
Bismeijer T.
Multilevel models to prevent overtreatment
Brunen D.
Finding genetic dependencies in cancer: the missing link in Bernards
personalized medicine
Dyk van E.
Modularity and Complex Interaction in Cancer
Groenendijk F.
ERC functional genomics
Heynen G.
Determinants of the breast cancer stem cell phenotypes
Jong de J.
Modularity and Complex Interaction in Cancer
Lint de K.
Dissecting genetic dependencies in cancer
Prahallad A.
Staiger C.#
Subnetwork module construction for imporved diagnostic
Sun C.
classification and subtyping
Sustic T.
Personalized medicine/therapies for lung cancer
Thijssen B.
Computational modeling of therapy response in breast
Wang L.
Cancer Genomics Center
Molecular Genetics (NKI)
Alendar A.
Identificaiton of the PIM regulatory network by micro array Berns
analysis and high through put retroviral tagging
Cioni B.
The Interaction between myoloid cells in the tumor
microenvironment of human prostate cancer on
Galen van P.*
Genetic screening approaches to the characterization of
human blood and leukemia development
Van Lohuizen
30 – PhD research program
Gisler S.
Role of Polycomb repressors in reprogramming and breast
Van Lohuizen
Ikink G.
Identification and Characterization of Novel Breast Cancer
Genes Collaborating with ErbB2
Isogai T.
Understanding the role of filopodia in cell migration
Koppens M.
Role of Polycomb repressors in prostate cancer and breast
cancer models
Van Lohuizen
Krijger de I.
A critical role for WHSC1 at telomeres
Montfort van E.H.M#
Development of a mouse model to study the genetic basis
of malignant mesothelioma
Evaluation of classification strategies for colorectral
1 and 2
Bakker J.L.
Molecular and phenotypic consequences of the
CHEK2*1100delC mutation and targeted therapy for breast
cancer that lacks CHEK2
Corbin M.
Human Genes essential for the defense against oxygen
Joenje /Dorsman
Dommering C.J.
Retinoblastoom en erfelijkheid
Greuter M.
ASCCA (Adenoma and Serrated pathway to Colorectal
Haitjema A.
Proteins interacting with FANCI and PALB2
Joenje / Dorsman
Massink M.
Molecuar classification of familial breast cancer
Joenje / Waisfisz
Mol B.M.
Molecular carcinogenesis of retinoblastoma
Dorsman / Cloos
Stoepker C.
The Fanconi anemial/BRCA pathway in oral squamous cell
Kooi EI.
Genomics to improve diagnostics and care of
retinoblastoma patients
te Riele
Leeuw de D.C.*
Uncovering the molecular pathways (microRNAs) that
regulate tumor-initiating potential of Leukemic stem cells
Kerkhoff N.
Role of immune responses focussing on DC in the
pathogenesis of low and high risk Myelodyplastic
syndromes: implications for immunotherapy
Ossenkoppele / van
de Loosdrecht
Wojtuszkiewicz A.
The role of impared FPGS splicing in methotrexate
response in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (VUmc)
Wubulikasimu A.
Clinical Genetics
Hematology (VUmc)
Medical Oncology (VUmc)
Blijlevens M.
Targeting RNA splicing deregulation in NSCLC
Van Beusechem
Hodzic J.
Identification of genes involved in resistance of prostate
cancer cells to irradiation
Van Beusechem
Kruger D.T.
PI3K pathway analysis in tumor tissue and circulating DNA
Boven E
Lameris R.
Targeting of CD1d in Multiple Myeloma
de Gruijl
Oord van den R.
Prognostic and predictive biomarker development for
colorectal cancer
Roemer M.G.M.
Characterizing genetic alterations in diffuse lage B-cell
lymphomas occuring in immune provileged sites
de Jong
Schneiders F.L.
iNKT and Vγ9Vδ-T cell based immunotherapies for solid
Van der Vliet
Siebring van Olst E.
Identification of genes involved in resistance of lung
cancer cells to cisplatin
Van Beusechem
Warmoes M.*
Proteomics of breast cancer
Medical Microbiology and Infection Control (VUmc)
PhD research program - 31
Ates L.S.
Live mycobacterium bovis BCG bacteria as a platform for
the induction of enhanced tumor-antigen-specific
da Silva Aresta Belo van Galectins in tumor progression and tumor immunology
Wijk A.I.
Van Kooyk
Dinther van D.
Development of a rapid and effective prime-bost
vaccination stratepy for melanoma.
de Haan / van Kooyk
Grewal S.
Coelctomy enhances tumor cell adhesion in the liver and
subsequent outgrowth of metastases
van Egmond
Grimwal S.
tumor immunology of per cavity mozaiek now
Beelen/ Bonjer/ van
Rijn van S.
Modulation of miRNAs in glioma stem-like cells
Sewing L.
Developing mouse models of diffuse intrinsic pontine
glioma (DIPG) for pre-clinical research
Molecular Cellbiology and Immunology (VUmc)
Braster R.
Identification of tumor-derived proteins that modulate
macrophage effector functions
Neurology (VUmc)
Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery (VUmc)
Graveland A.P.*
Molecular diagnostis of head and neck squamous cell
carcinoma (HNSCC)
Kemp de S.R.*
Determinants of chemotherapy sensitivity
Braakhuis /
Mes S.W.
VPH based predictive model for oral cancer reoccurrence
in the clinical practice ("ORAMOD")
Brakenhoff /
Plas van der M.
Identification of oncogenic microRNAs and classical cancer
genes involved in head and neck SSC by a functional
genomics approach
Brakenhoff /
Rijken J.A.
SDHB-linked head and neck paragangliomas
Hensen / Leemans
Pathology (VUmc)
Babion I.
Construction of a discriminatory, biologically relevant miRNA Snijders / Meijer
marker panel for triage in hrHPV-based cervical cancer
Broek E. van den
Structural chromosomal rearrangements in colorectal
Groen F.L.M. de
Identification of novel oncogenes/oncomirs located at 13q
involved in the progression of colorectal adenoma to
Hiemstra A.C.
Development of an improved molecular test for
population-wide colorectal cancer screening
Hoebe E.K. *
Role of soluble BARF1 oncoprotein in Epstein-Barr virus
driven carcinogenesis and its functional inhibition by
Hubers A.J.*
Molecular analysis of sputum for lung cancer diagnosis
Meijer / Smit
Mendeville M.
Molecular stratification for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
as a guide for treatment choice.
Miok V.
Comprehensive molecular characterisation of a
longitudinal in vitro model of high-risk HPV-mediated
Scheinin A.I.
Data mining DNA copy number changes in cancer
Thuijl H.F. van
Chromosomal aberrations associated with progression
characteristics of low-grade glioma patients
Vries S. de
Molecular profiling of high-risk adenomas and association
with colorectal interval carcinoma
Clonal evolution of acute myeloid leukemia stem cells
Paediatrics (VUmc)
Wouters R.
32 – PhD research program
Radiology & Nuclear Medicine (VUmc)
Pekosak A.
Carbon-11 labeling of peptides
Windhorst / Poot
Biomedical Engineering and Physics (UvA)
Bremmer R.
Reflectance Spectroscopy on Ageing Blood Stains
Van Leeuwen
Bruin de D.M.*
Reflectance Spectroscopy on Ageing Blood Stains
Van Leeuwen
Peinado Cortes L.
Forward looking OCT scope for Bladderr imaging
Van Leeuwen / de la
Jansen S.M.
Quantitative optical perfusion imaging during surgery
Van Leeuwen /
Zhang X
Fibero optic probe development
Van Leeuwen /
Swaan A.
Spectroscopic biopsy of the prostate
Van Leeuwen / de la
Post A.
Spectroscopic biopsy of the prostate
Van Leeuwen /
Center for Experimental Molecular Medicine (AMC/UvA)
Colak S.
Cancer stem cells in colon carcinoma; their flexibility, role Medema
in tumor growth and therapy resistance
Fessler E.
Microenvrionmental regulation of CSC
Prasetyanti P.R.
Survival and differentiation of Colon Cancer Stem Cells
Shi K.
Role of Blood coagulation in pancreatic cancer
Richel / Spek
Van der Heijden M.
Stem cell biology and cancer
Van Oorschot B.
Prostate cancer radiation side-effects
Oei A.
Radiation damage
Buikhuisen J.
Colon cancer Subtypes
Ebbing E.
Eosaphageal cancer
van Laarhoven
Linnekamp J.
Wnt target Methylation in Colorectal Cancer
Medema van
Klaassen R.
Imaging in pancreatic cancer
van Laarhoven
Steins A.
hypoxia in pancreatic cancer
van Laarhoven
Zimberlin C.D.
Mouse models for colorectal cancer
Medema / Bots
Damhofer H.
Pranceatic cancer stem cells
Medema / Bijlsma
Lascano V.*
Cancer stem cells in colon carcinoma; their flexibility, role Medema
in tumor growth and therapy resistance
Potze L.
Applicability and mechanism of Betlinic Acid induced
tumor killing
Clinical chemistry (AMC/UvA)
Besancon O.G.
Preclinical screening of drug combinations for
Caron/ Tytgat/
Cuperus R.*
Modulation of fenretinide induced cell death in
Caron / Kuilenburg
Experimental Hematology and Immunology (AMC/UvA)
Attekum van M.H.A.
The role of TNFr-family member APRIL on the proliferation kater/Eldering
and survival of CD5+ B-cells in chronic lymphoceutic
Thijssen R.
Novel targeted therapies in CLL
2 and 4
de Weerdt I.
Γδ-T cel immuuntherapie in CLL
Kater/de Gruijl/vd
Hofland T.
Virus-specific immunity in CLL
Heer de K.
Kinetcs and homing of CLL cells
Van Oers/ Eldering
Raa te D.
Improving Outcome of P53 Dysfunctional Chronic
Van Oers/Eldering/
PhD research program - 33
Lymphocytic Leukemia by Early Detection and
Circumvention of the P53 Pathway
Schot J.J.
The role of TNFr-family member APRIL on the proliferation Van Oers/Eldering/
and survival of CD5+ B-cells in chronic lymphoceutic
1 and 3
Gastroenterology (AMC/UvA)
Davelaar A.L.*
Proteases as biomarkers and analytical tools in
inflammatory diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract
associated cancers
Fockens/ Krishnadat
Luijtgaarden van de W. Evaluation of Dendritic cell immunotherapy in combination Krishnadat
with Curcumin for treating esophageal cancer
Pacha A.F.
Evaluation of Dendritic cell immunotherapy in combination Krishnadat
with Curcumin for treating esophageal cancer
Timmer M.
Evaluating molecular strategies for treatment of Barrett's
Westra W.M
Investigating molecular targets for treatment of Barrett’s
Molecular Cytology (AMC/UvA)
Moosdijk A. van
Wnt signaling and stem cell biology
van Amerongen,
Heijmans N.
Mammary stem cell biology
van Amerongen,
Oncogenomics (AMC/UvA)
Groningen van T.
The role of Notch signalling in Neuroblastoma
Nowakowska N.
Drugging oncogenic pathways in neuroblastoma
Santo E.
FOX03 in neuroblastoma
Versteeg /Westerhout
Commandeur M.
neuritogenesis in neuroblastoma
Bate Eya L.
BCL2 inhibition in Neuroblastoma
Eleveld T.
Relapse neuroblastoma
Hakkert A.
New targets in DNA damage signaling in neuroblastoma
Andel van H.
WNT signaling and CYLD in multiple myeloma
Keimpema van M.
The role of the forkhead transcription factor FOXP1 in Bcell non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Mackovicová K.
Targeting of Activation-induced Cytidine Deaminase (AID)
dependent DNA Double-stranded Breaks and Long-range
DNA interactions
Van Noesel /
Matlung S.E.
BASIS genetische analyse van mammacarcinomen; (Breast
Cancer Somatic Genetics Study)
Van de Vijver
Ren Z.
Heparan sulfate proteoglycans and WNT-signaling in
multiple myeloma
Rooij de M.
The role of cell adhesion in B-cell malignancies
Savci C.D
Identification and validation of predictive markers for drug Van de Vijver
response in metastatic breast cancer.
Slot L.
Chronic antigenic stimulation and development of lowgrade B cell non-Hodgkin (NHL) lymphomas
Pathology (AMC/UvA)
Van Noesel / Bende
Theme 2: Experimental Clinical Research
Title of Project
Molecular Pathology (NKI)
Annunziato S.
Combination therapies for personalized cancer medicine
Beelen K.*
Clinical and molecula evaluation of anti-estrogen
34 – PhD research program
resistance in breast cancer
Brambillasca S.
Finding novel Achilles' heels to prevent and target BRCA1associated cancer
Broek van der S.
Genetic determinants of survival and second breast cancer
development in premenopausal breast cancer patients
Bronsveld H.
Brummelen van E.
Pharmacological studies with (novel) anticancer agent
Cornelissen L.
Identification of Genes contributing to breast cancer
development in GEMMSs
Dackus G.
Applied breast cancer diagnostics T3-502
Droog M.
Molecular mechanism of endocrine resistance
Elshof L.
Finding the balance between overdiagnosis an
dundertreatment: risk of ipsilateral and contralateral
Flach K.
A genomics-based tool to predict tamoxifen response
Geel van R.
Clinical Pharmacology of out-coude drufs
Hasselt van C.*
Population PK-PD-modelling in oncology
Hendricks L.
Safety, feasability and cost-effectiveness of genotype and
phenotype-derived individualized dosing of fluoropyr…
Jacobs B.
Development and clinical testing of novel formulations for
oral fluoropyrimides
Klarenbeek S.
PI3K signaling in mouse models of invasive lobular
Koornstra R.#
Predicting hormonal treatment sensitivity in breast cancer
Meulendijks D.
Phase Iand II studies in oncology with focus on gastrointestinal malignancies
Milojkovic B.
Clinical Pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs
Noll van der N.*
Clinical Pharmacology of novel tyrosine kinase inhibition
Parsi P.#
Cancer risk and insulin analogues (CARING)
Rossum van A.
Biomarkers for hormonal and chemotherapy resistance in
breast cancer patients
Ruiter de J.
Tumor hereogenity and clonal evolution as a function of
therapy response
Salomon I.
Schipper K.
Finding novel Achilles' heels to prevent and target BRCA1associated cancer
Schouten P.
Prediction of chemotherapy response based on genomic
Severson T.
Molecular characterization of ER positive, triple negative
and BRCA1 mutated breast cancer
Sobral Leite M.
Breast Cancer, Biomarkers and Therapeutic Response
Stelloo S.
Integrative androgen receptor genomics as read out for
recurrence risk & ttreatment restistance of prostate
Stiekema A.
HE4 in gynaecological cancer
Visser L.
Preventing overtreatment of microcalcification associated
in situ breast leasions by more accurate prognostic
Xu G.
Selective targeting of DNA damage response to eradicate.
HR-deficient tumors
Alphen van M.
Virtual Surgery in Oral Cancer
Van der Heijden
Baal van J.
Tripple B, rol peritoneum bij epitheliaal ovarium
Medical Oncology (NKI)
PhD research program - 35
Badrising S.
Treatment of metastatic castration resistant prostate
Bergman, De Boer
Boshuizen R.
Selectikine/EMD malegrant pleural effusion
Van der Heuvel
Djajadiningrat R.
Penile squamous carcinoma
Dohmen A.
Short term cultures of NSCLC and HNSCC for manipulating
and predicting treatment responses
De Zuur
Drukker C .*
Outcome prediction and clinical relevance of the 70-gene
signature for decision making in breast cancer treatment
Eden van H.
Peritoneal metastatic disese
Engelsman-Theelen W.
Identifying novel targets in solid malginancies; FGFRS and
Van den Heuvel
Eskes M.
Virtual therapy: towards a virtual lip model
Farag-Kal S.
Nederlandse GIST registratie
Fles R.
Optimizing nasopharyngeal carcinoma management
through increasing awareness in Yogyakarta, Indosesia
Fransen van de Putte
Staging of bladder cancer, imaging, histopathology and
clinical parameters
Geukes Foppen M.
Clinical aspects of immunotherapy and targeted therapy of Haanen
advanced melanoma
Gooijer de M.
Improved treatment of intracranial tumors - focus on the
blood-brain barrier
Van Tellingen
Kaaij van der R.
Van Sandick
Kist J.
Towards personalised treatment based on evaluation of ET
in recurrent differentiated Hyroid cancer
Kuijpers A.
Pathway activation in colorectal carcinoma and colorectal
Mertens L. *
Bladder Cancer
Mirck B.
Surgery for metastatic colorectal cancer
Nijenhuis C.
Bioanalysis, metabolism and clinical pharmacology of
anticancer drugs (vemurafenib)
Pengel K.
CTMM breast care
Pouw B.
Innovations for diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer
by means of using markers and special attention to tumour
margin identification
Ramshorst van M.
Optimizing neoadjuvant systemic treatment in HER2
positiive breast cancer - the TRAIN-2 study
Rigter L.
Colorectal neoplasia in high risk populations
Van Leerdam
Samuels S.
Safety ethicary and immunogenicity of HPV16E1
caccination in HPV related squamous cell cancer
Schaake E.*
Individualised therapy in thoracic malignancies
Stiekema J.
Genetic Profiling in Oesophageal Cancer
Van Sandick
Stoker S.
Nasopharyngeal carcinoom
Teixera S.
Breast cancer tailored staging using molecular imaging
Uyterlinde W.*
Supportive care in the treatment of NSCLC
v.d. Heuvel
Vermeulen R.
The impact of RISO on physical and psychological helath
among women at increased hereditory of familial risk for
ovarian cancer
Van Beurden
Vree M.
Risk factors in persistent trophoblastic disease
Weger de V.
Clinical development of anti cancer drugs through
modulated absorption
Wessels R.
Optical vuvar biopsy by optical coherence tomography
van Beurden
Pharmacy and Pharmacology (NKI)
36 – PhD research program
Aalbergsberg E.
Molecular imaging of radiolabeled cisplatin
Radhakishun N.
The effects and treatment of obesity in children and
Van Vliet
Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology (NKI)
Boekel N.
Cardiovascular morbility and mortality in breast cancer
van Leeuwen
Eggermond van A.
Long term risk of second hand cancer and cardiovascular
disease followeing treatment of Hodgins lymphoma
Floor van Leeuwen
Eijzinga W.*
Identification of psychosocial problems and perceived need Bleiker
for support in cancer genetics
Feenstra H.
An online testing approach to assess cognitive problems
associated with cancer and cancer treatment
Groot H.
Longterm risk of cardiovascular disease + 2nd malignancies Schaapsveld
after platinumbased CT for malignant testicular germcell
Hummel, L.
A randomized study of an internet-based cognitive
behavioral therapy program for sexuality and intimacy
problems in women
Kemperman M.
CONNECT Cognition and the Neural Network: Effect of
Van Leeuwen
Krul I.
Late effects of treatment in female survivors of Hodgkin's
lymphoma with an emphasis on premature menopause
Floor van Leeuwen
Kuijpers W.
ACARE2 MOVE. IT supported patient empowerment
Van Harten
Menning S.
Structural biochemical and functional indices of CF
inducted cognitive deficits in concepts
Meulepas J.
Cancer risk due to radiation exposure from paediatric
computed tomography
Miquel Cases A.
Van Harten
Nimwegen van R.
Long term cardiovascular risks after treatment for Hodgkin Van leeuwen
Rayan A.
Van Harten
Schrijver L.
Gene-hormone use interactions in BRCA 1/2 mutation
carriers: modification of breast and ovarian cancer risk
within CIMBA
Spaan M.
OMEGA, long term risk of cancer after ovarian stimulation
for in-vitro fertilization
Van Leeuwen
Vries de S.
Late effects of the treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma
Floor van Leeuwen
Waart van H.
Effectivities of physical exercise
Wevers M.
Behavioral and psychosocial effects of rapid genetic
counseling and testing in newly diagnosed breast cancer
Wind A.
Benchmarking of Compreshensive Cancer Care
Van Harten
Boer de J.
image guided corretion strategies to optimize RT precision
Bosma S.
Radiosensitivity and local recurrence in breast cancer
Chen W.
Neoadjuvant drug treatment for breast cancer-response
prediction and response monitoring: breast care
Dees-Ribbers H.
High precesion image guided RT for bladder cancer
Van Herk
Diessen van J.
PET and Radiotherapy for lungcancer
Haan de R.
Radiotherapy and PARPI ui NSCLC/MNSCC/LABC-clinical
Hamming-Vrieze O.
Dose redistribution in the presence of anatonmical changes Rasch
in head and neck cancer
Heukelom J.
ARTFORCE-Adaptive and Innovative Radiation Treatment
For Improving
Radiotherapy (NKI)
PhD research program - 37
Jong de M.
Prediction of local control after radiotherapy in head and
neck cancer
Kranen van S.
High precision radiotherapy in the presence of anatonical
Van Herk
Kruis M.*
Motion compensation in YD PET
Lambrecht M.
Elekta LungTech
Leij van der F.
Image guided pre operative accelerated partial breast
radiaton efining radiotherapy sensitivity
Mencarelli A.
High precission RT in presence of anatomic changes
Peulen H.
Optimization of sterotactic image guided RT for lung
cancer through detailed toxizing assessment
Pirpinia K.
Optimized targeting for surgery and RT of breast cancer
with a DCIS component-regsitration
Protik A.
Motion management for proton therapy
Van Herk
Reijden van der A.
Respiratory correlated imaging for positioning and
monitoring in lung cancer radiation therapy
Stankovic U.
Improving Cone Beam CT Image quality
Szeto Y.
Probabilistic planning protonen
Van Herk
Trip A.
Adjuvant treatment maagcarcinoom i.h.h. critics
Uilkema B.
An investigation of the possible benefits of the MR-Lina for
the treatment of rectal cancer
Verhagen C.
Fanconi anemia pathway defects in HNSCC
van den Brekel
Voncken F.
Response monitoring & ART bij oesopharynxcarcinoom
Zhang H.
IGRT-Breast care package
The molecules of behavior: how brain tumors link cellular
biology to large-scale brain networks and cognition
Geurts / Reijneveld
Compensatory survival mechanisms in head and neck
cancer cells from Fanconi anemia patients: novel targets for
cancer therapy?
te Riele / Brakenhoff
Anatomy and
Neuroscience (VUmc)
Derks Y.
Clinical genetics
Pennings C.
Gastroenterology (VUmc)
Pas van der M.
To study possibilities of fluorescence as tool to optimise
staging and preoperative localisation of colon carcinoma
Turenhout van S.T.*
Exploring Faecal Immunochemical Test Performance for
Colorectal Cancer Screening: FIT is at its limit, take it to
the next level
Mulder / Meijer
Water van de J.M.W.
Predicting T-cell lymphoma development in refractory
coeliac disease patients by profiling of apoptosis pathways
van Alphen C.
Phosphoproteomics for personalized treatment of acute
myeloid leukemia with kinase inhibitors
Ossenkoppele /
Issa D.E.
Treatment and survival of indolent and aggressive NHL
patients; population based studies in the Netherlands
Jauw Y.J.
Immuno PET to personalize therapy in malignant lymphoma Zweegman / van
Dongen / Zijlstra
Niewerth D.*
Application of bortezomib in pediatric acute lymphoblastic Kaspers
Verhagen H.
The identification of biomarkers/drugtargets specific for
leukemic stem cells of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Wondergem M.J.
Can transformation of indolent lymphoma be detected at
an early stage by PET scanning?
Huijgens / Hoekstra
Zeijlemaker W.
The role of minimal residual disease, and leukemic stem
Hematology (VUmc)
38 – PhD research program
cells herein, in clinical decision making
Internal Medicine
Jonge de N.
Short trial: long versus short antibiotic treatment for
febrile neutorpenia in hematological malignancies
Kramer / Zweegman
Cornelissen L.A.M.
A bitter sweet symphony: how tumor glycans orchestrate
immune evasion
van Kooyk
Duinkerken S.
GlycoTreat— Novel vaccine generation for the treatment of van Kooyk
cancer. A glyco-nanomedial approach instructing T cells
Dusoswa S.A.
Turning tumor glycans into anti cancer vaccins
van Kooyk
Horrevorts H.
GlycoTreat— Novel vaccine generation for the treatment of van Kooyk
cancer. A glyco-nanomedial approach instructing T cells
Schetters S.
DC targeting using glycan modified formulations to
enhance anti-tumor immunity
van Kooyk
Molecular Celbiology
and Immunology
Medical Oncology (VUmc)
Avan A.*
Genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying Pancreatic
Ductal Adenocarcinoma aggressive behaviour and
Peters / Giovannetti
Azijli K.
TNF ligands in cancer: TRIAL for cancer therapy
Beekhof R.
Phosphoproteomics for personalized treatment of
Colorectal Cancer with kinase inhibitors
Chondronasiou D.
VHH based therapies for cancer
de Gruijl / Verheul
Eisden T.H.D.
DC-targeted autophagosomes and immunity to melanoma
de Gruijl /
Giovannetti E.
Correlation of cytidine deaminase and DNA repair genes
polymorphisms with response and survival in advanced
NSCLC patients
Gootjes E.
Novel diagnostic and treatment strategies in metastatic
colorectal cancer
Gotink K.J.
Sensitivity and resistance of tumor cells to the
antiangiogenic tyrosine kinase inhibitor sunitinib
Helden van E.
Biomarkers for anti-EGFR therapy in metastatic colorectal
Huijts L.
Phase I-II study of everolimus and low-dose oral
cyclophosphamide in patients with metastatic RCC
Koster B.D.
Immunomodulation of the sentinel lymph node
de Gruijl
Lam S.W.
A multicenter, randomized phase II trial of paclitaxel plus
bevacizumab versus paclitaxel, bevacizumab plus
Large T. le
Phosphoproteomics on patient-derived tumor xenografts,
to identify signaling pathways & candidate driver kinases in
Pancreatic Cancer
Maftouh M.*
New avenues in pancreatic cancer: Targeting epigenetics
and metabolism
Peters / Giovannetti
Mammatas L.
Molecular imaging for insight and optimization of targeted
anticancer therapies
Neefjes E.C.W.
Early recognition and optimal treatment of delirium in
patients with advanced cancer
Neerincx M.
Individualized treatment of patients with advanced
colorectal cancer based on miRNA expression profiling
Offringa T.
Chemotherapy and maximal tumor debulking of multiorgan coloractal cancer metastases
Verheul / Buffart
Poel D.
A randomized multicenter clinical trial for patients with
multi-organ, colorectal cancer metastases
Verheul / Buffart
PhD research program - 39
Schulkens I.
Exploring the role of endothelial galectins in tumor
Schuurhuizen C.
Screening and treatment of psychological distress in
colorectal cancer with metastasized disease (TES)
Verheul / Dekker
Sol N.
Monitoring of response to EGFRvIII-targeted treatment in
patients with glioblastoma through blood profiling
Verheul / Reijneveld
Veluchamy J.
NK cell-based therap for EGFR+ tumors
de Gruijl / Verheul
Versteeg K.S.
Optimalization of systemic treatment strategies in elderly
patients with advanced solid malignancies
Walraven M.
Platelet proteomics for cancer biomarker discovery
Wentink M.
Development of a therapeutic vaccine approach to antiangiogenesis in oncology
Westgeest H.
Pharmacoeconomical evaluations in castration-resistant
prostate cancer
Verheul / Uyl-de
Zweeden A. van
New therapies for disseminated gastro intestinal cancer
Froklage F.
Assessment of blood-brain barrier function in
pharmacoresistant patients with tumor-related epilepsy
Koekkoek J.A.F.
Epilepsy in glioma patients during the course of disease
and in the end of life
Taphoorn / Heimans
/ Reijneveld / Dirven
Sizoo E.
Health-related quality of life in high-grade glioma patients
and their partners in the end-of-life phase
Nieuwenhuizen van D.
Quality of life and neurocognitive functioning in
meningioma patients
Best M.
Minimally invasive diagnostics of CNS tumors
Wesseling /
Hiddingh L.
Development of preclinical pediatric brain tumor imaging
Neurology (VUmc)
Neurosurgery (VUmc)
Nutricion and dietics (VUmc)
Buskermolen S.
Prevalence and biomarkers of pre-cachexia and cachexia in Verheul
advanced cancer patients scheduled for chemotherapy
van der Werf A.
The effect of individualized NUTritional counselling on
muscle mass and treatment outcome
Heeren M.
Local immune control and metastasis in Cervical Cancer
Kenter / de Gruijl
Hooi D.
HPV screening at Curacao
Meijer / Kenter
Peri-implantitis, implan loss and radio-osteomyelitis in
head and necktumor patients
Treatment of osteosarcoma lung metastasis through
targeted therapy
Kaspers / van
de Boer D.V.
Targeted therapy of precancerous fields in head and neck
Brakenhoff RH,
Leemans CR
Cnossen I.C.
Prevention of speech, swallowing, and shoulder
impairment after treatment for head and neck cancer
Verdonck-de Leeuw
Cohen R.
The selective targeting of angiogenesis and of tumour
Van Dongen / de Bree
/ Leemans
Flach G.B.
The sentinel node procedure in head and neck cancer:
De Bree / Van Dongen
Obstretics and
Gynaecology (VUmc)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pathology (VUmc)
Dekker H.
Orthopaedics (VUmc)
Posthuma de Boer J.*
Otolaryngology / Head
and Neck Surgery
40 – PhD research program
clinical value and potential technical improvements
Gogh van C.D.L.
Voice therapy for patients with voice problems after
treatment for early glottic cancer
Jansen F.
Need, use, and costs of supportive care in head and neck
cancer patients
Verdonck-de Leeuw/
Korsten L.
The course of quality of life in head and neck cancer
Leemans /
Verdonck=de Leeuw
Lo Galbo A.M.*
Hypothyroidism after treatment for laryngeal cancer
Heuveling D.H.*
Improvement of the sentinel node procedure in head and
neck cancer by PET-CT lymfoscintigraphy
De Bree / Van Dongen
Oskam I.M.
Health related quality of life in head and neck cancer
Putten van der L.
FDG-PET for avoidance of futile direct laryngoscopies
under general anasthesia with taking of biopsies in
Rietbergen M.*
Clinical significance of human papillomavirus infection in
oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Schouten C.S.
Response evaluation after chemoradiation for advanced
oropharyngeal cancer using PET-CT and MRI
de Bree R
Senft A.
Screening for distant metastases and second primary
tumors with FDG-PET (the school study)
Slobbe P.
The development of radiolabeled tyrosine kinase nhibitors
for PET imaging
Van Dongen
Cordes M.
Molecular biomarkers for the stratification of metastatic
colorectal cancer patients
Meijer, Ylstra
Goos J.A.C.M.
Personalized therapy in recurrent colorectal cancer
Hoekstra / Meijer
Haan J.C.*
Prediction of response to drug therapy in advanced
colorectal cancer based on DNA copy number profiles of
primary tumors
Meijer / Ylstra
Hopmans E.
Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS)
Komor M.A.
Tumor-specific protein biomarkers for early detection of
colorectal cancer
Krijgsman O.
Clinical and biological relevance of focal aberrations in
colorectal cancer
Lubbers J.
Genomic biomarkers to predict development of RA (VERA,
ERA) and therapy responsiveness (ESRA)
Mollers M.*
HPV infections and immune status in a cohort of girls who
are eligible for the national HPV immunisation
Polman N.
Comparison of the clinical performance of HPV screening
via self-sampling with clinician-based sampling in a
population-based screening setting
Meijer / Snijders /
Ramayanti O.
Epstein barr virus activation and cytolytic antivirual
therapy in nasopharyngeal patients
Schütze D.M.
Comprehensive analysis of the long-term oncogenic
capacity and in vitro transforming property of the 15 highrisk human papillomavirus types (hrHPVs)
Snellenberg S.*
Development and clinical validation of a methylation
marker set for the triage of hrHPV positive women
Snoek B.
Molecular Self Screening for Cervical Cancer Prevention
Snijders / Meijer /
Steenbergen /
Strooper L. de
Stratifying high-risk HPV positive women for risk of CIN 3
and cervical carcinoma by methylation analysis
Uil S.H. den
Tumor micro environment and prognosis in stage II and III
colon cancer
Uijterwaal M.
Simplified monitoring post-treatment CIN 2/3 women by
Pathology (VUmc)
PhD research program - 41
molecular testing for hrHPV and methylationmarkers
Verhoef V.*
HPV self-sampling offered to screening non-attendees
Verlaat W.
Molecular Self Screening for Cervical Cancer Prevention
Snijders / Meijer /
Steenbergen /
Verweij F.J.
Involvement of EBV gene products in exosome-mediated
tumor immune escape
van Zummeren M.
Meijer / Snijders
Paedriatic Oncology (VUmc)
Bachas C.*
Characterization of relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia
Cloos/ Schuurhuis
Blufpand H.N.
Carboplatin study: assessment and optimization of
carboplatin exposure in pediatric oncology using different
Braam K.I.
Silicone gel sheet to improve cosmetic outcome of scar
after removal of implantable central venous access device
Van Dulmen-den
Dijk M. van
Fertility impairment in a pan-European cohort of female 5- Kaspers
year survivors of childhood cancer (PanCareLIFE)
D'Olivo P.
Fostering the development of teenagers with cancer
Franke N.
Drug resistance in childhood leukemia
Cloos / Kaspers
Gunawan S.
Clinical challenges of pediatric oncology in Manado,
Jansen M.H.A.
Towards comprehensive therapy for diffuse intrinsic
pontine gliomas in children
Janzen J.
Growthfactors for treatment for of diffuse intrinsinc
Kaspers / Vandertop
/ Hulleman
Klein K.
Local ant-CTLA4 and immune modulation of the melanoma
Kors W.A.
Krebber A.M.H.
A stepped care programme in patients with high distress
after treatment for head and neck cancer
Verdonck-de Leeuw
Meel H.
Targeting growth factor-induced signal transduction in
diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma
Mir S.E.
Therapeutic potential of histone deacetuylase inhibitors in
the treatment of Medulloblastoma
Kaspers / Cloos
Njuguna F.
Compliance with childhood cancer treatment in Kenya
Kaspers / Mostert
Olbara G.
A medication diary-book for childhood cancer patients in
Kaspers / Mostert
Steur L.
Sleep in children in with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and Kaspers
its effects on quality of life, fatigue and parental
Susilawati D.
Compliance with childhood cancer treatment in
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kaspers / Mostert
Veldhuijzen van Zanten Drug distribution and local drug delivery in diffuse intrinsic Kaspers / Vandertop
pontine glioma
Veringa S.J.E.
In vitro drug response and efflux transporters associated
with drug resistance
Kaspers / Hulleman
Vuurden van D.G.*
Targeted therapy in pediatric brain tumors
Frings V.*
In vivo quantification of proliferation and glucose
metabolism in lung cancer patients
Boellaard / Smit
Mellema W.W.
New treatmentmodalities for lung cancer patients with a
K-RAS mutation
Pulmonology (VUmc)
Radiation oncology (VUmc)
Narayan R.S.
Targeting resistance to radio-chemotherapy by inhibition
42 – PhD research program
of the PI3Kinase-Akt signaling pathway
Tol J.
Optimization and automation of radiotherapy treatment
Hoyng L.L.
Quantitative imaging in cancer: connecting cellular
processes with therapy: Data and Image Analysis (WP4)
de Jong A.
Beating malignant lymphoma with an imaging-biomarkers
based personalized treatment strategy
Nievelstein /
de Jong M.C.
Multicenter implementation of MR imaging studies in
children with retinoblastoma
Kramer G.
Quantitative Imaging in Cancer: Connecting Cellular
Processes with Therapy
Biekkaard / Hoekstra
Makris N.
PET methodology: quantification of long-lived PET tracers
in oncology and immunology
Rizvi S.N.
Qualifying imaging biomarkers for response evaluation in
Rodjan F.*
Optimization of MR imaging studies in retinoblastoma
Scheffer H.J.
Evidence based interventional oncology: from last resort to van Kuijk/ Meijerink
potent alternative or additional treatment?
Senthi S.*
Treatment of early-stage lung cancer: cure and
Senan / Slotman
L. Vroomen
Irreversible elektroporation, clinical validation
van Kuijk / Meijerink
Proteasome inhibitor targeting of the
(immuno)proteasome: effects on immune effector cells
Dijkmans / Jansen
Ankersmit M.
Photoimmunodetection of colorectal cancer
De Cuba E.
Peritoneal metastases from colorectal carcinoma;
Diagnostic markers to identify patients thatbenefit from
radical surgical resection
Maas K.W.*
Minimally invasive esophagectomy for cancer: beyond
Cuesta / van der Peet
Nielsen K.
Imaging and local treatment of colorectal liver metastasis
Meijer, Comans
Sier M.F.
Stoma-related research in colorectal cancer patients
Ubbink, Bemelman
1 and 2
Straatman C.
The STOMACH trial: Surgical Technique
Cuesta MA
De patient centraal bij de behandelkeuze voor
van Moorselaar RJA
T cell kinetics during immune reconstition after
hematopoietic stem vcell transplantation
Van Oers/Hazenberg
Radiology & Nuclear
Medicine (VUmc)
Reumatology (VUmc)
Verbrugge C.S.E*
Surgery (VUmc)
Urology (VUmc)
Al-Itejawi H.
Hematology (AMC/UvA)
Munneke J.M.
Gastro-enterology & Hepatology (AMC/UvA)
van Baar A.C.G.
Duodenal ablation for diabetes regulation
Belghazi K.
Endoscopic treatment of early esophageal neoplasia
Bureo Gonzalez A.
Epidemiology of Barrett's surveillance
Duits L.C.
Risk stratification for Barrett's esophagus
Holz J.A.
Light-tissue interactions in esophageal neoplasia
v. Leeuwen/Bergman
Künzli H.T.
New treatment options for esophageal neoplasia
Rosmolen W.D.
Quality of life of patients with Barrett's neoplasia
Schölvinck D.W.
New endoscopic therapies for early esophageal neoplasia
Swager A.F.
Volumetric laser endomicroscopy in esophageal imaging
PhD research program - 43
van der Wel M.
Optimizing histological diagnosis making in Barrett's
Bergman/vd. Vijver
Alvarez-Herrero L.*
Advances in imaging and therapy in Barrett's esophagus
Boerwinkel D.*
Imaging of early barrett's neoplasia
Phoa N.*
Endoscopic treatment of early esophageal neoplasia
Berg M.van den
New endoscopic developments in GI oncology
Fockens/van Hooft
Van Doorn S.
Diverse aspects of colorectal cancer screening
2 and 4
Hazewinkel Y.*
Serrated polyposis syndrome: endoscopic treatment and
surveillance of patients and screening of first-degree
Verlaan T.
Transmural endoscopy
Wanders L.
Advanced colonoscopic imaging
2 and 4
IJspeert J.
Serrated polyposis
2 and 4
van der Vlugt M.
Fourth round op FIT-screening for CRC
Kallenberg F.
Family Matters en FAP
2 and 4
Vleugels J.
Optical Diagnosis of colorectal polyps
Bronzwaer M.
Quality in colonoscopy & polypectomy
2 and 4
Wegdam W.
Role of proteomics in ovarian carcinoma
Rutten M.
Prognostic models in ovarian cancer
Biewenga P.
Prognostic models in carcinoma of the cervix
Meurs H. van
Improving treatment strategies in ovarian cancer
Derks M.
Morbidity and QOL after treatment for cervical cancer
Gynaecology (CGOA)
Baal J. van
Stiekema A.
Biomarkers in ovarian cancer
de Haan J.*
Cancer in pregnancy
Lok/de Groot
Medical Oncology (AMC/UvA)
Kleinjan A.
Cancer and (anti)coagulation
Buller / Kamphuisen
/ Richel
Anderegg M.C.J.
New treatment strategies of oesophageal cancer
Busch/Van Berge
Brugel S.D.A.C.
Shared decision making in advanced cancer patients
Van Laarhoven/
Ebbing E.A.
Receptor signalling in oesophageal cancer
van Laarhoven/
Haj Mohammad N.
Treatment of upper gastrointestinal cancer in daily
practice: toxicity, quality of life and survival
van Laarhoven/tbd
Hartog I.D.
Elucidating quaility of life from a narrative perspective
van Laarhoven/
Klaassen R.
Functional imaging of pancreatic cancer
van Laarhoven/
Kruizinga R.
Experiences of contingency in advanced cancer patients
van Laarhoven/
Linnekamp J.F.
Methylation in colon cancer
van Laarhoven/
Netjes J.E.
Elucidating quaility of life in cardiac patients
44 – PhD research program
Rijssen L.B. van
Nationwide databanking of pancreatic cancer
van Eijck
Steins A.
Tumor stroma in pancreatic cancer
van Laarhoven/
Veenstra V.
Elucidating the stromal response to Sonic Hedgehog in
pancreatic carcinoma
ter Veer E.
Network metaanlyses of upper GI cancer
van Laarhoven/
van Oijen
Woude S.O. van der
New systemic treatment strategies in oesophagogastric
Bulten B.
Early detection of cardiac malfunction in breast cancer
De Geus-Oei/van
Hidding J.
Lymphedema in breast cancer
/Beurskens/van der
Large T. le
Proteomics of pancreatic cancer
van Laarhoven/
Visser A.
Group medical consultations in breast cancer care
Prins/van Laarhoven/
ter Voert E.
Functional imaging of colorectal cancer
Laarhoven/De GeusOei
de Vries Y.
Sensory changes after cytotoxic treatment
Pediatric Oncology (AMC/UvA)
Dijk van I.W.E.M.
Late effects of radiotherapy in childhood cancer survivors
Caron / Koning /
Eijkelenburg van N.
Ealry phase medication studies for childhood cancer
Caron / Verschuur
Knops R.R.G.
Quality care in paediatric oncology
Psychosocial department (UvA/AMC)
Schepers S.A.
Living with chldhood cancer
Sint Nicolaas S.
Living with chldhood cancer
Ruiter de M.
Pediatric research on improving speed, memory and
Grootenhuis / Caron
/ Oosterlaan/
Radiotherapy (UvA/AMC)
Balidemaj E.
Improved regional hyperthermia delivery using
hyperthermia treatment planning based on MRI data
Rasch / Crezee / van
den Berg(UMCU) /
Dinkla A.
Brachytherapy treatment planning: optimisation and
Rasch / Bel
1 and 4
Hamming O.
Dose redistribution in the presence of anatomical changes
in head and neck cancer
van Oorschot B.
Investigation of a gene set classifier for late radiation
toxicity in prostate cancer patients
Medema / Franken
Oei A.
Towards biological treatment planning in radiotherapy
combined with hyperthermia to improve clinical outcome
Franken / Kok /
Stalpers / Medema
Schooneveldt G.
Optimization of bladder hyperthermia treatment for NMIBC Crezee/Hulshof/
by using loco-regional heating, improved 3-D thermometry Rasch
Van Leeuwen C
Towards biological treatment planning in radiotherapy
combined with hyperthermia to improve clinical outcome
Van der Schoot S.
ART for cervical cancer
Lutkenhaus L.
Advanced ART techniques
PhD research program - 45
lens E.
IGRT for pancreas
Gurney-Champion O.
MRI for pancreas
Van Heerden L.
Multimodality dose summation brachy/EB
Versteijne E.
V Tienhoven/
Huijskens S.
Jin P.
Margin reduction Oes.irradiation
Machiels M.
Target definition in radiation for Oes cancer
Jelvehgaran P.
Bruin/ Et al.
Pirpinia K.
Deformable image registration
De Boer P.
Adaptive radiotherapy for cervical cancer
Büller N.
The role of Hedgehog signaling in intestinal homeostasis
and carcinogenesis
Van den Brink
Rosekrans S.
The role of Hedgehog signaling in esophageal homeostasis
and carcinogenesis
Van den Brink
Wielenga T.
The unfolded protein response in colorectal cancer
development and sensitivity to chemotherapy
Van den Brink
Westendorp F.
Intestinal mesenchymal cell function in homeostasis and
Van den Brink
Meijer B.
The unfolded protein response in colorectal cancer
development and sensitivity to chemotherapy
Van den Brink
Lidth de Jeude J.
The role of Hedgehog signaling in intestinal homeostasis
and carcinogenesis
Van den Brink
Beemster P.
Cryosurgery of small renal tumors
De la Rosette/
Laguna/ Wijkstra
Smeenge M.
Imaging in Urology
De la Rosette/
Tytgat Institute (AMC)
Urology (AMC/UvA)
46 – PhD research program
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
5. Awards
This chapter lists awards and honors won by staff
and students involved in OOA throughout 2014. The
lists are in alphabetical order of the recipients’
last name.
Faculty and staff members of the OOA fulfilled
numerous functions in national and international
organizations, on scientific boards of scientific
journals, as members of study sections, and as
organizers or co-organizers of scientific meetings,
workshops and congresses.
Hoda Al-Itejawi received Value Based Healthcare
Martijn Meijerink received the ´kanker in
Samantha Mostert was invited to write a Personal
View in the Lancet Oncology
Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen received the ZonMw
Parel for PaTz project
Martin Taphoorn received the Abihjit Guha Award
Niels van de Donk was awarded with the UMC
Utrecht Research Talent price
J van der Laken received the Aspire award
Ronald Boellaard received the PET center of
excellence award
Thijn Brummelkamp was elected as member of
the EMBO
Remond Fijneman received the price best oral
presentation during the European Congress of
Danielle Heideman became member of the
‘Taakgroep Richtlijn moleculaire diagnostiek in de
Erik Hensen received the Heinsius Houboldt
Yvette van Kooyk received the van Loghem
The department of Radiation Oncology has been
honored with the Emmanuel van der Schueren
Award 2014
Ton Schumacher won San Salvatore Award, Fellow
European Academy of Cancer Sciences en de Queen
Wilhelmina Research Award
Aukje van Tilborg received the ´kanker in
Lilian van Tuyl reveived the Pfizer Inflammation
Competitive grant
Trijn Israels received the SIOP poster award
Kees Jalink was appointed Professor of High
Resolution Microscopy at the UvA
Wilbert Zwart won 2014 Pezcoller Fellowship and
the Bas Mulder Award
Jos Jonkers was awarded with a VICI grant by
Adriaan Lammertsma received the Certificate of
Rene Leemans was awarded the I.J. Sendulskii
Commemorative Medal for outstanding
contribution to Russian oncology and surgery and
international multidisciplinary scientific
Carsten Linnemann won the NKI-award of 2014.
Awards - 49
50 - Awards
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
faculty and staff
Annex 1.
Faculty and staff of OOA
Prof. dr. N.K. Aaronson, Department of
Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology, NKI
(Theme 2). Health-related quality of life
assessment and behavioural interventions in
clinical oncology.
Prof. dr. R. Bernards, Department of Molecular
Carcinogenesis, NKI (Theme 1). Functional
Prof. dr. A.J.M. Berns, Department of Molecular
Genetics, NKI (Theme 1). Mouse models of cancer.
Prof. Dr. R. Agami, Department of Biological Stress
Response, NKI (Theme 1). Using RNA-based
approaches to identify and characterize cancer
Prof. dr. J.H. Beijnen, Division of Pharmacology,
NKI (Theme 2). Clinical pharmacology of anticancer
Prof. dr. J.T. Annema, Dept of Pulmonology, AMC
(Theme 2). Pulmonary Endoscopy.
Dr. J.A.M. Beliën, Dept of Pathology, Vumc
(Theme 1). ICT and data analysis.
Dr. J.A. Aten, Department of Cell Biology and
Histology, AMC (Theme 1). Interactions of DNA
double strand breaks and repair proteins in the
formation of chromosome translocations and cell
killing by ionizing radiation and other therapeutic
Dr. J. Berkhof, Dept of Epidemiology and
Biostatistics, VUmc (Theme 1). Comparison selfcollection of specimens for HPV testing with
physician-based HPV screening in a populationbased screening setting.
Prof. dr. A.J.M. Balm, Oral and Maxillofacial
Surgery, AMC (Theme 1). Head and neck oncology
and surgery.
Dr. R. Beijersbergen, Department of Molecular
Carcinogenesis, NKI (Theme 1). Unraveling
signalling networks in cancer.
Dr. A. Bel, Dept of Radiotheapy. AMC (Theme 1).
Image guided adaptive radiotherapy, radiation
treatment planning.
Dr. A. Bergman, Department of Molecular Genetics
NKI (Theme 1). Investigating the role of
microenvironment in prostate cancer development.
Prof. J.J.G.H.M. Bergman, Department of
Gastroenterology and Hepatology, AMC (Theme 1).
Endoscopic detection and treatment of early
neoplasia in the digestive tract.
Dr. V.W. Beusechem, Dept of Oncology, VUmc
(Theme 2). Resistance to therapy.
Dr. C.U. Blank, Department of Immunology, NKI
(Theme 1 and 2). Combating targeted therapy and
Dr. E. Bleiker, Department of Psychosocial
Research and Epidemiology, NKI (Theme 2).
Psychosocial issues in cancer genetics and
supportive care.
Prof. dr. E. Bloemena, Department of Pathology,
VUmc (Theme 1 and 2). Molecular profiling of head
& neck tumors.
Prof.dr. R. Boellaard, Dept of Radiology and
Nuclear Medicine, VUmc (Theme 2).
Pharmacokinetic modelling of PET tracers in
Prof. dr. J.G. Borst, Department of Immunology,
NKI (Theme 1). Molecular mechanisms that govern
the T-cell response.
Faculty and staff – 53
Prof. dr. P. Borst, Department of Molecular
Oncology, NKI (Theme 1). Drug transporters.
Prof. dr. E. Boven, Department of Medical
Oncology, VUmc (Theme 2). Kinase inhibitors in
renal cancer.
Dr. B.J.M. Braakhuis, Dept of Otolaryngology-Head
& Neck Surgery, Vumc (Theme 1). Head and neck
squamous cell carcinoma.
Prof. dr. R.H. Brakenhoff, Department of
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, VUmc
(Theme 1 and 2). Molecular mechanisms in
precursor lesions and early stages of head & neck
cancer for early detection.
Prof. dr. R. de Bree, Department of
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, VUmc
(Theme 1 and 2). Molecular mechanisms in
precursor lesions and early stages of head & neck
cancer for early detection.
Dr. T. Brummelkamp, Department of
Biochemistry, NKI (Theme 1). Experimental
Biomedical Genetics.
Prof. dr. H. N. Caron, Paediatric Oncology, AMC
(Theme 1 and 2). Paediatric Oncology: new drug
development, clinical trials and late effects.
Dr. B. Carvalho, Dept of Pathology, VUmc (Theme
1 and 2). Development of an improved molecular
test for population-wide colorectal cancer
Prof. dr. J.A. Castelijns, Department of Radiology,
VUmc (Theme 2). Imaging in head and neck cancer.
Prof.dr. E.F.I. Comans, Dept of Radiology and
Nuclear Medicine, VUmc (Theme 2). Innovations in
local treatment and imaging of colorectal liver
Dr. J. Crezee, Department of Radiation Oncology,
AMC (Theme 2). New hyperthermia techniques and
development and application of hyperthermia
treatment planning.
Prof. dr. E. Dekker, Department of
Gastroenterology and Hepatology, AMC (Theme 1).
Gastrointestinal oncology, special interest in
screening and diagnosis of colorectal cancer
Prof. dr. G.A.M.S. van Dongen, Department of
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, VUmc
(Theme 1 and 2). Molecular imaging of cancer for
diagnosis in therapy selection with a focus on PET.
54 – Faculty and staff
Dr. J.C. Dorsman, Dept of Clinical Genetics, Vumc
(Thema 1). Distress and quality of life of patients
treated with autologous stem cell transplantation.
Dr. E.F. Eldering, Department of Experimental
Immunology, AMC (Theme 1). Apoptosis regulation
in immuno-hematology.
Dr. R.J.A. Fijneman, Dept of Pathology, VUmc
(Theme 2). Next Generation Sequencing: from
Prostate to Colorectal cancer.
Prof. dr. P. Fockens, Dept. Of Gastraenterology
and Hepatology, AMC (Theme 1). Advanced
diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal
endoscopy, GI oncology and
Dr. N.A.P. Franken, Dept of Radiotherapy, AMC
(Theme 2). Radiobiology, DNA damage response,
hyperthermia, chromosome aberrations, normal
tissue damage.
Prof. dr. D.J. Gouma, Department of Surgery, AMC
(Theme 2). Development and optimalization of
treatment modalities for pancreatic cancer
Prof. dr. A.W. Griffioen, Department of Medical
Oncology, VUmc (Theme 2). Tumor angiogenesis
and drug therapy.
Dr. M. A. Grootenhuis, Department of Pediatrics,
AMC (Theme 2). Psychosocial consequences of
childhood cancer.
Prof.dr. T.D. de Gruijl, Dept of Medical Oncology,
VUmc (Theme 2). Prostate cancer –
Prof. dr. T.M. van Gulik, Department of
Experimental Surgery, AMC (Theme 2).
Experimental surgery on colon cancer liver
Prof. dr. A. Hagenbeek, Department of
Hematology, AMC (Theme 1 and 2). Phase I, II and
III clinical trials in the non-Hodgkin lymphomas
(NHL) and suicide gene therapy.
Dr. J. Haanen, Department of Immunology and
Medical Oncology NKI (Theme 1 and 2).
Immunotherapy, immunomonitoring and production
Dr. S.M. van Ham, Department of Immunology,
AMC (Theme 1 and 2). Antigen presentation in
leukemias. 2. Dendritic cell immunotherapy in
Dr. M. Hauptmann, Department of Psychosocial
Research and Epidemiology, NKI (Theme 1).
Prof. Dr. W. Van Harten, Department of
Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology, NKI
(Theme 2). Early stage technology assessment,
operations research and cancer rehabilitation.
Dr. U. van der Heide, Department of Radiation
Oncology, NKI (Theme 2). Quantitative imaging for
radiotherapy dose painting and follow-up.
Dr. D.A.M. Heideman, Dept of Pathology, Vumc
(Theme 1). Genomic profiling for risk assessment
of preneoplastic endobronchial lesions.
Dr. M. van der Heijden, Department of Molecular
Carcinogenesis, NKI (Theme 1 and 2).
Functional genomics of urothelial cancer.
Prof. dr. J.J. Heimans, Department of Neurology,
VUmc (Theme 1). miRNAs regulating angiogenesis
in gliomas.
Prof.dr. N.H. Hendrikse, Dept of Pharmacy, VUmc
(Theme 2). Image guided treatment optimalization
with cetuximab for patients with metastatic
colorectal cancer.
Prof. Dr. M. van Herk, Department of Radiation
Oncology, NKI (Theme 2). High precision
Dr. U. van der Heide, Department of Radiation
Oncology, NKI (Theme 2). Quantitative imaging for
radiotherapay dose painting and follow-up.
Dr. J. Hilkens. Department of Molecular Genetics,
NKI (Theme 1). Genes involved in breast cancer.
Prof. dr. O.S. Hoekstra, Department of Nuclear
Medicine, VUmc (Theme 2). Molecular imaging
using PET for therapy selection and response
Dr. T.J.M. Hulsebos, Department of
Neurogenetics, AMC (Theme 1). Molecular genetics
of nervous system tumors and osteosarcomas.
Dr. H. Jacobs, department of Biological Stress
Response, NKI )Theme 1. Programmed and nonprogrammed mutagenesis.
Dr. J. Jacobs, Department of Molecular Oncology,
NKI (Theme 1). Telomere damage.
Dr. K. Jalink, Department of Cell Biology, NKI
(Theme 1). Biophysics of cell Signaling.
Dr. C.R. Jimenez, Dept of Oncology, Vumc (Theme
2). Proteomics prostate, colorectal, lung and
breast cancer.
Prof.dr. D. de Jong, Dept of Pathology, VUmc
(Theme 1). Towards the implementation of
personalized treatment of diffuse large B-cell
lymphoma in the Netherlands; preparations for a
biomarker-based Bayesian trial.
Prof.Dr. J. Jonkers, Department of Molecular
Pathology, NKI (Theme 1). Mouse models of breast
Prof. dr. A.P. Kater, Dept of Hematology, AMC
(Theme 1 and 2). development of circumvention of
and novel strategies for (development of)
chemorefractory CLL.
Prof. dr. G.J. Kaspers, Department of Paediatrics,
VUmc (Theme 2). Innovative therapies in childhood
myeloid leukemia.
Prof.dr. G. Kazemier, Dept of Surgery, Vumc
(Theme 2). Fighting pancreatic cancer: from
research to innovative treatment through
microRNA analysis.
Prof. dr. G.G. Kenter, Department of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology, AMC/VUmc/NKI (Theme 2).
Immunosurveillance and immunotherapy in HPV
related tumours and late complications after
treatment for carcinoma of the cervix.
Prof. dr. M.J. Kersten, Dept of Hematology, AMC
(Theme 1). Non-Hodgkinlymphoma (including
Waldenströmd disease) and multipel myeloma.
Dr. M. Klein, Dept of Medical Psychology, Vumc
(Theme 2). Improving quality of life in glioma
Prof. dr. Y. van Kooyk, Department of Molecular
Biology and Immunology, VUmc (Theme 1 and 2).
Glycosilation and tumor immunology.
Dr. M. Innocenti, Department of Molecular
Genetics, NKI (Theme 1). Cancer cell migration.
Faculty and staff – 55
Dr. L.C.M. Kremer, Dept of Pediatrics, AMC
(Theme 1). Evidence based medicine & Quality of
care long-term effects of childhood cancer.
Prof. dr. K.K. Krishnadath, Department of
Gastroenterology and Hepatology, AMC (Theme 1).
Understanding the inflammation-dysplasiacarcinoma sequence within the gastrointestinal
Dr. A.B.P. van Kuilenburg, Department of Clinical
Chemistry, AMC (Theme 1 and 2). Inborn errors of
purine and pyrimidine metabolism and paediatric
oncological diseases.
Prof.dr. C. van Kuijk, Dept of Radiology and
Nuclear Medicine, VUmc (Thema 2). Irreversible
electroporation: a novel image-guided tumor
ablation technique.
Prof. dr. H.W.M. van Laarhoven, Dept of Internal
Medicine. AMC (Theme 1). Translational research
in medical oncology.
Prof. dr. A.A. Lammertsma, Department of
Nuclear Medicine, VUmc (Theme 2).
Standardization and quantification of PET image
Prof. dr. Ch.R. Leemans, Department of
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, VUmc
(Theme 2). Molecular mechanisms in precursor
lesions and early stages of head & neck cancer for
early detection.
Prof. dr. A.G.J.M. van Leeuwen, LaserCenter,
AMC (Theme 2). Biomedical photonics for
functional and molecular imaging.
Prof. dr. F.E. van Leeuwen, Psychosocial
Research and Epidemiology, NKI (Theme 2). Cancer
therapeutic effect of donor lymphocyte infusions in
B cell malignancies.
Prof.dr. A.A. van de Loosdrecht, Dept of
Hematology, Vumc (Theme 2). Dendritic cells and
antigen sources in acute myeloid leukemia.
Prof. dr. R.M. Luiten, Department of
Dermatology, AMC (Theme 2). Immunology of
melanoma and autoimmune or inflammatory skin
Dr. A.C.M. Martens, Dept of Hematology, Vumc
(Theme 2). Unraveling interactions in the
hematopoietic niche in multiple myeloma.
Prof. dr. R.A.A. Mathôt, Dept. of Pharmacy, AMC
(Theme 1). Population pharmacokineticpharmacodynamic research.
Prof. dr. J.P. Medema, Laboratory of
Experimental Oncology and Radiobiology, AMC
(Theme 1). Cell death induction and resistance in
tumor cells and cancer stem cells.
Prof. Dr. R.H. Medema, Department of Cell
Biology, NKI (Theme 1). Cell cycle checkpoints and
chromosome segregation.
Prof. dr. C.J.L.M. Meijer, Department of
Pathology, VUmc (Theme 1 and 2). HPV based early
detection of cervical cancer precursors.
Prof. dr. G.A. Meijer, Department of Pathology,
VUmc (Theme 1 and 2). Molecular classification for
early detection and personalized therapy in
gastrointestinal cancer.
Prof. dr. H. Meijers-Heijboer, Department of
Clinical Genetics, VUmc (Theme 1). Genetic cancer
predisposition with a focus on breast cancer.
Dr. F. van Leeuwen, Department of Gene
Regulation, NKI (Theme 1). Chromatin dynamics.
Dr. J.J. Molenaar, Department of Oncogenomics,
AMC (Theme 1). Targeted drug development in
Prof. Dr. S. Linn, Department of Molecular
Pathology, NKI (Theme 2). Molecular dissection of
cancer by differential drug sensitivity.
Prof.dr. A.C. Moll, Dept of Opthalmonology, Vumc
(Theme 2). Early-detection of quality of life
problems in children with retinoblastoma.
Prof. dr. M. van Lohuizen, Department of
Molecular Genetics, NKI (Theme 1). Role of
polycomb-group genes in transcriptional
repression, stem cell fate and tumorgenesis.
Dr. C.F.M. Molthoff, Dept of Nuclear Medicine and
PET Research, Vumc (Theme 2). Multimodal
imaging of orthotopic tumors: validation study.
Prof.dr. H.M. Lokhorst, Dept of Hematology,
Vumc (Theme 2). Minor H antigen UTA2-1-loaded
DC dendritic cells as vaccines to improve the
56 – Faculty and staff
Prof. dr. W.H. Moolenaar, Department of Cell
Biology, NKI (Theme 1). Lipid growth factor
Prof.dr. R.J.A. van Moorselaar, Dept of Urology,
Vumc (Theme 2). Prostate cancer.
gastrointestinal cancer, with focus on colorectal
Prof. dr. C.J.J Mulder, Department of Gastroenterology and hepatology, institute (Theme 2).
Celiac disease associated lymphomagenesis.
Prof. dr. C.R.N. Rasch, Dept. Of Radiotherapy,
AMC (Theme 1). Radiotherapy
Dr. T. Mutis, Dept of Hematology, Vumc (Theme
2). Multimodal imaging of orthotopic tumors:
validation study.
Prof. dr. D.J. Richel, Department of Medical
Oncology, AMC (Theme 1 and 2). New
chemotherapeutic avenues for neoadjuvant and
adjuvant treatment of cancer patients.
Prof. dr. J.J.C. Neefjes, Department of Cell
Biology, NKI (Theme 1). Chemical cell biology of
immune responces, cancer and anticancer drugs.
Prof. dr. H.P.J. te Riele, Department of Biological
Stress Response, NKI (Theme 1).
Genomic instability and carcinogenesis.
Prof. dr. C.J.M. van Noesel, Department of
Pathology, AMC (Theme 1). B cell biology and the
pathogenesis of B-NHL / The serrated neoplasia
pathway to colorectal cancer.
Prof. dr. J.J.M.C.H. de la Rosette, Department of
Urology, AMC (Theme 2). Improving diagnosis and
treatment of urological cancers.
Prof. dr. C.J.F. van Noorden, Department of
Pathology, AMC (Theme 1). Proteases and protease
inhibitors in cancer.
Prof. dr. M.H.J. van Oers, Department of
Hematology, AMC (Theme 1 and 2). Pathogenesis
and immunotherapy of B cell malignancies.
Prof. dr. G.J. Ossenkoppele, Department of
Haematology, VUmc (Theme 1 and 2). Targeted
therapies in myeloid leukemia.
Prof. Dr. H. Ovaa, Department of Cell Biology, NKI
(Theme 1). Biological chemistry.
Prof. dr. S.T. Pals, Department of Pathology, AMC
(Theme 1 and 2). Molecular pathogenesis of B cell
malignancies and the role of heparan sulfates
proteoglycans in tumorigenesis.
Prof. dr. D. Peeper, Department of Molecular
Oncology. NKI (Theme 1). Dissecting cancer cell
signaling networks and identifying therapeutic
cancer targets.
Dr. A. Perrakis, Department of Biochemistry, NKI
(Theme 1). Structural biology.
Prof.dr. G.J. Peters, Department of Clinical
Oncology, VUmc (Theme 2). Pharmacokinetics and
response prediction in oncology.
Prof. dr. P. Postmus, Department of Pulmonology,
VUmc (Theme 2). Targeted drug therapy in lung
Dr. S. Rottenberg, Department of Molecular
Oncology, NKI (Theme 1). Cancer therapy escape.
Prof.dr. T.Ruers, Department of Surgical
Oncology, NKI (Theme 2).
Dr. S. Schagen, Department of Psychosocial
Research and Epidemiology, NKI (Theme 2).
Cognitive function in cancer patients.
Prof. dr. J.H.M. Schellens, Department of
Molecular Pathology, NKI (Theme 2). Combined
targeted therapy for the treatment of patients
with BRAF mutant colorectal cancer.
Dr. A. Schinkel, Department of Molecular
Oncology, NKI (Theme 1). Genes and proteins
involved in anti cancer drug resistance and
Dr. M. Schmidt, Department of Molecular
Pathology, NKI (Theme 1). Molecular and genetic
breast cancer epidemiology.
Prof. dr. T. Schumacher, Department of
Immunology, NKI (Theme 1). Dissection and
manipulating antigen-specific T-cell immunity.
Dr. G.J. Schuurhuis, Department of Hematology,
VUmc (Theme 2). Disease profiling CML and AML.
Prof. dr. S. Senan, Department of Radiation
Oncology, VUmc (Theme 2). Technological
innovations in applied radiotherapy.
Prof. dr. T.K. Sixma, Department of Biochemistry,
NKI (Theme 1). Structural biology.
Prof. dr. C.J.A. Punt, Dept of Oncology, AMC
(Theme 1). Clinical and translational research in
Faculty and staff – 57
Prof. dr. B.J. Slotman, Department of Radiation
Oncology, VUmc (Theme 1 and 2). Technological
innovations in applied radiotherapy.
Prof. dr. I.M. Verdonck-de Leeuw, Department of
Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, VUmc
(Theme 2). Innovative care programs in oncology.
Prof. dr. E.F. Smit, Department of Pulmonology,
VUmc (Theme 2). Targeted drug therapy in lung
Prof. Dr. M. Verheij, Department of Biological
Stress Response and Radiation Oncology, NKI
(Theme 2). Targeted radiosensitization.
Prof.dr. P.J.F. Snijders, Dept of Pathology, Vumc
(Theme 1). HPV induced tumors.
Prof.dr. H.W.M Verheul, Department of Medical
Oncology, VUmc (Theme 1 and 2). Angiogenesis
and phosphokinase as drug targets in
gastrointestinal and renal cancer.
Dr. J-J. Sonke, Department of Radiation Oncology,
NKI (Theme 2). Adaptive radiation therapy.
Prof. dr. A. Sonnenberg, Department of Cell
Biology, NKI (Theme 1). Receptors for matrix
Dr. M. Spaargaren, Department of Pathology, AMC
(Theme 1). Molecular pathogenesis and targeted
therapy of B cell malignancies.
Dr. C.A. Spek, Department of Experimental and
Molecular Medicine, AMC (Theme 1 and 2). Blood
coagulation in pathophysiology.
Dr. L.J.A. Stalpers, Dept of Radiotherapy, AMC
(Theme 1). Experimental radiotherapy: effects and
side-effects of irradiation.
Prof. dr. B. van Steensel, Department of Gene
Regulation, NKI (Theme1).
Chromation genomics
Prof. dr. J. Stoker, Dept of Radiotherapy, AMC
(Theme 1). Abdominal imaging.
Dr. M. Stokkel, Department of Diagnostic
Oncology, NKI (Theme 2). Nuclear medicine.
Dr. ir. G.J. Strijkers, Dept of Biomedical
Engineering and Physics, AMC (Theme 1).
Preclinical and translational MRI.
Prof. dr. M.J.B. Taphoorn, Department of
Neurology, VUmc (Theme 2). Quality of life in
Dr. G.A.M. Tytgat, Dept of Pediatrics, AMC
(Theme 2). Neuroblastoma.
Dr. H. van Tinteren, Department of Biometrics,
NKI (Theme 2). Clinical Trials design and logistics.
Prof.dr. W.P. Vandertop, Dept of Neurosurgery,
Vumc (Theme 2). Meningioma.
58 – Faculty and staff
Dr. L. Vermeulen, Center of experimental
medicine. AMC (theme 2). Quantitative oncology
and stem cell dynamics
Prof. dr. R. Versteeg, Department of Human
Genetics, AMC (Theme 1 and 2). Regulatory
networks in cancer.
Prof. dr. M. van de Vijver, AMC (Theme 2).
Genetic alterations and gene expression profiles of
solid tumors.
Dr. K. de Visser, Department of Immunology, NKI
(Theme 1). Impact of the inflammatory tumor
microenvironment on metastatic breast cancer and
Prof. dr. E. Voest, Department of Molecular
Oncology and Medical Oncology, NKI (Theme 1 and
2). Host responses to systemic anti-cancer
treatment and Personalized Medicine.
Prof. Dr. J. Wesseling, Department of Molecular
Pathology, NKI (Theme 1). Molecular pathology of
breast cancer.
Prof. Dr. L. Wessels, Department of Molecular
Carcinogenesis, NKI (Theme 1). Computational
cancer biology.
Prof.dr. A.D. Windhorst, Dept of Radiology and
Nuclear Medicine, VUmc (Theme 2). Carbon-11
labelled peptodes as PET tracers.
Dr. R. Wolthuis, Department of Cell Biology, NKI
(theme 1). Mechanisms of cell cycle control in
Dr. H. Wijkstra, Department of Urology, AMC
(Theme 2). Minimal invasive technology in
diagnoses, therapy and follow-up of uro-oncology.
Dr. T. Wurdinger, Department of Neurosurgery
Institute (Theme 1). miRNAs regulating
angiogenesis in gliomas.
Dr. C. Zuur, Department of Cell Biology, NKI
(Theme 1 and 2). Altering treatment responses in
Head and Neck Cancer.
Dr. W. Zwart, Department of Molecular Pathology,
NKI (Theme 1). Translational endocrinology and
pathological genomics in breast, prostate and
endometrial cancer.
Prof.dr. S. Zweegman, Dept of Hematology, VUmc
(Theme 2). Multiple myeloom.
Faculty and staff – 59
Netherlands Cancer Institute
Dr. T. Brummelkamp
Dr. A. Perrakis
Prof. dr. T.K. Sixma
Biological Stress Response
Prof. dr. R. Agami
Dr. H. Jacobs
Prof. dr. H. te Riele
Prof. dr. M. Verheij
Cell Biology
Dr. C. Jalink
Prof. dr. R.H. Medema
Prof. dr. W.H. Moolenaar
Prof. dr. J.J. Neefjes
Prof. dr. H. Ovaa
Prof. dr. A. Sonnenberg
Dr. R. Wolthuis
Dr. C. Zuur
Gene Regulation
Dr. F. van Leeuwen
Prof. dr. B. van Steensel
Dr. C.H. Blank
Prof. dr. J. Borst
Dr. J.B.A.G. Haanen
Prof. dr. T.N.M. Schumacher
Molecular Carcinogenesis
Prof. dr. R. Bernards
Dr. R. Beijersbergen
Dr. M. van der Heijden
Prof. dr. L. Wessels
Molecular Genetics
Dr. A. Bergman
Prof. dr. A.J.M. Berns
Dr. J. Hilkens
Dr. M.E. Innocenti
Prof. dr. M. van Lohuizen
Molecular Oncology
Prof. dr. P. Borst (honorary staff member)
Dr. J.J.L. Jacobs
Dr. H. van Luenen
Prof. dr. D.S. Peeper
Dr. S. Rottenberg
Dr. A. Schinkel
Molecular Pathology
Prof. dr. J. Jonkers
60 – Faculty and staff
Dr. S. Linn
Prof. dr. J. Schellens
Dr. M. Schmidt
Dr. J. Wesseling
Dr. W. Zwart
Biometrics Department
Dr. K. Sikorska
Dr. H. Van Tinteren
Dr. A. Vincent
E. van Werkhoven
Dr. V. van der Noort
Diagnostic Oncology
P. Baars
Dr. O. Balague Ponz
Dr. A. Bartels-Rutten
P. Besnard
Dr. M. Bol
Dr H. van Boven
Dr. D. van den Broek
Dr. A. Broeks
A. Bruining
M. Donswijk
E. Groen
S. Heijmink
B. van der Hiel
Dr. F. Hogervorst
Dr. J. De Jong
M. Jonker
P. de Koekoek-Doll
C. Lange
F. Lalezari
Dr E. Lips
C. Loo
M. Meijer
Dr. K. Monkhorst
Dr. S. Muller
Dr. P. Nederlof
K. van Os
P. Pevenage
W. Prevoo
Dr. H. van Rossum
Dr. E. Rosenberg
J. Sanders
I.van ’t Sant-Jansen
Dr. M. Sinaasappel
F. Sivro-Prndeij
Dr. L. Smit
P. Snaebjornsson
Dr. M. Stokkel
J. Teertstra
Dr. O. Van Tellingen
Dr. R. Valdes Olmes
Dr. E. Vegt
Dr. L. van Velthuysen
Dr. M. Versleijen
Dr. K. van de Vijver
L. de Wit-van der Veen
Dr. M. Vogel
Dr. W. Vogel
J. de Vries
Dr. J. Wesseling
Dr. I. Westerveld-de Zwart
B. van de Wiel
Dr. G. Winter-Warnars
Dr. B.M.P. Aleman
Dr. A. Al-Mamgani
Prof. dr. G.M.M. Bartelink
Dr. J.S.A. Belderbos
Dr. M. Bloemers
Dr. R.W. de Boer
Dr. G. Borst
Dr. E. Damen
Dr. L.G.H. Dewit
J. van Diessen
Dr. P. Elkhuizen
J. Felderhof
Dr. M. Frantzen-Steneker
Y. Van der Geld
Dr. R.L.M. Haas
O. Hamming-Vrieze
Dr. W. Heemsbergen
Dr. U. Van der Heide
Prof. dr. M. van Herk
Dr. E.P.M. Jansen
Dr. J. Van de Kamer
J. Knegjens
F. Koetsveld
Dr. J. Lebesque
Dr. A. Mans
Dr. B.J. Mijnheer
Dr. L.M.F. Moonen
Dr. A. van Mourik
A. Navran
H. Peulen
Dr. F. Pos
Dr. P. Remeijer
Dr. N.S. Russell
J.G. Salverda
Dr. M. Settler
Dr. C. Schneider
Dr. A. Scholten
Dr. J-J. Sonke
Dr. B. van Triest
Dr. C.X. Vens
Prof. dr. M. Verheij
Dr. C. van Vliet-Vroegindeweij
T. Witteveen
Dr. F.W. Wittkämper
Medical Oncology
Dr. J.W. Baars
Dr. P. Baas
Dr. A. Bergman
Prof. dr. J.H. Beijnen
Dr. C. Blank
Dr. J.P. de Boer
Dr. W. Boogerd
Dr. H. Boot
Dr. D. Brandsma
Dr. W. Buikhuizen
Dr. J.A.. Burgers
Dr. A. Cats
Dr. J. van Dieren
Dr. R. van Gijn
Dr. C. Grootscholten
Dr. J.B.A.G. Haanen
Dr. M. van der Heijden
Dr. M van den Heuvel
Dr. A. Huitema
Dr. W. de Kanter
Dr. J.M. Kerst
Dr. M. van Leerdam
Prof. dr. S.C. Linn
Dr. S. Marchetti
Dr. B. Nuijen
F. Opdam
Prof. dr. S. Rodenhuis
Prof. dr. J.H.M. Schellens
Dr. E. Smit
Dr. C. Smorenburg
Dr. G. Sonke
Dr. N. Steeghs
Dr. J. Stouthard
Dr. M Tesselaar
Dr. H. Van Thienen
Dr. W. Verbeek
Prof. Dr. E. Voest
Surgical Oncology
A. Aalbers
Dr. C. an As-Brooks
Dr. M-J. Baas-Vracken Peters
Dr. A. Balm
Dr. M.W.M. van den Brekel
Dr. F. van Coevorden
Dr. F. van Duijnhoven
Dr. J. van der Hage
Dr. K. Hartemink
Dr. F. Hilgers
Dr. B. Karakullukcu
Dr. H. Klomp
Dr. M. Klop
M. Krap
Dr. K. Kuhlmann
M. Lieshout
Dr. P. Lohuis
Dr. H.S.A. Oldenburg
M. Piek-Hartog
Dr. H.G. van de Poel
Faculty and staff – 61
Prof. dr. T. Ruers
Dr. E.J.Th. Rutgers
Dr. J. van Sandick
Dr. L. Smeele
Dr. B. Tan
Dr. B. Tijink
Dr. V.J. Verwaal
Dr. M. Wouters
Dr. C. Zuur
Psychosocial Research and
Prof. dr. N.K. Aaronson
Dr. E. Bleiker
Prof. dr. W.J. van Harten
Dr. M.Hauptmann
Prof. dr. F.E. van Leeuwen
Dr. M.A. Rookus
Dr. S. Schagen
62 – Faculty and staff
VU University Medical Center
Dr. M.J.D.L. van der Vorst
Dr. R.S.G.M. Perez
Prof. dr. W.W.A. Zuurmond
Medical Psychology
Dr. M. Klein
Dr. M.H.M. van der Linden
Clinical Chemistry
Prof. dr. M.A. Blankenstein
Dr. C.B.M. Oudejans
Dr. K. Farhat
Dr. S.A. Nurmohamed
Clinical Genetics
Dr. J.C. Dorsman
Dr. J.J.P. Gille
Dr. L.P. van Hest
Prof. dr. H.E. Meijers-Heijboer
Prof. dr. H. te Riele
Dr. Q. Waisfisz
Prof.dr. J.J. Heimans
Dr. T.J. Postma
Dr. J.C. Reijneveld
Prof.dr. M.J.B. Taphoorn
Dr. A.A. van Bodegraven
Dr. K.H.N. de Boer
Dr. R.J.F. Felt-Bersma
Prof. dr. C.J.J. Mulder
Dr. C.M.J. van Nieuwkerk
Dr. M.E.D. Chamuleau
Dr. J. Cloos
Prof. dr. P.C. Huijgens
Dr. J.J.W.M. Janssen
Prof. dr. H.M. Lokhorst
Prof. dr. A.A. van de Loosdrecht
Dr. A.C.M. Martens
Dr. E. Meijer
Prof. dr. G.J. Ossenkoppele
Dr. G.J. Schuurhuis
Dr. L. Smit
Dr. T. Mutis
Dr. O. Visser
Dr. J.M. Zijlstra
Prof. dr. S. Zweegman
Medical Oncology
Dr. V.W. van Beusechem
Prof.dr. E. Boven
Dr. H.J. Broxterman
Dr. J. Buter
Dr. A.J.M. van den Eertwegh
Prof. dr. A.W. Griffioen
Dr. T.D. de Gruijl
Dr. C.W. van der Houven van Oordt
Dr. C.R. Jimenez
Dr. I.R.H.M. Konings
Dr. M.E. van Linde
Prof. dr. G.J. Peters
Prof. dr. H. Verheul
Dr. J.J. van der Vliet
Dr. J. Voortman
Dr. J.C. Baayen
Dr. S. Idema
Dr. D.P. Noske
Dr. S.M. Peerdeman
Prof. dr. W.P. Vandertop
Dr. P.C. de Will Hamer
Dr. T. Würdinger
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Prof.dr. G. Kenter
Dr. A.C. Moll
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pathology
Prof. dr. E. Bloemena
Dr. E.A.J.M. Schulten
Dr. K.H. Karagozoglu
Prof.dr. E.A.J.M. Schulten
Prof. dr. I. van der Waal
Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
Dr. B.M. Braakhuis
Prof. dr. R.H. Brakenhoff
Prof. dr. R. de Bree
Dr. S.J. Eerenstein
Prof.d r. C.R. Leemans
Dr. R.N.P.M. Rinkel
Prof. dr. I.M. Verdonck-de Leeuw
Dr. J. Cloos
Prof. dr. A.M. van Furth
Prof. dr. G.J.L. Kaspers
Dr. M.F. Mulder
Dr. N.A. Oeij
Dr. R.N. van der Plas
Prof. dr. A.J.P. Veerman
Dr. J.A.M. Beliën
Faculty and staff – 63
Dr. M.C.G. Bleeker
Prof. dr. E. Bloemena
Dr. B. Carvalho
Dr. S.A.G.M. Cillessen
Prof. dr. W.M.R. van Criekinge
Prof. dr. P.J. van den Elsen
Dr. F.J.A. Fijneman
Dr. N.C. van Grieken
Dr. K. Grünberg
Dr. D.A.M. Heideman
Dr. E. Hooijberg
Prof. dr. D. de Jong
Prof. dr. C.J.L.M. Meijer
Prof. dr. G.A. Meijer
Prof. dr. W.J. Mooi
Dr. D.M. Pegtel
Prof. dr. P.J.F. Snijders
Dr. R.D.M. Steenbergen
Dr. F.B.J.M. Thunnissen
Dr. A.M. Uyterlinde
Prof. dr. P. Wesseling
Prof. dr. C.L. Verweij
Dr. B. Ylstra
Dr. A. Becker
Dr. J.M.A. Daniels
Dr. S.M.S. Hashemi
Prof. dr. E.F. Smit
Radiation Oncology
Dr. M.R. Dahele
Dr. C.J. Haasbeek
Dr. F.J. Lagerwaard
Prof.dr. S. Senan
Prof.dr. B.J. Slotman
Dr. P. Sminia
Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
Prof.dr. J.A. Castelijns
Dr. R. Boellaard
Prof.dr. E.F.I. Comans
Prof.dr. G.A.M.S. van Dongen
Dr. P. de Graaf
Prof.dr. O.S. Hoekstra
Prof.dr. C. Van Kuijk
Prof.dr. A.A. Lammertsma
Dr. C.F.M. Molthoff
Dr. P.G. Raijmakers
Dr. G.W.M. Visser
Dr. D. Vugts
Dr. J.H.T.M. Waesberghe
Dr. A.D. Windhorst
Prof.dr. J.J. Bonjer
Prof.dr. G. Kazemier
Prof.dr. P.A.M. van Leeuwen
64 – Faculty and staff
Dr. W.J. Meijerink
Prof.dr. E.J.H. Meuleman
Dr. M.A. Paul
Dr. D.L. van der Peet
Dr. M.P. van den Tol
Dr. J.B. Tuynman
Dr. L. te Velde
Dr. A.A. Geldof
Prof.dr. E.J.H. Meuleman
Prof.dr. R.J.A. van Moorselaar
Dr. A. Vis
University of Amsterdam
Biomedical Engineering and Physics
Prof.dr. A.G.J.M. van Leeuwen G.J. Streekstra
Dr. ir. G.J. Strijkers
Cell Biology & Histology
Prof.dr. C.J.F. van Noorden
Clinical genetics
Prof. Dr. E.J. Meijers-Heijboer
Prof. Dr. R.M. Luiten
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Prof. dr. A.J.M. Balm
Paediatric Oncology
Prof.dr. H.N. Caron
Prof. Dr. Dr. M.A. Grootenhuis
Dr. L.C.M. Kremer
Dr. A.B.P. van Kuilenburg
Dr. G.A.M. Tytgat
Prof. dr. C.J.M. van Noesel
Prof.dr. S.T. Pals
Dr. M. Spaargaren
Prof. dr. M.J. van de Vijver
Experimental and molecular medicine
Prof.dr. J.P. Medema
Dr. N.A.P. Franken
Dr. C.A. Spek
Dr. L. Vermeulen
Prof. Dr. R.A.A. Mathot
Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Prof. Dr. J.J.G.H.M. Bergman
Prof. Dr. G.R. van den Brink
Dr. E. Dekker
Prof. dr. P. Fockens
Prof. Dr. K.K. Krishnadath
Dr. A. Bel
Dr. J. Crezee
Dr. L.J.A. Stalpers
Prof. dr. J. Stoker
Prof. dr. C.R.N. Rasch
General Practice
Prof. Dr. H.C.P.M. van Weert
Dr. M. Heger
Dr. B.J. Biemond
Prof. dr. A. Hagenbeek
Prof. Dr. A.P. Kater
Prof. dr. M.H.J. van Oers
Prof.dr. J.J.M.C.H. de la Rosette H. Wijkstra
Prof. dr. J.T. Annema
Prof. Dr. E.F. Eldering
Medical Bioinformatics
Prof. dr. A.H.C. van Kampen
Prof. Dr. H.W.M. van Laarhoven
Prof. Dr. C.J.A. Punt
Prof.dr. D.J. Richel
Genome Analysis
Dr. T.J.M. Hulsebos
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Prof. dr. G.G. Kenter
Dr. J.J. Molenaar
Prof.dr. R. Versteeg
Faculty and staff – 65
66 – Faculty and staff
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international visitors
Annex 2.
International visitors
Anastasiou D. UK
Anderson D. USA
Murre C. USA
Muschel R.J. UK
Bair K. USA
Baker S. USA
Bird A. UK
Blackwood B. USA
Blauwhoff-Buskermolen S. the Netherlands
Boeke J. USA
Boulton S. UK
Brenton J. UK
Broek van den M. Swiss
Bühler M. Swiss
Budanov A. USA
Nakanishi M. Japan
Naldini L. Italy
Nasmyth, K. UK
Nussenzweig A. USA
Pasman R. the Netherlands
Pastan I. USA
Perry A. USA
Petermann E. UK
Caldas C. UK
Clevers H. the Netherlands
Clijsters L. the Netherlands
Coffer P. the Netherlands
Coombes C. UK
Coussens L. USA
Deasy J. USA
Fernández-Capetillo O. Spain
Frenette P.S. USA
Halazonetis T. China
Harris A.L. UK
Rada-Iglesias A. Germany
Ramsey S. USA
Robers M. USA
Rooij van E. the Netherlands
Rothstein R. USA
Sahai E. UK
Schibler U. UK
Schuurhuizen C. the Netherlands
Shiloh Y. Israel
Shupliakov O. Sweden
Sobeck A. USA
Stocker B.L. New Zealand
Sparreboom A. USA
Spriel van A. the Netherlands
Swerdlow A. UK
Kleijn G. the Netherlands
Koning R. the Netherlands
Kuiper J. the Netherlands
Tanenbaum M. USA
Thomas R. Germany
Tijsterman M. the Netherlands
Timmer M.S.M. New Zealand
Toczyski D. USA
Turner M. UK
Lopes M. Swiss
Lo D. Hong Kong
Louis D.N. USA
Verheijden G. the Netherlands
Verkade P. UK
Vermeulen W. the Netherlands
Marine J.C. Belgium
Marteijn J. the Netherlands
Mazzone M. Belgium
McArthur G. Australia
McClelland S. UK
Meyer S. UK
Minutolo F. Italy
Walter J. USA
Werb Z. USA
West E. UK
Jain R. USA
International visitors - 69
70 – International visitors
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
PhD theses completed
Annex 3.
PhD theses completed
In 2014, 49 graduate students completed their graduate training and obtained a PhD degree. Their names,
thesis titles, supervisors and institutes are listed below. The institute at which the research described in the
theses was carried out is mentioned between brackets and may differ from the university where the PhD
graduation took place.
Alvarez Herrero L. (AMC)
Advances in imaging and endoscopic therapy in Barrett's esophagus
University of Amsterdam
Bergman J.J.G.H.M., Weusten B.L.A.M.
Avan A.A. (VUmc)
Genetic analyses and new models to improve therapeutic strategies in pancreatic
Free University Amsterdam
Peters G.J., Giovannetti E., Würdinger T., Schuurhuis G.J.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Ariotti S. (NKI)
Function and behavior of CD8+ T cells in the skin.
University of Leiden
Schumacher T.
Bachas C. (VUmc)
Characterization of relapsed Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Free University Amsterdam
Kaspers G.J.L., Cloos J., Schuurhuis G.J.,
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
Beelen K. (NKI)
Clinical and molecular evaluation of anti-estrogen therapy resistance in breast
University of Utrecht
Linn S.
Boerwinkel D. (AMC)
Advanced endoscopic imaging of esophageal neoplasia; old looks and new vision
University of Amsterdam
Bergman J.J.G.H.M., Aalders M.C.G., Curvers W.L.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
de Bruin M. (AMC):
Clinical applications of functional optical coherence tomography
University of Amsterdam
van Leeuwen A.G.J.M., Mourits M.P., Faber D.J., Verbraak F.D.
PhD theses completed –73
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
Clijsters L. (NKI)
Coupling mitosis to S-phase
University of Utrecht
Bernards R.
Name :
Title :
(co)Promotors :
Leeuw D.C. de (VUmc)
MicroRNAs in acute leukemia and leukemic stem cells
Free University Amsterdam
Ossenkoppele G.J., Smit L.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Cuperus R. (AMC)
Modulation of fenretinide induced cell death in neuroblastoma
University of Amsterdam
Caron H.N., van Kuilenburg A.B.P., Tytgat G.A.M.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Davelaar L. (AMC)
A search for molecular biomarkers in gastro intestinal cancer
University of Amsterdam
Krishnadath K.K., Fockens P., Parikh K.B., Calpe S.
Name :
Title :
Drukker . (NKI)
Gene signature for risk stratification and treatment of breast cancer: incorporating
tumor biology in clinical decision making
University of Amsterdam
Rutgers E.
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Name :
Title :
Durmus S. (NKI)
Anti-cancer drug disposition: in vitro and in vivo functions of ABC efflux and OATP
uptake transporters
University Utrecht
Schinkel A., Beijnen J.
University :
(co)Promotors :
Eijzenga W. (NKI)
Psychosocial problems in cancer genetic counseling: Detecting and facilitating
University of Amsterdam
Aaronson N.
Frings V. (VUmc)
In vivo quantification of proliferation and glucose metabolism in lung cancer patients
Free University Amsterdam
Boellaard R., Smit E.F.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
van Hasselt C. (NKI)
Integrated quantitative pharmacology for treatment optimization in oncology
University of Utrecht
Schellens J.
74 - PhD theses completed
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
van Galen P. (NKI)
Molecular Regulation of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells
University of Amsterdam
van Lohuizen M.
Graveland A.P. (VUmc)
Molecular diagnosis of minimal residual head and neck cancer and field cancerization
Free University Amsterdam
Brakenhoff R.H., Leemans C.R., Braakhuis B.J.M., Bloemena E.
Haan J.C. (VUmc)
Analysis of chromosomal copy number aberrations in gastrointestinal cancer
Free University Amsterdam
Meijer G.A., Punt C.J.A., Ylstra B., Nagtegaal I.D.
Heuveling D.A. (VUmc)
Novel molecular imaging approaches in the management of head and neck cancer
Free University Amsterdam
de Bree R., van Dongen G.A.M.S.,
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Haan Y. (AMC):
Serrated polyps of the colon and rectum
University of Amsterdam
Fockens P., Dekker E.
Hoebe E.K. (VUmc)
Epstein-Barr virus encoded BARF1 protein: immunopathogenic role, transcriptional
regulation and diagnostic use in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Free University Amsterdam
Middeldorp J.M., Greijer A.E.
Hubers A.J. (VUmc)
Molecular Analysis of Sputum for Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Free University Amsterdam
Meijer G.A., Smit .E.F, Thunnissen F.B.J.M., Heideman D.A.M.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
van der Kooij B. (NKI)
Ubiquitin in apotosis signaling
University of Amsterdam
Borst J.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Kruis M. (NKI)
Motion Compensation for 4D PET/CT
University of Amsterdam
van Herk M.
PhD theses completed –75
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Lascano V. (AMC)
The role of APRIL (TNFSF13) in carcinogenesis
University of Amsterdam
Medema J.P.
Lo Galbo A.M. (VUmc)
Hypothyroidism after treatment of laryngeal or hypopharyngeal carcinoma
Free University Amsterdam
de Bree R., Leemans C.R.
Maas K.W. (VUmc)
Minimally invasive esophagectomy for cancer; beyond techniques
Free University Amsterdam
Cuesta MA, van der Peet DL, Biere SSAY,
Mina Maftouh M. (VUmc)
New avenues in pancreatic cancer: Targeting epigenetics and metabolism
Free University Amsterdam
Peters G.J., Giovannetti E.
Martens-de Kemp S.R. (VUmc)
Towards personalized and targeted treatment of head and neck cancer
Free University Amsterdam
Brakenhoff R.H., Leemans C.R., Braakhuis B.J.M., van Beusechem V.W.
Mertens L.S. (VUmc)
Muscle-invasive bladder cancer: staging and treatment
Free University Amsterdam
Horenblas S., Rhijn B.W.G.
Mollers M. (VUmc)
Monitoring the impact of HPV vaccination: pre- and early post-vaccination data
Free University Amsterdam
Meijer C.J.L.M., de Melker H.E.
Niewerth D. (VUmc)
Proteasome Inhibitors in Acute Leukemia
Free University Amsterdam
Kaspers G.J.L., Zweegman S., Cloos J., Jansen G.
Posthuma de Boer J. (VUmc)
Towards targeted treatment for osteosarcoma
Free University Amsterdam
van Royen B.J., Kaspers G.J.L., Helder M.N., van Beusechem V.W.
76 - PhD theses completed
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
van der Noll R. (NKI)
Safety, pharmacokinetics and preliminary anti-tumor activity of novel (combinations
of) targeted anti-cancer drugs.
University of Utrecht
Schellens J.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Phoa Kai Yi N. (AMC)
Endoscopic management of Barrett's esophagus with dysplasia
University of Amsterdam
Bergman J.J.G.H.M., Tijssen J.G.P., Pouw R.E., Mallant Hent R.C.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Pramana J. (NKI)
Expression profiling in head and neck cancer: predicting response to chemoradiation
University of Amsterdam
van den Brekel M.
Rietbergen M.M. (VUmc)
The Role of Human Papillomavirus in Head and Neck Cancer
Free University Amsterdam
Brakenhoff R.H., Leemans C.R., Snijders P.J.F., Bloemena E.
Rodjan F. (VUmc)
Imaging of retinoblastoma patients: advanced MRI techniques and associated
Free University Amsterdam
Castelijns J.A., Moll A.C., de Graaf P.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Schaake E. (NKI)
Multimodality approach towards individualized non-small cell lung cancer treatment
University of Amsterdam
Baas P., Verheij M.
Senthi S. (VUmc)
Treatment of early-stage lung cancer: Cure and survivorship
Free University Amsterdam
Senan S., Slotman B.J.
Snellenberg S. (VUmc)
Uncovering epigenetic alterations of tumour suppressor and viral genes during HPVinduced cervical carcinogenesis
Free University Amsterdam
Snijders P.J.F., Meijer C.J.L.M., Steenbergen R.D.M., van Criekinge W.
van Turenhout S.T. (VUmc)
Exploring Faecal Immunochemical Test Performance for Colorectal Cancer Screening:
FIT is at its limit, take it to the next level
Free University Amsterdam
Mulder C.J.J., Meijer G.A., van Rossum L.G.M., Coupé V.M.H.
PhD theses completed –77
Verbrugge C.S.E. (VUmc)
Therapeutic targeting of protein degradation in autoimmunity and cancer
Free University Amsterdam
Lems W.F., Scheper R.J., Jansen G., de Gruijl T.D.
Verhoef V.M.J. (VUmc)
Improving cervical cancer screening by HPV self-sampling
Free University Amsterdam
Meijer C.J.L.M., Snijders P.J.F., van Kemenade F.J., Rozendaal L.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Date :
Visser D. (NKI)
TRPM7: CA2+ signaling, actomyosin remodeling and metastasis
University of Amsterdam
Gadella T., Jalink K.
van Vuurden D.G. (VUmc)
Innovative treatment targets in pediatric high-grade brain tumors
Free University Amsterdam
Kaspers G.J.L., Vandertop W.P., Cloos J., Hulleman E.
Warmoes M.O. (VUmc)
Proteomics of experimental breast cancer: Towards application of novel protein
biomarkers in the clinic
Free University Amsterdam
Boven E., Jimenez C.R., Jonkers J.
Name :
Title :
University :
(co)Promotors :
Uyterlinde W. (NKI)
Toxicity in concurrent chemoradiation for locally advanced non small cell lung cancer
University of Amsterdam
Baas P.
78 - PhD theses completed
Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam OOA
scientific publications
Annex 4. Scientific publications
Aaronson NK, Mattioli V, Minton O, Weis J, Johansen C, Dalton SO, de Leeuw IM, Stein KD, Alfano CM,
Mehnert A, de Boer A, van de Poll-Franse L. Beyond treatment - Psychosocial and behavioural issues in
cancer survivorship research and practice. EJC Suppl 2014; 12: 54-64. (VUmc/NKI/AMC)
Abis GSA, Oosterling SJ, Stockmann HBAC, van der Bij GJ, van Egmond M, Vandenbroucke-Grauls CMJE,
Bonjer HJ. Perioperative selective decontamination of the digestive tract and standard antibiotic
prophylaxis versus standard antibiotic prophylaxis alone in elective colorectal cancer patients. Danish
medical journal 2014; 61: A4695. (VUmc)
Acar C, Schoffelmeer C, Tillier C, De Blok W, Van Muilekom E, van der Poel H. Quality of Life in Patients
with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer. A Comparative Retrospective Study: Brachytherapy Versus RobotAssisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy Versus Active Surveillance. J Endourol 2014; 28:117-24 (NKI)
Adams HJA, Kwee TC, Lokhorst HM, Westerweel PE, Fijnheer R, Kersten MJ, Verkooijen HM, Stoker J,
Nievelstein RAJ. Potential prognostic implications of whole-body bone marrow MRI in diffuse large B-cell
lymphoma patients with a negative blind bone marrow biopsy. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
39(6), 2014, p.1394-1400. (AMC)
Adema AD, Floor K, Smid K, Honeywell RJ, Scheffer GL, Jansen G, Peters GJ. Overexpression of MRP4
(ABCC4) and MRP5 (ABCC5) confer resistance to the nucleoside analogs cytarabine and troxacitabine,
but not gemcitabine. SpringerPlus 2014; 3: 732. (VUmc)
Adham M, Stoker SD, Wildeman MA, Rachmadi L, Gondhowiardjo S, Atmakusumah D, Gatot D, Fles R,
Greijer AE, Hermani B, Middeldorp JM, Tan IB. Current status of cancer care for young patients with
nasopharyngeal carcinoma in jakarta, indonesia. PLoS One 2014; 9: e102353. (VUmc/NKI)
7. Aerts HJWL, Velazquez ER, Leijenaar RTH, Parmar C, Grossmann P, Carvalho S, Bussink J, Monshouwer R,
Haibe-Kains B, Rietveld D, Hoebers F, Rietbergen MM, Leemans CR, Dekker A, Quackenbush J, Gillies RJ,
Lambin P. Decoding tumour phenotype by noninvasive imaging using a quantitative radiomics approach.
Nature Communications 2014; 5: 4006. (VUmc)
Agarwal D, Pineda S, Michailidou K, Herranz J, Pita G, Moreno LT, Alonso MR, Dennis J, Wang Q, Bolla
MK, Meyer KB, Men+¬ndez-Rodr+¡guez P, Hardisson D, Mendiola M, Gonzalez-Neira A, Lindblom A,
Margolin S, Swerdlow A, Ashworth A, Orr N, Jones M, Matsuo K, Ito H, Iwata H, Kondo N, Hartman M, Hui
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Hamann U, Dunning AM, Shah M, Andrulis IL, Knight JA, Glendon G, Tchatchou S, Schmidt MK, Broeks A,
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